Ricky Lewis, Brittiny Linne Dick and Sally Deupree

Ricky Lewis

Ricky Lewis

Crimes: Pedophiles, Bestiality, Child Porn, Child Abuse

I’ve never visited Craigslist, much less posted a singles ad on it, and if there are monsters like Ricky Lewis, Brittiny Dick and Sally Deupree using it I definitely never will.

In 2012, Brittiny Linne Dick of Vinita, Oklahoma, found herself lonesome and wanting a man. She was a 21-year-old single mom with a little girl and so she did the totally irresponsible thing — she went man hunting on Craigslist. And who did she catch? Ricky Lewis of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And what a catch Ricky Lewis is! He’d already contacted numerous people (people with young children) and shared with them his fantasies about sex with little kids and babies.

In return for her generous offering, Ricky Lewis sent Brittiny Dick child porn photos of an 8-year-old boy.

Brittiny Dick

Brittiny Dick

Brittiny Dick’s family members maintain that she is gullible, naive and easily influenced. They also say she’s a good mother to her little girl. Her mother protests that Brittiny never touched her daughter inappropriately, and is very remorseful for taking an inappropriate photo of the little girl.

Brittiny’s mother has said that there was only one photo taken, and once Brittiny realized how seriously wrong it was she stopped communicating with Ricky Lewis.

According to Brittiny Dick’s mother, Brittiny had a good heart and “she’s not that monster that everybody has portrayed her. She’s not a pervert, not a sex offender. She’s a young mother who made a very big mistake.”

I think Brittiny Dick is very lucky to have such a devoted mother and staunch defender. Unfortunately, I also think Brittiny Dick’s mother is overlooking a few facts.

First of all, the arrest report indicates that Brittiny Dick sent several nude photos of her daughter, not just one. She sent those photos to a stranger who made no bones about his fantasies to have sex with babies and little children. She put her own daughter at risk on the off-chance she’d get a man. That makes her a failure as a mother.

Secondly, Brittiny Dick received from Ricky Lewis pornographic photos of an 8-year-old boy. Did she consider that that child was in danger and in need of rescuing? Did she consider that she should report those images to authorities? No, not at all. Brittiny Dick did squat about those child porn images. That makes her a failure as a human being.

Thirdly, Brittiny Dick had to know beyond any doubt, having received both images of child porn and requests for child porn from Ricky Lewis that he is a bona fide pedophile. Did she turn him into authorities? That’s what normal people do — turn in criminals and deviants into the authorities. But Brittiny Dick didn’t do that.

Who did turn him in? A couple who had been contacted by Ricky Lewis through Craigslist. Apparently, the hellbeast pedo had made requests about having sex with their daughter and so these normal, decent people called the police.

When police came a-knocking at Ricky Lewis’ door with a search warrant, I’m sure they were staggered by the amount of child porn they found. On Lewis’ cellphone and computer there were more than 17,000 porn images, several thousand of them being child porn.

Ricky the pedo perv Lewis was first arrested on September 21, 2012 on a charge of possessing child porn. He told the detectives that he only fantasized about sex with children.

RIcky Lewis was released on bond but on September 28, 2012 he was arrested again. That’s because the investigators had discovered his requests for naked pictures of children on Craigslist. This time Ricky Lewis stayed in jail.

In October 2012 Ricky Lewis, 31, of Tulsa, Oklahoma was charged with procuring the participation of a 2-year-old in child porn, distributing and manufacturing child porn with an 8-year-old, and aggravated possession of child porn. He was additionally charged with attempting to procure child porn involving a 3-month-old baby. The monster!

There were still more charges — 2 counts of manufacturing obscene material featuring a dog. Sex with a dog!?!?! Eewwwwww!

Brittiny Dick was arrested and charged with manufacturing and distributing child porn.

Sally Deupree

Sally Deupree

And wait! There was another woman arrested and charged. The investigation into Ricky Lewis’ activities uncovered Sally Deupree, 55, a grandmother from Glenpool.

Ricky Lewis exchanged naked images of little kids with Sally Deupree, including photos of her grandchild. Her own grandchild!

And Sally Deupree wasn’t satisfied with exchanging nude photos of children. Oh no, this nasty old broad actually asked Ricky Lewis to send videos of himself having sex with a little girl.

That’s right, Grandma Deupree wanted to see Ricky Lewis rape a toddler. Thank the stars that the police investigation and arrests put a stop to that before a baby got hurt.

In March 2013 Ricky Lewis pled guilty in a Tulsa courtroom to 8 felony counts including manufacturing and distributing child porn and using a computer to facilitate a crime. He was sentenced in April 2013 to 60 years in prison. I very much doubt the evil bastard will be getting out of prison alive.

Brittiny Linne Dick pled guilty in May 2013 to 2 counts each of manufacturing child porn and distributing child porn. She was sentenced initially to 68 years but that sentence was reduced to 51 years in prison.

Holy sh*tballs, Batman, the courts in Oklahoma sure as hell don’t fool around with sentencing for child pornography!

Brittiny Dick will be 65 before she gets out of prison. I do not know who will raise her little girl but I hope and pray that child is given plenty of love, support and nurturing.

Sally Deupree was found guilty of attempting to procure the participation of a minor in child pornography and possession of child pornography. The jury recommended she get terms of 15 and 10 years in prison. She was also given fines that totaled $37,500.

Sally Deupree’s formal sentencing is scheduled for October 14, 2013. I shall keep readers posted (reminders are welcome!). I’ll bet the she-beast is sweating bricks right now, hoping and praying she won’t have to spend 25 years in prison.

I must say that Oklahoma justice doesn’t have much compassion for child pornographers, molesters and pedophiles. The sentences dished out are extremely serious compared with what other pedos in other parts of the world have gotten. Kudos to Oklahoma!

I wish I knew if the 8-year-old boy who was featured in the child porn images has been rescued. I pray that he’s safe now. I also wonder what happened to the dog that Ricky Lewis assaulted. Hopefully it has recovered and has a good home.

I hope these 3 court cases have put the fear of gawd into all child and dog molesters in Oklahoma. I hope lonely, desperate women will no longer consider Craigslist the place to find love.

I hope these things knowing that likely nothing will change. At least we know that Ricky Lewis, Sally Deupree and Brittiny Dick have been taken out of circulation and the children of Oklahoma are the safer for it.

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22 Responses to Ricky Lewis, Brittiny Linne Dick and Sally Deupree

  1. moodymagic says:

    Kudos to OKLAHOMA the sentences are awesome. I hope Granny bitch get just as serious sentence. I truly hope all of the young children that were abused and in safe places now.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    It is nice to read about perverts getting decent sentences for once. Gotta admit that Americans are not afraid of tough sentences. It boggles the mind though that the crime rates are still insanely high.

    • Tammy says:

      Isn’t that crazy? There are more and more women getting into this horrible crime than ever before! What the heck is going on? Is it in the water? The air? It’s like every other person is a baby raper now days. I just don’t get it. :(

      • Krystal says:

        I blame all the porn producers/actors ect. They get these nasty men all riled up and when they have no one to take it out on they turn to easy targets aka dogs and children. Then they get a taste for it and it only gets worse!!
        Why can’t porn be banned completely. It does no good only bad!!

  3. pj says:

    Finally, real punishment for scumbag child molesters! Congrats to the police for nabbing these sick twits before they raped any children or babies. They were on their way no doubt.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    How can a mom do that to her kid? How can a grandma do that to her grandchild? I am sure their families are shocked and mortified by what happened, and now heartbroken with these women going to jail for pretty much the rest of their lives. How could they be so stupid?

    • 2cute says:

      Not just stupid awesomeblossom, these people are all sick. Even desperately lonely women should have standards, and finding out a guy wants to have sex with babies should definitely rule him out as a potential love interest. The fact they communicated with him and then sent him photos of their kids is sick!

  5. Supermom says:

    Within the last year I have stumbled on this website & read many stories about people all over the world but never commented until now. I must say that some people think its weird that I keep myself occupied in my spare time researching stories such as this. I say it’s weird to me that others turn a blind eye to it instead of educating themselves on the real evil this world is capable of. I live in the same town as this p.o.s. & no matter how many different stories I read it somehow changes things (maybe only mentally) when they happen so close to home. I have two beautiful babies at home whom I spend my days protecting from people in the world such as these. Weird, overprotective, call me what u will. But to me, u have to educate yourself, u can’t always look away. Thanks for your website

  6. Bengalpussy the nonce haters basement dungeon says:

    Sick cunts they are. And what a bunch of good looking people, thats probably why they were trawling craigs list, even prepared to let their kids be abused, just to get a bit. Miss dick was so desperate for dick, she was gonna let her daughter get abused, nasty cunt. And that grandmother, if i was hop daughter and found out she’d been abusing my daughter, i would go postal on her arse. Sorry to burst everybodys bubble, but they’ll only serve a third of their sentences, Bulldoggy, get charlie to do the honours and dump in their mouths and piss in their eyes. That would be funny.

    • shans4boysak says:

      If they only serve a third of their sentences, that’s still 15 to 20 years. Not that 15-20 is all that great, but it’s better than it could be.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss, love your new name. I also like your suggestion of Charlie’s contribution but alas I have Charlie no more. Poor toothless baby got cancer so I had to put him down. Wish we could put down monsters like all the hell beasts on this site.

      • 2cute says:

        Aww bulldoggy I am so sorry to hear you lost Charlie.

      • Bengalpussy says:

        Sorry i missed this about charlie love. At least hes not in any pain, and i believe we go somewhere when we go, i hope they know charlie can’t have bones because of his lack of teeth, bless him. And im going through a fad of changing my moniker, but can’t decide. It will still be Bengalpussy, a homage to Tyke, but am gonna add something after it. Should launch a competition on here to see who can think of the best moniker for me, and whoever wins gets to meet nicola tedder on her release from jail lol.

        • bulldoggy says:

          Thanks for your condolences, Bengalpuss. It’s too soon to get another dog, but if I keep reading these stories I’m going to need one to hug when I get upset. I’m thinking of a rescue dog instead of a purebred. Charlie was a mix and I think it added character. I shall start thinking of monikers for you. I wanna win the prize.

          • Bengalpussy says:

            Yes but Bulldoggy, i want a good moniker, knowing you, you’ll come up with something that’ll make me piss myself laughing. Thats a thought, i should build a chair where i can put the beastly bastard’s underneath, with a hole in the seat, and you just make me laugh Bulldoggy, and i can give them a lesson in water sports, or is it called golden showers? And it would be good if i had systitus, a nasty urine infection that’ll burn their eyes lol. I know Bulldoggy, i need to seek help, only an insane person would think of these things. I think rescue dogs are great Bulldoggy, and the cross breed ones are usually very loyal and lovely companions, you’ll know when the time is right to introduce a new family member, and besides, charlie wouldn’t want you to be lonely and the new member of the Bulldoggy, clan will have teeth, all the better to sink into the cunts we read about on here.

          • bulldoggy says:

            Bengalpuss, how about All Hail Bengalpuss Dark Queen of the Underground. I won’t mention anything about you pissing yourself (bengal pissypants pussycat doesn’t sound threatening enough).

          • Bengalpussy says:

            Bulldoggy, i like Bengalpuss pissypants pussy cat, i thought the name might lower the tone of Cleo’s blog, but then realised that me and you comment on it, so pissypants as a moniker is Fuckall compared to our language, especially mine. I’ve diagnosed myself with “written tourettes syndrome” I only need the scientific community to recognise it, but i Fucking bastard believe that i Fucking do suffer from this Wanker of a Fucking shite illness, bastard. Lol

      • pj says:

        Sorry about your loss. I know Charlie was like your family and you miss him like crazy.

  7. Geist says:

    Well done Oklahoma! I wish Australia had tougher laws on child porn and the sick fucks that abuse children. May these filthy beasts rot, especially that so-called ‘mother’ for choosing a paedo’s dick over her child!

    BTW there is an interesting book called ‘One Child At A Time’ that deals with this horrific stuff and if I recall it said Alabama sentences 10 years FOR EACH IMAGE!

  8. SomeoneWhoKnows says:

    I can confirm the boy is doing very well.

  9. BENGALPUSS says:

    That beast sally duepree sentenced to 25smackeroons in the shovel(jail)

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Evil

    I Support Formal Statute Law for Child Abuse and Bestiality to
    be a Capital Offence

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