Paul Antoine Dion Jr.

Hellbeast Paul Antoine Dion Jr.
Crime: Child Abuse

I don’t know much about Paul Antoine Dion Jr.’s life. I don’t know what his education and occupation were. I don’t know about his hobbies or interests. I do know he lived in Bourg, LA. And I also know he’s a pathetic coward and a POS excuse for a father. Just ask his son Spencer. Oh, yeah, right, you can’t ask Spencer, now or ever.

See, Paul Antoine Dion Jr., being such a shitstain of a bullying coward, took the opportunity the very first chance he got, the very first overnight visitation with his son he got, to damage Spencer Dion beyond repair.

That big he-man baby beater took his helpless infant child and shook him. Maybe he was frustrated with fatherhood, maybe he was mad at Spencer’s mother, but there is no excuse good enough on this whole planet to shake a tiny baby.

Spencer DionSpencer Dion did not die. But the Spencer that was and the Spencer that could have been are no more. When his little brain smacked against his skull repeatedly, horrible, irreversible damage was done. The Spencer that is now suffers extensive brain damage and blindness.

There are times when I could cheerfully smack the ever-loving snot out of someone I don’t even know. This is definitely one of those times. Excuse me, but baby beaters make me feel quite angry.

Paul Antoine Dion Jr., being the coward that he is, decided he didn’t want to go to jail. In fact, on the last day of his trial he told his family and his attorney he didn’t want to go to jail. Boo friggin’ hoo. I’m guessing Spencer didn’t want to be brain damaged, but he didn’t get any choice. So suck it up, buttercup.

But no, Paul Antoine Dion Jr. didn’t want to suck it up, and so the POS cowardly bastard fled. He was captured a few days later at a relative’s house in New Orleans.

Now I don’t know if his relatives turned him in, but I’m hoping they were decent enough people to do it. Anyone who hides a baby beater from justice deserves contempt and jail time. That’s my opinion anyway.

Hellbeast Paul Dion Jr.Paul Antoine Dion Jr. was found guilty of 2nd-degree cruelty to a juvenile in absentia, and he also got an additional contempt charge for fleeing justice. That was in November 2011.

And that brings us to April 2012, time for sentencing. Prosecutor Mark Rhodes asked district Judge George Larke Jr. to hand this baby beater a prison term of 40 years. Paul Antoine Dion Jr. is 46 now, so that would make him 86 by the time he got out. Seems reasonable to me.

“It’s the message that needs to be sent,” Prosecutor Rhodes said. “I know there is not much difference between a 30-year and a 40-year sentence. He probably won’t make it to 40 years. But it’s the message.”

The baby beater’s actions “destroyed” the lives of Melissa Thibodeaux, her family and Spencer, and they will be emotionally and financially burdened for the rest their lives, Prosecutor Rhodes told the judge.

Spencer’s mommy, Melissa Thibodeaux, read from a prepared statement asking Judge Larke for the maximum sentence.

“What’s 40 years compared with the two life sentences we are serving?” she said. “He will never be able to ask for the car keys to go on a date with his future wife,” she said. So sad and so true.

“I will never hear the word ‘mama’ for the first time,” she continued. “We are serving two life sentences, Spencer’s and the family’s. I think 40 years would be a drop in the bucket for Paul to serve.”

Doctors have told Melissa Thibodeaux that Spencer will be in and out of hospital for the rest of his life.

The POS sperm donor got a chance to speak before sentencing. He naturally denied harming the boy. He said there had been no bruises on Spencer’s little body (hah!) and claimed that the infant had had health problems before that fateful day.

Judge George Larke Jr. disputed Paul Antoine Dion Jr.’s claims, but still chose to give the cowardly bastard 30 years instead of 40. That means this POS hellbeast will get out when he’s 76. I’m hoping, of course, that those 30 years won’t be pleasant and that he will not live to enjoy a life of freedom ever again.

So rot in your cell, Paul Antoine Dion Jr., and then rot in hell!

According to Melissa Thibodeaux, little Spencer has progressed far beyond what doctors said he would be able to. He can communicate, she said, and is able to be fed. He can stay sitting up although he needs to be propped up.

“He will need 24-hour care. He will never see or hear,” Melissa Thibodeaux said. That is so heartbreaking. God bless that little family.

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9 Responses to Paul Antoine Dion Jr.

  1. Nathan says:

    I want to pummel this fucking dude. Spencer kind of looks like my four month old brother Jason.

  2. Trace says:

    Yeah, this makes me want to give the bastard a good shake. I hope his cellmates read all about that chickenshit and let him know how they feel about what he did to his baby.

  3. 2cute says:

    That poor little boy! He was so gorgeous! And his mom is going to be heartbroken every single day for the rest of his life. I am so sorry that happened to such an innocent baby.

  4. moodymagic says:

    The prison sentence will never be enough. I am so glad he got the forty years. Now if only he would end up in general population. That little boy deserved so much better. He had everything ahead of him. The poor mother as well. I wish nothing but the best for her and her little boy that suffers so.

  5. scrappy says:

    The mother’s words brought tears to my eyes. Having two beautiful, healthy children, it made me think of all the moments when I’ve been moved nearly to tears by the sheer joy of seeing them grow and advance. Even the littlest things; seeing them pull up to find a favorite toy, sampling the cat food while they “help” feed the cat, the way they run to the door to hug you when you get home from work.

    The only bright side to this story is that now we have a body of medical evidence to convict this cowardly POS. It would have been an even greater trajedy if he’s served no time in jail…

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Moodymagic “He didn.t get the forty years he got thirty” What a piece of shit, still trying to get out of it at the sentencing. What did the baby shake itself with such force and power that he blinded himself, made himself deaf. You stupid person i really hope your new friends in jail learn why your there, and hopefully do society a favour.

  7. Netherwarper says:

    I met a young girl when we were visting the hubbys family in south Jersey last xmas. She (finding out that i had a young boy)proceeded to tell me that she was a mother, of a 12, 8, and 3 year old. After small talk about parent related things in the young kid aspect i asked her “so you have a 12 year old too then huh?lol hows handling pre teen angst and trying to potty train at the same time treatin ya” i laughed a bit nudging her shoulder. she then told me that her 12 year old boy lives in a permanent “mental health” home. he is paralzed and pretty much brain dead, cant talk, walk, laugh…nada. wanna know why?ready for this??Her boyfriend at the time SHOOK THE BABY when he was an infant. They had been drinking that night and right in front of her he got so frustrated that he went into the room and…well did that horrible act. She didn’t tell me if he went to jail, it was hard for her to tell me i could see that in her, but she did tell me that he had a temper and she shouldve known better and broken up with him. she sees her son only once a month for about 20 minutes. i suppose to her thats all she needs to dedicate to her son. i was so in shock i could not even think of what to say to her. i dont know where my hubbys cousin picked up that trashball of a mother but boy was she a damned idiot. i reeeaaaallllly hope i dont see her this xmas. I have had time to regroup and i fully intend on questioning this bitch about everything that happened and especailly what happened to the b/f. my buisness or not.hey perhaps Cleo can write an article on the scumbag too!!!

  8. Attorney at law says:

    While everyone is commenting on this page what the police didn’t tell everyone was that the hospital dianosge his son with a disability I’m and attorney from out of Louisiana so while your telling this man to rot in prison he’s been living his life very well

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