Paul Henry

Hellbeast Paul Henry
Crimes: Animal Cruelty, Attempted Murder

Paul Henry, 46, of Lea Place, Gainsborough (yes, another British hellbeast) is not someone you’d want as an acquaintance, much less as a friend or a lover. Why? Because he’s an evil shiteater from the bottom depths of hell. OK, maybe I exaggerate — as far as I know he doesn’t actually eat shit. BUT Paul Henry is an evil, sadistic SOB who delights in causing torment, pain and anguish to those he knows.

Paul Henry has numerous convictions for violence, including grievous bodily harm, assault and using a knife to slice the fingers of a relative of his girlfriend. Not a nice man, and then he got worse.

Paul POS Henry inflicted pain upon his friend Andrew Parsons on July 26, 2011 by microwaving his beloved cat, Suzie, to death. The unfortunate Mr. Parsons, who had allowed this scumbucket Paul Henry to stay at his home, had returned from work to discover the awful fate of his kitty.

Paul the hellbeast Henry was sentenced to 6 months in prison for that horrific deed. District Judge John Stobart had characterized it as the “worst case of animal cruelty” he could imagine. Sadly 6 months was the maximum sentenced allowed by law.

That law is an ass, in my opinion. That poor Suzie cat suffered horribly before she died. And Andrew Parsons has to live with the fact he invited his kitty’s killer into his home.

But the depths of evil Paul Henry has plummeted to are beyond cat killing, although that’s enough to condemn him in my book. Oh, no, Paul the waste of shit Henry had a human target for his vile attentions.

The unfortunate Claire Boswell was made to suffer horribly at the hands of Paul the malicious monster Henry. The abuse went on for years.

Claire Boswell had been considered by Paul Henry at one time to be his girlfriend and possession. She jilted him and that apparently is not something that Paul the shitstain Henry appreciated. So he began a campaign against her. He stalked and harassed the poor woman for several years.

Beginning in 2005, Claire Boswell had been complaining to police about this asshole. She made 40 complaints in all, and FINALLY in 2011 Paul the turdpile Henry was slapped with a restraining order.

Unhappily, restraining orders are little protection from a determined stalker. This one sure did nothing to protect Ms. Boswell.

On September 14, 2011 Paul Henry actually climbed onto the poor woman’s roof! And on the roof this batshit crazy loon announced his intention to kill Ms. Boswell.

WTF did he do that for? To show his contempt both for her and for her piddly ass restraining order, and to make his victim live in fear.

Well, on September 15, 2011 the disgusting bastard had to appear in magistrates court for violating the restraining order. He was given an 8-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months. Oooh, harsh! And yeah, that’ll teach him! Not!

Hellbeast Paul HenryMinutes, yes minutes after leaving the dock, the festering meatstick Paul Henry phoned up Claire Boswell from a telephone booth right opposite the courthouse. When she answered all she heard was heavy breathing.

And the creepy asshole didn’t stop there. Oh no, he was soon at it again. He called her from a mobile phone and when Ms. Boswell answered he told her, “I’m out.”

The next step he took was to catch a train to Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and make his way to Ms. Boswell’s home. Once there he smashed a window with a plant pot and broke in.

Paul the rectal extrusion Henry later told police his intention was to sit down and talk to Ms. Boswell. Riiiight. That’s why he grabbed a knife from her kitchen.

And then, according to this f*cktard, he “just snapped” and chased the poor terrified woman upstairs. He was swearing and shouting, “I’m going to kill you!” I’m sure Ms. Boswell believed him, and she should have.

Ms. Boswell ran into a bedroom and managed to press an alarm button that had been installed by authorities earlier. Thank gawd that button was there. The terrified victim also dialed 999 and the operator heard her say, “Help! Get out!”

Paul the beast Henry climbed over the bed, 6-inch knife in hand, to attack her. He stabbed her. The knife cut into her breast, and then pierced her liver. She suffered life-threatening injuries.

The cowardly cat killer fled, but police arrested him nearby. He told the officers, “I didn’t want to kill her or ‘owt like that.” Riiight. He just wanted to sit down and talk with her. With a knife. Great conversation starter that is.

Ms. Boswell was treated at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for 5 days before she was released.

Paul the putrid pile of dog dung Henry was found guilty of attempted murder at Lincoln Crown Court. Astoundingly there was 1 person on the jury that didn’t agree! That just makes me shake my head at those who would excuse the behavior of would-be killers.

Judge Michael Heath told the monster Henry that he is considering passing an indeterminate sentence — yay Judge Heath! Keep the bastard locked up forever! The sentence will be handed down soon, and I shall keep readers posted.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman is quoted as saying, “The victim in the case suffered at the hands of Henry for around a decade and we hope that today’s outcome gives her the opportunity to move on with her life.”

I hope and pray that is true. Nobody deserves to be stalked and terrorized by moldy nutsacks like this bastard Paul Henry. Women and animals aren’t safe around him. I doubt children would be either. Cowardly cat killers like this f*ckwad invariably pick on anyone or anything more vulnerable — that’s how they get their thrills.

I truly hope that this hellbeast Paul Henry never gets out. His criminal behavior escalated and if that panic button hadn’t been installed then he would be a full-blown murderer. If he gets out then heaven help Ms. Boswell and anyone else he has a grievance against.

Please Judge Heath, keep this attempted murderer behind bars so that he may rot and fester there like he deserves.

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17 Responses to Paul Henry

  1. 2cute says:

    Who the hell is breeding and raising bastards like this? And who the hell makes the laws that minimize the penalties for their vile and evil actions? He nuked a cat and got 6 months only, he threatened and stalked a woman and got a restraining order only, he defied the restraining order and threatened DEATH and got a suspended sentence, and finally he tries to kill the woman and he may be put away forever. If only his previous actions had had serious repercussions Claire Boswell may have been spared the fear, the terror and the suffering of his escalating criminal actions.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    I wonder what the hell Andrew Parsons did to make this asshole kill the cat. Probably involved saying the word “no”. Paul Henry apparently doesn’t understand what “no” means. Not when his ex-girlfriend said it, not even when the courts said it. Paul Henry will hopefully learn what “no” means daily when he’s in prison. “Can I get out now?” NO! “Can I have a bath?” NO! “Can you please stop butt raping me?” NO!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, he probably realised he’d made a very big mistake letting him stay there and told him he had to leave, so for spite the cunt microwaved poor suzie the fucking twat he is. I hope you die paul henry you bastard, a horrible death.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    The fucking bastard, microwave’s a cat and the poor kitty had my name suzie. I want him to die the piece of maggot vomit. That poor woman, she must have been living in absolute terror, waiting for the arseole to come around to kill her. That juror that didn.t think he was guilty is an arseole and i hope he/She reads this, juror you fucking stupid twat, would you only be satisfied when this cunt murdered her. Your the sort of juror like the ones and the caylee anthony trial, a fucking imbecile. Lets hope this kitty killing kunt gets an indeterminate sentence, believe me if he does it will be difficult for the pathetic piece of Phlem to gain parole. I wonder what jail he’s in, see if i can get a message to some of the prisoners, lie and let them think he’s a paedaphile, theres nothing an inmate hates more than paedaphiles. I know its wrong but fuck him i’ll do it for suzie and claire boswell, this bastard deserves a fucking beating, you all know what im like when it comes to kitty’s.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Yup, we know what you’re like when it comes to kitty killers. He’s a sadistic coward piece of cow excrement, and I hope his colleagues in prison treat him like the pussy he is. If he gets out ever no doubt you’ll have a spot for him in your dungeon.

  4. Trace says:

    Yeah, this guy looks like the picture of sweetness and light, doesn’t he. No, he doesn’t. He looks like a psychopathic sadist to me. He looks like I would expect a cat killer to look. I bet he beat his girlfriends too. This guy should be locked away from innocent civilians forever. You just know that if he gets out he’ll be going after Claire Boswell again. He’s a pure evil nightmare.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Why wasn’t this pig charged with uttering death threats when he was on her roof. Or why doesn’t he do the world a favor and just kill himself.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Moodymagic, if they’d have sent him to jail for uttering death threats, that might have given that poor woman enough time to move to another home where this sick fuck wouldn’t have known where she was. They did well with installing that panic button, otherwise she’d have been killed by this arseole. I like the answer he gave “I only wanted to talk to her” Yeah when i usually want to talk to someone i turn up with an 8inch carving knife as well, just to keep me company. This guy needs to be given life. I’ve decided to find out when his sentencing date is and go. Its not far from where i live, and when he gets his sentence i can give a little cheer for suzie the kitty. Its upset me this story, poor suzie died a horrible and painful death, so i wanna be there and cheer for suzie when this cunt gets sent down and i mean it.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, restraining orders arn.t worth the paper they’re written on in britain. They’re actually called non molestation orders, and when they’re breached you end up in front of a Magistrate and released back out into society. The only time they usually work is if the offender has literally physically hurt that person, which makes it pointless in my book, because what about psychological abuse like taunting that terrifies the victim. Some British laws need to change drastically.

  7. Tulipchic says:

    They just keep letting shitpiles like him walk around in society, slapping them on the wrist for the crimes they commit. It’s not until someone is seriously maimed or murdered that the bother actually locking them up. Disgusting.

    • bengalpuss says:

      You would have thought that if he can microwave a cat, then when he makes threats to kill his ex, they would have taken it very seriously and locked him away for quite a while. No what they do is wait for him to actually try and kill that poor woman. If that panic button would not have been installed, i guarantee that he would of murdered his ex. She was lucky that she wasn.t killed by this arseole.

      • 2cute says:

        So the police believed her enough to install the panic button (amen) but they didn’t believe her enough to charge this asshole? I don’t get it. I read British papers and they arrest people who make threatening tweets, but this bastard stood on her roof yelling for all to hear that he was going to kill her and they didn’t lock his ass away?

        And I’m sorry but 6 months is not nearly enough for torturing and killing animals. I bet you anything Suzie was much loved and is much missed and that’s exactly why she was killed — asshole Henry wanted his friend to suffer.

        RIP Suzie, poor kitty. And you can go suffer, asshole Henry, for the rest of your life!

        • bengalpuss says:

          2cute, tell me about it. British law is fucked up. A few weeks ago a homeless man got 6 months for stealing 2 mr kipling’s apple pies( Mr kipling is a brand of cakes and sweet snacks) If you haven.t Heard of them, and a paedaphile, gets a caution for downloading child porn. A caution basically means he got away with it. Just a telling off by the custody sergeant. Now i think downloading child porn is a far worse offence than stealing 2 apple pies because your hungry. British law is fucked 2cute.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Im trying to work out if thats a joke or are you just stoopid. Because if its a joke, i don.t see whats funny about it, but if your stoopid, i feel sorry for you. Or one final possibility, your spam, and cleo the webmaster has let another one slip through, which sometimes it can.t be helped.

  9. paddy says:

    This stinking vile piece of shit has been the same all his life always a bully and always beating on females that try to reject his sick sexual advances, bekeive me his sister knows all about that.

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