Pamela Ortega

Hellbeast Pamela Ortega
Crimes: Pedophile, bestiality, child rape

Peer pressure is a powerful motivator. Whether it is to your betterment or your detriment rather depends upon your peers. If they are focused on achieving success, great. If they are focused on committing crimes, not so good. As powerful as peer pressure can be, it’s still not a gun put to your head, forcing you to behave in ways you find morally objectionable.

Pamela Ortega, a 30-year-old Washington woman, apparently found herself some peers on the Internet who pressured her to commit morally reprehensible and criminal acts. The Grant County resident must be a shitload of bricks short of a load if she thinks “peer pressure” is an excuse, especially as those “peers” were anonymous men she “met” online in video chats.

An excuse for what, you ask? Pamela POS meth addict Ortega sexually molested her 8-year-old daughter on multiple occasions while broadcasting the events to these strange men via a live video webcam feed.

Wait, there’s more. Pamela the shitstain monster mom Ortega also began sexually molested her son on multiple occasions starting when he was only 5. Again she broadcast the abuse live for pedophiles via webcam.

Wait, there’s more. Pamela the hellbitch pedophile Ortega also molested her neighbour’s 2-week-old baby for the viewing pleasure of the pedophiles watching via webcam. Only 2 weeks old and the baby was still not safe from sexual abuse by his babysitter! Apparently his crying made her feel sorry enough to stop.

Gawd, I hate pedophiles!

Pamela the pedophile Ortega blames the men who were watching, of course. Peer pressure, you know. She must have wanted these pedophiles to like her!

According to Ortega, a man molested his own daughters, aged 8 and 11, and broadcast it so she could watch and learn, and then he asked her to reciprocate. So she did. Because of peer pressure, doncha know.

WTF? Who is she trying to fool because she’s not fooling anyone! The whole goddamn world knows that Pamela Ortega is a pedophile. She molests babies because it gets her rocks off! And she broadcasts the molestations to other pedophiles because it gets her rocks off!

So what did she do to her own son and daughter? She not only sexually assaulted them, but she forced them to sexually stimulate her own disgusting self.

How many years, how much therapy will it take to help those children overcome what their mommy had done to them over and over and over again? Investigators figure they’d been assaulted over a dozen times.

But wait, there’s more. Pamela POS pedophile Ortega also set up meetings between her children and various pedophiles. She was trying to prostitute her babies! The nasty hellbitch pedophile!

BTW, that’s how she ultimately got caught. A European fellow contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children when Ortega offered him the girl for sex. Thank gawd somebody had a sense of decency to do the right thing!

In July 2010, police came visiting. They found interesting stuff on her computer, including photos of sexual acts with donkeys and other animals. Apparently she had victimized a dog too.

The police wasted no time and threw her nasty ass in jail. She was booked on 4 counts of child rape.

Pamela the pedophile Ortega denies that she’d actually followed through with the meetings she’d set up for these men to rape her little girl and her little boy. I pray that that is true. Those poor little children to have the misfortune of being at the mercy of that perverted monstrosity of a mother.

Jeff ColeThe father of the little boy, Jeff Cole, was shocked to learn what had been happening to his son.

“I didn’t think she’d be capable of this, but apparently I didn’t know her that well I guess. I don’t know.”

Jeff Cole saw his son every other weekend, but had no clue of what Pamela Ortega had been doing.

“It rips me, grabs me, turns my stomach, just think about what happened to him,” he said. “He also seems like he’s not even affected by it, but I know he is, it’s that confusion it causes him, he’s gonna be scarred for his whole life.”

In January 2011 a Grant County judge sentenced Pamela Ortega to 4 concurrent terms of 25 years to life for raping her children. After 25 years her case will be reviewed by a board and if she is then considered unlikely to reoffend she could be freed. She’ll only be around 55-years-old then.

The judge called her criminal actions “heinous” and out and out told her she was “depraved” and “without a conscience.” The judge got that right.

And what words of remorse and regret did Pamela waste of skin Ortega have to contribute to the court proceedings? “All I have to say is I’m really sorry and stuff.”
Wow. Profound.

Pamela Ortega has a long, long time in prison to enjoy her new peers. With no dogs or children in prison, I can only guess how she’ll entertain herself. Ewww. I’m really hoping nobody will touch her perverted skanky ass for the rest of her life. Is solitary too much to hope for?

And after a lifetime in prison (I hope), go to hell, Pamela Ortega, and rot!

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9 Responses to Pamela Ortega

  1. Trace says:

    What about the bastard who showed her how he rapes his own daughters? Did he ever get caught? Where was he from? Were any of her other incestuous Internet pedo pals arrested? They should all be rounded up and shot.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I am totally sickened by this POS. She needs to die a terrible horrible death. Pimping out your own kids and molesting them!!! What kind of monster. May Pammie Pooh rot in hell.

  3. dogwalker says:

    OMFG Another dog molester? Where do these freaks come from? And raping her own children? And raping a newborn BABY? There better be a hell for animals like this! Prison just isn’t punishment enough!

  4. Kimber says:

    Hopefully her new roommate Bertha will enjoy pimping Pamela out to the other inmates for cigarettes.

  5. Eve says:

    Oh how terrible. Sterilise that cunt. It will be best for everyone.

  6. 2cute says:

    She is so totally repellant. Nobody could want touch that fugly nasty skanky pervy bitch.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Peer pressure my ass. Is that the best she could come up with. I hope she rot’s in jail and gets a big butch lesbian that makes her their slave, and gives her a miserable time like she did her own Children, the sick fucker. Hope she rot’s bitch she is.

    • cleo says:

      Wow, bengalpuss29, I’ll be surprised if you get any sleep after reading all those articles at one sitting. I get nightmares doing the research myself.

  8. Netherwarper says:

    I started dry heaving when i read th part about the baby. It was like 8 year old-gag.5 year old-bigger gag-2 week old-full on almost puke! She looks disgusting and dirty. Those poor sweet chillin’s I hope have it somewhere far better and far away from her!!

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