Pearl Ophelia Sybel Selke Scott Moen

Pearl Moen

Crime: Attempted Murder

Pearl Ophelia Sybel Selke Scott Moen of Austin, Texas, USA, looked like an ordinary teenager. She was kinda cute with long, brown hair. She was deceptively cute, because she is a murderous hellbeast in disguise.

Pearl Moen had a history of drug use but managed to avoid getting in trouble with the law during her early teen years. She also had a history of psychiatric issues that I dare say weren’t satisfactorily treated.

Pearl Moen, when she was all of 17 years old, decided that she wanted to experience killing someone. She fantasized about it, and wrote about stabbing random people in her private journals. Obviously, there was something deeply, disturbingly wrong with this young woman.

On November 14, 2015, Pearl Moen decided to make her fantasies come to life. She spotted her victim — a complete stranger — relaxing on a blanket by Hyde Park just after 7:15 a.m.

The victim, a 23-year-old nurse, had been out on an all-night date. She was too sleepy to notice Pearl Moen hiding in the bushes, watching her. She was sound asleep when Pearl Moen approached and viciously attacked. She woke up to being stabbed repeatedly.

Pearl Moen was smiling as she plunged the knife into the woman 21 times. When she thought her victim was dead — and surely with all that blood she was dead — the murderous hellbitch fled on foot.

The victim suffered from massive blood loss. She had a collapsed lung and sliced nerves and tendons. Fortunately, she survived, but she required surgery and physiotherapy.

The victim had managed to fight her attacker and pull off a gold ring the would-be killer was wearing on a chain around her neck. Kudos to her!

The police were stumped by the horrific crime. They had the description of the attacker and the weapon, plus her ring and her footprints.

Pearl Moen was ecstatic. She had, she thought, committed her first murder. Naturally she wrote about it in her journal.

“Murder gives me a high unlike any other, it feels like this crisp unreality. Flashing and sparkling. Adrenaline and shock. Fight or flight mode,” she wrote.

“How do I even go about describing it. The whole thing was unreal. I’m so proud of myself. I stabbed her like 20 times. Maybe more. I wasn’t counting. She screamed and grabbed at me.”

That’s right — Pearl Moen was damned proud to have stabbed a stranger 20-some times. And that’s not all she wrote. She continued, “For now I should explain why. Other than the fact that I’m a homicidal psycho path. I have a deep hatred towards people right now.”

Pearl Moen complained about losing the ring. She would really have complained had she known the police had found it.

To commemorate the horrific crime even more, Pearl Moen drew a picture of the woman lying on the blanket.

I guess the little hellbitch wanted to share her news. She wound up telling her boyfriend that she had killed somebody. She hadn’t, of course, and maybe that’s why her boyfriend didn’t report her then.

For the next 3 months, Pearl Moen didn’t exactly behave herself. On February 14, 2016, she got involved in a domestic dispute that wound up with somebody injured.

Pearl Moen’s mother and boyfriend talked to the police on that occasion. They said they’d seen the flyer about the stabbing attack and recognized that the description matched Pearl Moen. They knew she owned several knives too. Very coincidental.

I guess the mother and boyfriend talked about the flyer, and Pearl Moen began joking about the horrific stabbing. She grabbed a knife and pretended like she was stabbing her boyfriend. Maybe that’s how the injury occurred and the police were called.

When the boyfriend talked to the police, he did mention that Pearl Moen had told him in the previous November she’d killed somebody. I’m sure it seemed far more possible to him at that point.

Pearl Moen was arrested on an assault charge.

On February 27, 2016, the murderous girl’s mother called the police. She told them that there had been several violent incidents, and on one occasion Pearl Moen had pulled a knife on her.

The mother also mentioned the journals that her daughter wrote in. She’d read an entry that seemed to describe the unsolved stabbing at Hyde Park. Her daughter had written, “I stabbed an innocent woman to death earlier today. (Technically yesterday since it’s 1 a.m.) It was absolutely fantastic.”

I absolutely cannot fathom what that poor woman went through, discovering that her troubled daughter had descended to the level of a murderer.

Investigators searched the home on February 28, 2016, and found and read the journals. They also found a jacket with dried blood on it. Pearl Moen was subsequently charged with attempted murder.

In January 2017, the bloodthirsty 18-year-old pled guilty. She could have been given the maximum prison sentence of 20 years, but she lucked out. She was instead sentenced to 15 years in prison.

OMG, I sure as hell hope that therapy will be provided. If she gets out at 33, she’ll still be young enough to fulfill her murderous fantasy. There’s no way to protect all strangers from her.

The victim spoke at the sentencing hearing. She actually said she was glad the attack happened to her and not to “someone who could not defend themselves.” She’s a good person in my book.

I wish the victim all the best and the quickest and complete recovery.

And because Pearl Ophelia Sybel Selke Scott Moen is eventually going to be released, I sure as help hope she’ll turn into a decent human being by then. news article – evidence news article – sentence
Daily Mail article – sentence

15 Responses to Pearl Ophelia Sybel Selke Scott Moen

  1. MoodyMagic says:

    Moen is one sick individual and not sure prison will help her. The greatest indicator of a persons future is looking at their past. The poor victim is an amazing courageous person and I to wish her all the best with her recover and all the best in her life.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Disgusting and Vile

    Given that this was an Attempted Murder with Actual Injury a Sentence
    of 30 Years to Life and being Banned from having Sharp Instruments would
    of been more of a Sentence

    Netherless in Thugs Paradise of the UK Sentence would of been barely 5
    Years if that

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:


  4. Deb says:

    Wish we could just execute sick individuals like this. They have no place on our planet. I’m sure we will be reading about her again. Hope her next victim turns the tables on her.

  5. Jessice11 says:

    I’ve just read your last 3 stories on Charlisa, Cody and now Pearl. It’s so scary how individuals can just blend in so well and be such young hellbeasts; they’re all beautiful young adults. It’s a shame they don’t have some sort of branding to help decent people stay away because their souls (if any) are hideous.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Lack of Morality in Society

  7. Bengalpuss.2 says:

    At least this shit bags mother has a sense of decency and justice because she contacted the authorities, must’ve been difficult for her to do that against her own daughter but she knew it was the right thing to do, so I take my hat off to that woman. As for this fiend, she scares me to death, what is she gonna be like in 20years time? Lets hope she grows a conscience while incarcerated and a brain and grows the Fuck up.

  8. cleo says:

    Dear readers,

    I received the following email from a friend of Pearl Moen. I shall not attach her name unless she otherwise directs me to.

    To whom it may concern,

    I read the article written about this individual and was deeply disturbed. Not only by her crime, but by the absolute lack of knowledge the press, the victim, or anyone has about her or her life. Pearl was my oldest, dearest childhood friend. We grew up in North Carolina together, and what struck me most about her when we first met as little girls was her capacity for love and empathy, far beyond her years. She would beg little boys not to kick trees since according to her, trees have feelings too. She was funny, creative, and full of curiosity and joy and love for the world around her. We would play games together outside for hours and hours where we were both heroes fighting monsters. She was the only friend I ever had, and have ever had since, who didn’t try to use me for something. She thought I was wonderful just the way I was and didn’t try to change me or get anything from me. The abuse she suffered is not mine to share the entirety of. I will assure you with the level of certainty that only someone who knows her intimately can provide, that she was badly, badly hurt at a very young age and was not given help when she sought it.

    She moved away to Texas when she was 10, and I only saw her during summers after that. I watched as for the first few years, she struggled to find direction in a world where nobody really cared for imagination or outdoor games. She tried her hardest to light up Texas like she did North Carolina but her genuine love and kindness and empathy got her into situations which spelled her downfall. An older man she thought was her friend took advantage of her when she was 13, and a group of older teenagers took her under their wing around the same time. Each year I saw her after that, it was like watching a television screen shut off in slow motion, or like watching an ice sculpture melt.

    Each time she saw me she tried her best to be the child she used to be for me, to conceal the fact that she was dying so that I wouldn’t worry, so that nobody would worry. But 13 was the beginning of the end. She spent 4 years losing her mind, drowning in heroin, alcohol, methamphetamines, and god knows what else, the horrors she had endured something she refused to talk about even with me, tried to conceal and obscure it with highs and lows and crashing and burning, desperately courting death with direct attempts at her own life mixed with her other suicidal behaviour.

    You, the press, everyone, even herself in her own diary, have nonchalantly described her as an evil psychopath without a place in a world which hurt her so deeply. The hardest person to persuade that this is not true is, and I am afraid will continue to be, herself. The struggle of learning that her actions at her worst don’t define her goodness as a person is something that she will struggle with for years. The compassion she showed me, the trees, and everyone she met, even those who hurt her, was not returned and nobody seems to care that beneath the drugged out shell she made for herself there’s a gentle, fun-loving, vivacious soul with so, so much to offer someday.

    The past year, finally sober again, and with the help and compassion of those who love and have faith in her, me included, she has begun to come back from the dark place she retreated to towards the end. Her drug induced psychotic break, which may have lasted a couple of months, has lifted and she’s trying so hard to process everything which has happened to her, everything she’s done, and takes full responsibility for her actions. Taking responsibility for her actions and serving her time in prison is the best she can do for the woman she attacked; she wishes at this point only for the woman to continue to heal and recover from the trauma she caused.

    The bottom line is, that the way you, the media, and the world, in general, portrays this incarcerated girl is shallow and disrespectful. She is dedicated to recovering from her trauma and processing her pain, and deserves to be recognized for her true self: a girl who wants to help, a girl who smiles, and a girl who has a will to live and imagine and grow.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Well my Fucking heart bleeds(sarcasm)
      my life was absolutely shit growing up and well into adulthood, I didn’t run around stabbing innocent people or write in my diary that I wanted to kill someone to see what it felt like. Maybe your friends psychotic behaviour hadn’t emerged while you were children, lucky that you didn’t end up stabbed to death. I only hope that she never hurts anybody else in the future and becomes a productive member of society, but she’s a dangerous individual at the moment and people need protecting from her.

    • Matty91 says:

      Is that for real or are you making it up? If so it would suggest that Pearl Moen must have suffered something rather serious to drive her down the path that she took. No excuse for her actions but nonetheless it would show that she isn’t the psychopath that everyone is making her out to be but rather just a lost kid who was fucked up and struck out in the worse way.

  9. miss mortician says:

    “Ophelia”. Pretty name, but the perfect namesake for someone this batfuck insane. At least the original Ophelia didn’t hurt anyone but herself.

    Re: Pearl’s friend…. cry me a river. Many of us have hard lives, or mental illness, or drug problems and we haven’t attempted to harm innocents. No excuses.

  10. Flim Flam says:

    I’m the guy who was with the victim that night / morning. The news doesn’t speak of me. The victim doesn’t speak of me. And out of respect to the victim’s father, I never spoke to reporters. However it’s 2017, and Pearl is now getting released back into the world, so why not…

    The victim and I had an “all night date”. We went out that morning at 7am after a night of intimacy. We wanted to watch the sunrise together. I told her I needed to run inside to pee, and in my absence she was stabbed 21 times. I came back outside to found her bleeding out. She was screaming my name, hobbling toward me, blood everywhere. I lay her on my bed. The scene was straight out of a slasher film and my apartment was a bloodbath. I had to ask her which wound she was bleeding from the most: Was it her the stab wound in her thigh, her chest, her head… she was covered head to toe in blood… I called 911… I looked her in the eye as the victim gave me instructions on how to keep her alive. She knew where I needed to apply pressure to keep her alive until the paramedics came. She was incredible in that moment. Lucid and level-headed. After yelling at the 911 operator–“don’t tell me to calm down, she’s dying! Where the HELL is the ambulance!”–the paramedics came, stapped her to a gurney and drove off. I wept alone, shaking uncontrollably, thinking she was going to die. The girl I was just with moments before was going to die.

    Pearl was my neighbor. I never knew her. I never even saw her to my recollection. However, I walked to the bus station in our neighborhood for weeks afterward. I looked over my shoulder every day. I believed the “woman with dark curly hair” would tie up loose ends and stab me too. After all, she knew where I lived. Knew what I looked like. It just made rational sense, right? So I packed up and left Austin, TX for good. Wouldn’t you?

    Now, nearly two years after the incident, Pearl is probably going to be set free for good behavior. I don’t know Pearl. However, I do want to talk to her, person to person. Call me what you will. I’m sure I’ve been called worse by the victim herself (seriously). Should Pearl stay in jail? Will jail fix her? When she’s 33 and let out of jail after 15 years, will she be rehabilitated? I don’t know, because I don’t know Pearl. If she’s truly a “psychopath”, then she’ll be no different at 33 when she’s let out of jail.

    Bottom line: Pearl, if you’re reading this, I would like to talk to you next month in prison. If you’ll let me.

    • Ratchel says:

      Hello, I am studying Pearl Moen and have additional questions about that morning. If you would like to share more details with me please reply to this comment with an affirmative and we can go from there. Thank you and I really look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Flim Flam says:

    Hi Ratchel,
    Of course, I would be willing to answer any question you may have. Let me know how you would like me to get in touch with you.

    • KWS says:

      “She wound up telling her boyfriend that she had killed somebody. She hadn’t, of course, and maybe that’s why her boyfriend didn’t report her then.”I was the aforementioned boyfriend, and this is false. Pearl often made disturbing remarks like this but was also a storyteller, we both shared a dark sense of humor. Many times she’d made outrageous claims that proved to be fantasy. I was very close to her for about a year and in the last months of our relationship things really went off the rails, annd we became more annd more distant. But even despite her growing insanity never would i have imagined someone like her could do something so horrible, she was an extremely giving, sensitive, but deeply wounded soul that was becoming more and more possessed by her out of control drug use and some surfacing traumas of her past. Ive never gotten a chance to reach out to the victim but would love to.

      [email protected]

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