Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte

Hellbeast Peter Laporte
Crimes: Rape, Assault, Pedophile

Around 4 p.m. on December 15, 2007, Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte, AKA shitstain rapist, sexually assaulted a 38-year-old woman in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He had grabbed the victim inside a Cumberland Avenue apartment block and threatened to stab her. He took the poor terrified woman into the stairwell, removed her clothes, removed his clothes, raped her and beat her. He then fled the building.

Just saying he raped her does not adequately convey the terror and the pain the woman felt. I’m sure she thought the beast would kill her as she was violently violated and beaten and threatened. I am also sure she did not shrug it off as insignificant and unimportant, something she’d get over any time soon.

The very next month, January 2008 Peter POS rapist Laporte was arrested. Yay! But not for long. On November 10, 2008 the Crown stayed the charges and let this hellbeast loose. WTF?!?!? By that I mean WTF?!?!?

I cannot imagine what his victim went through at the time, knowing that the creature that raped and beat her was loose and thinking she would never get justice for the pain and horror he inflicted on her.

It took only a few days for Peter the shitstain hellbeast Laporte to strike again. At 4:45 p.m. on November 23, 2008 (not even 2 weeks after his release!) the monster followed a child, an 8-year-old boy, into an apartment building on Balmoral Street, Winnipeg. He grabbed the boy, took him into a stairwell, violently sexually assaulted and anally raped the poor kid. The attack lasted 18 minutes.

The boy managed to escape and run for help after somebody else entered the stairwell. Thank the heavens he got away! But he was hurt, very hurt. Laporte’s young victim was taken to hospital and treated for serious injuries.

The young victim, aside from the physical injuries, later suffered devastating psychological effects. He became depressed, sad, scared. I hope and pray that he has managed to overcome the attack and is living an exciting, adventurous life.

Now happily for all, except Peter f*cktard rapist Laporte, the stairwell in the apartment building had surveillance cameras. The 18-minute sexual assault on the boy was recorded. Halle-fuckin-lujah!

Unhappily though, Peter ratshit Laporte wasn’t finished. His encounter with the boy had been interrupted and he had plenty more evil to inflict upon the world. His gonads were overflowing and he just had to get him some release.

Around 6:45 p.m., just 2 hours later, Peter Laporte went into a Cumberland Avenue apartment building and cornered a young woman and her toddler in an elevator. He pulled a knife on them and tried to pull both the mother and her 2-year-old into the stairwell once they got off the elevator.

It just wasn’t his day — he was interrupted again! A tenant came upon the scene and Laporte the rapist had to flee.

Again, the whole scene was captured on video surveillance.

And so Peter the frustrated rapist Laporte had to hunt down yet another victim. At 9:30 p.m. he saw a 48-year-old woman walking alone. This time, instead of grabbing the woman he approached her and offered her some alcohol. He must have appeared harmless enough because she agreed and went with him to a nearby apartment block on Furby Street.

Once inside the building, Peter the asshat Laporte soon showed his true evil nature. He attacked the woman, dragged her into a stairwell and raped her.

The victim, bless her, put up a fight and she screamed and screamed for help.

Now what the monster didn’t know was that he was being hunted. By whom? Not authorities. It was the caretaker of the building where he’d threatened that young woman and her child.

The caretaker, Andrew White, was searching diligently for the attacker. He was actually canvassing tenants in the building on Furby Street when he got word of a woman screaming in a stairwell.

Andrew White, my hero, raced to the stairwell, opened the door and saw Peter Laporte raping the screaming woman. He launched himself at the monster and a fight ensued. The caretaker emerged the victor. Yay Andrew!

“I grabbed his neck and squeezed until he lost consciousness,” the brave Mr. White said. “As soon as I grabbed his neck, the woman said he was raping her.”

Of course Andrew White believed her. Both her and Laporte’s pants were down and he got a look at the raping bastard’s erect penis.

“It was rather small, not worth mentioning,” Andrew White said. Ha!

Andrew White smashed the bastard’s head on the ground and sat on him.

“I knew he had a knife on him,” said Andrew White. “In that kind of situation you react first, ask questions later.”

My hero Andrew White called the police on his cellphone and stayed sitting on top of Laporte until the police arrived.

“He was pretty easy to hold down,” said Andrew White.

I personally think the caretaker showed a great deal of constraint — I myself would have continued nonstop to bash Laporte’s head until police arrived.

And so it came to be that Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte, AKA cockaturd fuckwit, AKA oozing dick pus, was arrested. It took a long time after that to get him to face justice.

See, the Crown and the rapist became involved in a Charter rights-related battle over the admissibility of evidence gathered 5 hours after his arrest.

The f*ckwad rapist Laporte had been “hostile” and “volatile” and uncooperative in police interviews. *shock* He swore and yelled and ranted at the cops. They wanted his clothes to test for evidence and he told them if they wanted his clothes, they would have to “tear ‘em off me.” And that’s basically what they did. Well, they didn’t really tear the clothes, but they certainly applied force to get them off.

And once Laporte was naked the officers used a cotton swab to mop his teeny little penis to gather evidence.

The bastard Laporte and his lawyers argued that police had stomped on his fundamental rights. (They should’ve stomped on his head instead.) It took a long time to resolve the issue in the courts.

In 2012 — over 3 years later — Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte, 36, pleaded not guilty to aggravated sexual assault, forcible confinement, assault with a weapon, etc, etc, etc.

Even though he was caught with his pants down, even though there was film footage of the assaults, this stupid f*cktard was confident he’d beat the charges in court. He was confident from the minute he was arrested.

“I have been exonerated for this before,” he’d told his arresting officers, referring to the 2007 rape charge that was dropped.

Winnipeg Court HouseAnd so to refute his claims of innocence his own mother was called to the stand to identify him in the surveillance camera footage. She must have been so proud, watching scenes of the rapes in the stairwells. She probably wished she’d aborted him.

After a lengthy Court of Queen’s Bench trial, on August 15, 2012 Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte was found guilty, guilty, guilty. He will be sentenced later this year. I will keep readers posted.

I am hoping that the court will consider the hellbeast’s extensive history of abuse. His former common-law wife had suffered extensive physical and emotional abuse during the 4 years they were together — thank heaven she got out alive. In late 2001 she got a protection order against him and was granted sole custody of her 2 children (one was his) in 2002.

I am truly hoping that real justice will be visited upon this disgusting duck f*cker of a rapist. I can’t help thinking that if he had been tried for the 2007 rape he wouldn’t have been free to go on a raping spree and his victims would have been spared the pain, terror and anguish he put them through.

Hopefully his cellmates will learn of his rape of a little boy — I hear pedophiles get special attention in prison.

I am mostly hoping that his tiny penis will wither and die and just drop off. The women and children of Canada would be much safer if it did.

Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte is bound for hell, no doubt. May he drop dead soon so he can join his fellow devil spawn and fry forevermore.

PS I wish I had a photo of him — if I find one I will upload it.

Winnipeg Sun article
Winnipeg Crime article

38 Responses to Peter Lloyd Roger Laporte

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    What a load of bollocks about his rights being violated. This fucker didn.t want to give up his clothing, what were the police to do say “Oh ok then you keep your clothes with all the evidence on them, we don.t want to upset you” This dispute should never have occured, this Wanker Lost his rights when he started raping people. Maybe if he wasn.t let off in the first place, then those poor women and the young boy would never have had to go through something so horrific. I know how horrific rape is, i was raped when i was 23, they never caught them (There were 2 of them) And every day it runs through my mind “If only i did this, or walked another way, or why didn.t i fight enough or scream louder” Im not saying my story for sympathy, im saying it because i know how it feels those people will never forget and my heart goes out to them. And to have to wait 3yrs to get to court because this cunt’s rights were violated, i personally think his Dick And bollocks should be chopped off and stuck in his fucking mouth.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Laporte, my fondest wish for this pig is that he becomes someone’s bitch when sentenced to prison and he ends up with some terrible sexual disease and his dick shrivels up and falls off. He makes me sick

  3. 2cute says:

    Please please please let the Canadian court deliver real justice this time. He should be put away for decades. He is not safe to have on the streets. I feel so bad for his victims. If he had not been stopped by Andrew White I am sure he would have continued until he killed somebody.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute, andrew white is my hero. He sat on that fucker until the police arrived. I personally would have done the world a favour and cut his fucking throat, and then i would have said well he was gonna attack me. And what a fucking retarded rapist, getting caught on camera doing the evil deed. I feel so sorry for the young boy 8 years old and being traumatised by that sick fucker. I figured that he was an inadequate twat, and reading that he had a little weener just confirmed what i knew all along. The majority of these sick pieces of shit, are inadequate in some shape or form and can.t get girlfriends, so they have to rape. Then you get the rapist’s who are just plain sadistic bastards who get off on a women’s fear. When i was raped i told my rapist’s that i was pregnant, thinking that they would stop knowing this, i wasn.t pregnant but when your in a situation like that you’ll do or say anything to get out of it, they still didn.t stop. i hope this cunt is given a sentence that reflects the crime “life”

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    I said that my heart went out to the 8yr old boy in my last comment. I also forgot to put that my heart also went out to the women that this piece of monkey spunk raped and sexually assaulted. I do hope that maybe they can get back some normality back into their lives. I know its difficult but if any of them does read this blog/Article i would say get some counciling, it really does help. And look on the internet for support groups, your not on your own There are some good support groups, don.t bottle it up inside get help and i hope your future will eventually get better, hopefully starting when that piece of shit rapist get given a damn good sentence, that should be life. With a minimum tariff of fifteen yrs.

  6. kathryn says:

    Go Andrew YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!!!
    Thank God that for all the Hell Beasts out there, there are some Heavens Heroes too!!!!!

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Kathryn, i think he’s great, we could do with more, andrew whites in this world. He went looking for that piece of donkey shit, and as soon as he heard that poor women screaming, he sprang into action. Only shame was he didn.t Decapitate The bastard. It really fucks me off when people see a crime and do nothing. When little jamie bulger a 2 year old toddler was kidnapped while his mum was in the butcher’s getting some neat for dinner, the two ten year old boys that took him and murdered him, were seen by 38 people. Little jamie was crying very distressed with a lump on his forehead and all those people who saw him, didn.t do nothing. If they had little jamie would be alive today. Those 38 people were called in the newspapers the liverpool 38, shame they wasn.t like andrew white. Too many people just walk on and do nothing. But im glad this piece of shit pissed andrew white off that day. Lets just hope the justice system have give this raping bastard a sentence that he deserves, life.

  8. 2cute says:

    I would join an Andrew White fan club. He saved that woman and probably spared many more from becoming victims of this turd brain.

  9. Trace says:

    I like to think I would do what Andrew White did. I have not witnessed a crime yet but I think I would not turn away. He was awesomely brave because the pos had a knife and it could have turned out real bad.

  10. Trace says:

    I forgot to say I hope real justice is handed out and the pos is sent away for decades.

  11. bulldoggy says:

    OK this bastard needs a heavy dose of punishment. Time to apply Bengalpuss’ acid cure directly to this raping fucker’s tiny dick.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, thats usually the case with these raping fucker’s, they only have tiny pricks and can.t perform, so they have to go and rape someone cos they’re inadequate bastards. I’d love to put a pipe down this fucks Uretha(think i spelt it right) And pour acid down it. Then i’d flip the cunt over and do the same down his arseole. Then i’d lob his bollocks off with a rusty razor and make the bastard eat his own gonads, then i’d remove the acidic dick, and slice it into thin strip’s like pepperoni, and make a dick pizza and make him eat that too. By the time i’d finished, fuckwit wouldn’t be raping anybody or having boyfriend/Girlfriend relationships again. In probably doesn’t have relationships anyway because of the tiny dick.

    • LLT says:

      I like your style Bengallpuss!

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        LLT, i’ve read some of your comments on Pysih, and your a lot like me. These mother fucker’s need a good Dose of justice bengalpuss style. If i was a judge i’d have a field day with these sick fucks. What a blessing in disguise that andrew white was loafting about that day, or god knows what would have happened, i dread to think. But luckily he was and that raping cunt was caught. I do hope he’s given bubba’s cell to share with, that would be fun wouldn’t it lol.

  13. Andrew White says:

    Hello this is Andrew White TY for your story about the events only one thing is wrong.

    It was not on furby street that he got native lady in it was 360 cumberland.

    Yes i was looking for him because philonino lady came to my door with her 2 your old son told me and my wife about him pulling a knife on her and her son.She gave a perfact discription .

    That’s why when i encountered him raping the other woman i know it was him it only took half a secound to grab his neck my wife told me to stop chocking him or he might die that’s when i tossed him to the ground.

    If i had known about the boy i would of paralized him in a heart beat. The fact of the matter in a 12 year span i took down over 300 criminals 1 attemped store robber on marryland i chocked him out too he also had a knife.

    another time a guy was robbing a 70 year old man i beat robber cops came would not take my name cause good dead told me to leave cause i beat the robber up that time.

    this was first time anything i did hit the news like this i’m living in lake manitoba first nation now with my wife i retired from the smack down cause i have 4 kids to raise winnipeg was not right place to raise them . But i do miss all the action.

    from 2 apartments i gave cops riffles one time on seperate accasions.

    had 20 drug dealers arrested from 2 different apartments furby and sherbrook i worked with vice squad on that one .

    Too much to really talk about all of it .

    but it all happened at 360 cumberland me beatting him and holding him with his pants down for 20 min till the cops came

    TY for all awsome comments guys i will never walk away from a criminal act i have help or i can’t sleep .

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    I think your fantastic andrew. You got that son of a bitch raping piece of shit. And its a shame a lot more people are not like you, too many people walk away saying that its not their business. But luckily that day, that piece of shit, upset andrew white. I bet he thought his days were numbered when you grabbed him by the neck, i would’ve loved to have seen his face, and then after being caught in the act, he had the cheek of going not guilty. Anyway andrew i think your brilliant and i hope this piece of shit gets life.

  15. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo, any news of this scumbag being sentenced yet?

    • cleo says:

      Nothing yet.

    • Andrew White says:

      What crown is trying to sentence him is basicaly to stay in jail till he dies as he to dangrous to ever let out of jail.If he got out he would prob rape and kill that’s his next step up is a serieal rape killer . Each time he was interupted on his rape sprea if he was not introrupted he might of killed them.

      I’m just happy that no chain of evidence was ever broken not even in cops arriving cause he was held with his pants down there no denie what he did .Now i’m practice boxing on my wii since i live out in lake manitoba first nation do i ever miss city life but wife wanted safe place to raise all are kids.

      Just think because i’m metis and not treaty they don’t want me to work on reserve land so rather bord out here miss all the construction work :((

      • 2cute says:

        Andrew White my hero! Glad to hear from you again! Does your new community know how awesome you are yet? And that you have a fanclub? They should be lining up to hire you!

      • bengalpuss says:

        Your wife is sensible andrew, wanting to bring the children up somewhere safe, if there is ever such a thing. Yes i believe this scumbag should be kept in jail till he dies. Look at how many people were attacked that day, and if it wasn.t for you andrew i dread to think what else this beast would have done, no doubt more rape’s and possibly murder. Once again i think your amazing and brave having to keep hold of that scumbag with his pants down. Hope you and your family have a good 2013.

  16. bengalpuss29 says:

    After reading that bulldoggy, its given me a little bit of faith back, that there are decent people out there that really give a damn about others. When i see some of the most horrendous things on the internet, i think to myself my god what sort of world are we living in, then i read about andrew white and think there are still good people about. Just wish there was an andrew white that lived near all these scumbag’s that are featured on here.

  17. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo, i’ve never heard anything like this before, that he actually raped and assaulted a poor woman, went to court and the judge did fuckall. How can that be? That poor woman that was raped by this piece of shit, must have been devastated knowing that this cunt is actually getting away with rape and assault. I’d love to know what drugs that judge was on that day, they obviously gave him delusion’s that the rapist was actually a nice guy. That judge that let him off in the first place, should also be tried and sentenced. Cos if he’d have done his job in the first place, then those women and that boy wouldn’t have been attacked by this cunt.

  18. 2cute says:

    Andrew White, my hero! I so want to join your fan club!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Yes he’s great isn.t he 2cute. Its a shame there isn.t more andrew whites on this planet. I liked it when he said in an earlier comment “If i’d have known about the boy being raped, i would have paralyzed him in a heartbeat” And i reckon he would’ve as well. I would’ve given anything to have seen him grab this cunt by the throat then throw him on the ground and sat on him. Its a shame he didn’t have nicola tedder with him, she could of sat on that piece of shit and squashed him to death lol. There should be a article on here called “Why have judges with sentences that are shite, get the job done properly with andrew white”.

  19. Kori says:

    You clearly have no concept of the hurt that you are causing people by publishing this article. I am the ex common law wife of Pete. Yes I made it out alive, I also get to read about myself and my kids in articles like this one. Not once did any of you self proclaimed gossiping “journalists” ask me or my children if we’d like to be mentioned in your dribble. Nor have you asked the other victims in this.

    Here’s some information for you: Pete is being sentenced in September of this year. And before you start to whine about the amount of time it is taking, the crown is trying to have him labeled as a dangerous offender. So know this, myself, his mother and sister got to have intense two hour interviews helping the crown get this the label. Now wise ass, when you’re passing judgements on us all, imagine how it feels for my kids and I to relive the nightmare of the almost five years that I was with him as well as having to read about ourselves on garbage like this.

    • cleo says:

      Kori, I am sorry you are upset, but if articles about your ex are painful for you to read why would you visit a site called Hellbeasts? The name itself should provide a clue that I do not write about fuzzy bunnies and rainbows.

      The only mention of an ex-wife came at the end of the article so by that time you should have realized the tone I use when writing about criminals. To spare your own feelings you could have stopped reading long before the end.

      You may have noticed I did not use your name or your children’s names yet you yourself blow your anonymity by using your name in the comment. Why would you do that?

      I am not going to let the fact that criminals have families and friends stop me from writing about their crimes and expressing my opinion of their characters. I would suggest that if it hurts you to read about your ex you should stop searching out sites such as Hellbeasts.

      BTW thank you for the update of his status.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Kori, i just had to reply to your comment, first of all your name or your children’s name wasn.t mentioned, and if anything the author of this post, empathise’s with you. The author doesn’t insult you, yet you feel the need to call the author a “Wise arse” I think your anger should be aimed at the scumbag that you managed to leave. If you focus that on his upcoming sentencing, then you may probably achieve your objective. Coming on sites like this, is plainly a site to expose shit bags like your ex, not praising them, hence the name hellbeasts. Im glad you managed to get away from this pig, but in future if reading about your ex upsets you that much, And one more thing, no one was passing judgement on you, they were passing judgement on a dangerous rapist and child abuser.

    • Lillith says:

      Kori, sweetie, don’t take this the wrong way, but WTF? If he were my ex, I would do everything in my power to broadcast exactly who and what he is. Which is exactly what I’m working with Cleo to do now! For me, it’s not revenge or vindication, I just want every person who would even think of hooking up with him in the future, especially if they have children, to be fairly warned of exactly who & what he is! Btw, nobody’s passing judgement on you or your children. You’re as much victims in this as the women & child he attacked.

  20. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, thats what you get for being a wise arse lol, seriously i just didn.t know whether to laugh or cry at kori’s comment. Does she think that the local news and probably regional news will cover this story, hence thats probably how you found out. If anything kori, should be thanking people like you, because the awareness you are creating, will possibly, save somebody from going through hell if this scum bucket ever gets released. I hope kori, who has now exposed her name, when bollocking you for putting her anonymity at risk, has also contacted all the newspapers that have run the story as well as other websites exposing rapist extrordinaire. If you make a silly comment on hellbeasts, be prepared to take the flack for it. And as a barrister would say “I rest my case”

  21. shoutitout says:

    Enough is enough!! A sick madness grows inside of me, which I also find scary. I am so tired of these fucks and their smug type of “no worries, I’ll walk” kinda ways, that I find myself leaning hard toward vigilantism which I though was not in my nature. Is it barbaric and archaic to want to remove these fucks from the earth, like an eye for an eye mentality?! Andrew, isn’t it funny how the vast majority think and belive that a northern community, or “rez” is more dangerous, savage, lawless and out of control place to live?! Also, isn’t it funny that more and more people are going further and further north to shake the shit that this city brings?! Boredome will be replaced with settled, safe, and happy times. Your children will in fact thank you for the sacrifice you and your wife have made…….good on you brother!!!

    • Lillith says:

      I think the only thing that keeps most of us here from turning to vigilantism is that if we did, then we’re no better than the shitbags posted on this site. Sometimes the law isn’t fair or just, and sometimes they either can’t prove thier case, or in *some* cases the judge is just feeling a little too much good will towards the cockbite in question. Whatever the case, when these fucktards get away with it once, they’re sure to go on to do more harm yes, but it’s like my mama once said: if you give a man enough rope, he’ll eventually hang himself. She of course was saying this in refrence to my POS ex, who is getting his nice little jury trial on August 6th (there’s your update from me Cleo…I’ll keep you posted!). Always remember, Karma’s a bitch! And so are most of these cockbites when they get to prison!

  22. Agrippina The Elder says:

    BENGALPUSS2 – I’m sorry you had to endure something so painful. I also know how it feels to be raped. It takes away a part of you that you can never get back. I will keep you in my prayers to the gods and goddesses of heaven above.

    Andrew White is more than a hero…words can’t express my admiration and gratitude that this man came to the defense and aid of the rape victim. Although I don’t drink alcohol, I’d make a toast to you if I did and say “This Bud’s for you Andrew White!”

    As for Petey the raping bastard Wetey, may you get a dose of the misery you’ve given. This sicko will apparently rape anyone that he can get his hands on and overpower. Prison officials better keep this guy away from other inmates because he’ll probably just end up raping someone in prison.

    For all the victims, I hope you can overcome the trauma that this man brought into your lives. You all deserve happiness and peace. You did nothing to deserve the horror that this man forced upon each of you.

  23. BENGALPUSS says:

    @Agrippina the best elder, thanks and even now after 21years of my rape, im still a basket case when i go outside, because they were never caught, and i will be forever looking at strange men and thinking “was that him that raped me” the police still have the samples that they collected from me like under my nails, and when i managed to throw myself out of the back of the van, i pulled out a green workmans helmet, so i’m thinking about contacting the police to take another look at the evidence because it wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Then maybe i can stop looking over my shoulder all the time.

  24. Agrippina The Elder says:

    Bengalpuss…I want to say once again how sorry I am for the terror you were forced to endure. I understand what you mean when you say you are a basket case. As a result of my abusive experiences, I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression. The doctors wanted to put me on all sorts of medications for the diagnoses that they made, but I refuse to take them because they do not help me and I won’t allow my abusers to further victimize me by forcing me to live dependent upon medications. This is a personal choice of mine, but I do not condemn or demean other abuse victims that do take medications as a result of their trauma. I can understand why they take medications…..I personally just choose not to take them. I knew or was related to all of my abusers, but I still look over my shoulder because they all like to “pop up” every now and then. I can’t even begin to imagine what life has been like for you these last 21 years. I can only empathize and say that I am so sorry that these men violated you and took away your sense of tranquility. Whatever decision you make in regards to having the police re-examine the evidence in the case, I support you and encourage you to do whatever you feel you need to do. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Again, let me say, I’m so sorry you had to join the abuse and victimization club….believe me when I say that it’s a club that no one ever wants to join.

  25. Andrew White says:


    Well Peter laporte did get the dangerous offenders act . He tried to appeal but they told him no . He will stay in prison till he Die’s .

    I’m so happy i did catch him . I know why i can not work anymore from heart problems i still miss good old days in winnipeg when i took down over 300 criminals .

    One time my wife was in corner store kitty corner from where we lived .A guy walks in pulls out a knife demanding all the money from owner of the store my wife hits speed dial on the phone well it was in her pocket say’s loudly why are you robbing the store i hear jump out first floor window no shoes on run across the street walk in fast . guy lowers his knife now acting like nothing happening .

    Well i know i grabbed him by the neck dragged the bastard out tossed him on the ground held him for the cops this time cops were there in 5 min .

    One of my funny moments at 360 Cumberland . I had 3 Sniffers 2 in my right hand 1 in my left hand i ran with them from elevator to out side the building them dragging behind me there pants falling off LMAO but for drug sniffers drunks it was drag and toss out . for thinks like that i never call the cops get out and release lol . You always need to thing when it time use cops as a resource but keep in mind small crimes don’t pay to call them as it could take time away from a person in real danger

    Have a nice day all just wanted you all to know how it all turned out with said person

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