Penny Boudreau

Hellbeast Penny Boudreau
Crime: Murder

Karissa Boudreau was a lovely 12-year-old girl with a beautiful smile and a luxurious mane of dark brown hair. She was a fan of Hilary Duff and the Spice Girls who were the popular entertainers of 2008. Karissa was a student at Bridgewater Elementary School in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. At least she was up until Sunday, January 27th, 2008 — the day she went missing.

Penny Boudreau, Karissa’s mother, contacted the police at around 8:00 p.m. to inform them that her girl was missing. According to her, she’d driven around with Karissa to have a “heart to heart.” She said they had fought about “typical teenage things” so she went into the Bridgewater Mall and left her daughter alone in the car. When she returned to the parking lot the car was there, Karissa’s cell phone was in the car but the girl was gone. The implication: Karissa had stormed off in a teenage mood because she was mad at her mom.

Karissa BoudreauPenny Boudreau told the police she had already searched everywhere Karissa liked to hang out, and that she’d driven the streets of Bridgewater but couldn’t find her.

The distraught mother told police Karissa had been wearing pink crocs, jeans, a t-shirt, black hoodie and a black vest. That was not the best outfit to be wearing while trudging around outdoors in the snowy evening.

Now Bridgewater isn’t a big place. In 2008 it had only 8000 residents. And after Karissa’s disappearance almost all 8000 residents were in shock. What could possibly have happened to that darling girl? Where could she have gone?

Bridgewater police at first considered Karissa a runaway. That was natural considering the statement Penny Boudreau had given them.

Starting January 27th missing posters were being plastered all over town. Everyone was looking for her, informally or formally. On January 29th a driver spotted something pink in the snow. He remembered the bulletins indicating Karissa had been wearing pink crocs so he stopped his car to check. It was indeed one of Karissa’s shoes. It was not a hopeful sign of a good outcome.

The intensive search efforts continued. There were ground searches and air searches, and RCMP divers checked out the nearby LaHave River. There was no sign of Karissa. A couple of individuals were even hauled in for questioning and released.

And from January 27th to February 9th Penny Boudreau teared up at press conferences, begging her baby girl to come home. Again, the implication was that Karissa had left in a temper, under her own steam.

“It’s hard to not know where your kid is,” Karissa’s mother told reporters.

And then, at 11:30 a.m. on February 9th, Karissa’s frozen body was found by a 9-year-old boy. The poor kid — all he wanted to do was pee. Instead he spotted toes sticking out of the snow on the bank of the LaHave River.

The search for Karissa was over. The poor girl had been strangled to death. She had not been a runaway after all.

Well now Bridgewater was in a panic. It was one thing to have a missing girl, but to have a murder means they also had a murderer! Police Chief Brent Crowhurst urged calm, and asked residents to trust the police when they said that Karissa’s murder was an isolated incident. He also warned that solving this horrible crime could take a long time.

Karissa was buried on February 19th in a cemetery in Clark’s Harbour, close to where her dad and grandparents lived. That is more than a 2-hour drive from Bridgewater. Hmmm, that was an awfully generous thing for the grieving mother to do, don’t you think?

Four months later, on June 14th, Penny Boudreau was arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. Court papers indicated that police believed Karissa was murdered the very day her mother reported her missing, and that her murder was planned and deliberate.

After months of receiving the support of her community in what was thought to be her time of grief, Penny Boudreau was faced with a jeering crowd yelling profanities as she was led handcuffed from the courthouse.

The next appearance in court for the murderous mom was December 4th. Again with the tears. This time nobody believed they were for anyone else but herself.

On January 30th, 2009, 34-year-old Penny Boudreau pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years. And finally, finally the world learned why Karissa Boudreau had to die.

The simple truth was that the hellbeast thought she had to choose between her boyfriend, Vernon Macumber, and her daughter. Vernon was less than thrilled at having to deal with a 12-year-old girl when all he wanted was his girlfriend all to himself. He was tired of the bickering between the two, the constant ruckus. So he told Penny, “We have to do something within our family, you have to either choose her or me.”

And being the hellbeast that she is, Penny Boudreau chose the penis. She would miss her man more than her daughter.

Probably Vernon figured that Karissa would be shipped off to her father and grandparents. That would have made Karissa happy, her dad happy, the grandparents happy and Vernon happy. It was the logical outcome, the best outcome, the right outcome.

But no, Penny Boudreau, for all she generously allowed her ex to have Karissa’s corpse near him, would not countenance giving her living daughter into his safekeeping. The only solution for this monster was murder.

So on that fateful night, January 27th, 2008, Penny Boudreau had driven Karissa to the Bridgewater Mall. She did go into the grocery store, leaving the girl, still unharmed, in the car. While in the store she phoned Vernon to tell him that Karissa had gone missing.

Penny Boudreau returned to the car, put the groceries in the trunk and a piece of twine in her pocket. She then drove around until it was dark, and parked on William Hebb Road. She told the girl to get out, and the fight was on. Penny cold bloodedly wrangled her daughter to the snow covered ground, pinned her down with her knees and wound a length of twine around her neck. Karissa’s hands were beneath her so she couldn’t fight back.

Karissa’s last words were, “Mommy don’t!” as she stared up at the face of her killer.

The monster mother paid no heed. She tightened the twine and Karissa’s eyes bulged, her tongue was stuck between her teeth and foam was coming from her mouth. Finally Karissa stopped breathing.

Penny Boudreau loaded her victim’s body into the car, tossed away the twine and drove to the banks of the LaHave River. Once there she dragged Karissa’s body out of the car and in doing so the girl’s jeans and Winnie the Pooh underwear were pulled down. Penny Boudreau then got the idea to disrobe the body because police might think Karissa had been sexually assaulted as well as murdered.

Penny Boudreau pushed the body over the edge of the snowbank. It landed in the trees short of hitting the water.

And there splayed in the snow, exposed, Karissa’s body was discarded like so much garbage. Her clothes were shortly after tossed in a garbage can, minus one croc.

And that was the sad, pitiful end to a lovely young girl’s life. Sacrificed on the altar of Penny Boudreau’s sex life.

The police were already considering the mom’s involvement in Karissa’s disappearance, and now that they knew the girl had been murdered they had a strong feeling that Penny Boudreau was the killer. This feeling was soon backed up by reports of a disturbance in her apartment on February 11th, two days after the discovery of the body.

Neighbours reported that Penny Boudreau and Vernon Macumber were having a big old argument. They could hear him throwing things and telling her he was leaving her.

“Macumber was saying over and over, ‘Penn, how could you do this,’ that he was disgusted with her. Macumber was saying, ‘Penn, Penn, c’mon speak Penn, how could you do this, how could you do this, I don’t understand, you got me involved,'” the neighbour’s statement read.

Well that sure sounds like old Vernon knew without a doubt that Penny had done something absolutely totally wrong and he wasn’t happy about it at all. The police connected the dots and concluded that the grieving mom was the heartless killer. But how to catch her…

This part sounds like something from a schmaltzy crime novel. Undercover agents actually posed as members of a crime syndicate — mob guys. And these same undercover agents befriended old Vernon Macumber. Vernon was offered a chance to work for the crime syndicate and he didn’t turn it down. I guess Vernon isn’t quite a respectable citizen, and that worked to the advantage of the police.

Over the weeks the undercover agents worked to build Vernon Macumber’s trust. He confided that he had had absolutely nothing to do with Karissa’s murder but he suspected Penny was the killer. He also told them he only stayed with her because he was afraid she’d implicate him in the crime.

On May 3rd, 2008, the undercover agents convinced Vernon that they needed a female to work for them for some “job.” Vernon arranged a meeting between them and Penny Boudreau and very soon good old Penny was doing a lot of work for the syndicate. I don’t know what kind of work it was. Typing? Filing? Whatever, they kept her busy.

May 9th was the 3-month anniversary of the discovery of Karissa’s body and the media carried lots of stories about the investigation and DNA evidence. Penny Boudreau was not happy with the coverage and commented to one of the undercover guys that she wished the “police exhibit vault would burn down or blow up.” A very fortuitous comment, as it turned out, but not for her.

Penny Boudreau’s new syndicate friends convinced her they could make her “problem” go away, and arranged for her to meet the Big Cheese of their syndicate. And so Penny met yet another undercover agent who convinced her that in order to get his help she’d have to tell him everything that happened to her daughter.

Penny Boudreau not only told them what she did, she wrote it down AND re-enacted it for the undercover cops. Surreal! And unbeknownst to her, it was all recorded.

And that is how this hellbeast was caught.

Penny Boudreau pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder. In addressing the court she stood up and whispered, “I’m sorry.” Yeah, right. Sorry for what? Sorry for whom?

Crown attorney Denise Smith said of Penny Boudreau’s crime that it “defies every meaning we hold dear of what it means to be a mother.”

Penny Boudreau was no mother. She was and is a monster, and may she never see the light of day again!

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16 Responses to Penny Boudreau

  1. Kimber says:

    Who in the living hell could strangle their own child while they looked up into their eyes and said, “Mommy, don’t!”

    See you in hell, Penny!

  2. moodymagic says:

    How was this even a choice?
    “Roast in Hell Penny” Hell doesn’t even deserve you.

    Karrissa deserved so much better in life

  3. Nicole says:

    When I met my now-husband, I had two boys from a previous marriage. I wanted to meet someone to share my life with, but I couldn’t imagine picking someone who didn’t like my kids, let alone wanted them out of the picture. Luckily, I met a man who loves my boys and treats them like his own. We’ve since had 2 of our own and he treats them all the same He introduces them as his sons and they love him like the father that he is. It’s time for women to realize that they need to put their children’s needs before their own. Karissa didn’t get in the way of her mother and her boyfriend. The boyfriend got in the way of Karissa and her mother. Any mother that can look the child that she gave birth to in the eyes and murder that child deserves much worse than hell.

  4. Budgiegirl says:

    And the “Mr. Big” scam works again. Penny should be given to the general population to deal with her. She’s just plain useless. Of course, she could be an organ donor — her brain’s never been used so there’s one thing she could be used for. ;-p

  5. Minx says:

    So sad, she was such a pretty girl. I feel for her father immenseley, the psycological effects this has on him, the guilt he undoubtable feels & probably will for the rest of his life, that he couldn’t help his baby girl. How many lives has this ruined????

    Cleo, you hit the nail on the head with this one…..
    Hell is definately too good a place for this poor excuse for a human being!

  6. jr1989 says:

    I baby sat this lil girl. Her mom was a close family friend( my moms bestow) :(. The penny we KNEW was an amazing person and mother.. Karissa WAS her life, and was a great mom. But she moved away and got a knew boyfriend and changed from who we use to know and love. We never expected it, never wanted to belive it.. IT is horrible, she really was a lovely girl :). Rip karissa U will be missed.

  7. Tiny says:

    Karrissa was a good friend of mine… I still cant’s believe that this happened to such an amazing person. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and think about what I feel like I could have done that might changed this. It’s been almost 5 years, but it still hurts like it was yesterday… RIP Karrissa. I miss you.

  8. Queenie says:

    Penny Boudreau is definitely not in hell! My aunts neighbor was in Nova Institute for almost a year, Penny lives in a minimum security house, she’s assistant to the Chaplain and she walks around with her makeup on and wearing her high heels at times being mistaken for staff. She cooks for the “family socials” and is permitted to interact with children who attend these socials. Penny is warm and comfortable, she orders her own groceries every week, and she’s getting a university degree while she’s incarcerated. And we’re expected to have faith in our Justice System why?

  9. faith hope love says:

    Nova institute…. penelope may be able to enjoy her freedom in incarceration but when her wordly eyes are extinguished she will forever stare into an abyss of her own selfish making.
    I know this hellbeast well…she would do anything for the men unfortunate to become a sexual partner. She stalked men who tried to avoid her and I witnessed this. She was VERY promiscious and a whining self centered being from childhood.
    Karissa was and Is a victim of Penelope and her demonic self love over the life of that innocent child.
    Jan 27 is approaching. May you be in a much better place and the memory of be a celebration…

  10. foul mouth with a heart says:

    i met them both on one occasion i was helping a friend with an addition on his house and being a construction worker my language can be kinda crude
    i recall penny giving me hell for swearing in front of her daughter
    to which i promptly apologized
    may she rot in Hell she will never be welcome in the barrington cape island area ever again

  11. Tom Daly says:

    How the actual hell can anybody do this to a child? Penny Boudreau doesn’t deserve to have another chance at motherhood. If I had my way I’d lock her away until she was a wrinkly old bag.

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