Richard Jordan Tarver

Richard Tarver

Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder

Richard Jordan Tarver, of Bay, Arkansas, USA, is a big, big fan of the TV show, “The Walking Dead”. Maybe it’s because he himself closely resembles a dead-eyed, brain-dead zombie. I’m inclined to believe he likes the show because some zombies get shot repeatedly and they still don’t stay down. The shooting, for him, is probably the highlight of the show.

The trouble with Richard Tarver is that he conflated the TV show with real life. He began to see people as potential targets to be shot at. To tell the truth, that’s not the only trouble with Richard Tarver. He’s also a psycho loon and murderous hellbeast.

Richard Tarver wanted to experience what it was like to kill somebody — in real life! Of course there are not actual zombies for him to kill, so he settled for the elderly woman who lived in the house behind his. Lavinda Counce was 90 years old and, in Richard Tarver’s sick, twisted brain, as close to being a zombie as people can get.

On July 3, 2015, Richard Tarver, 30, grabbed his kill kit and walked 100 yards to Lavinda Counce’s home. Wait, a kill kit? It was a large, black bag that contained a hatchet, rope, duct tape, a washcloth, a knife, a hammer and a club wrapped in clear plastic. What is that except a kill kit?

Richard Tarver, with his bag and a .38 caliber handgun, made for Lavinda Counce’s home. She lived all alone, and was a frail old lady, so she was the perfect victim for this chickenshit turdbrained killer. The hellbeast pushed his way into her house, roughed her up, stole her money, forced her into the trunk of her Buick Century, and then drove off with her.

I cannot imagine the sheer terror that poor woman went through. The monstrous bastard must’ve towered over her, and cruelly, senselessly battered her. She had to know, lying injured and helpless in the locked trunk, that Richard Tarver was going to do even more terrible things to her. She had to know she was going to die.

After some driving around, Richard Tarver found the spot to kill his victim. It was a cornfield west of Bay. The killer forced his victim to walk into the cornfield and then mercilessly shot Lavinda Counce in the head. He left her body lying there. RIP, dear lady.

Now the murdering monster had to rid himself of the victim’s car and get back home to his wife and child. He parked the car at NEA Hospital, and surveillance video showed him heading toward Highway 49.

Richard Tarver walked to a friend’s house and asked for a ride. He explained that he’d been at the NEA Hospital visiting someone. The friend naturally drove him home.

I’m sure the evil basturd was stupid enough to think he’d gotten away with murder. This f*ckturd was too stupid to realize he’d been caught on video, and that he’d left his kill kit at the victim’s house! Duh!

Lavinda Counce, RIP

Lavinda Counce, RIP

That evening, Lavinda Counce and her car were reported missing by her daughter. The search was on and her car was discovered by a relative the next day, July 4, 2015.

Seeing that the NEA Hospital had surveillance cameras, the investigators checked out the footage and got a good description of the man who dumped the car.

It wasn’t until July 12, 2015 that Lavinda Counce’s body was discovered. I guess because it was now a murder case, witnesses came forward — including the friend who gave Richard Tarver a ride. Investigators got a warrant for his arrest.

Richard Jordan Tarver was charged with capital murder, aggravated robbery, kidnapping, aggravated residential burglary, abuse of a corpse, theft of property and possession of a defaced firearm.

The heartless, soulless monster was interviewed by investigators and asked if he had any remorse. He responded, “No, I don’t have it.” He confessed to the kidnapping and murder, but his attorney was later to argue in court that he’d been coerced.

Too bad for Richard Tarver that his DNA was found on the washcloth in the kill kit. The gun used to murder Lavinda Counce was found in his attic.

Not surprisingly, Richard Tarver was found guilty on all charges. On October 7, 2016, a jury in Craighead County sentenced him to 3 life sentences plus 22 years. That’s a good sentence, IMO.

I feel horrible for the victim and her family. They had every right to believe she would eventually succumb to natural causes. I’m sure Lavinda Counce led a blameless life, and had done absolutely nothing to deserve the brutality and horror of her final hours. I extend my heartfelt condolences to those who knew and loved her.

I also feel horrible for the killer’s wife and child. I don’t know if they had any hint of his true, vicious and murderous nature. It’s a blessing that Richard Tarver hadn’t considered them to be targets too. I wish them both a peaceful, safe life.

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15 Responses to Richard Jordan Tarver

  1. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Terrible

    The UK and USA are Filled with Braindead Zombies the Sheople

    • lorraine says:


      • bekah says:

        Seriously? I’ve been a reader for a long time, Cleo, but to allow xenophobic comments, completely unrelated to the case, is disgusting. I could go on and on about this comment, but I won’t hijack the thread on unrelated issues. This comment was undeserved, unecessary, and racist to the extreme. To even imply, let alone clearly state, that countries with war torn refugees are “shit now” and that these people are the equivalent of hellbeasts like Tarver for simply being Muslim… I cannot believe I’m the only reader annoyed and repulsed by your comment Lorraine. This blog is going downhill if its allowing hate to perpetuate

        • cleo says:

          Hi, Bekah. Thanks for pointing out this comment for me. I hadn’t seen it otherwise I would have removed it immediately.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          bekah, I’m sure had I seen the comment, I woulda said something!!

          • bekah says:

            Thanks, Cleo. Bengalpuss, after reading your other comments over the years, I am absolutely positive you would have. I tried to ignore it, I just couldn’t.

    • Deanna says:

      “Sheeple” our first clue what a moron you are

  2. AngryLittleMexican says:

    I happen to be from the US and I feel inclined to state that you should judge all of us, I think there just aren’t enough people who care vs Brain Dead Zombies.

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There is Right and There is Wrong

    Those who Care are in the Right and those who are do Not Care are in
    the Wrong

    Obviously Not everyone is to blame for what happens in the UK and USA
    but is nauseating how too many people do not seem to care just as with
    those who commit these atrocities

    It is infuriating how of many of those who commit these atrocities get Treated Better than the homeless so Yes I do Despair

  4. lorraine says:

    30? He looks terrible for 30

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    What has Happened Murder is Even more Terrible

  6. Southernbug says:

    I’m a close relative of Ms. Counce. Please know we appreciate your condolences.
    It is sad that a spotlight was put on Bay for this atrocity. When this happened, not much was said about the thousands of volunteers from Bay and surrounding farming communities coming together to search for her. THAT is what the community should be known for– love & volunteerism.
    Ms. Counce was well known- she owned a grocery store until retirement. It was the only general store around in ’70’s through the ’90’s. She also had rental property all that time. She knew everyone and she helped everyone. She was the furtherest thing from a zombie.
    So sad and such a waste. Had she thought he needed food, money, or even a job she would have eagerly helped him. But that’s not what he wanted.

  7. Rose says:

    Why are we paying to let him Live?
    Death sentence where is it ???

    Who ever you are that don’t like the Death penalty you are just as sick as this guy
    Sorry to be so straight forward
    But these people have to pay for their crimes …not tax payers money.
    Death is so simple for these beasts
    No TV no computers no food no rights

  8. Haley A says:

    I was a juror on this trial. I’m satisfied with the end result, honestly. We tried for the penalty but it has to be a unanimous agreement across the jury which was impossible. We spent an entire day in deliberation. An hour in, all jurors but 1 agreed on the verdict. The remaining time was spent reviewing the case because 1 juror was prejudiced against cops. I’m satisfied, and proud of the end result. Have a good day.

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