Paul Eugene Wiard

Paul Eugene Wiard
Crimes: Pedophile, Incest

I don’t know why Paul Eugene Wiard deserves his good fortune. The Claypool, Indiana man should be parked in prison for 4 years, but instead he’s serving out his time on probation. Maybe the judge was lenient because Paul Eugene Wiard is 82 years old now. Maybe the judge just didn’t think what Paul Eugene Wiard did was all that bad. But it was bad.

Paul Eugene Wiard molested his granddaughter since she was 9 years old. Between 2001 and 2007, Paul Eugene Wiard fondled the young girl, kissed and licked her breasts and rubbed her vagina with his hands. He molested the girl 3 to 4 times a week.

Paul Eugene Wiard also showed his granddaughter photos of a young, naked girl.

Can you imagine your introduction to sex being foisted upon you at the age of 9? By a disgusting senior citizen? By your own grandfather? Can you imagine having that old geezer’s dirty paws and lips on your private parts?

What this bastard Paul Eugene Wiard did no doubt put a stain on his young granddaughter’s feelings of self-worth, and tarnished her budding sexuality. What he did was truly bad and deserving of real punishment.

This pedophile hellbeast somehow, for years and years, convinced his granddaughter not to tell. I don’t know if he used threats or shame or bribes, but he found a way to keep the little girl quiet. And she did keep quiet until 2012 when she was safely an adult and strong enough to accuse the sick bastard.

Paul Eugene WiardThe young woman approached Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department detectives and revealed the details of the abuse she’d suffered at the hands of her pedophile grandfather. In June 2012 Paul Eugene Wiard of 4219 S. 450 W., Claypool was arrested.

When interviewed by police, the sick old bastard admitted to having those photos of the naked young girl but denied molesting his granddaughter. He was charged with child molesting and sexual misconduct with a minor, both class C felonies.

On July 6, 2013, through a plea bargain, Paul the pedo Eugene Wiard pled guilty to one count of child molesting. In return, the sexual misconduct charge was dropped.

The disgusting old pedophile was sentenced to 4 years in prison, but the judge suspended his sentence and instead ordered the entire term to be served on probation. Ooooh, harsh!

Wait, there’s more. Paul Eugene Wiard was also ordered to pay $379 in court fines and probation administration fees. Ooooh, harsh!

To top it all off, the sick old pedophile has a no contact order with his victim and he will be registered forevermore as a sex offender.

Gee, the poor guy sure must be hurting. After all, he’s almost $400 out of pocket, and he’s on the sex offender registry.

I’m thinking he got off awfully light for sexually molesting his granddaughter for 6 years.

I’m wondering if his victim would have bothered to come forward if she’d known just how lightly the justice system in Kosciusko County treats sex offenders.

I’m wondering if the detectives in Kosciusko County have even bothered to find out if Paul the pedophile Wiard molested any other children. BTW who was that naked girl in those photos? Anybody he knew?

It seems the only real punishment Paul Eugene Wiard will ever face is having his conviction broadcast far and wide so that everybody who knows him, who meets him, who interacts with him will know he is nothing better than a sick, incestuous pedophile.

I wish all the best to the granddaughter — I hope she lives a happy, successful life without the past abuse blighting her future. I know that coming forward and accusing her grandfather caused a fair bit of gossip and accusations to be aimed at her. Looking at some of the ignorant online comments I saw the baseless use of the word “blackmail”. Hopefully the bastard’s guilty plea will shut those ignorant assholes up forever.

I wish upon Paul Eugene Wiard all the public shame and shunning that can be brought to bear. He got off way too easy otherwise.

Stacy Page Online article
Stacy Page Online article

9 Responses to Paul Eugene Wiard

  1. bulldoggy says:

    So I googled the population of Claypool and found only 431 people lived there as of 2010. I wonder what the odds are this girl groping grandpa is related to or best buds with the judge. I hope that girl shakes off the dust of that town and has a happy life without the old creep and his supporters.

  2. 2cute says:

    Disgusting old perv! I hope he has rabid badgers attacking his privates so he’ll never want to touch another child again.

  3. pj says:

    The judge needs a good whopping. The only harmless pedo is a dead pedo, and letting this guy back into the community with all his other grandchildren is retarded! This judge has just taught every victim that their suffering is worth nothing and they shouldn’t bother the courts with their petty abuse. He’s also taught every pedophile that if they don’t get caught until they’re old, they get out of jail for $379.

  4. Jamaica says:

    This is definitely one SICK man.

    Any elderly man, let alone a GRANDFATHER of the child they supposedly loved who have the gall to pull off such a sick and depraved act as this is by no means normal. Something’s very wrong with him, he’s not right in the mind/spirit.

    He has a twisted sense of values/morals and should spend the rest of his life separated from society. And our society needs to stop granting leniency to those who appear to deserve it because of their supposed susceptibility due to their age, gender, race, ethnicity, reputation, past, shape, size, etc.

    Evil has proven time and time again that it knows no bounds, no gender, no race, no size, no shape and NO age. In 2002/2003, 16-year-old Sarah Johnson was sentenced to two concurrent life sentences plus 15 years for the brutal shooting of her loving parents, Alan and Diane Johnson. Likewise, in a supposedly just and moral society, this 82-year-old man deserves either a life sentence with NO parole or death by lethal injection.

    Why does he deserve mercy? He’s shown none for his granddaughter who was 9 years old! Depraved actions, regardless of the age of the person who performed them, need to be PUNISHED justly and properly.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Good question Jamaica why is he being shown mercy. It should not matter his age he is still a disgusting pedo and hurt his own granddaughter so terribly. He deserves punishment for this and really how do we know there aren’t more traumatized little girls out there that are victims of his. Burn in hell Grandpa.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Moodymagic, the judge is probably a sick old twat as well, otherwise why show this old twat any mercy. His granddaughter wasn’t shown any mercy for years, and he’s probably fucked this young womans life up, but is given a poxy sentence like he got, no wonder nonces are not afraid of the law when shite sentences like this are dished out. Heres hoping his knob gets necrotising faceitis(think its spelt like that) and drops off and kills him.

      • 2cute says:

        I get the feeling bengalpuss that you really want his “knob” to fall off, painfully and fatally. I second that.

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