Renee Bishop-McKean

Renee Bishop-McKean
Crime: Attempted murder, Assault

After reading about the case of Renee Bishop-McKean of Everett, Washington, I am thinking that maybe men should beware women who are handy with tools. They at least shouldn’t piss them off.

Renee Bishop-McKean, 44, was pissed off with her husband. More than that she was murderously pissed off with him. They were recently separated and lived apart, but that didn’t seem to calm the woman down. Nope, it appeared that she was so agitated, so incensed that nothing less than her husband’s death would make this hellbitch happy.

Renee Bishop-McKean not only wanted the father of her children dead but she plotted and planned to make him die — and die horribly.

Although Renee the murderous Bishop-McKean is not loath to killing she is loath to causing a mess. She’s quite anal about keeping things tidy, apparently.

The murder was going to be very bloody so Renee the queen bitch Bishop-McKean prepared for the clean-up. She bought extra bleach, plastic sheets, roasting pans, garbage bags. By extra I mean LOTS. She bought gallons of bleach, 7 roasting pans and an extra box of large white garbage bags. She put the bleach under the kitchen sink, under the bathroom sink and on top of the fridge.

You can’t tell me Renee the hellbitch Bishop-McKean wasn’t getting ready for a whole lotta bloodletting.

The plastic sheets were placed on the mattress and then covered with regular sheets. In the family’s Jeep Cherokee’s back seat and cargo area sheets were laid down to protect them from any mess or seepage.

The evil woman had also prepared for the murder itself, getting out the tools for the horrible deed. And I assume the children were safely out of the house.

All that was left to do was the murder. On October 14, 2011, Renee the monster Bishop-McKean invited her hubby to stay over for the night. I’m not sure why he agreed but he did. Trusting fellow.

When he arrived at the house, Renee’s husband was instructed to park down the street and not in front of the home. He complied. As I said, he’s a trusting fellow.

That night the hellbitch told her prey to sleep on the prepared mattress. When he got into bed he heard a crinkly noise. Renee told him it was an extra blanket making the sound. It was, of course, the plastic sheets.

And the trusting husband believed his wife and went to sleep.

Now Renee Bishop-McKean, as you may have gathered, is a great one for planning and forethought, but you just can’t think of everything. And what this would-be killer forgot was that her husband wasn’t deaf and the murder weapon of choice was noisy.

Renee Bishop-McKean, the bloodthirsty woman, had chosen to kill her husband with a brand new Sawzall (a hand-held electric sabre saw). The big plan was to sneak up on him as he slept and slice his head off — to actually decapitate the father of her children.

Murder weapon
Presumably the head would go in one roasting pan, and various chunks of him would go in the others.

Renee POS Bishop-McKean managed to get the saw blade mere inches from his neck when he awoke. It was the noise of the power saw that woke him up and instead of causing his death the Sawzall saved his life.

And so waking to the sight of his batshit crazy wife standing above him with a murderous electric saw in her hands, the man immediately put up a struggle for his very life. He fought the crazy hellbitch and sustained some cuts and scrapes but got out of the bedroom alive. He got as far as the kitchen.

The monster Renee Bishop-McKean was not one to give up easily. She gave chase.

“Renee came at me in the kitchen with the Sawzall raised up, we had a struggle over it. She kept pulling the trigger to make it run, so I reached out and pulled the battery out of it,” said the victim. Ha ha! Good for him!

Still the bitch didn’t give up. She grabbed the hatchet and mallet she’d purchased and set out as backup and continued the attack. She hit him in the head and the arms but not fatally. He needed stitches but his head was still attached.

The assault didn’t stop until police heard screaming and responded to the scene. The husband was doing the screaming when the police arrived.

“It was you, it was you! You tried to cut my head off. You’re going to jail!” the husband reportedly said.

Renee Bishop-McKean soon found that she was an unconvincing liar as well as an incompetent killer. She actually told the police that she’d seen an intruder in the house and that was why she was armed. This intruder, she said, had attacked her and her husband and then escaped through their daughter’s window.

The police, naturally, checked for signs of the intruder. They found nobody. They also checked the daughter’s window — the escape route — but found it had a childproof lock that would prevent anybody from entering or exiting through it. With that lock the window could open only a few inches.

Renee Bishop-McKean was charged with first-degree attempted murder and first-degree domestic violence assault.

At her trial in September 2012 Renee Bishop-McKean stood by her intruder story. Stubborn bitch.

Deputy Prosecutor Paul Stern pointed out to the court that the defendant had just bought those tools, all those jugs of bleach, the garbage bags and the plastic sheets. What were they for if not murder?

He also noted she had wrapped the mattress and the Jeep Cherokee in preparation for what? For murder.

He also indicated that the window would only open a few inches. Deputy Prosecutor Stern called the woman’s theory the “Tinkerbell did this” defense. I just love that!

Renee’s attorney, Ken Lee, argued that the victim injured himself and blamed his wife, but he later admitted that this scenario was “right out of Alfred Hitchcock.”

Renee Bishop-McKean, the hellbeast of Everett, Washington, was convicted of first-degree assault and attempted murder on September 20, 2012. She is scheduled to be sentenced on October 4. She could get as many as 15 years in prison. Here’s hoping she gets the max!

Nobody is saying why this hellbitch was so murderously angry with her estranged husband but my theory is she’s a psychopathic lunatic. Imagine, if she had gotten the blade closer to his neck before she hit the trigger her husband would probably be dumped somewhere in several pieces.

Thank goodness she messed up. And thank goodness the jury didn’t believe in Tinkerbell.

I am so glad that this creature is out of her children’s lives now. Too bad it isn’t for life. This hellbeast is capable of the most grisly kind of murder and for that she’s likely destined for hell.

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18 Responses to Renee Bishop-McKean

  1. 2cute says:

    I know it’s sick but reading this actually makes me critique her murder plot. I find myself thinking she should’ve used the hatchet first — SILENT and deadly, and then used the electric saw to dismember. She had the cleanup and disposal all planned so I wonder how she could be so stupid. I do know it’s a blessing she was stupid trying to kill him with the saw, and I do know it takes a good dose of evil to want to remove the head from a living person. Still I find myself considering how I would have done it better. Sick, I know! Maybe I’ve been reading too many of these posts. I should take up knitting maybe.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    2cute you are sick. I have more sympathy with the guy and instead of thinking of what the bitch did wrong I think of what the victim should’ve done. He was too trusting and ignored the warning signs. People should learn from his mistakes: if your ex invites you over for a sleepover, wonder why. If your ex insists you park far from the house, wonder why. If your ex has bottles of bleach on top of the fridge and a hatchet in the kitchen, wonder why. In fact, at that point, get the hell outta there! Stay away from angry ex’s.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Bulldoggy, 2cute isn’t sick, she’s just a woman with a brilliant imagination. Even i was slow on that one “Should’ve used the hatchet first” Obviously dumb arse didn’t plan for that. She was too busy planning to kill him and the clean up, that the best way to kill him didn’t factor in her brain, so she fucked up. I presume ha has the children now? And your right again bulldoggy, why didn’t he question her as to why he had to park the car down the street. But i suppose the last thing he would’ve thought was, his ex wife wanted to bump him off. Poor fella. I also think 15yrs top is a piddy arse sentence, because she was gonna murder him, she just fucked up doing it. She should get life in my book.

      • 2cute says:

        Thanks for coming to my defense but I must be a sicko to contemplate how the murder should have been done. And I have nothing against the husband! Poor guy, he was too trusting. This evil broad must be very persuasive to get him to come over, to park down the street and to sleep on crinkly sheets. He will probably never trust another woman again. I hope the kids are ok. I am glad they are anonymous so they won’t face any teasing or questions.

  3. steve-O says:

    I wonder if the husband had a life insurance policy she wanted to cash in on. Or maybe he was asking for custody of the kids. But it takes one cold hearted bitch to set up the murder scene with such meticulous planning and then try to go through with decapitation. Good thing the kids will grow up without her. Too bad she can’t get a longer sentence, like life.

  4. pj says:

    Wow this woman must have the “chemical imbalances” that Clint was talking about re the Turners. And we mustn’t judge her because only God can judge according to Clint. Bullshit! This bitch is an evil sack of shit who is willing to cut off a man’s head because it would make her happy! She is willing to deprive her children of their father in the most horrific manner! And she has been judged and found guilty, and if God doesn’t find her guilty too then God had better reevaluate his criteria.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Yes pj your right, where was god while she was at the side of the husband pressing on the saws trigger. Clint is full of shit, i answered that question earlier. Now if that was me that was gonna do my husband in, i wouldn’t have gone for the saw, too messy, but i don.t go around killing my ex partners. Although many have pissed me off and i’ve wished they were dead, but alas im a great believer in karma. That dumb bitch must be the stupidest at a murder attempt i’ve ever read. Does she not realise that there is a thing called evidence and paper trails. Anyway the guy is alive and i hope that stupid ex wife gets the max. And don.t forget clint’s post pardom theory, post partum lol.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    This bitch would make God tremble she is so evil. She scares me. Thank heavens she was exposed for the beast she is before she took a life.

  6. moodymagic says:

    I feel really bad for the kids but am glad their mom is stupid enough to get caught and too stupid to kill.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Did she hate him that much that she wanted him dead, or was there an insurance policy on his life, and she got idea’s. They had separated and he probably would have changed it not before too long. So she thought of her marvelous plan, and decided “I’ll kill him before he changes it” But she was a bit too stupid to carry her plan out. The best bit for me is when she said “An intruder tried to attack us and got out of the bedroom window” Did she forget that her husband was still alive and bleeding, and she had the attempted murder weapon in her hands. For fuck sake did she think that the man she had just tried to murder was gonna back her story up. She has to be a contender for americas dumbest criminals. The kids probably live with their dad now, and are probably better off with him, than an unstable mother with a penchant, to decapitate people.

  8. Trace says:

    This broad has balls. To stand toe to toe with police with her husband screaming “You tried to cut my head off!” and still she insisted an intruder attacked him? That’s balls. Not attractive in a woman. I guess in all her plotting she didn’t think beyond the intruder story so that’s what she stuck to.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    No trace, its not balls its stupidness. Did she honestly think that after the police stormed in after hearing the poor husband’s screaming, attempted murder weapon in her hands, and the husband still screaming she tried to cut my head off, that they were gonna believe her cock and bull story. Bearing in mind the husband was bleeding, and the window that the intruder was supposed to have fled out of only opened a couple of inches, because of child safety locks. No trace i’d call that stupid. But you have to hand it to the woman for trying, even though her brain dead explanation, wouldn’t have fooled a 6year old. I think she should be given an extra 10yrs for being a stupid twat. One has to wonder where the children were when, mrs norma bate’s did her psycho bates motel routine. Hope they were staying at friends or relatives. Because if they were home, then the ex wife has to be a Nominee For dumbest criminal of the yr.

  10. dogwalker says:

    She is a maniac! Put the monster away for good! Poor husband!

  11. kathryn says:

    She looks nuts in her photo!

  12. Someone says:

    I actually live directly next door to where this happened. It was one of the scariest nights in my life. Nobody believes me when I tell them this happened. The guy was totally innocent, we knew she was bonkers for years, but not THIS bonkers.

  13. Bengalpuss says:

    Update, this bitch got 18 years for trying to cut off her husbands head off.

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