Rape-aXe – A Damned Good Idea

This article is a departure from my usual evil hellbeast story. It is instead about an invention that I think is worthwhile. It’s about an invention by a woman for women. It’s about women taking control instead of taking the blame. It’s about a different approach to rape.

Shockingly there are those out there who would disagree with my heading, but I’m sure there are plenty of women who would agree. The Rape-aXe condom delivers a sharp, painful lesson to rapists that they won’t soon forget.

I haven’t touted a product before, and I’m not even sure where and if Rape-aXe is available, but it’s such a lovely combination of deterrent and payback that I can’t help but marvel at it. Frankly, it appeals to my vengeful nature.

The Rape-aXe condom will not prevent rape. Penetration must occur for its effects to be experienced, but hell, the experience felt by the rapist is devastating to be sure.

See, the Rape-aXe is a veritable penis-shredder. Seriously. It’s a prick-ripper, a manhood mutilator, a rapist’s worst nightmare.

The woman tucks away the Rape-aXe condom all safe and cosy in her vagina where it’s not bothering anyone or anything until a penis enters it. And then watch out!

The Rape-aXe has the same effect upon a penis as a piranha has upon a chunk of meat.

This device was invented by a South African woman named Sonette Ehlers. South Africa is rife with rapists, with a quarter of South African men admitting to rape. Tragically only about 8% of these evil raping bastards ever get convicted. That leaves 92% of South African rapists living with no repercussions for their crimes.

Sonette Ehlers, a medical technician, sought to change that with her invention Rape-aXe (formerly called Rapex).

Rape-aXeThis nifty device is a latex sheath that has embedded teeth or barbs that a woman would insert in her vagina much like a female condom. Once a penis enters the vagina, it gets snagged on those lovely sharp barbs, causing immediate, excruciating pain. The Rape-aXe remains attached to the penis because the barbs are imbedded. It can only be removed surgically.

Bonus, the necessity of surgery will alert hospital personnel and police that they are dealing with a rapist.

Double bonus, the Rape-aXe prevents pregnancy and transmission of STDs.

Detractors of this product argue that it doesn’t prevent vaginal rape. Well, no it doesn’t, but it certainly cuts it short.

Detractors also argue that it doesn’t prevent anal or oral rape. True dat.

Detractors even argue that injuring the rapist might lead to more violence, even murder. Maybe that’s true. He’s already violent. I don’t know how incapacitating the pain would be and if it would be enough to allow his victim a chance to escape. If he did kill, he’d sure be easier to catch with that nasty device biting into his meatstick.

Detractors also argue that the Rape-aXe doesn’t deal with the rape culture, that it puts the responsibility on women to prevent rape. Well, for frickin’s sake it’s not designed to change the world!

Women already are handed the responsibility of preventing rape — if she goes out a woman should wear modest clothing, not drink too much, not walk in dark places, not travel alone, all of which is pure bullshit but it’s what much of society and its judges think.

Rape-aXeAll this lovely little device does is grab onto and penetrate a marauding penis and rip it to shreds if it isn’t removed surgically.

It might also have the side benefit of empowering women who would otherwise feel helpless and vulnerable to violence. And I’m not just talking about empowering women to walk alone in strange surroundings.

I’m talking about empowering women who are going on a date and don’t know if they can trust the man not to date rape them.

I’m talking about empowering women who fear being drugged at a party and raped while they’re unconscious.

I’m talking about empowering women who fear being raped by their stalkers/ex-boyfriends/ex-husbands.

I’m talking about empowering girls who are repeatedly molested by their father/stepfather/uncle/brother.

See, there is no innocent explanation for a penis to wind up trapped in a Rape-aXe condom. That’s the beauty of it! It’s no longer a matter of her word against his word.

All those molested girls whose mothers won’t believe them would have proof and their molesters would have damaged dicks.

The greatest thing about the Rape-aXe to my mind is the immediate physical punishment the rapist would experience. There’s no waiting for a trial and sentencing, only to see him get off or get a lenient sentence. The rapist would have had to endure physical trauma just like his victim. That’s justice.

I like the idea of this product. As I say I don’t know if it’s available for purchase but it’s a damn good idea. It’s much like carrying bear mace in the woods — if there’s no bear, no worries. But you’re ready for an attack.

And damn all rapists and molesters to hell!

20 Responses to Rape-aXe – A Damned Good Idea

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Ouch! Just looking at the pics makes me cringe. That’s one helluva meatstick shredder. Exactly what rapists deserve.

  2. 2cute says:

    I just love the idea of skewering rapists’ junk in such an agonizing way. They wanna do violence to women? It’s only fair women do violence to them in return. True and immediate justice!

    I prefer the term schlong shredder myself. And meatstick mangler.

    • hairy says:

      How about tubesteak tenderizer. Organ grinder. Penis pulverizer. Damn that thing looks vicious. Trust a woman to come up with something that torturous. Actually it looks like something bengalpuss would invent.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Yeah but bengalpuss would’ve used rusty barbed wire I bet. Or razor blades. In other words, don’t piss off the puss.

        • 2cute says:

          I bet bengalpuss would include a guillotine somehow. That would really truly put a stop to rapists.

        • bengalpuss says:

          Bulldoggy thats right, don.t piss the puss off, or your meatstick is a goner. Bulldoggy i bet just looking at that device brought tears to your eyes lol. It did to me, and i don.t have a schlong, as 2cute put it.

  3. Trace says:

    Damn, boobytrapped vaginas. An idea whose time has come. If this thing becomes common enough, men will start taking “no” seriously, just in case she’s packing. No sympathy for rapists who get snared in that thing. Hate to imagine the damage they’d do trying to pull it off themselves. Like something out of “SAW”.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Trace your right, if this thing became available on the market, then those sick fucks with rape on their mind, would at least think “Is it worth the risk of me losing my knob” Unfortunately, there will always be the ones that don.t give a fuck, because terrifying women is what they get off on, but at least if he does try, at least the victim would know that he wouldn’t be doing that to anyone else. If it was my design, i’d make it that he couldn’t get it surgically removed, if you raped then your penis would be shredded. Why give them the option to have it removed. Once then cross that line, then they forfeit their prick simple.

  4. pj says:

    I’d use it. I’d want my daughter to use it. You know, on those occasions where a woman is vulnerable.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    I love it. What an incentive to men when you say no, and they think fuck her im getting the goodies. Oh yes love enter into bengalpuss’s tunnel of love and your raping rod will be ripped to ribbons ha ha ha. And i would install this device in my dungeon, but mine you wouldn’t even be able to surgically remove it. Once that meatstick device is on then your willy will be mangled. And yes i would use rusty barbs. Seriously though if a man rape’s someone and they get that latched onto them, i think it would infuriate him and he’s liable to kill you. I read about this before a while ago, and they were trying to ban it. Don.t know if they did, but like cleo says “If your prick isn.t meant to be there then, you’ve only got yourself to blame” 2cute trust you to come out with schlong, still laughing at that one. I wonder if it would ever pass approval for the states or the uk? The slogan i’d use would be “If its not invited, then you will be shredded” Teach those raping bastards a lesson.

    • 2cute says:

      Slogan: If your dick ain’t a treat, it’ll soon be dead meat.


      If she didn’t ask for it, your dick’s gonna get it.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    Slogan: If you’re not invited, you’re gonna be bited.

    Slogan: You can never tell if it’s a vagina from hell.

    Slogan: If you don’t ask first, it could be the worst.

  7. steve-O says:

    Slogan: Say so long to your schlong!

  8. Ed says:

    I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but this is a terrible idea for a few reasons. One, a rapist can just check with his fingers first to see if it’s there. Second, if I were a rapist (which I’m not) I would imagine I wouldn’t have any problem killing a woman for doing this to me. And third, as this website has shown us there are many hell beast women, too… I could see some sick bitch taking it out on her unsuspecting ex-bf or something and catching him in this, then he gets accused of rape as a bonus. No… I do not think this is a good idea.

    Last I heard it didn’t make it to market anyway.

    • 2cute says:

      Interesting comments, Ed. I assume you are not a vagina-owner. First of all, a rapist OR a boyfriend can indeed put fingers in to check if it’s there. Boyfriends are far more likely to use fingers anyway to pleasure his girlfriend or to see if she’s ready. Rapists aren’t interested in either. Neither are rapists likely to suspect such a weapon is present until it becomes mass-produced and widely used.

      So your point is that rapists will use fingers but boyfriends won’t so women shouldn’t bother with this thing? Ummm, I think that’s wonky thinking.

      And while it’s true that a rapist may be enraged enough to kill, he may have planned to kill her anyway, and he would definitely have trouble chasing her with that thing biting on his penis. As well, he might choose NOT to kill her because he’d know he needed medical attention and would likely be arrested. Penalties for rape are considerable less than for murder.

      Anything that makes women safer I am all for. And I think this invention or something like it would work. It may not prevent the woman wearing it from being raped, but it may prevent future victims from being raped by that particular rapist.

  9. Wizard says:

    I have no sympathies for rapists. So any arguments that this device is vengeful or cruel is non sense.

    As far as I know, most rapes in north America are already followed by murder. As such, the pain from this device is not likely to make things worst for the victim.

    The argument that this device could make the rapist extra violent does hold water in south Africa however. We are talking about a weird culture were rape is considered to be a way to prove that one is a real man. We are talking about a place where rape is common place enough that many openly admit of being rapist themselves. They say that only 8 % of rapist in south Africa ever get some form of legal retribution. Scary prospect.

    In such a context, there are men who casually rape women as if it was something normal to do. They get what they want and it ends at that. Murder, threats, blackmail or else are simply not needed in that twisted and corrupted environment to cover rape. But the pain brought about by this device may indeed make maters worst for the victim in that hell hole called south Africa.

    But that choice belong to the woman. Some woman would rather die fighting than suffer the assault and live to cry later. That said those women do not always have to power to fight back. Maybe because the rapist completely overpower them physically or maybe they were drugged. Whichever the case, this device provide a mean to fight back quite effectively in most circumstances.

    True enough it does not prevent penetration, but in my opinion rape is far far more than simple penetration. If this device stops it at that then I say it’s better than an uninterrupted full rape complete with fluids exchange and the consequences that may come with that. Not to mention that it completely ruins the rapist’s party.

    That said, The device appears to be wonderful and all at first glance but it does have one fatal flaw. This have been mentioned before, but it’s quite true none the less. This device only work if it is unexpected.

    Now the common reply to this is that no rapist currently check for such a device or even know that it exist to begin with. That as such, the device would work. But that is short sighted. All it takes is one rapist being caught by this on the national news for this device to lose any effectiveness. Then we would be back at square one.

    Not saying that the concept is a bad idea. Just that this device will ultimately do very little to decrease rape count and increase rapist capture.

    But what if this defect was corrected ? What if the device was improved in such a way that it would be undetectable by hand and would only latch on a live real penis ? Does she have one… or not ? Only one way to find out…

    Now this would truly horrify rapists. This would truly be effective.

    On a final note, I would like to address one line of your article.

    “See, there is no innocent explanation for a penis to wind up trapped in a Rape-aXe condom.”

    Now this is a dangerous train of thought right here. It is with that kind of thinking that good people were sent to jail for 20 years only to finally discover that they were innocent all along and then finally released with a simple “we are sorry” for only compensation.

    Just like finger prints and DNA samples can be planted, this device is not some miracle absolute proof that never NEVER lies.

    The fact is that it is very possible for a women to were this device before initiating consensual sex. Is this wicked ? Yes. Is this evil ? Certainly. But the fact is that some women sometimes do wicked and evil things to men. Why ? The reasons and motives varies, but the important part is that this is very possible. As such, it will most definitively happen.

    Now I agree that such a device (with it’s defect aside) could certainly help catch many rapist who would have otherwise escaped. But this device must remain just that. A tool to help the force of justice. It must not be regarded as the ultimate golden proof of rape. For the only thing it prove is that there was penetration. While it is very likely, it does not prove that the man had bad intention.

    What was a father’s penis doing in his daughters vagina ? That is wrong whichever way you look at it. Here the proof of penetration is bad by itself.

    A guy is caught in this device after “raping” his current wife. Investigation reveals that he was cheating his wife and that she may have find that out recently. Further more, the wounds on the wife’s body do not match those typically found on rape victims and could easily be the result of self mutilation according to forensic. Wife’s nasty vengeance ? I would not brush off the possibility so easily in this case.

  10. Rosanna says:

    I imagine sodomy may increase, while (vaginal) rape decreases. But this is a good idea. Pieces of crap! If you weren’t invited, your penis may end up distorted! heehe

  11. Rioux says:

    Where the hell can I get one of these 0.o ???

  12. John says:

    because a lack of funds, this product is still under development.
    They are still working on it end 2015, so be patient.

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