Philip Michael Chicoine

philip chicoine

Crimes: Pedophile, Child Pornography, Luring.

Philip Michael Chicoine of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada is not your typical Canadian guy. He’s a vile, predatory pedophile, and he can’t be incarcerated long enough for my liking.

The hellbeastly pervert was arrested in March 2017 after he’d uploaded one image of child porn to a social media account he operated. Officers of the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit obtained a search warrant for his parents’ home and executed it on March 9, 2017. Philip Chicoine lived in his parents’ basement at the time.

On the computers and devices seized, investigators discovered Philip Chicoine had been communicating with other pedos in North America and trading child porn with them. He’d also been communicating with women and children from Romania and the Philippines.

This is beyond disgusting, but Philip Chicoine had paid the women for recorded and live-streamed sexual abuse of their children. He set up 38 “dates”, and with Skype he directed the women on how he wanted them to abuse the children, and where they should point the camera so he could take screenshots. He also directed the children to perform sex acts on each other.

The youngest child was 10 months old.

The monstrous pedophile had paid $23,000 for his pleasure, with $19,000 going to the Philippines.

Philip Chicoine had tried to arrange a visit to the Philippines so he could stay with a family and abuse the children himself. That fell through, thank gawd.

The beast also tried to arrange to meet a 13-year-old in Saskatoon, but that too fell through.

The pedo perv also communicated with a 14-year-old girl from the Philippines who agreed to send photos of herself in exchange for money. She needed to buy a school uniform and pay bus fare to get to school. What a disgusting world we live in, where children are sexually degraded as they try to better their lot in life.

Philip Chicoine once received a message indicating that a child was threatening to kill herself. He responded with the message, “If she kills herself, I want to see a photo of her naked body.” OMG, what a heartless asswipe of a human being!

Investigators from ICE discovered almost 5000 different child porn files. Most of the girls were between 4 and 12, and most of the content included bondage, torture and sexual violence against the girls. That’s what Philip Chicoine’s fantasies are made of! I pray he never gets his filthy paws on children!

I am pleased to say the investigation in Romania is complete and the children are now safe. Three women were charged and convicted.

The investigation in the Philippines is ongoing. That’s heartbreaking, because that means there are children still at risk and not being helped.

Philip Michael Chicoine, 27, faced 63 child pornography-related charges. These included multiple counts of distributing child porn, of accessing and possession of child porn, of conspiracy to commit sexual assault and make child porn, of luring a child, of making sexually explicit material available to a child, and so on.

On April 28, 2017, the disgusting pedophile pled guilty to 40 charges. He is facing a possible sentence of 17 years in prison. The highest child porn sentence is Saskatchewan history is 9 years less than that. I shall endeavour to keep readers updated as to his punishment. As I said at the beginning, no sentence would be long enough IMO.

I can’t praise the Saskatchewan ICE Unit strongly enough. The absolute filth they had to look at would challenge the mental health of any normal person, and they had no choice but to go through the entire collection.

“It caused me to have nightmares,” said Cpl. Jared Clarke. “This is by far the most depraved collection I’ve seen.”

Well, bless you Cpl. Clarke, and thank you for doing your job even though it cost you in terms of your mental health. I wish you and your colleagues all the best.

I hope and pray that the victims are all rescued and placed in a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment so that they can grow up to be happy and well-adjusted.

I also hope and pray that Philip Chicoine is locked up for decades, and upon his release he’ll be kept away from children. It’s too much to hope that he’ll turn himself into a decent human being.

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12 Responses to Philip Michael Chicoine

  1. Bengalpuss. says:

    These sick Bastards know where the best places are to prey on their victims, Philippines and Romania has a lot of poverty and children sleeping on the streets. These sick fucks offer money to a starving homeless child, even their mothers to get their child to do things for money so they’ll be able to eat and somewhere to sleep and boom, another victim all for the sake of some dirty Bastards pleasure. I take my hat off to those investigators working these cases, I don’t know how they don’t end up cabbaged having to view that filth, those poor kids.

  2. Bengalpuss. says:

    A ten month old baby? Oh god why? Those babies and children ain’t equipped to be having adult dicks near them, how in the name of sanity is that right? As for the mothers that have abused their babies over the internet for this cunts pleasure, I hope the children were removed and placed in loving homes and the mother locked away where she belongs.

  3. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. What kind of ANIMAL would have sex with a TEN MONTH OLD BABY?!?! People like this sick BASTARD don’t deserve to live in the same GALAXY as us!

  4. Rob Pasqualitto says:

    I always think the same damn thing. What kind of demented, sick, pathetic mind could look at a child and find them erotic in any way , shape or form? Brutally disgusting! Poor little innocent sweet things, used for some perverted sick twisted POS to get off and ruin their lives for selfish enjoyment.

    Ruin an innocent for life should equal being locked up for life.

  5. Moodymagic says:

    This is one sick Bastard who deserves more than the 17 years behind bars that he’s looking at. This is one looser living in his parents basement spending this kind of money on his sex addiction. Just how many other sick bastards are out there violating children in places like the Philippines where a young girl needs the money to pay for school uniform. How sick. My heart breaks for these children who are just trying to get a better future.

    • Deb says:

      You just put my greatest fear into words: “Just how many other sick bastards are out there violating children”

      I’m not sure I even want to know the answer to that.

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Unfortunately deb, since the internet started, these monsters have easy access with their fellow sick fucks. It makes me wanna cry. Last night I was reading about a little girl called nurin and she was kidnapped, a month later she was dumped in a sports bag dead with a cucumber and an egg plant stuffed into her genitals, it basically made a massive tear in her anus which killed her. The sad thing is is that she was kept alive for a month until the day someone dumped her. My god what did she have to endure for that month. Her name is nurin jazalin, look it up and read it. Unfortunately some pig put the post mortem pictures of her with the bag open showing her in a fetal position showing the egg plant stuffed inside her, it broke my heart, that poor little girl suffered for a month with these dirty Fucking beasts.

  6. Fuunkadelic says:

    Hey Cleo, I’ve been a long time reader (however never a poster) I wanted to thank you for putting these stories out here, especially since these sickos will likely live to see the outside world after prison due to such horrible sentencing for these fuckers.
    I was also wanting to suggest you look into “Pizzagate” there’s a great facebook page about it, if you haven’t already heard of it you may be interested.

  7. SydeeGirl says:

    I just read this story, eh, nightmare. I am literally sitting here sick to my stomach!! I bet the parents of this POS are horrified (I would be). What goes wrong in your brain that makes you want to do these sickening things to anyone, let along a small child! I am disgusted beyond disgusted…enough air wasted on this fucker.

  8. Annon says:

    He has been sentenced to 12 years and will probably serve half. He will spend his sentence at the psych center rather than the prison. Torn on the length of the sentence, going away for life is extreme and probably is pointless, however I can’t imagine his family wanting him around when he gets out.

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