Peter Gavin Cawser

Peter Gavin Cawser

Crime: Murder

Katie Crean of Swadlincote, Derbyshire describes her 3-year-old boy Dylan as “funny, cheeky, crazy, brilliant and beautiful”. The photos of the little guy’s cherubic face are endearing. They are also heartbreaking when you realize that vital, lively little guy was murdered, his life and endless potential snuffed out cruelly and brutally.

As if that fact isn’t horrific enough, Dylan Crean was battered and beaten in front of his mother Katie as she tried valiantly to save him from his attacker.

And as if that wasn’t horrifying enough, Dylan Crean was beaten to death by the man he called Daddy — Peter Gavin Cawser.

Hellbeast Gavin CawserGavin Cawser, 22, had been in a relationship with Katie Crean and lived with her and her little boy in Albert Village, near Swadlincote. He was a DJ by trade, and reportedly a much better boyfriend to Katie than Dylan Crean’s biological father had been.

Gavin Cawser apparently didn’t inflict physical and emotional abuse on Katie Crean, not like her “baby daddy”. Oh yeah, Gavin Cawser was a real winner of a boyfriend.

Except of course for his little hobby of taking diazepam tablets for recreational use. Gavin POS druggie Cawser had been prescribed some originally but soon took a liking to them. And then he got work clearing out a drug addict’s house and found a bunch of them that he kept for his recreational use. And he used them.

Oh yeah, Gavin POS druggie Cawser was the perfect boyfriend to invite into the same household as a little boy.

Except of course he attacked his previous girlfriend twice and broke her collar bone and head butted her. Other than that he was perfect.

Dylan CreanI know Katie Crean is reeling from her loss and missing her baby boy terribly, and it is just unbelievably cruel that little Dylan was murdered. I feel just awful for her and have every sympathy for the anguish she feels.

But … I have to point out that so many young mothers CHOOSE to have losers like Gavin Cawser in their lives and their children wind up paying the highest price. These women would rather have an addict, a drunk, an abusive piece of crap boyfriend than be single. Story after story that I have researched all have the same ending — a dead or near-dead child.

I truly wish there was a workable solution to this issue.

I understand women choose these losers (what one writer poetically called jug headed cunt plugs) because of financial reasons, or societal pressures, or low self-esteem, or “love”. But it seems like these women, those men and society as a whole do not value children sufficiently. Nothing will change until children’s lives, children’s safety, children’s wellbeing are first and foremost of all considerations.

That said, Katie Crean was not to know that her boyfriend Gavin Cawser was going to turn into a murderous hellbeast on August 30, 2011. And she did do her absolute best to save her boy.

On that terrible day Gavin the f*ckwad Cawser came home in a pissy mood. He was already ticked off with little Dylan playing with his belongings and messing about in the adults’ bedroom.

Katie Crean was busy cleaning their bedroom when Gavin Cawser came home. Dylan was busy playing in his own room like a good little boy.

Gavin Cawser entered their bedroom and spotted a box of toys — PROOF that Dylan was in their room! He told Katie Crean to remove the damned thing but she delayed — she first had to wipe up some cleaning product so Dylan wouldn’t get into it.

Gavin hellbeast Cawser got impatient. He grabbed the toy box and stormed into Dylan’s room. He slammed the box onto the floor and said to Dylan, “You’re not going to be naughty again or start walking about and messing with things again, are you!”

Dylan answered, “Okay.”

That was apparently the wrong answer.

“You don’t say okay to me!” the monster shouted at the frightened child.

Dylan and Katie CreanKatie Crean went to Dylan’s bedroom and saw her little boy sitting on the floor with his back to the wall. Cawser was kneeling in front of him, yelling at him.

Gavin the killer Cawser ordered Katie Crean to remove the toy box from the room and when she did she heard him hit Dylan. She immediately returned and told him to leave her boy alone.

“He turned and looked at me and his face was just pure evil and the look on his face was like something out of a horror movie. Dylan just looked helpless.”

Helpless and terrified, no doubt.

Gavin the f*cktard Cawser “flipped out” and attacked little Dylan. He punched him, kicked him, and threw him against the wall. Dylan was “sobbing, crying and screaming” and Katie Crean tried to intervene. she jumped on the killer’s back but he threw her down the stairs and beat her up too.

At some point in this horrific assault Gavin the brutish bastard Cawser took the time to shut Dylan’s window so neighbours wouldn’t hear the screams.

When the attack was over, Dylan was mortally injured but barely alive. He had 73 injuries on his little 3-year-old body and head.

Gavin the heartless hellbeast Cawser stopped Katie Crean from calling an ambulance. He wanted her to wait 3 days for the bruises to subside. He whined about how he could locked up and actually insisted she take the blame for Dylan’s injuries.

Katie CreanKatie Crean made an excuse to go upstairs with the boy and once away from the monster she called 999. She carried on talking with the dispatcher even when Gavin Cawser was within earshot. She told the dispatcher that her boy was having a fit while Cawser was listening, but as soon as he left she told the truth.

When paramedics arrived, Katie Crean told them that Gavin Cawser had punched her boy “like he was a grown man”.

The battered little boy was rushed to Derby Royal Infirmary, and later was moved to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. Dylan Crean died the next day in his mother’s arms.

Gavin Cawser was immediately arrested and charged with the murder.

In September, 2012, in Leicester Crown Court, Gavin Cawser admitted inflicting the fatal injuries on Dylan Crean. His guilty plea spared the grieving Katie Crean from having to sit through a trial.

In a letter Gavin Cawser wrote to the judge, he said, “I hate myself for what’s happened. If I could give up my life to give his back I would. I never meant to kill him. I’m deeply sorry.”

Judge Michael Pert QC told the murderer, “It was the vindictive and uncontrollable rage of an adult man against a three-year-old child. You embarked upon a sustained, brutal attack upon this young child.”

And on September 12, 2012, Judge Michael Pert QC sentenced Peter Gavin Cawser to life in prison, to serve a minimum of 18 years.

After sentencing, Katie Crean, 22, said she’d never forgive the killer. “He doesn’t deserve forgiveness,” she said. No, he doesn’t.

The bastard Cawser is only 22. He could conceivably be released when he’s 40 — young enough still to do a lot of damage. I hope he winds up serving the entirety of his life sentence — that would be justice.

And for him to suffer each and every day of his incarceration, that would be justice too.

Go to hell, Peter Gavin Cawser, and join all the other child abusers and killers there in the deepest depths. No forgiveness for you!

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13 Responses to Peter Gavin Cawser

  1. bulldoggy says:

    No forgiveness for this killer! He deserves to rot in hell, but first to be beaten every day by his fellow prisoners.

  2. 2cute says:

    That little boy was so darling! No child deserves what happened to him! His murderer should be terrorized and bludgeoned severely until the day he dies, which is hopefully tomorrow. He doesn’t deserve to breathe our air or take up space on this planet.

  3. Flyingleadchange says:

    That the killer was a piece of trash is beyond dispute.

    I’m having a harder time than I’d like feeling sorry for the mother, however. Yes you touched on some good points about women with low self esteem, afraid to be single, but that’s not even really the story. There are PLENTY of single guys out there, 99% of whom would never harm a child. It’s not that she couldn’t find a boyfriend (she’s quite attractive and presumably has at least a decent personality). It’s that she chose a bad boy to the exclusion of the many other decent men out there.

    yes, I’m prepared to take some heat over this opinion, and in no way does this reduce the evil of this man in any way, but people with children have a responsibility to select as partners individuals who aren’t a risk to their children. This mother failed at that miserably.

    • 2cute says:

      “… people with children have a responsibility to select as partners individuals who aren’t a risk to their children.” Amen to that, flyingleadchange. They do! I wouldn’t even pick a guy who didn’t get along with my pets much less my kids! This mother has lost a lot, but she opened the door to the devil. Was this really the FIRST time he got physical or mad at the kid? The FIRST time and he kills the kid? And if it wasn’t the first time, WTH was she doing letting him live with her and the boy?

  4. moodymagic says:

    I hate this BASTARD. I hope he is dealt with in prison. Horrible babykiller.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    This happened about 100miles away from me. If anyone layed a finger on my child, then they would have an 8inch knife between their shoulder blades. And cleo your damn right “Jug headed cunt plug” May be crude but accurate. I don.t understand how women who haven.t been with someone for two mins, invite them to move in and let their children call them dad. Its fucked up and not right and confusing to the child. I hope this cunt gets his head on the receiving end of another prisoners boot. And to the mother, i know you would’ve never imagined that this piece of crap would have done this to your baby boy, but if you have anymore children, remember that no one loves your child the way you do, so never trust anyone near your children except your parents. And im sorry you lost your son to this evil bastard.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    He will be beaten every day by his fellow prisoners bulldoggy, because he will be going to “Strangeways” Prison, not a very nice place either. But then prison’s are not meant to be nice. My friend knows someone in that jail and is visiting him next week, so i’ve dropped the name and she’ll drop the name to him and then the prisoners will really know what he’s in for ha ha ha ha. Oh i laughed that much i nearly pissed myself. Peter cawser, will be ever so popular ah bless.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss, it is brilliant you can pass the word on to this bastards bunk buddies! Justice will be served!

    • bulldoggy says:

      I think he goes by Gavin Cawser so pass it on!

      • bengalpuss says:

        Bulldoggy, you’ve got me in stitches here. I thought i liked revenge, but your determined for me not to fail on this one. Don.t worry bulldoggy i’ll not let the community down with this child killing fucker. Scumbag’s like this deserve to be removed from the planet. Im waiting for that eric roberts that killed that prison guard to be executed, and im fucking sick of people saying that south dakota are going to murder a man tonight. Did they forget why? He was in jail for kidnapping a young girl to rape her and then while in jail trying to escape killed the guard by smothering him to death. Boy i wish i lived in america, because while all those people outside are protesting against the execution, i’d be there with a big banner saying hurry up and do it quick. So tonight my thoughts are with the johnson family.

  7. Hairy says:

    Geez this bastard is a total piece of shit. Big brave dude, beating a little boy to death! Yeah, real tough guy. Hope he learns about really tough guys in jail.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Hairy, he’d probably shit himself if a man turned on him. Fucking cowards are people that abuse and murder, children and animals. But put a big man in front off them and their arseole’s start twitching. Now if i had my torture dungeon, there would be a big pile of crap on the floor from this cunt, but alas he’ll be getting it in jail and i can.t wait. Look at that ian huntley that killed holly wells and jessica chapman two 10yr old girls, he ended up with a cut throat by another prisoner. Shame he didn.t kill the bastard. Point being they can.t watch them 24hrs a day. He’ll get whats coming to him. Fancy beating a 3yr old toddler to death. I’d have stuck a knife in his back the lowlife baby killing bastard he is.

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