Anjana Bai Gavit, Renuka Shinde, Kiran Shinde & Seema Gavit

Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde

Crimes: Kidnapping, Child Abuse, Torture, Murder.

In the case of Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde of India, it’s taken years and years for justice to be seen, but it is inching ever closer. These two monstrous, hellbeastly women — the Gavit sisters — are scheduled to be executed soon for crimes they committed back in the 1980s and 1990s.

The story doesn’t actually begin with the sisters. It begins with their mother, Anjana Bai Gavit. The woman had given birth to her daughter Renuka only to be deserted by her first husband. Finding herself in a bad situation, she turned to snatching valuables and picking pockets at railway stations. She was quite prolific as a thief. She was arrested 125 times.

Anjana Bai Gavit got herself a second husband, Mohan Gavit, and gave birth to his daughter, Seema.

Anjana Bai Gavit was raising her two daughters to be thieves like her. Their pickpocket racket stole from people in the city of Pune, in Maharashtra state..

Because Anjana Bai Gavit refused to stop thieving, and brought police harassment repeatedly to their door, Mohan Gavit gave up on the marriage. He deserted her and her two daughters. He later married another woman, Pratima, and they had a baby girl named Kranti.

The daughters grew into young women, but they still followed their vengeful, scheming mother’s every demand — even when she demanded the abduction of Kranti.

Poor little Kranti was kidnapped in 1990, and she was delivered to Anjana Bai Gavit who brutally murdered the girl. Nobody seemed to have an issue with that, not even Renuka’s husband, Kiran Shinde, who was active in his mother-in-law’s pickpocket racket. Apparently human life was cheap to all of them.

Also in 1990, besides the murder, a significant even took place. Renuka had taken her son with her to go pick pockets in a temple. She was caught and the crowd angrily turned on her.

Renuka Shinde had the presence of mind to argue that a mother with a child in tow would never commit a crime, and the crowd let her go. She later shared her experience with her half-sister and mother.

It was decided by the 3 women that they would always take a child along as protection or a distraction. But they sure as hell weren’t going to take any of Renuka Shinde’s children along. They were going to have to acquire children in another manner.

And so the 3 hellbitches began to steal babies and children — maybe as many as 40 — maybe more. Some of the children might have been released when they were no longer useful, but not all. Some were maimed and some were killed.

In 1990, Baby Santosh, just 18 months old, proved useful when Seema Gavit tried to snatch a wallet in a temple. She was caught and the victim began to beat her. Anjana Bai Gavit created a distraction by hurling the baby to the ground and banging his head.

Pretending they were upset about the baby’s “accident”, the 3 women were even consoled by the crowd and allowed to leave without being reported to the police. The women moved on, stealing 3 more purses, but damnit! Baby Santosh wouldn’t stop crying!

Anjana Bai Gavit decided to deal with the matter firmly by beating him to death with an iron pole. The murderers dumped the body at a rickshaw stand.

In 1991, the hellbitches stole a 9-month-old baby boy named Naresh. He cried too much, so he too was beaten to death.

Eighteen-month-old Bhavna, when she became a problem, was drowned in the ladies’ bathroom of a theatre. At this point it wasn’t just Anjana Bai Gavit committing the murders.

In 1993, the evil creatures abducted a 1-year-old boy named Bunti, a 2-year-old girl named Swaty, and a 2-year-old boy name Guddu, all from railway stations. It seems railway stations are where parents can be easily distracted.

Bunti and Guddu were murdered and discarded.

In 1994, 2-year-old Anjali was stolen in Nashik. She too was murdered by the hellbitches, and Kiran Shinde helped dispose of the body.

Again, in 1994, the monstrous females kidnapped another child. His name was Raja and he’d been stolen from a bus stop in Kolhapur.

They kidnapped again — this time a 4-year-old boy named Pankaj Mamondkar. Big mistake for them, getting a child who could talk. The poor little tyke would talk to anyone about his real parents. Not good.

Pankaj Mamondkar, that poor little guy who only wanted his mommy and daddy, suffered a horrible death. The heinous, vile creatures hung him upside down from the ceiling and then pushed and slammed his head against the wall repeatedly until he died.

Still, this wasn’t enough death for Anjana Bai Gavit. Her ex-husband and his wife had had a second daughter. The nasty old bitch wasn’t going to allow that girl to live!

Fortunately, Pratima, Mohan Gavit’s wife, caught wind of the plot and called police. In November 1996, Anjana Bai Gavit, Renuka Shinde, Kiran Shinde and Seema Gavit were arrested.

gavitsInvestigators couldn’t get a word out of the monstrous mother. It was Seema who cracked under pressure. She admitted they had kidnapped and killed Kranti under orders by Anjana Bai Gavit.

While the vile foursome was being questioned, police were searching their home. They discovered strange things, like discarded children’s clothing and photos of unknown toddlers at birthday parties held for Renuka Shinde’s children.

Eventually, the police charged all 4 with kidnapping 13 children and murdering 9.

Anjana Bai Gavit never saw justice. She died in December 1997 while awaiting trial.

Kiran Shinde never saw justice either. He turned state witness against his wife and sister-in-law. All of the charges he faced were dropped, even though he participated in the disposal of bodies.

In 1998 the two hellbitches went to trial. It lasted 3 years! Wow, justice in India is slow!

Out of the 9 murder charges, Seema Gavit, 25, and Renuka Shinde, 27, were found guilty of 6. One of them was later overturned on appeal.

In 2001, the evil duo was sentenced to death. But as I said, justice in India is slow. It’s now 2017 and both of them are still alive!

The 2 women have fought tooth and nail to have their death sentences commuted to life in prison. They have now finally exhausted all of their appeals. They had their appeal for mercy rejected by the president.

In 2014, they petitioned the high court and argued that the “extraordinary and unjustified delay in execution of [their] death sentence has caused immense mental torture, emotional and physical agony to [them].” They think that’s reason enough to commute the sentence.

The women also boo-hooed about being abandoned by their fathers, and how they were oh-so-young when they committed their crimes.

The Supreme Court wasn’t swayed by their petition.

“Going by the details of the case, we find no mitigating circumstances in favour of the appellant, except for the fact that they are women,” stated the Supreme Court judgment. “Further, the nature of the crime and the systematic way in which each child was kidnapped and killed amply demonstrates the depravity of the mind of the appellants.”

And so justice is crawling ever closer. Eventually, I hope, both women will hang.

RIP, little children. Nobody will ever know how many were kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by the Gavit family, but I know that those 3 women (plus Kiran Shinde) weren’t worth even one hair off one of those precious babies’ heads.

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13 Responses to Anjana Bai Gavit, Renuka Shinde, Kiran Shinde & Seema Gavit

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Justice in India sure is slow. I sure don’t understand what motivated them. Very sick individuals .

    • Tom Daly says:

      I wish nothing but suffering on those dreadful cows. They should be made to suffer the way they made those little babies suffer. Karmas a bitch

      • Rose says:

        Death to all not only mother but the Father as well
        Everyone involved should hang Period
        Where do you think they get the baby’s for the dark web at ????
        Child abuse has to be a priority
        Death to them all

  2. Tom Daly says:

    Those filthy bitches should be locked away where they can never see the light of day again. I only wish suffering onto them. Those poor little babies. You know what would be poetic justice? If someone tortures them to death the way they did it to those babies.

    • Jennifer Compton says:

      I agree with you 150%! Do to them, what they did to those poor, defenseless children! How could a person abuse and murder a precious child? I look at my 2 children, ages 12 and 3, and if anyone ever touched one hair on their heads, they would suddenly be missing…and maybe found in a ditch somewhere! I wouldn’t think twice about getting justice for my child(ren)!! I would gladly confessed to my crime and tell the judge it was worth it!! RIP precious children. To these 3 shitty examples of women: One is dead, so that is a victory in itself…and no other children will be hurt or killed by her…and no one will be robbed by her anymore! And the other 2 need to die slowly…and painfully! The world will NOT miss these devil women!

      • Tom Daly says:

        Respect to that! I would personally have two of those nasty skanks beaten with a iron rod just to make them go through what they put those kids through! Claiming that they’ve suffered? Oh boo F*****G hoo! As if anybody gives a monkeys ass what’s happened to you

  3. Bengalpuss. says:

    They’ve got the Fucking nerve to say that they’ve suffered because of the delay of executing them, they are the ones delaying it, stupid Bastards. Enough already hang the cunts.

  4. Mama Nettie says:

    It boggles the mind, the evil in people.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    I hope those two bitches meet their maker really soon.

  6. Stanton Lore says:

    Apart from the torture and murder of the children, imagine the agony of so many families from whom the children were stolen. The mere kidnapping caused a mountain of grief and worry for those parents, notwithstanding the murders.

  7. Mike Avery says:

    Nothing to do with this story, but a creep from Ohio will meet his fate tomorrow. Ronald Phillips will be executed for the 1993 rape/murder of his girlfriends 3 year old daughter.

  8. Les Mac says:

    Does anyone know if they have set an execution date yet? I thought the appeals process in the US was bad.The delays, especially after the sentences have been affirmed by the Supreme Court, are absolutely ridiculous.

  9. SK Nair says:

    These “chudales”should be
    given death penalty like
    medivieal buring
    live in stakes.Devlish in
    fernal creatures to be at
    least hanged in public..

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