Paul Anthony Moore, Curtis Ward, & Clarence McGee


Crimes: Hate Crime, Kidnapping, Murder, Arson

This article was kindly contributed by Lisa P.

Nireah Johnson and Brandie Coleman were murdered over ten years ago, but their murders are still very relevant today. You see, Nireah was murdered because she was transgender, and Brandie was murdered for daring to be her friend. In 2003, when Nireah was 17, she and her friend Brandie were driving around with another friend in Indianapolis, Indiana, and they had the misfortune to meet Paul Moore. Paul Moore was driving around in a car driven by Curtis Ward, and they stopped in a gas station parking lot. Nireah and Paul talked, and eventually they exchanged phone numbers. If only it could have ended there! But no.

That brief meeting was in June. Time passed. Perhaps it seemed to be forgotten. But then, in July, Nireah’s friend Brandie called Paul Moore’s house to talk to Curtis. About what I don’t know. What I do know is, Brandie and Nireah ended up driving to Paul’s apartment. There Curtis and Brandie went into Curtis’s room, and Nireah and Paul went into Paul’s room. Were they making out? Having sex? Again I don’t know. But what I can tell you is this – later that night Paul got out a Ruger .45 caliber handgun. Holy crap! Paul asked Brandie and Curtis whether Nireah was a man or a woman. Nireah eventually went to use the bathroom, and Paul followed and discovered she was a transgender woman. Apparently that didn’t sit right in his bigoted brain.

Curtis and Paul (yeah, Curtis had no problem “helping”) used some wire to tie Brandie’s and Nireah’s hands behind their backs. Then Paul put the two women in the backseat of his car, and told Curtis to follow him. And Curtis, damn him, did just that. Paul drove to a wooded area in Fall Creek Corridor Park in Indiana, and murdered both the women. He then dismantled the handgun and threw the pieces out the window, and they drove home just as if nothing had happened.

That afternoon, Paul suggested to Curtis that they burn the car with the bodies in it. Curtis thought that was just dandy. He talked to Paul’s half-brother, Clarence McGee, and the two of them returned to the park that night with a can of gasoline and burned the car. Where do these people find these accomplices? I don’t know anyone, thank goodness, who would burn a car with bodies in it.

Anyway, the secret came out pretty fast. That same night firefighters found the bodies. The very next day the coroner’s office declared they were homicide victims. Brandie’s mother, Mary Coleman, recognized the car from the FedEx plate on the front when she saw it on the news. Whoops! On July 31 Paul was arrested, and charged with murder, confinement, and arson. Ballistics tests revealed that the bullets removed from the victims matched a gun taken from Paul during a disturbance in 2002. Curtis was also arrested, and charged with confinement, arson, and assisting a criminal. Clarence McGee was arrested as well.

Despite all his previous helpfulness, Curtis rolled over pretty quick. He testified against Paul and Clarence in exchange for lesser charges. Paul and Clarence were both found guilty- Paul was convicted on two counts of murder, criminal confinement, and arson, and Clarence was convicted of arson, assisting a criminal, and obstruction of justice.

On May 5, 2004 Judge Robert Altice gave Paul consecutive 55-year sentences for the murders of Nireah and Brandie, and concurrent ten-year sentences for both counts of confinement and arson. Paul’s conviction and sentence were upheld on appeal in May 2005. Damn straight. Clarence was sentenced to 10 years in prison for being an accomplice. I can’t find what, if anything, Curtis Ward was sentenced to (please let me know in comments if you can).

Here’s why I bring up this old case now: First of all, it’s a story that deserves to be told on its own merits. But also, twenty transgender women have been murdered in the United States so far this year (in comparison to twelve in all of 2014). The vast majority of the transgender women killed this year have been women of color (like Nireah, who was African-American.) Some have been misgendered, even in death, as Nireah was when some articles wrongly referred to her as a crossdresser and/or a gay male. It’s not even known how many friends of transgender women have been murdered. I don’t know what can be done about all this. But I know something has to be done.

Words from Cleo: Thank you Lisa P. for submitting this article. I am sincerely grateful. I looked high and low for photos of the murderous bastards but sadly came up empty-handed. If anyone knows where I can find some, I’d appreciate being told.

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12 Responses to Paul Anthony Moore, Curtis Ward, & Clarence McGee

  1. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Murder is Murder just like if a Christian Church was Burned
    Down with People inside of it

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Good job, Lisa P. I agree with you – how do these monsters find accomplices? Nobody I know would help me deal with a body. Hell I’m lucky if anyone will help me pick up dog shit in the yard.

  3. 2cute says:

    I’m glad there was justice for Nireah and Brandie, may they rest in peace.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    I think these bastards that murdered those two lovely people is horrendous, i can’t Understand why somebody would be so wicked as to take a human life whatever the circumstances. I do think that if somebody has been born a certain gender and meets somebody who may take an interest in that person but are of the same sex should let that person know about their transition as a lot of people who find out afterwards take it badly. I do understand that maybe that person thinks that maybe if i say anything i will be in danger by telling the person what sex i was born but to not tell the person until after a relationship or sex has begun can make a lot of people very angry, however no matter how angry a person gets, to use physical violence on that person is absolutely unacceptable.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    I would just like to reiterate that i do not condone any type of violence to anybody (unless your a nonce, rapist or child murderer).

  6. BINXYCAT says:

    May both women rest in peace, thank you Lisa for this article, the transgender community have been targeted with hatred time and time again. Bengalpuss, I totally agree with BOTH your posts,

  7. BINXYCAT says:

    May both women rest in peace, thank you Lisa for this article, the transgender community have been targeted with hatred time and time again.

  8. MoodyMagic says:

    Great writing Lisa definitely a story that needs to be told.

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Mentioning my Earlier Post I am Incensed to Hear of an Evil Mob
    of Fiendish Feminists tried to Burn down a Cathedral in Mar Del
    Plata Argentina when there were Apparently Human Beings inside of

    Not Only is it Fiendish Behaviour Assaulting People they Engaged
    in and Vandalism to a Place of Worship it does Nothing for Womens
    Rights as what about a Womans Right to Worship in a Place of
    Worship without a Howling Mob of Scum trying to Burn it Down ?

    Remember the Evil of the Cultural Revolution in China went Hand
    in Hand with their Attacks on Places of Worship

    Violence and Arson is Not the Way to Promote either Mens Rights or
    Womens Rights

  10. Gerry says:

    “I looked high and low for photos of the murderous bastards but sadly came up empty-handed. If anyone knows where I can find some, I’d appreciate being told.”

    Here you are: (at the bottom of page 151).

  11. G Manley says:

    Anyone tricking a person of the same sex deserves to be shot in the head. Consensual it’s their business.

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