Phillip Morton

Hellbeast Phillip Morton
Crimes: Pedophile, child porn

Sometimes you just have to celebrate the fact that there are some hellbeasts out there who are so freaking stupid they make justice inevitable and easy. Phillip Morton, 56, of Immingham, is one such moronic hellbeast.

Phillip Morton is a pedophile who had 2 great passions in his life — child porn being one, and a 15-year-old girl being the other.

In February 2012 Humberside police had obtained intelligence that they should check out Phillip Morton of Princess Street in Immingham, near Grimsby. They got a search warrant and went a-knocking at his door. Turns out the intelligence was good, really good.

On Phillip Morton’s hard drives police discovered his collection of child porn — at least 17,000 indecent images, many of which fell in the most offensive category.

There were actually 1.9 million images on the hard drives but limited police resources hampered their effort in reviewing and categorizing all of the images. BTW, kudos to the investigators who actually slogged through that filth. I myself could not sift through 17,000 images of baby raping without losing it.

Now Phillip Morton had been smart enough to use encrypting software to hide some of those filthy images and the details of child porn sites he had visited. The investigators had to put in some real effort to uncover his secrets.

But the moronic thing that Phillip POS pedophile Morton had done was to chronicle his pervy exploits in an autobiography that he called “The Loves and Heartaches of My Life”.

That’s right, Phillip the shitsack pedo Morton had written all about his forbidden seduction of a teenaged girl back in 1994 and 1995. That’s like he gift wrapped himself for the investigators and the prosecutors!

Chapter 6 of the pervert’s bio was all about his illicit relationship with the girl. Phillip Morton tried to claim in his police interview that those parts were made up, imaginary, and the girl said she was 16 anyway.

The police were able to trace the now grown woman and interview her. I’m sure she was surprised when they showed up decades after the fact. The woman gave the officers the real details about how that man she considered a “father figure” had sexually assaulted her.

I’m sure the encounter was not nearly as “romantic” as Phillip Morton remembered it. I hope the woman has had a good life despite the assaults.

In January, 2013 Phillip Morton wisely pled guilty in Grimsby Crown Court to 14 charges of possession of indecent images and 2 charges of indecent assault.

Judge Mark Bury scolded the pedophile, “You were in a position of trust. You have breached that trust in an appalling way.”

Morton’s attorney Richard Butters told the court that his client was a “medical time bomb” who had had 2 heart attacks already. Yeah, the pity ploy.

Judge Bury sentenced Phillip Morton to 5 years in prison, and ordered him to be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Now Phillip Morton isn’t the most heinous hellbeast I’ve added to the site. I consider him somewhat noteworthy because he had laid out the details of his crimes and his victim in a book.

Oh, may all the hellbeasts be as considerate to the forces of justice.

And may Phillip Morton and his pervy little soul roast in hell with all the other pedophiles.

Grimsby Telegraph article
UK News article

8 Responses to Phillip Morton

  1. bulldoggy says:

    What an idjit! What a maroon! Wish all the nasties would be so stupid and write out their confessions for the police and the courts.

  2. 2cute says:

    I wonder how many victims this asshole has assaulted. Unlikely there was only 1. Maybe he hadn’t finished his book yet and there’s more. Not that I want there to be more victims! A lot of these pedophiles make videos these days that incriminate themselves. If this bastard had changed his name and his victim’s name in the book he could’ve claimed it was fiction and he’d have only been nabbed for the child porn. Good thing he’s short on braincells.

  3. Miriam A says:

    really….5 years..its asses like him that re-offend

  4. moodymagic says:

    This guy is a creep and 5 years is a joke.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Ah the blessed british justice system(Is fucked) 5yrs so lets half that, then take another year off because he’ll get tagging(electronic monitoring from home) That leaves 18 months, pathetic. And because britain’s prison’s are overflowing with criminals at the moment, he’s lucky to get a sentence. I wish we were like american, when they have a prison population problem, they just build more jails. And why do all paedaphiles have the same look, good job this idiot, was an idiot the beastly bastard. How many children i wonder were abused to make all those images. Sick bastard needs stringing up, lets hope his cell mate is more depraved and carries out unspeakable acts on him, karma.

  6. steve-O says:

    Mr NoNeckPinHead Pedophile here needs a big old PERV tattoo on his forehead so we can see him coming. I was thinking of a moron tattoo as well but where to put it?

  7. The victim says:

    I was a victim age 12 of this monster who took him to court, 5 yr, he did 2 n half, my life since, well every day a night mare, my life ruined with the life long thoughts of this sick monster, how dare he go back home to a girlfriend who stands by him, free to walk the streets hand in hand with her, while I had to lock myself away, why I had to leave my home town instead of him I never know, who’s the victim ere, no support for me, karma will prevavle,he will one day meet his maker

  8. wildchild says:

    To the victim, I am sending you love and good thoughts. I am sending you spiritual support. You aren’t alone. You were, and still are, a very brave person. You are right, karma will prevail. I don’t know if anything I am saying to you makes a difference, but I hope that you hear this, and continue to hold your head up high. Life is one day at a time, so take it that way. You being on this earth, gives every one of us a bright light to look upon. Thank you.

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