Ray Ojeda

Ray Ojeda

Crimes: Kidnapping, Rape, Attempted Murder

Just before midnight on June 13, 1997, hellbeast Ray Ojeda was driving around Denver, Colorado looking for a victim. When he drove to the 2800 block of Holden Place, he found her. He didn’t know her. She was a 15-year-old girl walking home all by herself from her boyfriend’s house. He probably thought she was the perfect victim.

Ray Ojeda made the most of his opportunity. He drove up next to the girl, stepped out of his truck and pointed a gun at her. He ordered her to get in his truck and she did. Nobody was around to see them. So far so good.

Ray Ojeda drove to a remote location near Platte River. He ordered the girl to get out of his truck and she did. He pistol-whipped her twice and then dragged the poor girl down by the water. The f*ckturd hellbeast stripped the girl naked and raped her vaginally. He finished off in her mouth.

You’d think that raping the girl would be enough for Ray Ojeda. It wasn’t. He pointed his gun at the poor girl, listening to her beg for her life. There was no mercy in that rat bastard’s heart, so he pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. He pulled the trigger again and again and still nothing happened. Finally, after several attempts, Ray Ojeda managed to shoot the girl in her forehead.

I don’t know if the raping hellbeast thought his victim was dead, but he was going to make sure she was. He dragged her into the river and then threw her clothes in after her.

I bet Ray Ojeda thought he’d committed the perfect crime. Nobody had seen him kidnap the victim, the crime scene was secluded, the girl was dead, and the water would wash away all traces of him.

Ray Ojeda 1994

Ray Ojeda mugshot from 1994

What Ray Ojeda didn’t count on was his victim — that strong, young woman hadn’t died. Nope, she was still very much alive, even with a bullet wound to her head. She waited until she thought that raping, murdering bastard was gone to crawl out of the river. She managed to drag herself up the riverbank when damn! Ray Ojeda returned.

Not surprisingly, the POS shitstain wasn’t pleased to discover his victim was still alive. He beat her with his fists and then dragged the poor girl back into the river. He threw rocks at her. He shot at her several times. Finally, convinced she must be dead, Ray Ojeda left the scene for good.

Incredibly, the girl was still alive — not in good shape but she was alive. Once again she crawled out of the river, up the riverbank and she actually made her way half a mile to Interstate 270. After ten minutes of walking on the highway she flagged down a passing motorist.

“I remember just laying there, holding my head up looking at the sky thinking, ‘I can’t do this,'” the victim, now a 33-year-old woman, said in a TV interview. “And then I took a deep breath and I regained myself and I walked a half mile through the field with thorns poking through my feet… and I pushed and I pushed until I got up to that highway.”

I am absolutely gobsmacked at how strong and determined that 15-year-old girl was. She’s incredible.

A police investigation was launched right away. A rape kit was collected, but police just couldn’t track down the rapist. The case went cold and was designated inactive in 1998. In 2004 the rape kit was re-examined but still there was no positive link to the bastard. The police had a couple of suspects, but neither of them were Ray Ojeda.

In the years after the rape and attempted murder, the hellbeast Ray Ojeda went on his merry way committing crimes in Texas, Colorado and Florida. Stupid move, dude!

In 2013, a staff member at the Denver Police Department Crime Lab was informed that there was a DNA match on the CODIS database. The turdbrain Ray Ojeda had had to give a DNA sample for a 2011 felony conviction on a marijuana-related charge in Texas. The rape/attempted murder case was solved, and the f*ckwad was subsequently arrested and charged. It only took 16 years.

In April 2015 Ray Ojeda, 44, was found guilty of attempted 1st-degree murder, 2nd-degree kidnapping and 1st-degree sexual assault. On July 20, 2015 he was sentenced to 48 years on each count to run consecutively. The puke pile POS will have to serve 144 years in prison. I don’t think he’ll be getting out.

Long may Ray Ojeda fester and rot in his prison cell.

His victim said of the rapist in her interview with 7News, “I try not to think about him and his feelings or anything. I just basically want to live, I want to survive and I wasn’t ever going to let him stop me from doing anything I want.” Damn! She’s still a strong and determined individual. I salute her for that, and wish her all the best.

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17 Responses to Ray Ojeda

  1. moodymagic says:

    This poor girl is amazing a real tower of courage and strength. I wish her all the happiness. Ojeda burn in hell monster. 48 years is a good start.

  2. killpedos says:

    That poor women. What amazing guts and determination she has. I hope she’s able to live a normal life now.
    As for that hideous piece of Rhino shit I hope he gets raped everyday in prison and those bad boys finish off in his mouth.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Killpedos, you forgot to put “and finish off up his arse” also.

      • killpedos says:

        Hahaha true that. I just thought that if they raped him first then make him swallow it. He could have a bit of cream on his chocolate pidding. BOOM YUCK!!!!

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Only after his “meat and two vegatables can they have his chocolate and cream lol. Fuck him, lets just ship these sick fucks off to syria & jihadi john will “smite these mother fuckers by their necks” only way to to cure then is is beheading or dedicking and demeatballing.

  3. Nnygem says:

    Absolutely incredible strength she had, not only at such a young age but even now. What a disgusting waste of cells and bone, that Ojeda. He’s where he rightly deserves to be.

  4. cleo says:

    Dear readers, I won’t be posting an article until next week. I have another facial reconstruction to do. The last one turned out great, IMO, and as soon as I have permission (IF I get permission) I’ll be posting it on the site. Thanks for your patience!

  5. killpedos says:

    That’s awesome Cleo. You must be very proud of yourself being trusted to do this very strenuous job. The police must be very proud of you as I know that all of us on this site are immensely proud of your amazing talents. We all love what you do especially when it means that you are quite possibly putting a families mind at ease and they can finally take their loved ones home.
    YOU ARE AN AWESOME LADY!!!!. I’m proud to be associated with Hellbeasts.

  6. AngryLittleMexican says:

    This woman is so amazing! I found a video interview of her, she is crazy strong – she says she is NOT a victim! Good for her! She’s just beautiful, inside and out!

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    That girl/woman is absolutely amazing, i can identify with her because i went through a traumatic assault. I wish that i had the strength and resolve that she had and still does have, good for you girl your a survivor and an inspiration. As for that cunt that did that horrible heinous crime, i don’t believe for one moment that this was his only crime, he must of carried out other similar sexually motivated crimes and those victims probably didn’t make it, thats what i believe. I hope this mother fucker has already been made another inmates bitch and gets raped in his arse daily, evil cunt he is.

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Very Shocking Indeed

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    [She] is an amazing and strong woman, i’m in awe of her.

    • cleo says:

      I purposely omitted the victim’s name in the article. I didn’t want anybody who goodled her in the future to see “hellbeasts” appear in connection with her name. I don’t want to inadvertently sabotage her efforts to get on with her life.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Of course cleo, hellbeasts is about the scumbag’s not the victims i apologise. I only stated her name when i saw the link to it which says her name thats why i thought it was ok love to state her name, but i wouldn’t like my name to pop up if someone googled my name, so sorry about that.

      • Cait shee says:

        I recently met one of his Texas victims. She was really hoping to get a message to this young lady to tell her thank you for saving her. What he was doing to this little girl wasn’t going to end,

  10. Bengalpuss says:

    I wouldn’t want my name to pop up when someone typed in to the search engine helllbeasts lol.

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Rights of Victims Need to Come First which may ” Offend ”
    the PC Brigade but Netherless Uphold the Right of People Not to
    be Victims of Kidnapping and Rape

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