Richard Beasley & Brogan Rafferty

Brogan Rafferty and Richard Beasley
Crimes: Murder, Attempted Murder

There have been a whole lot of people desperately looking for work in the United States for the past few years. One of them was Ron Sanson. In October 2011 he answered a Craigslist job advertisement for a watchman on an Ohio farm. The job paid peanuts — $300 a week, but it did come with a mobile home to live in for free.

Ron Sanson wasn’t the only person applying for the position. There were scores of applicants from around the country, which shows just how desperate people have been to find a semi-decent job.

Ron Sanson didn’t get the job, and he is no doubt eternally grateful for that. Why? Because there was no job. It was all a ruse concocted by hellbeasts Richard Beasley and Brogan Rafferty to lure unsuspecting men to their deaths.

At least 3 men were murdered by the demonic pair.

Richard Beasley was a self-proclaimed preacher with an extensive criminal record in Texas and Ohio. He’d been convicted in Texas of burglary and “unauthorized use” of a motor vehicle in 1985. He was sentenced to 40 years but was let out on parole in 1989.

In Ohio Richard Beasley was charged with aggravated menacing, tampering with evidence, possession of criminal tools, drug trafficking and illegal cultivation of marijuana.

And then, after spending a total of 15 years of his life in prison, Richard Beasley became a “man of God”. He began feeding the homeless and speaking up for the downtrodden. In 2003 he started a halfway house in Akron, Ohio.

Akron police suspected the halfway house was really a front for prostitution but Richard Beasley’s friends and acquaintances weren’t to know that. To them he was a good guy, a preacher, someone to be trusted.

Beasley and RaffertyBrogan Rafferty’s parents, Michael and Yvette, trusted Richard Beasley. They trusted him enough to mentor their teenaged son. He was a “man of God” after all, a “chaplin”. So when the ex-con took the teenager under his wing, and became his “spiritual mentor”, they thought that was good.

Michael and Yvette had gotten divorced and their son was going through a rough patch. Richard Beasley seemed to be a good influence on the teenager.

The older man took Brogan Rafferty fishing, to movies, to church, and on outings to feed the homeless.

But that all changed when Richard Beasley was arrested for running a prostitution ring in 2011. Michael Rafferty rightly told his boy to stay away from Chaplin Rich, but Brogan Rafferty didn’t listen. The two unlikely pals secretly stayed in touch.

They not only stayed in touch, but began plotting and planning on how to make easy money. Together they concocted their grand robbery scheme that involved the bogus watchman/farmhand job and murder.

Now Brogan Rafferty’s supporters tend to portray the young killer as a scared young boy who was threatened into participating in murder. I am not one of those supporters.

The kid was 16, not 8, when the killings began, and he has never been described as having a low intellect. He was actually a high school student — old enough and smart enough to know right from wrong.

If Brogan Rafferty truly felt he and his family would be murdered by Richard Beasley, the simple answer to that threat would be to warn his family and then go with them to the police to tell all. And he could have, should have done that once he learned Beasley was a murderer.

Brogan Rafferty didn’t live with Richard Beasley. The older killer lived in Akron and the Rafferty’s lived in the city of Stow, Ohio. One phone call to the police about the murder would have gotten the bastard Beasley locked up and PRESTO! no threat to the Rafferty family. One phone call to the police would have saved the lives of the future victims.

Brogan RaffertyAs well, Brogan Rafferty wasn’t exactly helpless. He was a big hulking kid at 16, towering over everyone around him. Check out his picture if you don’t believe me! And in his bedroom he had a sawed-off shotgun, a pistol, ammo and knives. Helpless widdle kid my flaming ass!

I truly believe Richard Beasley was the mastermind of this horrific plot, and Brogan Rafferty was an eager participant.

The known murder victims were Ralph Geiger, 56, of Akron, Ohio; David Pauley, 51, of Norfolk, Virginia; and Timothy Kern, 47, of Massillon. There may be more.

The victims each answered the phony Craigslist ad and were “hired”. They were instructed to bring their belongings since they were going to live on an Ohio cattle farm.

The killers had targeted older, single, unemployed men whose disappearances would likely go unnoticed for a long period of time. Their scheme was nearly foolproof. Its only weakness was that one of their victims, Scott Davis, got away.

Scott Davis, 49, of South Carolina, answered the Craigslist ad. On November 6, 2011, he met up with both killers for breakfast in Marietta. Neither Beasley nor Rafferty acted odd or nervous. Scott Davis had no tingly “spidey-sense” that he was heading into danger.

After breakfast, Mr. Davis was driven by his “employers” to a remote Noble County farm. The car stopped on desolate road and the men got out to walk because a landslide had closed to road up ahead — at least that’s what Mr. Davis was told. The 3 men began walking through a heavily wooded area.

And then…

“I heard a curse word. I heard a gun cock. I knew I was in trouble,” Scott Davis said.

He spun around and found a handgun pointed at him. He instinctively knocked the gun aside but got shot in the arm all the same. Mr. Davis then ran for his life with the murderous bastard Beasley shooting at him.

“I ran as fast as I could but I kept falling down,” Mr. Davis said. “He continued to fire at me as I ran out of the woods and out into the road.”

He then hid in a partially dried up creek bed listening for the killers’ car and walked for help 7 hours later.

“I was worried about bleeding to death,” said Mr. Davis.

Incredibly Mr. Davis managed to reach a neighbouring house 2 miles away in the dark. He called 911 from there.

Mr. Davis had to have surgery to remove the bullet from his elbow and he spent 5 days in the hospital.

Unhappily, tragically, Mr. Davis’ escape didn’t prevent another murder, but it did help uncover past ones.

David Pauley

David Pauley

On November 11, 2011, a woman from Boston called the sheriff’s office to say that her twin brother, David Pauley, was missing since October 22. David Pauley had answered a Craigslist ad.

Investigators linked the missing man with the wounded robbery victim. Deputies then headed to the Noble County farm to search for any evidence of David Pauley. Their search revealed an empty, hand-dug grave that they believed was intended for Mr. Davis. They kept searching, now with the FBI and cadaver dogs.

On November 15 they found remains in a shallow grave. It was David Pauley. He had been shot to death.

Investigators traced the Craigslist ad to a computer IP address in Akron, which led them to the “man of God” Richard Beasley. His cell phone was then tracked by authorities, leading to his apprehension.

Richard POS killer Beasley was arrested on November 16, 2011 in Akron. He was taken to an FBI office where he was interviewed.

Brogan shitstain killer Rafferty was arrested that same day. Both he and Beasley wound up at Summit County Jail.

The game was up for Beasley and Rafferty.

Timothy Kern

Timothy Kern

Cadaver dogs were brought to the Noble County farm again and they helped uncover the body of Ralph Geiger, 55, of Atlanta. Mr. Geiger had been shot to death on August 9, 2011.

Timothy Kern, 47, of Massillon, was last seen alive on November 13, 2011 after driving to Akron for a job he told his family was a “good offer but strange.”

Mr. Kern was shot in the head 4 times. His body was found near an Akron-area shopping mall, buried in a shallow grave.

Beasley and Rafferty both found themselves charged with aggravated murder and attempted murder. Beastly Beasley was also charged with drug trafficking, compelling prostitution and fugitive-from-justice charges.

Brogan RaffertyThe teenaged Rafferty, who was 17 when he finally went to trial in November 2012, pleaded not guilty. His version was that whole “I was afraid for my life” shtick. He told the court he was “ordered” to dig a grave, and his co-accused knew where his mom and sister lived, hint, hint.

I guess the jury was supposed to ignore the fact Brogan Rafferty was armed to the teeth with guns and knives. Happily, the jury didn’t, and they found the killer guilty, guilty, guilty.

“Although Richard Beasley is a murderer and liar, he was brutally honest with one person. One person knew everything that he was doing. Just one. And that was Brogan Rafferty,” assistant Summit County prosecutor John Baumoel had told jurors. “Brogan Rafferty knew each and every one of his dark secrets.”

“Having a difficult childhood is neither a legal excuse nor a moral excuse for being involved in deaths and murder of multiple people,” Mr. Baumoel added. Well put, Mr. Baumoel.

Although Brogan Rafferty was tried as an adult, his being a teenager meant the death penalty was off the table.

At sentencing, Brogan Rafferty said about the murders, “I thought it was something horrible.” Really? Horrible? How … inadequate.

He also said his partner in crime was evil and deceitful (true dat), and that he wished he’d taken the opportunity to flee from the situation and stop the murders.

“There were many options I couldn’t see at the time,” he said. Riiight, like the option of doing the right thing and calling the police.

Judge Lynn Callahan considered Brogan Rafferty’s age, his broken-home childhood and his lack of any prior record, but she said all that was outweighed by the fact the victims’ “executions” were cold, calculated and methodical.

“You had the opportunity to stop the deaths,” Judge Callahan said. She then sentenced the little worthless bastard to life in prison without parole. Yay, Judge Callahan!

Richard Beasley at trialNext up was Richard Beasley’s trial which began January 7, 2013. The 53-year-old showed up in a wheelchair of all things, claiming back problems. Awww, the poor widdle hellbeast.

Richard Beasley pleaded not guilty too. His story was he knew nothing about any bodies in graves.

“I had no idea that somebody, anybody, had been killed down on that farm. I had no way to know,” Richard Beasley, 53, testified at his trial.

Richard Beasley also testified that he did meet with Scott Davis and it was Scott Davis who pulled a gun.

Now why the hell would Scott Davis try to kill him? Here’s where it gets fanciful. According to Richard Beasley, Scott Davis was sent to kill him in retaliation for being a police snitch in a motorcycle gang investigation in Akron. It was pure luck he survived the attack.

“It (the weapon) misfired 3 times about 2 feet from my face, and I ran into the woods, and he ran after me,” the lying weasel Beasley said.

He also testified that he and Scott Davis had wrestled in the mud and Scott Davis managed to fire six shots.

“I said, `That’s your six,’ so if he was going to kill me, he was going to have to do it with his hands,” Beasley said.

Wow! How dramatic! Except it doesn’t answer the question of how he got his paws on Ralph Geiger’s wallet, driver’s license, birth certificate and social security card, all of which were found during a search of his home in Akron. And in case anyone believes they might have been planted, Richard Beasley had asked one of his friends to call him Ralph Geiger, and after his arrest he had written to her instructing her to go to his home and destroy his computers and that wallet.

Not surprisingly, on March 12, 2013, Richard Beasley was found guilty of 3 counts of aggravated murder and 1 count of attempted murder. He could face the death penalty. I am personally keeping all fingers crossed for that sentence.

This was all so heartless, so merciless, so senseless especially when you consider that Timothy Kern died for a 1989 Buick that the hellbeastly killers planned to sell to a scrap yard.

I shall keep readers posted about Richard Beasley’s sentencing, which will hopefully be death.

I fully anticipate Rafferty’s supporters will continue to speak up about how the poor kid was a victim too, that he didn’t want to dig the graves or watch people die.

To those I say they should read Scott Davis’ statement reminding the young killer how they’d shared a meal before the attack and how he’d had a chance to “stop what was about to happen.”

Brogan Rafferty was found by the jury (and me) to be a willing participant in murder. Long may he and Richard Beasley rot.

And I pray there are no more victims in shallow graves waiting to be discovered. Three dead men is a high enough toll, may they rest in peace.

The jury recommended Beasley face execution and Judge Lynne Callahan agreed.

Huffington Post article and video
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18 Responses to Richard Beasley & Brogan Rafferty

  1. bengalpuss says:

    Oh my god, how wicked can one get. I don.t buy that bullshit either by that lanky bastard brogan rafferty. like you said cleo, he had numerous occasions when he could have stopped the murders, but he didn’t. And this was done all for some simple belongings of those murdered men. His name shouldn’t be beasley, it should be richard beastly. I feel so sorry that those poor guys were tricked into thinking they were going for a job, only to end up dead, and then their families wondering what happened to them. They wasn.t very bright murderers were they, placing an add from their own computer, using an internet provider, which was in beastly’s name. I hope that cunt gets life, and lanky brogan, has a miserable existence in jail, teach him what its like to be afraid, i have no sympathy, he brought all this on himself, evil bastards.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    Oh and that mugshot of Richard beastly, is a cracker, talk about mr potatoe head, he is one ugly bastard, he should get an extra death penalty for being so ugly.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Bengalpuss always gets to comment before me — she must live on the site. I do not believe the kid is innocent. I remember being 16 and I know I was smart enough then to call 911. The fact he hung around with the bastard when he was involved in prostitution shows the kid is not exactly a choirboy. He may not have known right off they were going to murder but after the first victim he kept showing up and doing nothing to help the victims escape. I am betting he got weapons so he could do some shooting too.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Got two weeks off work bulldoggy, so your right again, im living on this site lol. But you wasn.t completely correct, i commented twice before you, so take that bulldoggy. Anyway what a pair of turd’s these two beastly bastards are. Next time i fuck up with something, im gonna use that excuse “I feared for my family, and i was under someone’s spell” Do you think i’ll get away with it bulldoggy? Or should i not even bother to use that ruse? Oh i forgot, im a lady, i just need to flutter my eyelashes, and i should be ok lol. If that were true i’d have really sore eyes.

  4. pj says:

    That Beasly sure looks like grumpy cat in his mug shot. I would not have trusted this man with so much as a bowl of cold porridge looking like that. He did clean up though for the trial. Probably was going for the pity vote by being in the wheelchair.

  5. moodymagic says:

    I agree Beasley should have an extra death penalty for being so ugly Bengalpuss and I hope Rafferty becomes tasty fresh meat in prison to bad no death penalty. I pray Beastly get the death penalty though.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Moodymagic, he is ugly isn.t he. I believe that they both should get the death penalty, i don.t give a shit about brogan’s age, he knew what was happening, yet he did jack shit to stop it. Unless he’s as thick as pig shit, i don.t wanna hear no winey baby story about “he was afraid” Look at the fucking size of him he’d put arnold Schwarzinegger(I know i can.t spell his name) To shame. When i was ten years old i knew right from wrong, so i don.t buy that brogan, long streak of piss’s excuse.

  7. 2cute says:

    No-neck Beasley should definitely get the death penalty. Zit-face Rafferty deserved it too. It’s scary how when someone, even a known criminal, can claim to get religion and everyone believes and trusts him. They hand him their children and think because he can spout the bible he’s a good role model. I can’t believe people can be that asinine, that blind to such conmen.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    “No neck beasly” Like it 2cute. Your right, just because someone starts spouting bible verses to you, doesn’t make it ok to let them take your child under their wing. For fuck sake, wasn.t there rumours going around about prostitution, and hulks parents hardly knew Richard beasly, mind you, you wouldn’t think that your 16yr son was going around with someone killing people, but thats what was happening. They deserve everything they get. Sixteen years and gonna be locked away for life, brogan only had to speak up and prevent more deaths, he choose not to, so now he pays the price, still the poor victims families will suffer, they’ve lost a loved one.

  9. awesomeblossom says:

    This story is just so horrible. Those desperate men who needed jobs so badly they were willing to move to an isolated farm in a different state and they wind up murdered for their few possessions. I would not be surprised if more men were killed and just have not been found. These 2 bastards are evil and deserve to die and rot in hell.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Thats what i was thinking awesomeblossom, that there must be more men that have been lured to that farm, and then murdered. Maybe men that don.t have any family to report them missing. Its just chilling when the guy that got away, stated what they did, had breakfast with him then walked him through some woods, lucky he heard them pull that trigger on that gun. Those two murdering bastards, get everything they deserve. And i think the law need to look into, maybe others have been killed, wouldn’t suprise me.

      • bulldoggy says:

        The crime scenes wouldn’t even have to be the same farm. They buried that one guy behind a mall. Any remote place they could lure someone to would have suited these monsters just fine. If that one victim hadn’t escaped they’d still be killing. These evil creatures need a long drop on a short rope.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, that poor guy that got away, saved more victims, like you said, “If he wouldn’t have got away, then there would be more victims” I believe that there are more victims out there, just hope im wrong. Its evil to advertise a job, and lure men, to kill them, that could happen to anyone. And this fucker was masquerading as a preacher, the cheeky cunt.

  11. FlyingLeadChange says:

    The jury just recommended he fry. We’ll know in a week if the judge agrees.

  12. FlyingLeadChange says:

    Hmm, my last comment didn’t seem to post… the jury just recommended the death penalty. Which is a shame, because he’s definitely not worth the cost of the electricity or chemicals they’d use.

  13. KXG says:

    in every picture the kid looks BORED. not repentant, not remorseful, just like he feels he’s being forced to waste time being somewhere when he could be doing better, more entertaining things elsewhere. that if nothing else makes you want to wipe that expression off his face with something blunt and heavy.

  14. Michael Anderson says:

    I know that no one has posted here about Richard Beasley for some time. It’s taken me this long to even have the courage to come forward to talk about him. I lived three streets away from him and his family, knew his two sisters very well, and even dated one of them. I went to the same grade school with him.We were very good friends from about 1968 till about 1978.Parted company with him because he was getting into things that were weird and against the law. I also entered the military around this time. I know things about this guy that they will never print in any newspaper or magazine. When Richard claims that his childhood wasn’t good, he isn’t kidding. But Richard was always what you would call a chance taker and lived for thrill’s that cost others dearly. He was also a great liar. A very convincing liar at that. I know things about this guy that would make your blood run cold. I never thought that Richard was capable of murder, but I don’t think anyone that knew Richard thought he could do this to people. Am I defending him? NO….I would never defend a murderer. He had an interesting and strange life, and had a lot of hidden secrets that even his family does not know about. As for Rafferty, Iv’e seen Richard control people like that before, and he just has that way over some people. He has always prayed on very weak willed people, or those that are shunned in school or in life. He feeds on people like that. Richard is where he belongs now, but is the death penalty right for him? Most believe it is….I’m not so sure. Being confined and controlled in a prison setting must just drive this monster crazy. Spending the rest of his life in prison, like an animal in a cage, suits him fine. Wanna know why? He hates being confined, hates being controlled, hates it when told what to do and how to do it. He knows that he will never see the light of day again, never walk free again…just like a caged animal…..he may be hoping to die, and soon……or hoping to die in prison. Trust me when I say this…….being like a caged animal is the worst thing you could do to him. I cant believe I have said this much about him. I could say worse things about him, and there are horrible things he has said and done that I could tell, but what would it prove now? and for what reason?. I sure don’t know if there are more bodies since I hadn’t seen him in so many years….but I wouldn’t doubt if there were.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      I would love to know what else this pig has done, it surely can’t be any worse than killing innocent men for their possessions and little trinkets? And he may hate being caged like an animal but I still think this piece of shit deserves to die for what he did. Thank you for that little insight into this monsters younger days.

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