Rezgar Nouri & Mohammed Ibrahim

Hellbeast Rezgar NouriHellbeast Mohammed Ibrahim
Crime: Rape

On June 25, 2011 a 24-year-old British woman decided to go out drinking with her brother and her friends in Preston. That’s no crime. The woman, in fact, got quite drunk. Again, that’s no crime. Unhappily for the woman she became separated from her friends. She was alone at night, in the town centre, quite drunk and quite helpless. None of that makes her deserving of what happened to her, which was a crime.

The criminals are Rezgar Nouri, 27, Mohammed Ibrahim, 23, and their still unidentified buddy.

The woman had the grave misfortune of encountering Mohammed Ibrahim of Aeroville, London. He could see she was drunk and alone and helpless. Did he try to help her find her companions? No. Did he try to get her back to her home safely? Hell no!

Instead Mohammed Ibrahim, the supreme asshole that he is, enlisted 2 of his buddies, one of whom is Rezgar Nouri, to join him in a night of “fun” for them, rape for the woman.

Their victim doesn’t remember anything until she woke up naked on a sofa in a strange apartment. There were 3 men standing over her. She knew what was coming.

The woman told the men she didn’t want to have sex with them, but being f*cking f*cktard asshole hellbeasts they didn’t listen.

Actually, that’s not quite true. They heard her and then they laughed. Not because she was hysterically funny. She was just hysterical.

She was freaking naked, surrounded by these laughing strangers, helpless, and about to be gang raped!

Rezgar Nouri the hellbeast told her she had nowhere to go. I think he meant she had no way out. It was true.

The woman continued to tell the beasts she didn’t want to have sex. Rezgar Nouri then shouted at her not to be silly.

Yeah, asking not to be raped is “silly”. Begging them to stop is “silly”. Wanting to be freed is “silly”.

And then all 3 bastards took turns raping her. Repeatedly. Laughing throughout.

First Mohammed the POS monster Ibrahim pinned the young woman down while his unidentified buddy raped her. Then Mohammed the shitstain Ibrahim raped her himself. And then they did it again, laughing as they finished.

And then Rezgar the f*cking f*cktard Nouri dragged the poor woman into the bedroom where he raped her too.

I cannot imagine how traumatizing it was for this young woman, who only wanted a night out with her friends, to be viciously attacked, penetrated and degraded again and again and again.

After having been violently violated the woman was shoved into a bathroom where her clothes were and told to get out.

The brutalized, traumatized woman got dressed and got out only to realize she didn’t have her phone. She didn’t know where she was, she didn’t know how to get home or to get help. She f*cking needed that damned phone! It was her lifeline!

I can’t imagine what it took for her to return to that apartment to get her phone back. Needless to say it was a terrible, horrible mistake.

Rezgar the rapist Nouri grabbed her, raped her yet again and then pushed her out of the flat.

A group of strangers found the very distraught, battered, injured woman and called police. She was taken to Royal Preston Hospital for treatment. She was so badly hurt that specialists couldn’t examine her for 4 days. THAT is what gang rape does to a victim.

After being so thoroughly brutalized and traumatized, this woman bravely identified the 2 men Rezgar Nouri and Mohammed Ibrahim and appeared against them at their trial at Preston Crown Court.

The pathetic loser bastards at first denied their guilt but in the face of the DNA evidence pled guilty to rape.

Judge Anthony Russell QC decided in November 2011 that these 2 hellbeasts were the lowest of the low and deserving of indeterminate sentences. Yay Judge Russell!

When sentencing the disgusting pair of rapists Judge Anthony Russell said, “The facts of this case are amongst the worst to have come before this court in recent years.”

The judge added, “The circumstances of this incident will disgust all right-minded people who hear about it.”

He’s right. I’m right-minded and I’m disgusted.

“Your victim is a thoroughly decent person who was out in Preston with her brother and friends, enjoying herself,” said Judge Russell. “It seemed that night she was somewhat worse for wear. This meant her guard was down, and you took advantage of that situation for your own gain. This was a sustained attack and was particularly degrading, because throughout it the people who were perpetrating the offences were laughing.”

Detective Sergeant Chris McCreadie, of Preston CID, said, “This was an extremely traumatic incident for the victim and, although it will have an impact on her for the rest of her life, I hope that the sentencing of these two men provides some closure for her.”

Case closed, right? Happy ending for everybody except Nouri and Ibrahim, right? Ummm, no.

See there was an appeal. Court of Appeal judges Lord Justice Hooper, Mr. Justice Silber and Mr. Justice Hamblen heard the appeal. They heard the same facts, how the victim was drunk and separated from her friends, how the rapists “came across” her, took her to their flat and brutally raped her repeatedly.

And after hearing the facts Lord Justice Hooper, Mr. Justice Silber and Mr. Justice Hamblen decided that Judge Russell was wrong! There was “insufficient evidence” that the bastards Nouri and Ibrahim were “dangerous” and so they did not deserve an indeterminate sentence.

These learned gentlemen decided that Judge Russell was wrong to rule that “imprisonment for public protection” was necessary. These 3 judges decided that Judge Russell was wrong to deny these vicious rapists the right to be released in the future.

“As the appellants pointed out, many rape cases involve a lack of control for which there is no proper explanation but that does not generally in itself mean there is a significant risk of it happening again,” said Mr. Justice Hamblen.

And so it came to be that the rapists Rezgar Nouri and Mohammed Ibrahim had their sentences cut down to 12 years. I hope they serve the entirety of their sentences, every last day.

I must admit that I disagree with Justices Hooper, Silber and Hamblen. I don’t believe that this rape is a one-off, that these bastards wouldn’t, if they found a helpless woman in their clutches, do it all again.

The victim was drunk, not the rapists. They were sober and clear in their thinking and purposeful in their actions when they chose to rape and abuse the woman so horribly. That, in my mind, makes them dangerous to the public.

I wish the victim all the best and I hope she finds contentment and happiness. For the hellbeast rapists Rezgar Nouri, Mohammed Ibrahim and their unidentified rapist pal I wish the depths and fires of hell.

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11 Responses to Rezgar Nouri & Mohammed Ibrahim

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    What makes this worse is that those 3 bastards are asylum seekers, when iraq flushed its toilet, slack britain ended up with the crap. This is nothing this case, every month we have a programme called crimewatch and its the police trying to solve crimes that have been difficult to solve. They have a gallery for people wanted, and the majority of them are wanted for rape and other sexual offences and guess what, 90% Are asylum seekers that have been refused leave to remain indefinitely in the uk. So because they need travel documents to go back to where they come from, they get released on bail, and you’ve got it, they disappear. Im all for genuine people fleeing violence from a country, but im not for economic migrants. 2,000 come into this country every day and get work illegally, we don.t even have 2000, jobs going. I feel for this poor woman who was raped, those judges that decided to cut the sentence are fucking stupid. These cunts will be deported on release from jail, sadly it wasn.t before.

  2. 2cute says:

    “Many rape cases involve a lack of control for which there is no proper explanation.” Those judges think rape needs explaining? OK, how about rapists are sadistic, misogynistic sociopaths who lack all conscience and compassion, who feel entitled to brutalize and subjugate helpless victims in a degrading, sexual manner.

    Not every man is a rapist. Most men if they do find themselves in a situation where they have physical superiority or control over somebody do not rape. The idea that these guys “just happened” to rape because they “lost control” is repugnant. They raped because they felt entitled to rape. They didn’t “lose control” — they damn well threw all self control away when they CHOSE to gang bang that poor helpless woman. That makes them DANGEROUS to the public!

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    What those three slack cunt judges have done, is basically say that rape isn.t that bad and that these men are not dangerous, they shouldn’t have been given an indefinite sentence. Fucking typical, that poor woman bless her, even had to go back for her phone. I’ve been raped i’ve mentioned before on another article, and even still to this day i sit and think “Why did i do that or why didn.t i do that” You go through it over and over in your head. That poor woman will be doing the same thing, about going back for her phone. But she shouldn’t, them bastards are beasts and no matter what she would have or wouldn’t have done wouldn’t have made any difference, because they are sick raping fucks. Wonder where the other beast is, hope he’s been run over by a bus. I hope those two fucking raping cunts, somehow get left somewhere amongst the general population, and have the living daylights kicked out of them, and also get their arse’s Raped daily, until they bleed. Sick fucks.

  4. Hairy says:

    My sister was raped, they never caught the guy but if they do I think he should be put away forever. That lady judge in Arizona, Jacqueline Hatch would probably blame my sister for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and give the poor rapist probation. Rape has nothing to do with the victim’s clothing, location, level of sobriety, the time of day, her choice of friends. Rape is not caused by the victim. Judges need to finally understand that the rapist is 100% responsible every time.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Hairy by name hairy by nature(I just love that name) I agree with you, those 3 pieces of shit should of got indeterminate sentences, which they did, and then three meddling judges stupid ones i might add, come to the insane conclusion that these fucker’s arn.t dangerous, what fucking planet are they on. These judges are the type of twat’s that would give a man that innocently run’s down a pedestrian 10yrs and a rapist 3. Its absolutely ridiculous. Maybe if britain got its act together and knew who was in the country, and i’d like to state im not saying all asylum seekers are rapist’s, because im not, we’ve got plenty of home grown beast’s read through the archive’s of this blog, you’ll know what i mean. But if they don.t know who the fuck we’ve got in the country then these horrendous crimes will keep happening. I think those 3 judges should be put into a cell with those 2 rapist bastards, and lets see after two weeks if they still think cutting short their sentences was a good idea. The answer would be no.

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    Let me see, a woman is taken off the streets, raped and abused, yet these justices, who apparently don’t live in the real world, decide the attackers are not dangerous and should be released early. Those justices need to be the subject of demonstrations and petitions to let them know they ARE accountable for the lives they put at risk by allowing sex offenders to go free.

  7. bulldoggy says:

    I think the 3 justices have just made these rapists even more dangerous. After a stint in prison they’ll get out and when, WHEN, they rape again they’ll not want to go back into prison so they’ll do the obvious — kill the victim and dump the body where it hopefully won’t be found.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, the voice of reason, you are correct bulldoggy, but these 2 beasts are suppose to be deported on release. But they will need travel documents, so our slack arse immigration system will release these pigs, until they get the proper paperwork. But guess what, by the time they get it, then these 2 bastards will have disappeared. Then will probably rape some other poor innocent woman, and like you said probably kill her so she can.t tell. If the dumb fuck politicians pulled their heads out of their arse’s and did something useful for the country, instead of thinking of ways to fiddle their expenses, then maybe they could use their brains and get the travel documents for those 2 cunts, while they’re in jail. And as for those 3 judges, well they have to be the stupidest cunts on the bench. They don.t think they’ve dangerous. The CIA, didn.t think bin laden was dangerous but look what happened there. That poor woman having to learn that their sentences were but short, must have felt sick finding out.

  9. twistinthewind says:

    Bash’em, smash’em, deport’em. That’ll teach’em.

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bash em, smash em, deport em, Is right, but i don.t think it’ll teach em. Bastards like these and paedaphiles, can.t don.t learn, they don.t want to learn. Any normal person like yourself or me, wouldn’t even think of doing what these sick fucks do. I personally think that all sex offenders should be either chemically castrated and if that doesn’t work, then be surgically castrated to remove the urge and if that doesn’t work, just either lock em up to stop it or execute them.

  11. moodymagic says:

    I hope this poor woman can recover fromthis terrible trauma and deserves everything good in life. These sick fucks deserve to be worked over by Bubba and his buddies while in prison. Suffer bastards.

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