Richard Barnes

Hellbeast Richard Barnes
Crime: Murder

On November 19, 2011 Stephanie Rudd of Castleford, West Yorkshire, had to drive her mother home. It was just a hop, skip and jump away, really, and Stephenie Rudd would be back in 20 minutes. Just 20 minutes! Not worth bundling up her 8-week-old baby Grace Mya Barnes to take her along for the drive. And so Stephanie Rudd made the worst decision of her life. She left baby Grace home alone with the baby daddy, Richard Barnes.

What Stephanie Rudd apparently didn’t know was that her boyfriend of 6 years had a secret drinking problem. She and her mother knew that he’d had a beer before they left. Her mother even scolded him about it.

What Stephanie Rudd apparently didn’t know was that Richard Barnes had had at least 4 miniature bottles of whisky, 2 vodka miniatures and 2 beers already.

Richard Barnes had secretly been drinking all afternoon. He filmed himself in his bathroom downing the 2 whiskies that lunchtime.

The drunken bastard Richard Barnes couldn’t handle his 8-week-old baby girl for 20 whole minutes.

When Stephanie Rudd returned home Richard POS Barnes told her he’d “clashed heads” with Grace after she was sick while he was feeding her. The baby was in obvious distress but Richard Barnes hadn’t called 999.

Stephanie Rudd, of course, made the call. At 8:30 pm paramedics arrived and noted that baby Grace was grey and floppy. Richard Barnes told them she had vomited while he’d fed her and when he picked her up her head banged against his.

Victim Grace BarnesBaby Grace was admitted to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield with serious head injuries. She died on November 24, 2011.

Richard the drunken hellbeast Barnes was arrested soon after Grace went to hospital. The doctors were extremely suspicious of the nature of her injuries.

He was initially charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but when the tiny, helpless infant died he was charged with murder.

As much as Stephanie Rudd believed he was a great daddy, the investigation revealed him to be a heartless, depraved, selfish individual.

In the 20 minutes he had care of his infant daughter, Richard the shitstain Barnes managed to crush her tiny skull. He either stamped on her or kicked her or pressed her head against a hard surface. It was not an accident in any way, shape or form.

And after he’d done all that horrific, irreparable damage to his little baby, the monster walked to the shop to buy 2 more miniature bottles of vodka. Yeah, he was a great daddy, all right. I bet anything he didn’t take Grace along with him, just left her alone suffering with her fatal injuries.

That’s what Richard the useless, worthless POS Barnes accomplished in 20 minutes.

Richard the turdpile Barnes later told his dad that he’d fallen on the baby. That was definitely not what he told his girlfriend or the paramedics.

The pathologist determined that a simple fall wouldn’t have been forceful enough to cause those horrible injuries. Nope, Grace had had the life crushed out of her.

In court the cowardly baby killer claimed that his head and Grace’s head had “clashed” or bumped together as he was putting her over his shoulder to prevent her from choking on her vomit.

The prosecutor Richard Mansell, QC, said, “He did cause those injuries in a deliberate and unlawful assault upon his daughter. When he inflicted these injuries, he can only have intended to cause her really serious bodily harm.”

Mr. Mansell suggested that Richard Barnes’ temper had boiled over when he was called home from an outing with his friends to babysit his daughter. Plus, of course, he was drunk.

Richard Barnes and Stephanie RuddIn a statement read in court, Stephanie Rudd said of her boyfriend/murderer of her infant daughter, “Richard has only ever been brilliant with Grace and me since she was born. He is a very proud dad.”

Ummm, he’s not exactly a dad any more, unless Grace wasn’t his only child. Unbelievably, Stephanie Rudd and her baby’s killer remain in a relationship, the court was told.

That is certainly not a choice I’d make. I wouldn’t be that forgiving, that understanding, that supportive if someone crushed my baby’s head and killed her, drunk or sober. I’d be calling for his head on a platter. And his nuts in a sack.

On September 20, 2012 Richard Barnes, 27, was convicted of murder in Leeds Crown Court after a short deliberation by the jury.

The judge, Mr Justice Cooke, sentenced the baby killer to life imprisonment and ordered him to serve a minimum of 13 years before he can be considered eligible for release.

I myself would sentence Richard the baby crusher Barnes to an eternity in hell, where all baby killers should go. Rot in hell, Barnes. RIP baby Grace.

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17 Responses to Richard Barnes

  1. 2cute says:

    So this bastard was brilliant with his daughter for 8 whole weeks. Well give the bastard a medal! I am sorry, I know that Stephanie Rudd is hurting really bad about the death of her daughter, but she must be living in freaking lala land if she thinks that her baby daddy is in any way a decent guy. He’s a freaking killer! He’s a drunk, a mean drunk, and he didn’t even last 20 minutes alone with a baby!

    They’ve been together for 6 years and she didn’t notice he’s an alcoholic? Wow. Denial.

  2. pj says:

    He crushed a baby’s skull! I vote for putting his head in a vice and crushing it until the life leaks out. And we should donate his organs so his whole life isn’t a total waste.

  3. FlyingLeadChange says:

    Sorry, but she bears some of the blame and should be sitting in prison alongside him.

    How do you not know that someone has NINE drinks in them, as opposed to one?

    Call me misogynistic, call me a redneck, call me anything you want, but I’m sick sick SICK of these women choosing the bad boy to be a parent with, and then acting shocked when he goes and does something stupid like this, and playing the “poor mother” card.

    There are scores of men who sit at home alone because they can’t find a partner, and she chooses THIS. Clearly his parenting abilities were quite far down on her list of priorities; to the point of negligence. As such, she should be serving a prison sentence with him for reckless child endangerment causing death.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Why do so many people — not just women — think it is acceptable for a drunk or addict to be given the role and responsibilities of parent? Even if the child survives it is not healthy for them. And too many times like this time the child dies. Yes he killed her but the mother had to see it coming.

    • bengalpuss says:

      The court that the trial was at in leeds is where i live, and castleford is 6 miles outside leeds, damn if i’d have known i’d have gone to the trial. Is she fucking stupid the mother “He’s been brilliant with me and grace” fucking hell he was brilliant for 8 fucking weeks and then crushed your daughters skull in, what planet are you on to stick by the cunt that murdered your baby daughter grace. And bulldoggy your bang on, the mother had to see it coming, i mean didn.t the grandmother tell him off for drinking before they left grace with him? If someone crushed my babies skull, i wouldn’t be standing by them, i’d be planting an axe in the cunts skull. I hope he gets whats coming to him in jail. He will have gone to armly prison in leeds, i know a few people in there!!!

      • bulldoggy says:

        So bengalpuss, can you sit in on these trials if you want to? Do the papers tell you ahead of time who is appearing for trial and for what? I can just imagine you in the courtroom giving this baby killer the snake-eye, keeping your fingers crossed for the right sentence and verdict.

        I just don’t understand the baby’s mother. What he did would be unforgivable for almost everybody but not her? I don’t get it.

      • 2cute says:

        Bengalpuss please have your acquaintances in Armly say hi to him for me!

      • bulldoggy says:

        So Bengalpuss, are you hooked on Dexter yet? You said you were going to start watching it. It’s addictive, be warned. You and Tyke will be cuddled up watching it for hours and hours.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    For this bastard Barnes to mortally injure the baby and go to the store to buy booze within 20 minutes before the mom got back, he practically had to start the baby battering as soon as the mom left. So it’s not like he spent 19 minutes minding the baby, or even 10 minutes minding the baby before he went ballistic on her. He must have begun battering after 1 or 2 minutes.

    RIP baby Grace. You deserved so much better.

    • bulldoggy says:

      So even if the mom returned after just 10 minutes the baby would have been dying already, but her boyfriend wouldn’t have got the vodka yet. Poor little thing never had a chance.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, anyone can sit in the public gallery of the crown courts. And they put listings up for which trials are on. At the beginning of the trial, the local paper “Yorkshire evening post” Would have done a column saying that cunt face was accused of murder and how long the trial would last, then every day it would keep printing updates until the conclusion of the trial. Castleford where he’s from doesn’t have a crown court, so there trials at leeds. And he will go to armly prison and they’ll put the piece of shit on a vulnerable prisoners wing, where all the Nonces And Rapist’s have to go for safety. But sometimes they end up getting a beating because they can.t watch them 24hrs a day*What a shame* Bulldoggy, im puzzled as to why that little babies mom is standing by the cunt that murdered her. She says that he was a brilliant dad, he’d only been fucking doing it 8wk’s Then he killed her, yes he was brilliant couldn’t even look after her for 20mins without killing her, evil bastard.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    I love dexter, he’s my type of guy. Shame their ain.t dexter’s for real to bump cunts like this off the planet.

    • cleo says:

      Sorry if spam starts showing up. I am trying to catch it all but I don’t live on the site. They’re getting more clever, damn them! So if you see messages that are nonsense, please be patient and ignore them. I’ll be wiping them out every chance I get.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Sometimes cleo, they are quite entertaining the comments that these spammer’s send. And the names they use. Did i miss one? If so damn. I guess it can be quite tedious cleo, having to root out the genuine comments from the comments sent by arseole spammer’s. No wonder you’ve got a twitchy finger.

  9. moodymagic says:

    Cleo great job finding another hell worthy Prick. I don’t no about the baby mamma though. Rest in peace baby Grace.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    Moodymagic, the baby mama has obviously made a very big mistake, but she’s got 13yrs to come to her senses and realise that what this cunt did was kill their baby daughter. But while ever she stands by that cunt that murdered her daughter then thats basically saying that its ok. Me personally i would listen to what the pathologist and doctors at the hospital said she died of. I just hope that she’s not gonna have another baby to this creep when he gets out, cos the odds of him killing that baby are pretty high. Poor little grace, never stood a chance with having turd breath as her father. Rip little grace we’ll never forget you.

  11. Tammy says:

    Good to know that the women in the US aren’t the ONLY DESPERATE PIECES OF MAGGOT SLIME!

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