Rickesha Jovani Burns

Rickesha Burns
Crime: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault

If I were to believe Rickesha Jovani Burns (which, for the record, I don’t because, for the record, I am not afflicted with an IQ of -54) then there is one helluva supervillain on the loose in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to Rickesha Jovani Burns, there is a 12-year-old Hispanic evil-doer who is capable of traveling at the speed of light and stealing vibrators from people’s houses without leaving a trace. And this 12-year-old Hispanic supervillain is also capable of tracking down the children of the women whose vibrators he stole and inserting those vibrators into the rectums of said children. In 10 seconds. And then vanishing without being seen.

That, as I said, is one helluva supervillain. And I don’t believe one single word of Rickesha Burns’ bizarre and ludicrous story because I am not as dumb as a stump.

What I do know is Rickesha Burns’ vibrator wound up shoved so far up her 2-year-old son’s rectum that he needed surgery to remove it.

What I do know is Rickesha Burns’ 2-year-old son had injuries around his rectum that looked like somebody used a coat hanger to try to remove the vibrator.

What I do know is Rickesha Burns’ 2-year-old son was bleeding from his rectum, and his blood was found on his mommy’s shirt.

What I do know is Rickesha Burns was investigated for child abuse in 2011 but no charges were filed then.

It was March 24, 2013, when Phoenix police got called to Rickesha Burns’ home. The officers found her little boy “crying hysterically” and bleeding from his bottom. The poor little guy was immediately rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The doctors, I’m sure, were shocked to discover that lodged deep inside the toddler’s rectum was a vibrator. They also found injuries around his anus probably caused by a coat hanger. They had to operate on the boy to remove the vibrator and repair the damage.

Poor little guy. Bless his wee heart, I hope and pray he’s recovered fully.

After getting a report from the doctors, detectives interviewed Rickesha Burns. She told them she’d taken her boy to the park earlier that day and a strange 12-year-old Hispanic boy had walked up to her boy and made him cry. Riiiight.

Rickesha Burns told the detectives that she’d been checking her phone for text messages “for about 10 seconds” while “something happened” to make her boy cry.

The detectives investigated her claims and found “zero evidence” that the little boy had been assaulted at the park. In fact, they could not verify that Rickesha Burns and her son had been to the park at all that day. And they came quickly to the conclusion that there was no freaking way that somebody could pull down the victim’s pants, ram a vibrator up his little tushie and redress the victim in the space of 10 seconds.

Rickesha BurnsUnder questioning, Rickesha Burns did admit that her son’s father was out of town and she’d been the sole caretaker that day. Rickesha Burns also admitted that she “believes it is her vibrator” that was inside her toddler’s rectum, but she stuck to her claim that some 12-year-old Hispanic boy was responsible.

No big surprise, Rickesha Burns, 21, was arrested and charged with sexual conduct with a minor and child abuse. On April 10, 2013 she pled not guilty in Maricopa County Superior Court. She is now awaiting trial so she can tell her story to a jury.

Now unless the jury has the collective IQ of a french fry, they won’t believe her bullshit story any more than I do.

The real story, the known facts make me sick. I cannot understand for the life of me how any mother — any human — could do this to a helpless 2-year-old child. There is absolutely NO excuse for this sadistic, cruel act.

I don’t pretend to know what her reasons are, but I do know that it was extremely painful for the boy when the vibrator went in and when a coat hanger was used to try to dig it out. That was nothing short of torture.

I cannot find out how the little victim’s recovery has turned out, and I truly hope and pray he is in a safe, loving, comforting environment now.

I also hope and pray that Rickesha Burns’ trial will conclude with her conviction and a lengthy prison sentence.

I shall endeavour to keep readers posted (reminders are welcome).

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10 Responses to Rickesha Jovani Burns

  1. moodymagic says:

    She is one sick twisted monster to do this to her own baby. I hope prison isn’t long and drawn out. I think she suffer like she made her sweet child suffer. I prayer they teach her a painful lesson. An extra wide broom handle shoved up her rectum so far she feels the extreme searing tearing pain she inflicted on her son. I pray nothing but paining and suffering for her.

  2. 2cute says:

    Hell’s bells, this bitch is nasty. And stupid. She should just save everybody the cost and effort of trying her and admit she tortured her little guy. I doubt she’ll have any luck finding 12 people who believe in the super human and evil Hispanic boy who stole HER vibrator and jammed it up her son’s baby butt.

  3. pj says:

    So is she a pervert paedophile that she enjoyed raping her baby boy with a dildo? Or is she a psycho lunatic of a mother who thinks punishment should border on torture? Either way, she is a psychotic bitch who should be spayed so she can never create more victims of her sadism.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Damn I sure don’t want to encounter that superboy who sticks vibrators up people’s rectums. Makes my butt cheeks clench. Sounds like this kid’s superpowers are incredible. So does he come from the planet Uranus? Or farther away, the secret planet of Molesticus?

    What a marvel Rickesha is if she thinks she can find anybody on this planet to believe her bullshit story. Hope she spends the rest of her life in prison for what she did to her son.

  5. =^+^= Bengalpussy says:

    Why oh why would you do that heinous act on a baby/toddler? If i met superboy, i’d hire him to stick a big cucumber up this evil cunts arse, and then try to pull it out with a chainsaw.

  6. =^+^= Bengalpussy says:

    She does look like a bloke also, not a woman, ugly nonce bitch.

  7. Agrippina The Elder says:

    As I said in my last comment on the story before this one, I find I am wrong in thinking that there is nothing that could shock me. Crazy fucking bitch! This poor child endured a torture that most adults wouldn’t be able to handle! After reading this story and the last story, I feel nauseated and think I am really going to be sick!

  8. Shay says:

    She needs to be under the jail cell I hope the 2 years old baby is okay

  9. miss annji says:

    There is a special place in hell for her; reading her responses sounds as if she is mentally retarded; how could the state give this child back to his birth monster; she obviously needs a mental evaluation and treatment plus she should lose custody permanently and the courts should order her to have a tubal ligation and to register as a sex offender and never to be allowed around any children for the rest of her natural life! I am shocked and appalled at her actions and behavior a vibrator is large no matter how small it is for a woman and to violate her child in this manner and to have it surgically removed is the most cruel and unthinkable act. I hope she is never ever ever allowed to see that poor little boy again. I wonder where the father is and hope he can have custody. and for her to say she was trying to get the child off is so disgusting!!!!!! She should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself. I wish I could be in the courtroom when she goes to trial. This story needs to go viral and gain as much publicity as possible; smdh!!!! There are no words in the English language to describe this heinous and malicious act. This poor baby will be scarred for life both mentally and physically and I pray he is placed for adoption and not to be given to anyone in her family bc they would only allow his monster to see him. Prayers in abundance for this child and his family and I am going to pray for the monster as well bc only God can help her. I could go on and on but I digress; this is soooo wrong. The world is coming to an end and her actions prove that the devil is real; i hope she knows that God does not tolerate hurting children and he protects both babies and fools so you can say the baby and the monster will be ok. I am so pissed off right now at this “woman” my mere words alone cannot explain the depth of my anger I have towards her. Also I know women (and men) in jail/prison do not tolerate or condone abuse of child and they will beat your a$$ if they find out youre in jail for hurting a child. They probably have her in solitary confinement but I hope not, she deserves every hit/lick/blow/beating they can give her including the guards; i can go on and on but i must stop. Goodnight!!!!

  10. LawyerChick says:

    I’ve been involved in criminal law since 1997, and this is the weirdest case I’ve ever heard of. She got 18 years. Hopefully, that gets her locked up for the child-bearing years.

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