Rénald Côté, Serge Côté & Donald Côté

Hellbeast Rénald Côté
Crimes: Incest, Rape

Family to most people — to normal people — means a group of people held together by bonds of love and affection. I personally expand this definition to include pets because my puppies are my family. The fish, not so much. But I digress. Family is a group held together by love and affection.

But to Quebec hellbeast Rénald Côté and his hellbeast spawn Serge and Donald, family has a more sexual connotation. Not that Rénald, Serge and Donald had sex with each other — the object of their sexual gratification was Rénald Côté’s daughter Isabelle.

For over 17 years Isabelle Côté was subjected to rape — incestuous rape — by her two brothers and her dear papa, the very people who should have been protecting her from the evils and devils of the world! The poor girl, living with evil in her own home!

Isabelle Côté ultimately found the strength and courage to come forward when she was extremely ill with uterine and intestinal cancer. She died in July 2002 at the age of 22.

Isabelle Côté might have been willing to forgive and forget the incestuous rapes she endured as a child, but then Rénald Côté just could not resist sexually assaulting her while she was so sick, so riddled with cancer, undergoing chemo in the hospital.

Isabelle Côté made 3 sworn video and audiotape statements between June 2001 and March 2002. In these statements she described the various sexual assaults she was forced to endure since she was a very young child.

Isabelle told of being tied down and raped by her daddy and 2 brothers in a garage back in 1989. Rénald Côté and his sons denied it ever happened.

Isabelle also told of how her hellbeast father raped her as she was weak and wheelchair-bound while undergoing cancer treatments in hospital.

The three “men” were arrested in 2001, charged with incest and sexual assault.

Rénald Côté, 51, faced 17 charges. Fourteen of those charges related to his sexual assaults on his daughter, and 3 others stemmed from sexual assaults of two other teen girls. Naughty, naughty.

The three men faced separate trials in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Hellbeast Serge CôtéRénald Côté and sons apparently did not make friends in prison. When appearing in court in June 2001, Rénald Côté’s right eye was swollen shut and his face was scraped and swollen. Serge had a black eye. Maybe they ran into a door or something.

Rénald Côté’s trial was eventful. Midway through the trial, a teenaged boy jumped up from his front-row seat and actually went into the prisoner’s box and grabbed Rénald Côté by his shirt mere moments after the jurors left the courtroom.

As the teenager was handcuffed, he shouted, “Death to all rapists!” and “Goddamn piece of human garbage!” I wonder what he would have done if he hadn’t been stopped.

Also during the trial Rénald Côté’s sister Rejeanne Côté was making faces at the jurors, so much so that they complained to the judge about her. She voluntarily left the courtroom.

Johanne Royer-CôtéHis wife Johanne Royer-Côté testified in support of this monster. She said the very first time she heard about Isabelle being raped was when her daughter was 14. Isabelle told her that Donald had done it. Guess what Mommy dearest did when she heard! I’m guessing … nothing. She probably called her a liar and/or told her to STFU.

Johanne Royer-Côté denied that friends had informed her of her husband’s incestuous assaults on Isabelle. Of course she denied it — if she actually did learn about it and did nothing about it, that would make her a terrible mother, a disgusting human being. Strange that her friends would lie about her like that! In court yet!

Johanne Royer-Côté claimed that she herself was molested as a child. Then why the hell couldn’t she believe it possible that her own daughter was being molested? And why the hell wouldn’t she do anything to help her?

Both Serge and Donald Côté testified against their dad. They said that he initiated them into the fine art of incest with Isabelle when she was only 4-years-old. (That poor little girl!) They said Rénald Côté taught them how to have sex when they turned 9 years-old. They said Rénald Côté would rape Isabelle first and then have them take their turns. If the boys refused, their daddy would beat them. Sick, sick, fuckin’ sick!

Prosecutor Hélène Fabi told the jury that the sons’ testimony was credible even though they weren’t always clear about dates and times. Well, they were boys and it all began almost 2 decades ago.

Sadly regarding the 1989 rape in the garage, there was no real evidence aside from Isabelle’s testimony. BUT there certainly was evidence of the assault in the hospital.

Witnesses (plural!) testified that they saw Rénald Côté kiss her passionately, fondle her breasts and push his pudgy fingers inside her shorts. That doesn’t sound fatherly at all! And he did it with people around! In hospital! When Isabelle was horribly ill with cancer!

Rénald Côté however told the jurors that he did kiss her in hospital, but those kisses were just two-second pecks. The jurors didn’t believe him. Neither do I.

Rénald Côté told the jurors that his daughter lied about his raping her, but that he believed her when she said her brothers raped her.

Wow, what a family. The father, the mother, the brothers so sick and twisted, and still Isabelle had the strength of character to seek justice.

In all, Rénald Côté was found guilty of 14 of the 17 charges. Isabelle did not live to see justice, to see her abusers convicted. In March 2003 Rénald Côté was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He tried to appeal his conviction but was denied.

In 2003, Donald Côté pleaded guilty to 15 counts of sexual assault against Isabelle. He was sentenced to 2 years less a day. The judge considered that he’d already spent 29 months behind bars. She also considered that Rénald Côté forced the boys to have sex with their sister. Donald Côté was ordered to undergo therapy, and was to be placed on probation for 3 years.

In January, 2004, Serge Côté was sentenced to 6 years for sexually assaulting his sister, but only had to spend an additional 10 months behind bars since his imprisonment awaiting trial was taken into account. The judge sentenced him to 3 years probation and he was ordered to enter a program for sexual delinquents.

Considering that the sons have rejoined society, I certainly hope that their treatment/therapy worked. I find I can dredge up some sympathy for Serge and Donald because they were mere boys when their father forced them to assault their sister. It’s what they grew up with. And I do appreciate that they testified against Rénald Côté. They made his conviction possible.

Still, the boys had to know that what they did to Isabelle hurt her. If she had to be tied up in a garage, then they had to have known she wasn’t willing. And no doubt they were told not to tell their mother, so they had to have known it was WRONG.

So while I have some sympathy for Serge and Donald, I cannot overlook their continued assaults on Isabelle.

Now Johanne Royer-Côté is not the first woman who refused to see what was going on in her own home. She’s not the only woman who stood by her man in the face of testimony and evidence about his evil deeds. Still, her inaction and wilful blindness allowed Isabelle to suffer for 17 of her 22 years!

I have no sympathy for Rénald Côté. He deserves to rot in hell for making his daughter’s life hell, and for perverting the childhood of his children. Sick, disgusting POS. Rot, Rénald Côté, rot!

CBC News article
Radio Canada article (French)

9 Responses to Rénald Côté, Serge Côté & Donald Côté

  1. 2cute says:

    I wonder if Serge and Donald have kids of their own. They sure didn’t grow up learning what it is to be a good father or decent man for that matter. If any women choose to have kids with them they should never leave them alone with their children. That Renald scumbucket POS child molester baby raper should have been sent away forever!

  2. Trace says:

    Renald needs to get testicular cancer. He got 14 years so he’ll be 65 when he gets out. Not too old to rape more little girls. There should be a welcoming committee waiting at the prison gates when he’s released to teach him how welcome he is back in the free world. With baseball bats, bricks and 2x4s.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Renald you POS. I hope the baby raper will one day be taught a good lesson by the other prisoners. My only hope is that they make it very very painful.

  4. Kimber says:

    I’d really like to have an afternoon with that mother that let this all go on with her filthy husband and her rotten spawn. An afternoon with a Taser and a switchblade.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There is Nothing ” Romantic ” about Incest Just Repulsive

    Incest is Sickening

    Any Film which Condones or Glorifies Incest Needs to be Banned

  6. BeenThere says:

    This story pissed me off because of the cancer, raped while in hospital, etc. The whole family needs a bullet in the head…


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