Raymone Clements

Hellbeast Raymone Clements
Crimes: Robbery, Assault, Drug Dealing, Animal Abuse, Pedophile

Raymone Clements, 42, of Cleveland, Ohio, is a brutal, sadistic monstrosity. His latest display of the depths of his depravity took place in late November, 2012 when he led a mastiff into a Cleveland Heights park, chained it to a tree and shot it twice. Clements then walked away, leaving his canine victim for dead.

The dog amazingly survived being shot and was rescued by passers-by.

The dog, now named Forrest, suffered a broken shoulder and other injuries from the 2 bullet wounds. He has since recovered and has joined his new adoptive family who live on a 10-acre farm. Bless Forrest’s heart, I hope he has a happy life now.

It took authorities a month to track down Forrest’s attacker. Kudos to them for nabbing this monster and putting him behind bars!

ForrestRaymone Clements, the would-be dog killer, has committed more heinous crimes in his useless life. In 1991 he was convicted of aggravated robbery. I hope whoever was attacked and robbed has recovered fully.

In 2003 Raymone POS Clements was convicted of drug trafficking. Obviously he didn’t serve too much time because in 2006 he was free to show his true vicious, vile and predatory nature — he raped 2 little girls. One of those little girls was only 7 years old.

In my book that makes Raymone Clements a loathsome POS pedophile. A baby raper. A full-blown perverted human stain.

Raymone the pedo perv Clements was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He was out on parole when he shot poor Forrest.

Now the good news is that he is a convicted felon, and in Ohio convicted felons cannot have a gun or ammunition. When Raymone was arrested he had bullets in his pocket. Uh-oh! Too bad for him!

Raymone Clements was originally scheduled to appear in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas for the animal abuse charge. Incredibly, animal abuse is a mere misdemeanor in Ohio! Animal abusers get small fines and slaps on their wrists in Ohio. That’s gotta change, people!

Hellbeast Raymond ClementsAnyway, the misdemeanor charge has been dismissed because the Feds stepped in and took control. Raymone Clements has now been indicted in US District Court for possessing ammunition following felonious convictions.

If convicted, Raymone the baby raping bastard Clements could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $250,000.

IMO it’s not enough. Raymone the sadistic hellbeast Clements is a violent felon, no question. He has attacked and robbed people, raped little girls and shot a dog. It’s not hard to foresee he’s going to rob and kill people, rape and kill little girls and horribly abuse and kill animals in the future — especially with drugs in the mix.

Animal advocates say Forrest’s case brings attention to Ohio’s weak animal cruelty laws. I truly hope that’s true and results in some kind of public action.

There is an online petition to increase the penalty for animal cruelty in Ohio. The current law apparently hasn’t changed since 1875. Only 3865 people have signed it so far. *sigh*

“Something has got to be done to protect these animals because not every abuser is going to be a convicted felon with bullets in his pocket,” said Forrest’s new owner, Patty Harris.

I also hope that Raymone Clements’ case brings attention to the sorry-ass sentences being handed out to baby raping pedophiles. This hellbeast raped 2 girls and only got a 5-year sentence.

The 7-year-old victim is not even adult yet. Do you think she feels safe knowing that her rapist has been free and able to get his hands on a gun? Do you think she feels safe knowing the man she helped put behind bars has been using dogs as target practice?

Raymone Clements has a detention hearing on January 25, 2013. I hope and pray that this heinous hellbeast will be put away for a very long time, and that during his period of incarceration he encounters plenty of dog-lovers and pedo-haters.

Rot in hell, Raymone Clements. The world would be better off without the likes of that disgusting creature in it, except maybe as fertilizer.

I wish all the best to the human and animal victims of this vile, vicious monster. Peace and contentment to them, and hell fire for the hellbeast.

Raymone Clements was sentenced to serve nearly 23 years in prison for having ammunition as a felon.

Cleveland.com article
Cleveland Heights Patch article

18 Responses to Raymone Clements

  1. bulldoggy says:

    OK, this asshole needs to be buried under the prison. He’s a dog abuser AND a pedophile! That should equate to never seeing the light of day again! I hope hope hope that his cellmates teach him once and for all that you do not rape baby girls and you do not abuse and shoot dogs. And I hope that lesson is painful and enduring and final.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, i hope his new cell mate is hung like the late porn star john holmes. And i hope that he gets a sample of that daily, fucking beast he is.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Are you going to make me google john holmes? Or shall I just assume he was hung like a donkey? I don’t want Charlie to catch me eyeballing a porn star’s junk.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    Piece of scum, lets hope that the judge that sentences this barry white, looking mofo, has got a pair of balls and does the right thing. Maybe if he’d have been sentenced properly in the first place, then those two little girls and forest the dog wouldn’t have had to go through all that trauma. I personally think shitheads like this scumbag, should be put to sleep permanently.

  3. pj says:

    I am so glad Forrest survived but how many dogs didn’t? How many dog carcasses were found all shot up by this beast before this? I’m surprised he didn’t use a knife really because I bet he’s sadistic enough to enjoy being up close while he kills something or someone. Maybe he’s too chickenshit to get up close to a mastiff. That dog was a whole lot bigger than the little girls he raped.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, you’ve never heard of john holmes? He didn.t get the name king dong for nothing lol. He was a famous porn star back in the late 70’s early 80’s and he had a look of the cop from that group the village people. Big handle bar moustache, and big*Cough*meatstick. My god, just thinking about it, i sound like an expert on porn stars lol. Anyway it would be good if john holmes shared this fucker’s cell, unfortunately he died of aids, so im hoping that bubba will be waiting for this shithead. Bulldoggy, i think you should google john holmes, apart from the porn stuff, he was once involved in four people being brutally murdered called the wonderland murders, interesting story, thats if you google his name of course.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I learn so much from you bengalpuss. And I totally believe that you only learned about john holmes because he was a murderer and not because of his oversized *cough* meatstick. And yeah, I agree that this raymone pedophile raper needs to encounter an oversized bubba in prison. Maybe then he’ll understand how it felt for those little girls to be violated like that.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Im suprised bulldoggy, that you haven’t heard of john holmes aka king dong as he’s american. You must have heard of john wayne bobbit, his wife chopped his meatstick off, and then threw it in a puddle, where the police found it and luckily for him he had it re-attached And became a porn star. Bulldoggy if you ever meet a woman called lorena bobbit, my advice to you would be “Don.t piss her off, and watch your meatstick” I need to get out a lot more, some of the things i know, even shocks me. Anyway i hope baby raping piece of shit, gets a decent sentence, because the judges before have given him a slapped wrist.

        • bulldoggy says:

          So Bengalpuss, I googled John Holmes and got myself quite an eyeful. Good thing I put Charlie in the other room first — he’d have thought I was checking out sausages for his supper.

          I heard of Lorena and her bob job on her straying hubby. I have long since given up pissing off women with cleavers.

          • bengalpuss says:

            Poor old charlie, he would have thought it was his birthday with the size of that sausage. Bulldoggy, i need to stop leading you astray, otherwise you could find that you may be the subject of cleo’s next story. In fact im suprised i haven’t entered the hellbeastly hall of fame, only kidding. But still im suprised you’d never heard of good ole boy john holmes, oh well you learn something everyday. And thats wise of you bulldoggy, your right to steer clear of upset women with meat cleavers.

  5. Trace says:

    This baby raping turd faced pervert needs to be fixed permanently and I’m not talking therapy unless therapy consists of whips and rusty hammers and acid.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Trace, me and you should go into business together, torturing scumbag’s like this baby raping turd. I’d pour acid down this beasts meatstick. Forget the courts, just torture these sick fucks that should be a deterrent to other would be paedaphiles.

  6. moodymagic says:

    another great story Cleo. BengalPuss, Trace and Bulldoggy I agree with all you guys. The comments were awesome.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Moodymagic, not only does this site inform us of the latest paedaphiles, murderers, and animal abusers, you sometimes get entertained, with some of the comments. I love this blog. Only wish that there wasn.t any beastly bastards, but unfortunately theres plenty of the stink weeds about. Anyway i can.t wait to see what sentence shit face is gonna be given. I’ll bet anything that the judge won.t give him the maximum. Thats where they fucked up before, i just hope they don.t fuck up again, otherwise his next victim will probably be murdered.

  7. OhioGirl says:


    You’ll be happy to know he received more than 22 years in prison. :)

  8. Tammy says:

    This “thing” will re-offend. That’s a no brainer.

  9. Tom Daly says:

    People who do that to animals are just disgusting in my book. They are nothing but pieces of s**t that need to be flushed away.

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