Peter Dickson

Peter Dickson
Crime: Murder

I feel so bad for Carol Cooper of Clacton, Essex. Being an older, disabled woman she made the unfortunate decision to hand over her financial affairs to her beloved son, Peter Dickson. I guess she figured that since she had showered him all of his life with unstinting love and generosity that he would in turn show her his affection and care. It didn’t quite turn out that way.

Carol Cooper, when she handed over the reins of her finances to Peter Dickson, had some savings to her name. Not much, mind you, since she was living off a disability allowance.

By the time Peter treated himself to online movies, the premium Sky television package and assorted other lifestyle choices, he had not only obliterated his mom’s savings but had actually driven her £3,000 in the hole.

I guess working as a carpet fitter didn’t keep him in the lifestyle he felt entitled to. And I guess living with his 66-year-old disabled mom and sponging off of her wasn’t enough either for Peter Dickson. Nope, he just had to help himself to her savings too.

Needless to say, Carol Cooper was extremely disappointed in her self-indulgent, waste-of-skin, lazy f*cktard son Peter. She actually was so disillusioned that she began talking to her other family members about disinheriting the bum.

Bear in mind he was living in her home, so that kind of conversation would be tricky. It might cause hard feelings and create some tension. It might strain their relationship — not so much the mother-son relationship but more the host-parasite relationship. Shaking off a leach is not an easy thing to do, especially if you still love the leach.

On November 2, 2012, Carol Cooper confronted Peter Dickson to tell him she knew he spent all her money and that she was going to disinherit him because of it.

Carol CooperCarol Cooper was no doubt prepared for Peter, 37, to stomp around, sulking and pouting like the petulant, spoilt little asshole he is. But he had crossed the line, and Carol Cooper was, maybe for the first time in her life, getting tough with her son.

Now spending all your elderly, disabled mom’s money is nasty and low-down, but not exactly hellbeastly. Naturally, being on this site, Peter Dickson went far, far beyond that. He went far beyond sulking and pouting. Yup, the assfart blowhole descended into the depths and became a full-blown hellbeast.

See, when Carol Cooper confronted her darling boy about the missing money, Peter Dickson responded by smothered her to death. Yup, he smothered his disabled mother in her bed with a pillow.

“Change your will now, bitch!” is, I’m guessing, what he was thinking as he pinned her down and deprived her of air, minute after minute after minute until she died.

Peter Dickson then found himself in possession of a corpse. What to do, what to do? Corpses are such inconvenient things, especially if you’re the murderer. And Peter Dickson was such a lazy bastard, so carting it off and burying it would be way too much like work.

And so Carol Cooper remained in her bed, in her home on St Vincent Road in Clacton, Essex. She still had the pillow over her face.

And Peter the rancid rat shit Dickson carried on like nothing happened. When family members called, he just pretended she couldn’t come to the phone. He sent text messages from her phone purporting to be from her.

As a long-term solution it sucked. Carol Cooper’s sister, Daphne Wilson, got the feeling something was wrong and she called the police.

Carol Cooper homeWhen Essex police officers broke down the door to the home, they discovered Carol Cooper in her bed with that damned pillow still covering her face. And there was Peter Dickson, kneeling beside her body. Naturally the officers arrested his sorry, pasty ass and charged him with murder.

At his trial in Chelmsford Crown Court, Peter Dickson admitted manslaughter but denied murder. He hadn’t intended to kill his mom when he smothered her to death, apparently. I guess the pillow over the face was just to stop her talking. Riiiight.

Peter Dickson didn’t testify, but a psychiatrist called by the defense testified that he may have a personality disorder. Imagine that! I’m guessing sociopath.

The prosecutor, Victor Temple QC, used the words “calculating, cold and devious” to describe Peter Dickson’s criminal actions. He got that right.

On May 13, 2013, the jury found Peter Dickson guilty of murder. Yay!

The defense attorney, William Clegg QC, told the court before sentencing, “We accept that the victim was vulnerable because of her disability. But because of his own mental problems the defendant, to some extent, was also under a disability.”

Peter Dickson was disabled? That’s a stretch! Even the psychiatrist said he MAY have a personality disorder, not that he DID have one.

While sentencing the murderer, Judge Charles Gratwicke characterized the killing as a “brutal and vicious attack”. He said, “She doted on you and provided for your every whim, putting you on a pedestal and your response to that love, affection and care was to smother her to death.

“Nobody sitting in this court can feel anything but anger and revulsion at what you did to that poor woman, taking life from the very person who gave you life and leaving the rest of your family with a sadness and an empty void that cannot be filled,” said Judge Gratwicke.

And then Judge Gratwicke decreed that the disgusting POS Peter Dickson will sit in prison for 18 years. The killer will be 55 when he gets out. I rather doubt his relatives will celebrate his release.

Carol Cooper’s sister, Daphne Wilson, said after the sentencing, “Our beloved Carol was so cruelly taken from us by her son. We have now found justice for her and she can finally rest in peace.”

Because Peter Dickson was such a greedy, selfish, stupid hellbeast, he murdered the one woman on this planet who adored him, supported him and loved him. He’s a total loser, a total waste of space, and he deserves to rot in prison.

RIP Carol Cooper.

BBC News Essex article
Essex Police website

8 Responses to Peter Dickson

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Well at least it’s a change from parents murdering their helpless children. This asshole murdered his helpless mother, over money! Did he think he could hide her death forever? Stupid twat,

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    When will people ever learn they are not entitled to inherit their parents’ stuff! If this asshole had treated his mom right she would have given him everything, but NO he had to cheat her and leave her worse than penniless, he left her in debt. And now instead of leaching off his mom he’s leaching off the taxpayer who will have to support his lard ass for 18 years. No doubt when he gets out he’ll be looking for some sucker of a desperate woman who will take care of him.

  3. moodymagic says:

    this is one sick person. This was your mother. Burn in hell

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    This piece of shit deserves a massive beating. What twisted cunt murders their own mother because she,s contemplating writing you out of their will because your a parasite. He ain’t getting nothing now, apart from some bars as windows, and it’ll be my taxes that’ll be keeping this cunts fat arse.

    • 2cute says:

      Bengal is back hooray. Glad you weren’t sick. This bastard should be made to work for his supper. Do they have jobs in British prisons because this greedy parasite should have to earn everything he gets from now on. He has had a free ride for long enough. His poor mom learned the hard way what spoiling your kid can cause — a lazy greedy jerk who thinks only of himself.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Yes they do have jobs. The kitchen jobs say the most, so lets hope this turd brain gets a laundry job, or one sewing mail bags. He’s gonna need one now he doesn’t benefit from his mothers death, the other two siblings will get the proceeds from the sale of their mothers home. Poor woman was bled dry by this parasite, deserves to be strung up in my opinion.

  6. pj says:

    His own mother! To murder her over money is low, really low. I hope he’s alone for the rest of his life. I hope he has nobody to care for him or about him. I wish he just festers in a corner in his cell and dies unloved and unmourned.

  7. ClactonMan says:

    This family had a bit of a problem – at least two of his close relatives are also in prison for totally separate murders – I suspect some sort of genetic disorder? Or is it just the way society is going nowadays? I agree – I hope he rots in agony.

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