Peer Khairi

Hellbeast Peer Khairi
Crime: Murder

I wish that Peer Khairi had stayed in Afghanistan and not darkened the Canadian landscape with his vile presence. Peer Khairi, now 65, had immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 2003 with his second wife Randjida and their 6 children, but without marketable job skills and any written or spoken English. He was, big surprise, unable to obtain employment in Canada. He was also unable to adjust to a Canadian lifestyle.

Peer Khairi was a frustrated, angry, insufferable and controlling head of the household who ruled with an iron fist over his wife and children. The children, Ajmal, Sakhi, Giti, Zohra, Tamana and Faranaz, tip-toed around him, trying not to set off the time-bomb that was their father. That doesn’t mean that they continued to obey him in all things. No, indeed, the Khairi children were enjoying being Canadian, enjoying the freedoms and rights and friendships that were all around them.

Peer Khairi did not approve of life in Canada. He didn’t approve of his 4 daughters dressing “immodestly” or of his 2 sons “defying” him. They weren’t being “proper” children.

Peer Khairi also resented Randjida collecting the government disability cheque and talking about women’s equality. She wasn’t being a “proper” wife. And it certainly wasn’t “proper” of her to help one of their daughters to conceal a romantic relationship from him.

So what did Peer Khairi do when he realized he was losing control of his wife and children? He screamed, he yelled, he had tantrums. He also attempted suicide several times to make them all sorry — never succeeding, of course. He never intended to succeed at suicide.

By March 18, 2008, Randjida had enough of her sonofabitch husband and his tyrannical ways. She was thoroughly miserable and it didn’t help that she was sick with tuberculosis and epilepsy. The 53-year-old, 86-pound woman had a hard time getting through all the household chores without napping, and her husband’s constant demands and insults and abuse were much too much.

Canadian women, she must have thought, don’t have to put up with a crappy marriage.

Randjida had sought counseling from the Afghan Women’s Organization on how she could leave her husband. Gulaly Nawabi was the mental-health support worker who spoke with her a dozen times in 2007 and 2008.

“She was under emotional pressure. She felt isolated,” said Ms. Nawabi.

Indeed, Randjida was so desolate and desperate that she’d taken an overdose of prescription drugs intentionally in June 2007. Unlike her husband’s dramatic “suicide” attempts to get his family to feel guilty, Randjida’s attempt was meant seriously.

The poor woman didn’t want to go on living her miserable life with her miserable bastard of a husband. Three decades with him was more than enough.

In early March 2008, Randjida approached a stranger named Nida Ali to seek help to leave her husband. That is so sad and so desperate.

The last time Gulaly Nawabi spoke to Randjida Khairi was on March 16, 2008.

“She said that, ‘I want to leave home and I want to live alone,'” said Ms. Nawabi. Randjida Khairi never got the chance. Two days later she was dead, courtesy of her pathetic excuse of a husband Peer Khairi.

The hellbeast killer used a knife. He first slit his wife’s throat open, through her voicebox and down to her vertebrae. This was the fatal blow, and caused a quick but not instantaneous death. Randjida would have been still alive as Peer Khairi repeatedly stabbed her in her chest and back, but she would have been unable to scream. Within 10 minutes the unfortunate woman was dead, drowned in her own blood.

Toronto PolicePeer Khairi called 911 who provided an interpreter. He told the operator his wife was dead and he threatened to kill again if the police didn’t get there pronto. The police got there pronto.

Daughter Tamana Khairi was greeted by police when she went to the family’s Etobicoke home after work on March 18, 2008.

“Is my mom OK?” she asked Toronto Police Sgt. Kathy Vellend. The officer didn’t answer right away.

“That monster said he was going to kill her,” Tamana told Sgt. Vellend. “I knew I shouldn’t have gone to work. Is she in the hospital?”

Tamana Khairi was soon to learn that her beloved mother was murdered, and she went wild with grief. She bashed her head into a wall, tried to stab herself with a pair of scissors and wound up in hospital for 6 days, in shock.

Police hauled Peer Khairi’s wrinkly ass in for questioning. He, through an interpreter, tried to claim he had a mental illness — “the gas from the stomach affects your brain to operate properly,” he told the police. “I cannot think properly.”

Peer Khairi police interviewIn the police interview Peer POS killer Khairi disputed what he told the 911 operator. “No, I didn’t say, no… I said come fast [or] something will happen to me and I could destroy me… I would have maybe jumped somewhere, like fall top to bottom,” he insisted.


He also claimed he didn’t know his wife was dead when he called 911. Riiight.

Peer Khairi also blamed police officers for not doing enough to try to save his wife. Riiight.

In later interviews with investigators and doctors Peer Khairi couldn’t seem to tell the truth if his life depended on it. He lied about his age by adding a decade. He lied about having a successful business in Afghanistan. He lied about how his first wife lost her leg. He lied about how his second wife died. He lied about how he threw himself in front of trains and trucks to kill himself. He lied about his medications and medical conditions. Almost all of his lies seemed designed to elicit sympathy for poor old Peer Khairi.

Peer the scumsucker Khairi told a doctor during a pretrial assessment that he heard “voices” telling him to kill himself and sometimes woke up screaming in the months and years before he killed his wife. Strange how that tale hadn’t cropped up until months after he first was interviewed after the murder. Methinks it was a lie.

The murderous monstrous Peer Khairi was charged with 2nd-degree murder. His trial took place in October, 2012. He appeared before Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Clark.

Peer Khairi proved himself in court to be a liar — not a good liar but certainly a prolific one. He contradicted himself all over the place and that made everything he said unreliable and suspect.

I wonder what his interpreter thought as he had to repeat those lies to the court. It must’ve been hard to keep a straight face.

At one point the killer Khairi actually claimed he’d been trying to commit suicide, not to kill his wife. “I did not mean to have done this,” he sobbed. “I wanted to kill myself.”

Well, hell’s bells it’s awfully hard to kill yourself by slicing somebody else’s throat down to the spine!

At another point the murderous monster claimed his sick, fragile wife attacked HIM! The nasty Randjida, he said, constantly insulted him and swore and yelled at him and on that fateful day she’d even come at him with a knife.

“I wasn’t well and I was scared. I was feeling scared. I had no choice,” the brutal wife killer said. “I grabbed her knife otherwise she would have stabbed me.”

He went onto claim he grabbed her by the throat, put her on the bed and stabbed her in the belly twice. He got another knife and “put it to her throat with no pressure added.”

Riiiight. No pressure added. And Randjida was almost decapitated … how? I kinda think there was some pressure added. Lying bastard!

The prosecution characterized the killing of Randjida as an “honour killing”. I myself have issues with that. There was no honour in what that hellbeast did. It was domestic abuse and murder.

“Honour killing” to me implies that the killer had to kill to protect or enhance his reputation, and the victim somehow dishonoured him and therefore deserved it. Bullshit.

Peer Khairi to me dishonoured himself by not learning English, by not learning a trade, by not earning a living and supporting his family. He was pissed off that his WIFE brought the money into the home, not him! He was pissed off that his WIFE was adjusting to Canadian life, not him! He was pissed off that he wasn’t being treated like the “king” he was in his own pathetic mind. And he was super pissed off that his wife thought she could just leave him.

“Mr. Khairi is a person who expects that others will do his bidding, and is intolerant of any departure from that paradigm,” Judge Clark said in his ruling. “[He] has poor prospects of rehabilitation based on his manifest unwillingness to attempt in any meaningful way to adapt to Canadian life.”

Sounds like Judge Clark had this murdering bastard pegged.

Judge Clark also denounced “the ferocity and the savagery” of the murder, noting “a colossal self-absorption on the part of the accused, to the utter exclusion of any comprehension whatsoever on his part of the enormity of his criminal act.”

I’m thinking Judge Clark didn’t much like poor old Peer Khairi or his lies.

“I find that the accused is willing to say whatever he thinks best serves his interests, while, at the same time, being utterly indifferent to whether what he says is true,” the good judge said.

Judge Clark, on December 3, 2012, sentenced the killer Khairi to life in prison with no chance of parole for 15 years. Khairi is 65 now, so the soonest he’ll get parole, I presume, is when he’s 80.

The defence attorney Christopher Hicks said his client was considering an appeal become he considered the 15-year term of parole ineligibility “excessive.” Funny, I don’t think it’s excessive at all!

All of the Khairi children had signed a letter of support for their father that was presented to the court. They stated that he “did his best” to provide for them in Afghanistan, in India and in Canada. Hah!

The Khairi offspring seemed to have overlooked the fact that their mother begged on the street when they needed money in India. SHE did HER best to provide for and care for her family!

“We are very concerned about his health and will be devastated if god forbid anything were to happen to him while he is in jail,” the Khairi children wrote. They had been hoping for a more lenient sentence of 10 years or so.

What the Khairi children didn’t write about was their long-suffering and brutally murdered mother. I don’t really understand that.

Daughter Giti had said about her mother at a preliminary hearing, “If I close my eyes, I don’t remember her face anymore.” That is so sad.

The family hadn’t even provided the prosecution with photos of their mother to present in court. Didn’t Randjida deserve to be recognized as having been a good, decent, loving mother? Didn’t she deserve to be remembered at her murderer’s trial? Yes, she did!

It’s almost as if every thought of Randjida was gone and now King Khairi finally has all of the sympathy and consideration of his family. And isn’t that what he always wanted?

Too bad Randjida had to be sacrificed to make that murdering bastard happy.

I, for one, do hope that Peer Khairi remains in prison for the rest of his life, even if it is on the Canadian taxpayer’s dime. As I said, it’s too bad that he darkened our landscape at all.

Go to hell, Peer Khairi, for being the pathetic, weak, dishonourable, ungrateful wretch, liar and murderer that you are.

RIP Randjida Khairi. May you be forever remembered.

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15 Responses to Peer Khairi

  1. fangedfiend says:

    So why the hell did he stay in Canada if he didn’t appreciate it? Could it be that he was such a loser he couldn’t mooch off the government in Afghanistan or India? Why didn’t he go with his family somewhere where he spoke the language and could actually life the Muslim lifestyle he wanted? But no, he had to choose Canada and then bitch about it forever. He was a total loser before he became a killer.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Peer doesn’t even deserve to be talked about at all. Why don’t you actually kill yourself. Sad part is hell is to good for you.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Gotta hand it to the guy, not many people have the balls to claim they killed their wives accidentally while they were trying to kill themselves. Now maybe that could work say if they jumped from a tall building and landed on someone. But cutting a throat? Nobody can mistake someone else’s throat for their own.

    I seem to remember that diet doctor who was killed by his girlfriend while she was, as she said, trying to kill herself. She shot him several times, and didn’t injure herself at all. I didn’t believe her and I don’t believe this Khairi bastard. Long may he rot.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, you mean that jean harris, that killed dr herman tarnower, yes i thought that excuse was bullshit also. Why did this cunt only get charged with 2nd degree murder. It was planned because when the daughter came home from work she screamed “he said he was gonna kill her” and i also understand the children sticking up for this bastard, they are still frightened and in their minds, he’ll get out one day. Now if he got 25yrs for 1st degree murder, like the lying cunt should have got in the 1st place, those kids would have known the piece of kitty turd would die in jail them they wouldn’t have given a fuck. Its sad to say but this won’t be the last time we hear about some worthless cunt, from a religon that places the male on a throne while the women are 2nd rate. I could blab on all day about this, but it’d just give me a headache and i don’t want one, so i’ll finish by saying “the lying fuck should have been given 25yrs at least, sad very sad.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Jean Harris is the broad I was thinking of. Clever you bengalpuss. I did not believe her and I do not believe anythin this fuckwad says. I hope the kids will be able to get on with their lives with him out of the picture. He does not deserve their worry and concern.

  5. 2cute says:

    It is so sad that after Randjida put up with his shit for 30 years she didnt even get a single day of freedom.

  6. FlyingLeadChange says:

    Peer Khairi is an open and shut case. He’s evil and deserves to rot.

    What interests me far more is his six children. They seem quite willing to overlook him murdering their mother… clearly they haven’t adapted our vales at all. How many of his sons are going to treat their wives this way? How many of his daughters will allow themselves (and their daughters) to be treated like this?

    Deport the whole lot of them back to their home country.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Unfortunately flyingleadchange, thats the way there children are brought up. You have to remember they come from a country that not so long ago was ruled by the taliban, and still is in some area’s. Also the father is the king of the family which is bullshit, but these kids are probably shit scared of this cunt, and their fear will only subside when this shit head die’s.

      • Stan Marsh says:

        Taliban has nothing to with it. Taliban is a group devoted to spreading the news stories that America pretends didn’t happen. They are “like that” because of their religion. And that only. There is big equal rights bills n shit in Afghanistan. It’s basically their version of how we see gay people. “Bible says man should be with woman”., “quran says a wife lives to support husband.” And that’s the way it should be. Think of how barbaric it would be for people to be mating with animals? That’s how they see it. If the whole world worked like Afghanistan, we would be living in the happiest most productive place ever

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, i liked the defence he used that “She fell on the knife and tried to decapitate herself” can’t blame the poor woman doing that after putting up with a tyrant for nearly 30yrs. If i was with someone like that i’d probably want to decapitate myself. You think thats bad, i was on pro death penalty site and read about this guy that murdered 3 people with multiple stab wounds, and he said that all three of them fell on the knife he was trying to kill himself with. How come these people are shit at killing themselves but adept at killing others, amazing.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss, if Randjida had found her husband trying to kill himself, she would’ve given him a hand, not tried to save him! Too bad he never meant any of his stupid ass suicide attempts. He would’ve done the world a favor if he had succeeded.

  8. pj says:

    I sure as hell wouldn’t support my dad if he murdered my mom. I would disown him completely. I thought my dad was the master of guilt trips but at least he didn’t try fake suicide attempts. Who the hell let this bastard into Canada anyway? How did he qualify if he had no skills, no English and a very sick wife?

  9. bengalpuss says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding me, if we was like afghanistan, the world would be a better place! First of all the taliban ran afghanistan with their women are dirt rhetoric And sharia law, where if the woman doesn’t jump high enough when asked she’s beaten, yes that’ll make the world a better place won.t it. Just look on the internet and you’ll find plenty of sites about muslim women and women from afghanistan, pakistan and india and the like, treat like their the shit on their husband’s shoe. Then you get bastards like this from that country that are prepared to kill the female of the family because she wised up, when she came to a civilised country and realised that this isn.t how a woman is supposed to be treated, and because she was ready to start to get a life, a cunt like this kills her. Honour my arse, its all about control, and this bastard was losing the control on the family, yes we’d be better off living like that *Snort*

  10. Tammy says:

    They need to send them all back to where they came from. When will those third world Neanderthals ever get it through their heads that in OUR countries, we do NOT honor “honor killings” and that if they want to move here, they need to understand that the laws they have in THEIR country do NOT apply HERE! Here, women are free to do as they choose and kids get to be kids. If this is a problem, they need to stay in their cesspool of a country. Idiots.

  11. KXG says:

    people like this useless piece of human garbage piss me right the fuck off when they come to places like the UK and the USA and canada from shithole countries like pakistan and the middle-east, amongst a few other choice areas. they don’t want to learn the language, they don’t want to assimilate, they don’t want to allow their families to assimilate, they just suck the tit of the country they decide to leech off and do nothing productive. these fugly men from their barbaric countries that expect to be treated like holy emperors. here’s hoping he gets treated like the bitch he acts like in prison.

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