Richard Soto

Richard Soto

(Dauphin County District Attorney's Office)

Crimes: Pedophile, Rape

Richard Soto of Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA is a POS pedo pervert, and his nameless girlfriend is a POS pedo pervert enabler. The victim was the young daughter of the girlfriend — a very brave individual who deserves a much better life than she’s gotten so far.

Richard Soto began sexually assaulting the girl in various ways when she was 6 years old. He didn’t stop. In 2013, when the girl was 8, she told her mother what the pedo bastard was doing to her. And did her mother react like a decent human being? Did she kick the SOB to the curb and call the police? Did she beat him bloody with a baseball bat? Hell no! The bitch instead told her daughter not to tell anyone or she would “beat her butt”.

I cannot fathom why evil hellbitches like her, who are so devoid of a mothering instinct, can be fertile and reproduce. Life isn’t fair.

And so the raping continued unabated until Hallowe’en 2013. That’s when the little girl and her classmates were given the task of colouring a picture of a monster. I’m sure the teacher was shocked to see the little girl’s artistic effort — she’d drawn a penis on the monster.

The teacher did the right thing. She notified the guidance counselor. And the guidance counselor did the right thing. She contacted the authorities.

When the victim was questioned, she bravely revealed very graphic details about the sexual assaults she’d endured. She had to know her mother would be very angry with her, and would likely “beat her butt”, but she still answered the questions honestly and thoroughly. What an awesome girl she is.

Richard Soto was arrested and charged with rape of a child, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent exposure and corruption of a minor.

The mother of the victim was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. In early 2015 she pled guilty to the charges. I cannot find what sentence was handed out to the monstrous mother, but the daughter no longer lives with her. The bitch continues to support her pedo pervert boyfriend. Un-freaking-believable.

On November 3, 2015 Richard Soto’s trial began. No big surprise — his girlfriend took the stand on behalf of the vile, child-raping pedophile. Richard Soto also took the stand to testify in his own defense. I gather his defense was to accuse the victim of lying.

After 3 days of testimony, the jury began deliberations. On Monday, November 9, 2015, they reached their verdict: guilty on all charges. Yay!

Sentencing is scheduled for January 19, 2016. Richard Omar Soto, 34, is facing up to 159 years in state prison. I, for one, am keeping fingers crossed that he gets the maximum. I shall endeavour to keep readers updated — reminders are welcome.

As to the young victim, I salute her bravery. The District Attorney Abby Trovinger said of her, “This little girl is one of the bravest people I have ever met. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life, and she continues to have hope for the future. She’s an inspiration, and it’s been a great honor of my career to prosecute this case on behalf of the Commonwealth.”

I wish the victim all the best in life. I hope she’s now in a happy, safe and loving environment that is nurturing and supportive.

I wish the unnamed mother a future without any children in it. She shouldn’t be trusted to be around or to raise any other child.

And to Richard Soto I extend my profoundest wish that he never, ever sees freedom again. May he, and all other POS pedos, rot forever in prison.

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22 Responses to Richard Soto

  1. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I’m glad he is caught, named, shamed, and awaiting severe punishment. At the same time, it angers me that the girl’s mom gets to stay anonymous, with probably no significant punishment. Gotta love that gender discount…

    • He-man Woman Haters Club infiltrator says:

      It’s not female privilege, you MRA troll… It’s due to victim protection that some PARENTS aren’t named if doing so could identify the child.

      • AngryLittleMexican says:

        It’s not that we hate women, you see we hate pedophiles and the bitches who protect them over their own children. The child is damaged and why should some guy date this bitch not knowing she allowed this to happen to her child – do you think some man wouldn’t want to know? Especially if he has kids! She treats her own flesh and blood like a hole for abuse, what would she treat someone else’s kids like?! So calm your happy ass down and stop drawing conclusions where there isn’t any you dope. If it doesn’t anger you that this PERVERT CHILD ABUSING BITCH gets to stay anonymous then you are an idiot. I get WHY they do it but it’s so unfair and angers me too. Get over yourself you testosterone fueled drama queen.

        • Unknown says:

          Her name is siamphone . To this day she is still all about herself . She even had the other kids taken to a shelter so she can be with him when he was out on bail. Rumors is she pregnant again and taken the other 2 kids to LA. She isn’t going to tell anybody new in her life what she did to her kids. She will lie through out her life.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed about Any Mother that Fails to Deal with Child Abuse when Knowing about it is Effectively an Accessory to Child Abuse

    There should be No Female Discount

    Child Abuse Deserves the Death Penalty which is why it makes my
    Blood Boil to Hear of Sickos being given Suspended Sentences in the
    Do Gooder Dominated UK

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Rape is a Terrible Thing as Well and Deserves the Death Penalty
    wherever Man Rapes Woman Man Rapes Man Woman Rapes Woman

    The Same with Child Rape

    The Death Penalty is the only Proper Punishment

    Anything Else is Condoning this Evil like Degenerate Liberalism

  4. moodymagic says:

    Man I hope this disgusting bastard gets the 159 years but he should also get child molester branded on his face. As for the sick Mother she is no kind of mother and deserves the same as her pedo man.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    What a horrible pair of sick cunts. Can you imagine how that little girl felt having plucked up the courage to tell her mother(i use that term loosely)that she is being abused for her mother to threaten to beat her if she said anything? That poor little girl. Mother if you ever read this, you evil fucking cunt, i hope your arse gets what it deserves while your incarcerated you horrible bastard. And even taken the stand to stick up for him, you deserve to have your womb removed so you will never be able to do this again and then have your arse slung in general population. As for the sick fuck abuser i hope you get the maximum you sick cunt.

  6. Unsigned says:

    The mother bailed him out. The father of the other two kids don’t really want to take care of them so he sends them back to the mother. So child svc took the kids to a shelter for the weekend until they went to court and now kids are back with the father. I’m guessing once he gets sentenced the father is going to give the other 2 back to mother again until her nxt boyfriend molests one of them . The child that was molested is happy living w grandparents who has custody of her.

  7. Unsigned says:

    The mother bailed him out and she let child services take her other 2 to a shelter. The dumb ass father of these kids keeps giving them back to the mother because he has no back bone to stand up to her and he doesn’t really want to take care of them. Child svc gave them to father again but once her molesting boyfriend gets sentenced the father will give them back for her next boyfriend to molest. Soto is from Lancaster but they now live in hummelstown. These are disgusting people. These kids needs counseling. The child that was molested is happy and living with her grandparents who has custody of her.

  8. concerened parent says:

    he was sentenced on feb 19 for 20-40 years in state prison,i hope the inmates welcome him home

  9. Truthknower says:

    Did anyone first stop to think that this was all set up. That he was going to leave the mother of the victim and she put her daughter up to this. It back fired and now this is what had happened. She is the evil bitch not him

    • Kim says:

      Are you insane? The mother testified for him supported him and bailed him out yet you claim she put the poor girl up to it? Oh you must be his new gf ugh i hope you don’t have kids

      • Me my self and i says:

        I am his x wife we have 5 kids together. He is an army military police veteran it the Iraq war twice. I was married to him for 15 years. This is set up. There was no evidence. Nothing and 2 weeks before she came out with this we had spoken about getting back together. The mother set this up so he wouldn’t leave her

    • My says:

      You can’t make a child lie about drawing a picture of a penis on a piece of paper. And explaining it to her teacher. He’s a rapist and a sick one to do this to a child. His family and his children must be very happy to be related to a sicko like him.

    • Deanna says:

      No. No one ever thought of that. Bc that’s ridiculous and you’re a moron

    • Unknown says:

      The child was 6 yrs old. No 6 yr old can continue a lie, he was going to leave because he got caught. What man moves in with someone he knows only for 2 wks unless he had a motive . The inmates will welcome home everyday I hope. This child’s life is ruined along with her siblings. The grandparents should take a civil suit against Soto . On behalf of the child.How many other kids did he molest?

  10. AngryLittleMexican says:

    He left you, with 5 kids? Sounds like a douche bag.
    And you wanted him back? Really?
    Ok so now that the trivialities are out of my system…..
    A grown man couldn’t penetrate, in ANY way, a child and not leave some sort of evidence. Whether it be swelling, bruising, torn hymen, tearing etc. I DOUBT the jury went on the he said-she said stuff as much as the physical evidence as well. Even if a child is raped weeks prior there are telltale physical signs.
    His military service doesn’t make him exempt from being a perverted, cheating, lying bastard, using it to vindicate him as if former military personnel are incapable of committing crimes makes you sound highly delusional. Somewhat like the mother of this victim.
    I was a social worker for high risk families, I’m literally qualified to say that the evidence of abuse on this child would have been easy and there to find. They didn’t convict him with no evidence!

    • Deanna says:

      You’re so right. I hate when a criminal brings up they were in the service or were a cop. So? That’s makes it even worse. You should know better. You should be held MORE accountable not less

      • AngryLittleMexican says:

        Deanna, it is so INSANE to me how these delusional women stick up for their ‘men’!!! LIKE WOW! Over your own kids!SICK!!

  11. My says:

    I heard the child’s testimony and gruesome details of what he did to her and the gun that he was going to shoot her with if she told anyone. This child lived in terror for over two years before she told anyone. You had five kids with him and you didn’t know he was a pedo? How many more kids did he rape that did not come out and told yet? And the dumb mother didn’t set anything up. She lost custody of her other 2 kids that she had for staying with this rapist. You spoke about getting back together because he was getting scared he was going to get caught.

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