Paul Leslie Aiton

Hellbeast Paul Aiton
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Daniel Phillip Deneel Apollo Valerio was born on April 21, 1988. His parents were Michael Valerio and Cheryle Butcher of Australia. He was Cheryle’s 4th child, and he was a beautiful little boy. Yes, I said “was”.

Daniel didn’t really stand a chance at a life after his parents split up in October 1989. Cheryle Butcher got custody of both Daniel and her older son Benjamin. Both boys would have been so much better off to be with their dad, I think, because their mom started scouting around for a new dad for them.

In February 1990 Cheryle Butcher met Paul Leslie Aiton through a Melbourne “introduction agency”. Paul Aiton was a big, burly guy — 6 feet tall and real macho with tattoos.

Paul Aiton and Cheryle Butcher soon moved in together so they could all play happy families. Unhappily, though, Paul Aiton didn’t like the kids.

Paul Aiton especially didn’t like little Daniel.

One night when Paul Aiton came home from work he found a list Cheryle had written up pinned to the refrigerator. It was a list of her boys’ misdemeanors.

Now I don’t know WHY Cheryle Butcher made the list and posted it for her he-man boyfriend to see, but Paul Aiton obviously took it as a sign she wanted him to discipline her kids.

And so Paul Aiton disciplined them in his own special fashion. He went into Daniel’s bedroom, picked up the sleeping baby by the pants and the hair and dropped him face-first onto the floor.

Personally, if anyone did anything remotely like that to my baby, I’d be up on charges for burying an axe in the bastard’s skull, or something similar. Most mothers would be phoning police to haul the abusive bastard’s ass to prison, but not Cheryle Butcher.

Cheryle Butcher didn’t seem to mind the “discipline” meted out by her meatstick boyfriend. In fact, she turned a blind eye to it all.

Hellbeast Paul AitonPaul Aiton didn’t even keep it a secret that he was battering the boys. He bragged to his workmate Rink de Vries that he “got my son to do a star last night.” He explained that he’d ordered little Daniel to stand with arms and legs apart, like a star, and then kicked him between the legs.

Paul Aiton told his pals he’d not only kicked the boy, he’d thrown him against the wall, pushed his face into his own poop, and hit Daniel’s penis with a wooden spoon.

That was the stuff the POS child batterer felt comfortable enough to boast about. What didn’t he tell his pals?

And through it all Cheryle Butcher didn’t stop him, didn’t try to save her children, didn’t try to get help.

What Cheryle Butcher did do, on June 8, 1990, was take little Daniel in to see the GP Dr. Young who couldn’t help but notice extensive bruising on the 2-year-old. He ordered tests but the doting mother never followed through.

Bear in mind back then that there was no mandatory reporting law in place requiring professionals to report abuse. Dr. Young didn’t report the abuse.

Little Daniel wasn’t doing too well. Cheryle Butcher took him to another doctor on July 23, 1990 and again his extensive bruising about his head was noticed. Again, nothing was done, not by the doctor and not by the mother.

Shortly after that Daniel went to yet another GP who inquired about all the injuries. Cheryle Butcher did NOT tell the truth then. Instead, she told the doctor that little Daniel was experiencing a “6-week period of clumsiness” and that her other son Benjamin played rough with him.

This time the doctor was sufficiently alarmed by the boy’s condition that he sent Daniel to Frankston Hospital. Dr. Edward Lowther was the attending pediatrician and he kept Daniel for 5 days of observation and tests.

Daniel did very well in hospital. He was happy, he ate well, and he wanted cuddles from anyone and everyone. Those, apparently, are not good signs.

“The child’s behavior in hospital was the sort of behavior one sees in a neglected child. Usually a child admitted to hospital is fearful and frightened,” reported Dr. Lowther. “Children who are neglected are often happy because they are getting more attention than they do at home.”

So there you have it, a pediatrician — an expert — noticing obvious signs of neglect. And what happened? Daniel was sent home. Un-freaking-believable!

One week later, just one week later, Daniel was sick, thin and bruised. He also was suffering from 2 broken collarbones but nobody noticed — except, I’m sure, little Daniel. Broken bones hurt.

I can’t even imagine what life was like for those little boys. The daily pain and terror, the daily neglect, the lack of love and security they must have felt.

On August 28th and 30th, electrician Alan Brennan was brought in to do some work in the house. He couldn’t help but notice that the boys “remained motionless on the bed.” Not normal for 2 little boys!

“Daniel in particular shocked me because he had been bashed about the head and had bruises on his arms and legs. One eye was closed and the other was almost closed. He could barely see. He had swellings on the cheeks and on the jawbone.”

Alan Brennan called Frankston police to report what he’d seen. Finally, somebody doing something useful, and it was an electrician!

The very next day 2 officers from Frankston CPS arrived at the home. Daniel wasn’t there. I don’t know where Cheryle had him, but she must’ve been spooked by having officers at her home.

Later that day Cheryle Butcher took little Daniel to Dr. Young who had seen him previously on June 8th. Dr. Young was alarmed by the extensive injuries on the boy — “clinically, the child had been bashed” Dr. Young rightly concluded. And he did nothing.

Daniel ValerioAt 5:15 pm the CPS officers returned to the residence and this time saw both boys, battered and bruised. Benjamin informed them that stepdaddy Paul Aiton would often hit him with a stick. The officers confiscated the stick. They left the boys and took the stick.

OK, that’s not all they did. The officers also arranged for the boys to be seen by the police medical officer Dr. Robert McAlister.

Dr. McAlister did check the boys’ injuries and was of the opinion they were “suspicious of child-abuse, non-accidental trauma”. BUT he wasn’t for sure 100% positive, just suspicious. And the boys were sent home.

OMFG, what more was needed to help those boys?!? Daniel was seen by 21 professionals — doctors, nurses, police, CPS officers — who all noted his injuries but didn’t help him!

Look at his picture! Daniel Valerio looked like that and they still sent him home, back to the abusive monster and neglectful mother that caused those injuries!

On September 8, 1990, the family had a garage sale. Daniel was not feeling well so he was allowed to stay in bed.

At lunchtime, the poor battered little boy started crying. Paul the hellbeast Aiton picked him up and slapped his face.

“His crying had got too much for me. I lost it, I just sort of freaked,” Paul the baby batterer Aiton said.

The monster then laid Daniel back on the bed and began punching him in the belly really hard.

“I punched him, I don’t know how many times, but it was more than once,” Aiton confessed.

Daniel died that day.

The autopsy showed Daniel suffered from 104 bruises, 2 broken collarbones, and his internal organs were crushed.

The day after Daniel was murdered, his murderer proposed to Cheryle Butcher, then 26 years old. Incredibly she accepted. The pair of f*cktards married on the murdering bastard’s birthday.

Nobody thought to tell Daniel’s biological father Michael Valerio about his death. The man hadn’t seen his boys for months and learned about the murder on the radio. He also wasn’t told about funeral arrangements and only arrived in time to see his baby’s coffin being lowered into the grave.

Cheryle Butcher stood by her husband, refusing to believe he’d killed her boy. Even after he confessed she denied his culpability.

Paul the shitstain Aiton was convicted of the murder and was sentenced to a maximum of 22 years in prison.

Justice Philip Cummins, when sentencing the murderer Aiton, said, “I consider you have not shown remorse for the death.”

Hellbeast Paul AitonSo why am I writing about this baby killing bastard now? Because he’s out. He’s been released and is currently a free man. He walked out of Marngoneet Prison in January, 2011, disguised with sunglasses, a cap, earrings and fake tattoos.

Paul turdbrain Aiton managed to get early parole after serving 18 years in prison. He got 4 years off for good behavior.

His years in prison weren’t so horrible even. True, his devoted wife Cheryle divorced him eventually, but then he got a new bride, Linda, complete with conjugal visits.

Linda wasn’t a young bride (see picture), but was definitely deluded, or delusional. She believes her darling Paul Aiton is rehabilitated. I’m sure she thought that about her late husband who had also been incarcerated.

“What happened to Paul all those years ago was then. It’s not happening now,” the bride said. “He has done his time, he has done everything that everybody has asked him to do.”

Linda AitonWhen asked whether her husband was a changed man, the new Mrs. Aiton replied, “Of course he is.“

Mrs. Aiton has a 12-year-old daughter who will hopefully be safe around this murderer of a stepfather.

And not only did Paul the baby basher Aiton get a new bride, he was also given assistance in purchasing a house in preparation for his release. His new neighbours in the community of Crowlands weren’t too happy to hear about the new resident.

“We’ll be keeping an eye on him and locking all the doors and windows,” a local woman said. 

”We don’t have guns — we’re not allowed to have them these days because we’d shoot him.”

And not only did Paul the killer Aiton have a new wife, a new daughter and a home, he also had a storage business. It doesn’t seem fair to me, because little Daniel didn’t have a life thanks to him and doesn’t even have a headstone.

Daniel’s brother Benjamin wasn’t too thrilled about the monstrous murderer being released. “Who’s to say he’s not going to do it again?” he asked.

Ben Valerio and daughterBenjamin Valerio has named his daughter Daniella in memory of his lost brother. He was only 4 when Daniel was murdered.

”I don’t remember a lot of what happened,” Benjamin Valerio said. ”But I think that’s more of a memory block.” It’s also a mercy, in my opinion.

”You make your own problems. You can’t blame everyone else for what you do… I just chose to do the right things in life instead of the wrong things. It’s really not that hard.” Benjamin Valerio sounds like a wise young man.

And as for Cheryle Butcher, she popped up in the media in 2009 to comment upon another child abuse case. She briefly mentioned Daniel’s horrific demise.

“Yes, it was happening in my own house. I am the one who has to live with that knowledge for the rest of my life,” she said. “Unless you are me in that situation, I can’t explain it. I had no help, no support…”

No support? If she hadn’t lied to doctors and police and CPS she would have gotten support!

Cheryle Butcher then segued to talk about the government’s role in preventing child abuse.

“Nothing is being done, and kids are still dying. Don’t let Daniel die in vain. Get some support systems, make counseling available, build refuges for women. As long as the government keeps screwing up, it will keep happening.”

Got that? If you’re a mother with shit for brains, living with a monster who is battering your child, and lying to everyone about your child’s injuries, it’s somehow up to the government to magically appear and make it all better.

Obviously Cheryle Butcher underestimates her own culpability in her son’s death. And unhappily she was not held responsible by the Australian justice system either. In my mind, though, she is guilty of not saving her boys from that psychopathic killer Paul Aiton. She is guilty of not even trying!

And Paul Leslie Aiton, I sincerely hope, is living a god-fearing life and following all the rules of civilized society. And I also sincerely believe that, no matter what, that hellbeast deserves to roast in hell.

RIP little Daniel Valerio.

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26 Responses to Paul Leslie Aiton

  1. 2cute says:

    OK, it’s official, life isn’t fair. If there was any fairness in life, then the little boy Daniel would have grown up happy and healthy having kids of his own and a career, and this shit pile baby puncher wouldn’t be allowed to exist. I wish upon him a plague of bad luck — social rejection, bad health, financial ruin. He does not deserve better.

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute, i might go to australia and commit crime, cos i’d get Conjucal visits be allowed to marry and leave jail to a bought house and money. Seems that you get rewarded down under if you murder a little boy. I wonder why shit for brains had to leave prison in disguise, i hope someone knocks the living daylights out of this shit head. And the mother deserves a big slap as well.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Bengalpuss, conjugal visits aren’t worth it if they’re with someone like that Linda. With MY luck I’d get someone even fuglier so you won’t see me committing crime in Australia.

        And speaking of conjugals, seen any sexy episodes of Dexter yet? You gonna like those I bet. The guy’s got a 6-pack I’d do anything for, except exercise. Ha!

    • Jan says:

      The Australian child protection system, police, medical staff and parent have a lot to answer for as does the parole board and still do to this very day. This particular case will never leave my mind and it disturbs me to no end that I cry every time I think about this child who somehow just “dropped through the cracks” and nobody noticed. We can blame everyone if we want but it still doesn’t fix the problem that is so prevalent. Predators like Paul Leslie Aiton are given their freedom in our state here in Victoria so easily to walk the streets on parole and they rape, beat, kill.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    That mother is an arseole for one. All the professional’s that saw little daniel and let him go back are arseole’s and that child murdering cunt will do this again. His new wife is fucking ugly that’s probably why she can only attract jail meat. I’ll give it a year before he starts to hit her daughter. I think daniels mother is a cunt and she should have been given jail, marrying that piece of shit after murdering her son. I don.t buy that bullshit about she was afraid thats just a fucking excuse, she put a penis before her own child, what sort of bitch does that. And as for taking the stick and leaving daniel, just blew my mind, you can easily get another stick, you can.t get another daniel. Australian justice is stupid, its like british and canadian justice, a load of crap. Bring back the death penalty and execute fucker’s like this piece of donkey dung. And to daniels mother, you should be ashamed of yourself and walk with your head lowered, for allowing your son to be killed, shame on you.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    Seeing that picture of little Daniel all black and blue and battered makes my heart bleed. How on earth could anyone willingly send him back for more abuse? I’d want to hold onto him tight and get him out of there to somewhere safe. Poor baby.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Awesomeblossom, do you know what makes my heart bleed? The fact that this little boy was going through hell, an his mother, the doctors, police nobody did anything. That thing that called herself a mother let it happen. Now i know that the women that comment on this site, 2cute, you, moodymagic and cleo and the rest, would no doubt put an axe through the cunts head that would hurt our children. In fact we probably wouldn’t bring such arseole’s near our children., let alone stand by and watch them beat the child. And then sully that child’s memory by marrying the bastard that killed the child. Yet this is what this so called mother did. I also find it disgusting that people had pictures of this little boy black and blue, and did fuckall. That mother should have gone to jail also she was as culpable as that wanker that beat her son to death.
      End of rant.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy my friend, the nearest thing i get to sexy is looking at enrique Englesia’s videos on tv and i don.t even like the prick. I haven.t even scratched the surface with dexter as there is quite a lot of episodes, besides im a bit addicted at the moment to a series called “The real housewives of new york city” You’ll probably know it seen as your american? “You are american bulldoggy” Anyway i love it, what a bunch of nasty bitch’s, they all talk behind each others backs. Anyway to the story in hand, it seems that down under they’re a bit slack with sentences, google Ngati Murdered by mother and boyfriend, and it’ll show you this poor little boys body, bulldoggy i kid you not the bruises on this child’s body is unbelievable he is literally black and blue, they killed him they got 8yrs because the judge didn.t think they mean.t to kill him. Look at the picture of his body and then tell me if you think they mean.t to kill him. It happened in new zealand.

  5. moodymagic says:

    He is a monster and I have no sympathy for Cheryle Butcher. Where is the justice. I wish Ben everything wonderful in life.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Moodymagic, i wonder if ben has anything to do with his mother? If that were me i’d be pretty pissed off with her. And i certainly wouldn’t let her near my child. If she can stand by and watch the boyfriend beat her child to death, and then reward him with marriage, i wouldn’t let her look after a dog turd. I hope that ben has a good life and judging by the picture of him and his daughter, i think he’s doing ok, and thats lovely to name his little girl after his brother.

  7. Netherwarper says:

    You know the fact that no one reported the abuse the entire time does not surprise me one bit. I have said before my siblings and I had a pretty shitty stick dealt our way as far as parents go and there were numerous occasions in which because of some sort of physical abuse or neglect resulted in me or my sis’s in the hospital or doc and even telling these docs what happened and nothing was done. I remember going to my teacher and begging for her help, I told her we didn’t always get food at night, my parents fought violently and drank all night. I cried to her. And NOTHING ever happened. Luckily we weren’t as bad off as poor Daniel. He would have been my age.That evil cunt can’t blame the “system” for her baby’s death.Sorry for that long story…I just sort of can see why it might not have been reported. That wonderfully horrific thing we call “human error” where people either don’t want to speak up, or just don’t care!Makes ya sick. Now what is this other child abuse case mentioned that the psycho hambeast was yacking about when she brought up her son’s death? Does anyone know if there are later files or incidents charged under her daughter??

    • cleo says:

      All I know is Cheryle Butcher said she’d decided to speak out after learning that a 2-year-old girl had been beaten so horrifically that she was being kept in an induced coma at the Royal Children’s Hospital. I do not know the name of the child or if she survived, poor little thing.

      • bengalpuss says:

        She’s a fucking hypocrite cleo, shame she didn.t speak out when her son was getting battered to death, instead she marries the twat. Yep she’s a great advocate for violence against children*Snort*

  8. Netherwarper says:

    By the way…this site has got me thinking about watching Dexter. Never seen it but you all make it sound like it might be worth a peek!

  9. Elise says:

    That’s the magic of Australia. There’s nothing good in this country. Daniel valerio is a hero. I don’t think I could have survived a day in his position. He is in heaven and the beast who put him there will be on it’s way to hell. Australia’s all about respect and privacy but it’s crap. Turning a blind eye to another person’s suffering, especially a child, is not the mark of civilization. This country doesn’t even respect the aborigines, but only says sorry a couple of time and that’s it. Full of shit.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    Just read this story again, and looked at poor little daniels face and it upset me. That poor little boy must have been petrified and wondering when he was going to get beaten again, i can.t imagine what it was like for this poor boy. Bless him wanting cuddles in hospital, all he wanted was for his dip shit mother to protect him, but she did fuckall. What a hypocrite, talking about domestic violence and saying she couldn’t get help, what a load of bollocks. All she had to do was ring the police, tell them what was happening to her son and the son of a bitch would have been dealt with, but she did fuckall. I truly hope that she and that child murdering cunt, have a life of misery for the rest of their lives, and then go to hell.

  11. Macca says:

    Paul Aiton deserves to have his head smashed in. A fucking scumbag, low life who punches kids for thrills. He better stay inside and away from people. There are too many accidents that could happen to him.

    If anyone were to beat that fucker to death, they would be a hero for thinning the gene pool

    • bengalpuss says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, this cunt deserves to have his brains bashed in. No room for shitbags like this on this planet.

  12. Lilac says:

    Just want to say – I agree with your sentiments re: Aiton – and I can’t believe he has a business, because businesses rely on customers and obviously his customers don’t know who he is.
    But I knew all the police members who were dealing with this and they tried so hard to get definite evidence from the doctors and the hospital – but they couldn’t get it. None of the medical staff anywhere were prepared to say it was definitely child abuse and that’s what was needed to get a protection order. Their hands were tied. And it deeply affected them all.

  13. momof3canada says:

    They took the stick….. ummmm ok…. wooden spoons, paint sticks hell they could have gotten a tree branch after… but no they took the stick but left the boys… omfg… this makes me so mad

  14. AngryLittleMexican says:

    Mother/HellBitch changed her name to Cheryle Revelle, here she is and they let this sick broad have ANIMALS!

  15. Death angel says:

    Where does live this son of a bitch ? Anyone know ?
    He could have a special visit.
    This shitbag did never pay for it

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