René Goudreau

Rene Goudreau


Crimes: Arson, Murder

Lucie Goudreau of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada feared her son, René. Tragically, she had good reason to. The man has a long history of mental illness, including bipolar disorder which must have made life with him difficult to deal with. And to make things even more difficult, Lucie Goudreau was forced by poor health to rely upon her son — something René Goudreau resented.

Lucie Goudreau suffered from progressive multiple sclerosis. She was only 53 years old and she had to use a wheelchair to get around. She needed help getting in and out of her bed and her bath. She likely needed someone to prepare her meals and help her dress.

My own mother had multiple sclerosis. I know exactly how debilitating and painful that disease is, and how much effort it takes to care for someone afflicted with it. It’s a terrible, horrible, life-sucking disease for both the patient and the carer. Because I loved my mother, I was willing to do everything possible to make her life comfortable and enjoyable, and I’m pleased to say she lived into her 80s.

Lucie Goudreau, the poor woman, didn’t find the same dedication in her son, René. He apparently considered caring for her a burden, and instead of doing his all to make her life comfortable, he set about plotting to shorten it by one of the cruelest methods possible. He also set about making a profit off his mother’s death.

René Goudreau took out 4 insurance policies on his mother, to the tune of $562,750. For him to collect the loot, she had to die an accidental death. A car accident wouldn’t do — he might get injured himself, and she might survive. Hmmmm, what’s a hellbeast to do?

René Goudreau decided that his mother should die by fire. By fire. How freaking evil can one get? Because Lucie Goudreau was a smoker, it was an obvious choice for a heartless hellbeast.

On November 27, 2012, while his sick mother was in her bed, he pushed a La-Z-Boy chair in front of the door. He locked the patio door with a chain. The evil bastard was making damn sure nobody would break into the apartment and save his mom.

René Goudreau also made sure to disable the smoke detector. He not only didn’t care that his handicapped mom was going to die a horrific death, he didn’t care about the other residents of the apartment building she lived in.

But René Goudreau made damn sure that he’d escape the first-floor Woodridge Crescent apartment unscathed. There was a window at the foot of his mother’s bed, an easy escape for him while his mother dies a couple of feet away, even if it meant he had to crawl over her.

And so, in the wee hours of that fateful day, René Goudreau held a lighter to his mother’s bedclothes and scooted out the window to safety. At 2:30 a.m. a neighbour awoke to the smell of burning plastic. He could hear a woman’s faint voice and when he looked out his window he saw an orange flash in the Goudreau apartment window. He called 911 and then evacuated his family.

Another resident called 911 and was told to pull the fire alarm. Everyone escaped the blaze — except Lucie Goudreau.

Goudreau fire
Firefighters had the damnedest time gaining entry to the poor woman’s apartment. That La-Z-Boy chair was very awkward to get past. When they did get in, they couldn’t see much with the thick smoke. They were able to put out the blaze, but there was no rescue for Lucie Goudreau.

So where was René Goudreau while this was all going on? Security video showed René Goudreau was waiting in the lobby. Incredibly, he drew a dollar sign in the condensation on the lobby window. He’d just set fire to his mother, and all he could think about was the insurance money.

René Goudreau didn’t sit on his laurels waiting for the insurance companies to act. He got on the phone to his insurance agents asking, “It all comes to me, right?” He also inquired about what proof was needed for an accidental death claim.

Too bad for René Goudreau those phone calls were recorded. They sounded awfully suspicious.

Also suspicious was the heavy La-Z-Boy chair that was moved to block the door. There was no way that the victim could possibly have moved it herself, and there was no innocent reason for that chair to be placed there.

If René Goudreau hadn’t moved that chair, he just might have gotten away with murder. The fire marshal couldn’t discount completely the idea that a smouldering cigarette was the cause of the blaze — the victim was a smoker after all. But no, René Goudreau didn’t want to take any chances on someone rescuing his mother. He moved that chair and wound up implicating himself.

René Goudreau was arrested and charged with 1st-degree murder. It took some doing to get him to trial because psychiatric assessments found him unfit in January and March 2013.

Finally, in September 2015 René Goudreau, 33, went to trial. On October 28, 2015 he was found guilty of 1st-degree murder. The minimum sentence he can receive is life in prison with no parole for 25 years.

RIP, Lucie Goudreau. I feel so bad for her, for suffering from a horrible illness that robbed her of independence, and for being vulnerable to a son who robbed her of her life in a horrifically gruesome manner.

I extend my condolences to the family and friends of Lucie Goudreau. And I hope and pray that René Goudreau is never released from prison. His total lack of compassion for others could result in his doing harm in the future. I also hope and pray that he’s receiving all the therapy and medication he needs while he’s in prison.

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19 Responses to René Goudreau

  1. Neve says:

    Wowwww that is one cold evil creep. I take care of my mom and my dad. It gets overwhelming but they are my parents and without them, I wouldn’t be here. There is not enough money in this world to make me consider taking their lives. May he be haunted by what he has done…though I rather doubt he has the capacity to care about it.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    An Evil Sick Society without the Death Penalty for Murder

    Why do Social Liberals Not Wake Up and See the Harm to Society
    that Murderers Getting Away with Murder ( No Capital Punishment )
    does to Society

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Fucking drawing a $ sign in the condensation is abhorrent, the little nasty greedy bastard. And my god is his nose really that big? A rhinoplasty is definately needed for that concord fucker, lets hope he gets a sentence where he doesn’t see the light of day again. RIP Lucie, you deserved better.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Yea, that gave me fucking chills. His own mom, like don’t get me wrong, my moms a pain in the ass sometimes – but I wouldn’t trade her life for money. That’s sick. Ugh!

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Beyond Disgusting Indeed what Happened

    • Bengalpuss says:

      DPO, your right, you couldn’t sink any lower than this pig, killing your own mother and burning her alive, the evil bastard. There’s definately a place in hell waiting for him and lets hope he suffers day after day, wicked evil cunt with a big hooter of a nose.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Sadly the UK is Crawling with Scum Murderers Rapists Child Molesters and Hooligans

    I Agree Anyone who Murders their own Mother is Evil

    Not Fit to be Called Human

  6. bulldoggy says:

    The fact that the victim was heard saying something meant she was awake when she was on fire. That’s just heartbreaking. She knew her own son had done that to her and didn’t care one ounce for her. I hope he rots in prison.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      The most horrible way to die. And to do that to your own mother as well. Your right bulldoggy mark your calendar, that poor woman must’ve known her own son was killing her, my god that poor woman.

  7. 2cute says:

    My heart goes out to the victim. I can’t imagine what agony she felt, lying helplessly on her bed as the flames reached her. This bastard can’t suffer enough in this life to make up for what he did.

  8. Tandarat says:

    Rene wasn’t too bright, was he? As someone who has an autoimmune disease similar to ‘s, hearing stuff like this kisses me off – and scares/saddens me as well. Life is hard enough dealing with a body that betrays you and does its best to kill you. The last thing you need to worry about is your child doing the same. Have fun in prison, Rene. Here’s to a really BIG climate and what you did to your mom making its way around the exercise yard.

    • Shuo Yang says:

      Life’s no easy tunnel towards the glories that await us. Rene thought it was and he used it by not wanting to take care of his sick and ill mother. I would not say he was bright nor stupid, just self-centered, spoiled and greedy. I agree, hearing what his mom went through and having to go through it again and again, just never leaves the corner of my mind.
      It’s the worst kind of nightmare you’d ever imagine – the person who you’ve raised to become everything you would ever want them to be, but once you trust them to be more responsible and independent (and later, take care of you), it just hurts to break that trust completely.
      Like you said, “Here’s to a really BIG climate and what you did to your mom making its way around the exercise yard.”

      Better start digging now before rats start biting you!

  9. moodymagic says:

    How that poor woman suffered. I hope the horrible son suffers. How can anyone even think about what he did to his poor mother let alone go thru with the terrible deed. Burn in hell Rene

    • Shuo Yang says:

      I love my mother very much. Even though we’re not always on the same round about entrepreneurship, that does not mean I would get to do what he did to his mom. Violence or hate never solves anything. Rene chose the opposite.
      People raised in a well-structured environment should use common sense when their parents, relatives or siblings are not well; letting them die for no apparent reason other than for insurance policy is not the solution to the problem. This esp. includes homicide. It’s terrible math and I think that is what landed this punk right under the bus pretty quickly.

      I don’t know any other way how he can get himself out of the mess he’s put himself into now; plus, I don’t even want to know. Why? Because that is something he going to have to figure out himself because he is responsible for this brutal crime.

      RIP Lucie Goudreau

  10. Shuo Yang says:

    I know how overwhelming it can be for one to take care of one’s family, esp. the elderly, those who aren’t able to look after themselves, as well as themselves.
    Yes, it can pose some serious risks, but you can’t use money or inheritance to kill your family just to say it was a break-in or that your mom or dad committed suicide (because they drank too much or was high on drugs, like meth, or marijuana, or worked too hard). None of it is excusable. None of it ever is and will be.
    This guy has a lot to take out of what he did to his own mother – the person who gave him life. Hope he has the rest of his life to think over it.

  11. Unanimous says:

    That guy was my bully in grade 7, and the school never did anything to protect me from him. I always knew something was wrong with him, and it is unfortunate that now someone had to die following the misjudgment of this individual. May she rest in peace.

  12. Brandi says:

    Can we NOT make people who suffer from bipolar disorder out to be monsters? The stigma is bad enough. I’ve never hurt anyone, especially not the elderly our children. I’m a little offended to be honest. But I love your blog. Thanks!

  13. Wolfy McWolferson says:

    Evil runs in his family. His brother Kevin Goudreau is one of Canada’s most disgusting neonazis. Google Kevin Goudreau nazi and look at images. The resemblance is uncanny

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