Patrick Ray Haney Jr. and Heather Louise Forsythe

Patrick Ray Haney Jr
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Trenton Lewis St. Clair was murdered in September 2011. He was only 4 years old. Insert some very bad words here for me because I am f*cking fed up with young children being killed. And big freaking surprise — the mother’s boyfriend did it.

Patrick Ray Haney Jr. of Point Marion, Pennsylvania, is the murderer. His f*cktard girlfriend, Heather Louise Forsythe, brought him into her son Trenton’s life. Not only was Patrick Haney Jr. introduced to little Trenton, he shared the home at 1129 Morgantown Road in Springhill Township.

Incredibly, Patrick Haney Jr. was often left alone to care for the boy while Heather Forsythe went out. I have no idea why Trenton’s mother would think this was a good idea, other than it saved her paying for childcare.

Needless to say, Patrick Haney Jr. is the last person on the planet who should have been placed in charge of a vulnerable child.

But Heather Forsythe is apparently, IMO, chronically and criminally stupid. For weeks, starting in July 2011, she came home to find bruising on poor little Trenton. Patrick Haney Jr. always had an excuse and she swallowed it whole. Why? I think because she didn’t want to lose her penis provider.

Did Heather Forsythe ever consider removing Trenton to safety? Did she ever consider removing the abusive bastard Patrick Haney Jr. from her life? Apparently not.

Heather ForsytheIn September 2011, every time Heather Forsythe came home from work she saw that Trenton had new and worse bruising. She knew the abuse was escalating. Still, she did nothing. Even though she knew that her boyfriend had pulled Trenton’s hair and slapped his face and back, she did nothing. Even when she came home and actually witnessed Patrick Haney Jr. beating her son, she did nothing!

I shouldn’t say she did nothing. She did make excuses. She did cover up the abuse. As I said, Heather Forsythe is criminally stupid.

A waitress in Point Marion, Brenda Newman, often saw Trenton, his mom and her boyfriend at the restaurant where she worked.

“They just came in to eat several times. I thought he didn’t look good because he had black and blue marks all over him,” Brenda Newman said. “[The mother] said he had food allergies and that he couldn’t eat very much.”

Brenda Newman could see that Trenton was afraid of Patrick Haney Jr. “Whatever that man said, that little boy did. That’s all. What could he do? He’s 4 years old. A little innocent baby.”

Trenton’s paternal grandmother also saw signs that the boy was being physically abused in the weeks before he died. She called Children’s Services repeatedly and told them that her grandson was being abused. Tragically, she never got a call back while Trenton was alive.

Hey, Children’s Services, where the hell were you?!?

Trenton St. ClairI hate to imagine what Trenton’s life was like for the last few weeks of his life. He had to know that every day he was going to be hit. He had to know that his own mother was going to ignore it. How unloved that boy must have felt! And how fearful he was of doing or saying the wrong thing to set off the hellbeast in his house.

On September 13, 2011, Trenton St. Clair was beaten and abused for the last time. His f*cktard mother and her hellbeast boyfriend took the unresponsive, battered little boy to Ruby Memorial Hospital, just across the border in Morgantown, West Virginia. He was pronounced dead.

Heather Forsythe NOW told the truth. She told troopers from the Uniontown barracks that her boyfriend had beaten and choked little Trenton and “is responsible for his death”.

When Patrick Haney Jr. was questioned by the troopers, he said that the boy was clumsy and had fallen down some steps … and fallen from a desk … and fallen from a bridge in the park. Now that’s clumsy!

The troopers revealed to Patrick Haney Jr. that Heather Forsythe had told the truth, and that’s when the cowardly hellbeast finally admitted to hitting Trenton because “he wouldn’t listen sometimes”.

According to Patrick Haney Jr., he was only trying to discipline the 4-year-old, not hurt him. Riiiight. I sure as hell can’t tell the difference.

Patrick POS Haney Jr., 27, was arrested and charged with criminal homicide. Heather Forsythe, 27, was arrested and charged with a felony count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Luckily for Heather Forsythe, she was offered a plea deal in exchange for her testimony. In early March 2014, she pled guilty to a lesser charge of endangering the welfare of a child. Her sentence will be 2 1/2 years to 5 years in prison.

On March 12, 2014, at the conclusion of his trial, Patrick Haney Jr. was found guilty of 1st-degree homicide and child endangerment. It took the jury all of 90 minutes of deliberation. That was no big surprise what with Heather Forsythe’s testimony and the graphic, heartbreaking photos of Trenton’s horribly battered body.

Heather Forsythe had had some answering to do under cross-examination. Yes, she did have a phone, she testified, but she couldn’t reach relatives. Riiiight. Y’know, Trenton’s paternal grandmother was sweating on a phone call from Children’s Services. I’m positive SHE would have answered. In fact, I’m positive she would have taken action if Heather Forsythe had asked for help for Trenton.

Then again, why didn’t Heather Forsythe phone the authorities instead of relatives? The police would have picked up the phone. Her response was that she feared Patrick Haney Jr. Really? She was too afraid to call the police? And how many bruises was she sporting?

Most mothers I know would willingly put themselves in danger to save their children from harm. Heather Forsythe is apparently not one of those kinds of mothers.

Patrick Haney Jr. was sentenced to death the same day he was found guilty. He was permitted to speak before sentencing, and from the witness stand he did not express remorse. Instead he talked about his upbringing and how he had moved around a lot.

Patrick Haney Jr.’s mother maintained her son’s innocence. “He’s not capable of hurting anything. We rescue cats,” she said. She had testified on her son’s behalf, asking the jurors for mercy.

Trenton St. Clair’s grandmother was relieved at the guilty verdict and the death sentence. “Our baby got his justice,” she said.

RIP, Trenton St. Clair. To his loving family members I extend my deepest condolences.

I wish I could learn something about little Trenton so I could share his life with readers instead of just his death. Being 4, he was probably into cars and trucks and dinosaurs. Being 4, he probably loved his toys and friends and the playground. Being 4, he shouldn’t have had any worries, much less worries about his next punishment and the horrible pain that went with it.

I am glad Patrick Haney Jr. is never going to experience freedom again. I am glad he has a death sentence hanging heavily over his head. I hope in the years to come he will finally experience remorse and acknowledge the evil he had committed.

I am not so pleased that the woman, the “mother” who stood by and allowed her little boy to be abused to death, will be out of prison very shortly. She selfishly chose her boyfriend over her son, and that was a fatal choice. If there were true justice she’d never have another child.

I truly hope that Pennsylvania’s Children’s Services will be shaken up by this case. Their inaction, or rather their delayed action, cost a darling little boy his life. Maybe laws will be changed or enacted that will serve to save future lives. Here’s hoping.

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44 Responses to Patrick Ray Haney Jr. and Heather Louise Forsythe

  1. Supermom says:

    Finally, some kind of justice for such a sweet soul. Lets hope the sentence sticks! As for the “egg donor” may every day of her life be haunted by the memory of how this lil’ guy suffered. What a joke of a sentence she received, they should’ve hammered her ass to the wall too!

  2. Claire says:

    So… decide to dedicate all of 10% of this article to the ACTUAL KILLER!!!!!!!

    Yes, Trenton’s mother was disgusting and complicit but HELLO she wasn’t the one who killed him!!! The MAN was!! So how about you focus the blame where it SHOULD be!

    Far too many men are getting away with MURDER because apologists like you like to blame the woman.

    • cleo says:

      I would gladly have written more about Patrick Ray Haney Jr. but little was written about his past. I could not find previous crimes. I could not even find details about what he’d done to his poor victim aside from horrible bruising and a reference to choking. If you could point me to verifiable information about this killer, I’d be happy to add it to the article.

      That said, I have referred to the abusive killer by name or by deed in about 20 paragraphs or so. That’s far more than 10%. I never accused the mother of participating in the abuse. I am no apologist for child killers. But neither am I an apologist for mothers who turn a blind eye to the abuse their children are subjected to by the violent men they bring into their homes.

      • garcia says:

        I just want to add my piece. Where are the father’s of these murdered and abused children? Provided that they are not the perps. I’m tired of these fathers not taking responsibility for their kids.

      • sue says:

        Look in the state of WV for more criminal info about the murder . The trash has a record in that state. It has been said he beat one of his ex girlfriends in WV

    • awesomeblossom says:

      Cleo an apologist for abusive baby killers? No fricking way! Did you read the same article I did? The killer is named and shamed. Thing is the mother needed naming and shaming too for letting that man near her boy. R.I.P. Trenton.

      • Aletheia says:

        Cleo is an apologist for men who murder helpless children. . . .Okaaaaaaay. In other news, the Pope is a devout Hindu, Glenn Beck just announced Barack Obama is his hero, and Fred Phelps and David Duke are working together on a PSA about peace, love, tolerance, and harmony.

        If she seems to condemn Forsythe more heavily than Haney in this piece, maybe that’s because she was Trenton’s MOTHER and she LET THIS HAPPEN. In the wild, it’s not entirely unknown for a male to kill another male’s young. That doesn’t for one second justify human men doing the same thing, but intellectually we can understand the primal genetic limited resources competition thing. But you know what else happens in the wild, at least among mammals and many birds, almost without exception? Mothers protect their young. Not to do so isn’t even remotely fathomable, no matter how abstract and intellectual you want to get. Or maybe I’m over thinking it, and Cleo is simply outraged that while justice is being done in Haney’s case (more or less), Forsythe might not even spend as much time in prison as Trenton spent on earth.

        I don’t believe for a second that she cooperated with the investigation and prosecution for her son’s sake, either. She chose Haney over Trenton every time until it was her own ass on the line, and then she threw him under the bus without a second thought. Yes, Patrick Haney deserved to get thrown under a bus, preferably literally – but Heather Forsythe is a self-serving POS.

        • BENGALPUSS says:

          Aleithia, “the pope is a devout hindu” ROFLMFAO, I love the sarcasm, that made my night reading that.

        • Matthew B says:

          I find myself agreeing with this. Prior to my adoption I was severely neglected and abused by my birth parents. Both my birth parents were culpable. However, as an adult I was never able to forgive my mother, because she had not only contributed to the abuse but stood back and allowed my birth father to create havoc.

          I’m a man, not a woman, but my own adoptive mum has said, as has my psychoanalyst, that this is normal to feel angrier to feel angrier with the mother. My adoptive mum has said she views being a mother as being like a tigress protecting her young. She said she could never stand back and allow anyone to hurt her children (my brother and me), no matter who it was.

          • BENGALPUSS says:

            matthew that’s exactly how a mother should be, like a tigress, i’m glad you had great adoptive parents.

          • BeenThere says:

            Matthew B..
            I’m sorry so we’re grew to be a awesome young man, that’s obvious. You are correct moment should of died to protect you.
            Has it been my daughter who allowed someone to abused my grandchild that led to death, she would be dead in my eyes..
            Stay well

        • Deanna says:

          your story is ALL wrong. patrick didnt even see the kid or the fucking pig that calls itself mother 3 months before the kid died. dont know who she tricked into giving her shelter AND the so-called shared residence belonged to the haney family a most upstanding family. no, trent didnt deserve this but i fear heather just hooked up with a piece of cock that killed her son and took an innocent mans life for it. SO do some research b4 running ur fucktard mouths or are u afraid you’d have apologies? this forum is much ill informed. FUCK ALL OF U

          • cleo says:

            Deanna, the links at the bottom of the article show I actually did do research. Patrick Ray Haney Jr was found guilty in a court of law. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

          • BENGALPUSS says:

            patrick haney was found guilty so fuck you. and i would never apologise to a scumbag like that, maybe you need to apologise for talking out of your arse? just a thought.

          • sue says:

            The piece of garbage dick watched Trenton just a few days before he was murdered, while the mother went to a funeral in pointmarrion.

          • AngryLittleMexican says:

            Deanna, I would listen to you except you sound like you might be dating this piece of shit. Is that it? You are the new pussy standing up for your ‘man’? Because, dear, ya sound like it. 2nd, learn to write properly. It’s this thing with capital letters, periods, etc etc. You come onto a forum with people who WRITE (about your idiot baby killing boyfriend) for a living and you just look like some redneck, degenerate trailer trash. People would take you more seriously if you capitalized names and shit.

          • BeenThere says:

            Yup! Gotta be her MAN she’s sticking up for. DEANNA, here’s a fresh cup of shut the fuck up the asshole was found GUILTY! Be happy the cunt fucker is only getting a nap. He deserves a bullet in the head.

          • K.M. says:

            Deanna Coburn is the “mother” of Patrick, she left him with relatives so she could get drunk. As she explains it “I wouldn’t leave my kid with just anyone when I got drunk.” Excuses, excuses, excuses.
            Deanna was even drunk behind the wheel when she hit a car head on and killed a person. Did she feel remorse, hell no, she tried to sue the bartender.
            The judge informed everyone in the courtroom that no one was to approach the jury, Deanna ignored the judges statement and approached a person on the jury while they were on a break, begging her not to vote for death. The most horrifying comment IMO that Deanna made (caught on camera) after her “son” received death was “well jokes on them, it won’t bring the kid back.” Disgusting! Deanna was never in her son’s life, she only got in touch with him when she found out that a family member that passed away and left him a large amount of money. Sadly Deanna & Patrick think more of cats & kittens than human beings

    • bulldoggy says:

      Claire I think you mean far too many men are given the opportunity to murder because women like Heather Forsythe stand by and let them. One single phone call to the police would have saved her boy’s life but she stood by her man instead.

    • tracy says:

      she didnt lift her hand to her boy u r rite BUT she stood by n did nothing!!! she deserves the same sentance he got she is just as guilty!! believe me if ANYONE touched a hair on my grown up daughters heads or a freckle on my grandkids ide b jailed for murder! great differance between a devoted mother and an ignorant fucktard such as this low life poor excuse of a mother….

      • Hopeless Pedantic says:

        Do you not understand how plea bargaining works? For all you idiots unclear on the concept, it’s a lesser sentence in exchange for grassing up an accomplice.
        Heather WAS indicated for a harsher sentence, one no doubt richly deserved. It was reduced to obtain evidence to convict the actual murderer, via her testimony.

  3. Claire says:

    Cleo…I am sorry I reacted the way I did. I have read enough of your (brilliant) work to know that you are very fair!! So I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to be so obnoxious.

    But I think I am sickened by media spin saying women are to blame when men almost get off scott free that I just want just and fair reporting all the time! I am in the UK, where men commit 91% of all violent incidents. The figures vary by type of incident: 81% for domestic violence, 86% for assault, 94% for wounding, 96% for mugging, 98% for robbery. MoJ figures show men to be responsible for 98%, 92% and 89% of sexual offences, drug offences and criminal damage respectively. Of child sex offenders, 99% are male. The highest percentages of female offences concern fraud and forgery (30%), and theft and handling stolen goods (21% female).

    I just want FAIR reporting.

    • ANGRY DAD says:

      I have to disagree with you Claire. I read the article and it seem like the blame is more towards the boyfriend than the Mother. But as Cleo mention, the Mother did get off easy and she is not as innocent as you seem to make it sound. In all honesty, I think she ranked up there with her boyfriend.

      I mean, the little boy is not his. He can care less. But this woman is supposes to be his protector and Mother but instead she did nothing. The helpless boy only protector DID NOTHING. If I were to hurt my kids physically in anyway, my wife wouldn’t hesitate to call the authority on me and send my ass to jail. So I really don’t see how you get the article all twisted?

    • SB_Australia says:

      I disagree 100%
      SHE is far more responsible for Trenton’s death than the actual killer. Mothers have ONE job…keep your babies safe. She failed miserably because she didn’t want her c**t plug to get in trouble. She valued orgasms over her child & because of that he is dead.

  4. moodymagic says:

    Oh Cleo another heart breaking story of a little boy’s murder. What a sweet angel. I am relieved to know that Haney the piece of garbage will never see the outside of a prison again. I hope he suffers every day. What I do not understand is the little boys mother. Her son is DEAD because she would not put him first. This was her baby. I just don’t get it.

  5. BENGALPUSS says:

    she is partly to blame because if she would of kicked his arse out when she noticed the bruises, and if she didn’t stand by while he was beating her son in front of her, then that little boy would still be alive today. as for that scum sucker, yes yes yes!! he got the death penalty, shame us british don’t bring back the death penalty, vote bengalpuss, i’ll hang the bastards.

  6. Supermom says:

    I personally feel that this article was spot on. The problem with the world today is too many people turn a blind eye to the abuse of innocent children. Disgustingly, in this story it was Trenton’s own mother that sealed his fate (if u can even call her that.) IMO, she IS just as guilty as he is & “the blame” is where it should be!! FAIR, please tell me what was “fair” about the way this child was allowed to be treated! Ridiculous!

  7. BENGALPUSS says:

    supermom, we think alike, she was no mother, a mother would never watch her child being beat and bruised and do nothing, that is why she is as bad as him, and i don’t buy that bullshite that she was afraid of him, anyone that did that to my children would be sporting an axe in the center of their forehead. That poor little boy, knowing his mother wouldn’t help and protect him, he must of felt so alone, that bitch should be a neighbour next to that bastard on death row, murdering pieces of shite they both are.

  8. Jessice11 says:

    What annoys me the most are stupid fucking mothers with young children that let men into their homes. How obtuse do you have to be to understand children can’t fend for themselves, that’s why we have parents! Although, yes Patrick the **** is getting a great sentence that shit mother should get a tougher sentence! Such a waste of life R.i.p Trenton xx

    • cleo says:

      Dang nabbit, I think I deleted a real comment. Sorry about that. If a comment doesn’t show up, it’s in moderation. I get literally hundreds of comments a day, pages and pages of them. I have to go through them all and approve those that aren’t spam. On the rare occasion I accidentally delete a bona fide comment, and I think that just happened. Sorry!

      • Aletheia says:

        Have you thought about setting up comment verification? Your time is too precious to waste sifting through hundreds of spam comments every day.

  9. sharise says:

    you think this story is terrible. you should look up the story of Dominick Calhoun and see what happened to him. He was only 4 as well. This happens way too often.

  10. Morticiaa1979 says:

    “He couldn’t hurt anyone, he rescues cats….” Priceless…. May the “mother” get the same sentence, oh wait, she pled….I hope she is FIXED and “BANNED” from having more babies….What a shame….

  11. jitterbug says:

    I personally know heather and despite what anyone says, she also was abused by haney and afraid to leave him or even seek help. Theres no amount of prison time that can be worse than the punishment shes already served by loosing her child! Its so easy for people to sit in there chairs and talk shit on the rest of the world, while sipping there coffee and checking there e-mail. Yet in the real world theres probally not one of you that actually donates time to child abuse causes or even money, Your just a bunch of arm chair quaterbacks… sitting on the side lines talking shit!

    • cecelia says:

      If you KNEW he was abusing the POS incubator, why didn’t YOU call her family? help the grandmother that KNEW Trenton was being abused? you wanna call us armchair QB’s but stood idly by, let Trenton get murdered and your “friend” beaten up (i doubt THAT happened but WTF~ever) ( i won’t call her mother as that implies LOVING your child and losing the vag filler) she’s just a selfish POS that needs her baby making parts ripped from her, preferably with some old cow shit encrusted farm tools.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Cecelia, you’ve hit the nail on the head, jitterbug didn’t do anything, and i don’t buy that shite about beaten woman couldn’t do anything, a real mother would die for their children, she could of walked out, dialled 911, stuck a hammer in his head while he was asleep, but she chose to stand by and watch that child being hurt, so she didn’t lose her latest penis. And i wonder if jitterbug does any child advocacy? I doubt that very much.

    • Supermom says:

      Your as stupid as she is. Let me educate you..listen closely…Your “friend” is a grown woman & should be able to take care of herself (although that could be questionable as well.) What makes this story so heinousis is the fact that her son WAS NOT ABLE TO CARE FOR HIMSELF & protecting him was suppose to be HER RESPONSIBILITY as his “mother”. She obviously failed horribly bc if you havent noticed that sweet boy is dead, & its partly her fault for not acting accordingly in order to save his life. So selfish, I can’t imagine how he suffered! Do us a favor, go away TROLL!

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Damn straight supermom, you told her trolling arse!!

        • Supermom says:

          Lol. Your comments always break the ice from furious to funny!

          • BENGALPUSS says:

            some times supermom you have to have a bit of dry humour, otherwise id be like an axe wielding maniac, dealing out my own justice on some of these lowlife scumbags that get shite sentences, so a good bit of sarcasm and humour keeps me sane.

  12. UR says:

    I know this family. He is guilty. But in my opinion, she is too. Anyone who would allow that to happen to her child deserves the same punishment he is getting. It breaks my heart every time I think of what he went through. She needs to be ashamed and imprisoned forever.

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