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Crime: Mass Murder

It seems that 3 innocent people, including a pregnant woman, died because Nitin Verma wanted sex. Extramarital sex, to be specific. The dead people were Nitin Verma’s adoptive parents, Vinod and Pushpa Verma, and his expectant wife, Pooja Verma (shown here in the wedding photo).

I’m sure Vinod and Pushpa Verma never, ever thought when they adopted a tiny infant that he would grow up to become a murderous hellbeast.

In 2008 Nitin Verma, then 26, had seemed to be living such an ordinary life. He worked at a courier company. He had been married for over a year and his wife was 6 months pregnant. He took care of his wife and his handicapped father and his mother. He was the boss of the family.

On the surface Nitin Verma was a good guy. But there was the matter of his girlfriend. Nitin Verma was having an affair with his neighbour’s daughter. Oooooh, naughty man!

He would most certainly have carried on this affair except he was caught. Not surprisingly his wife and his parents wanted him to end the affair. Such expectations did not sit well with Nitin Verma.

I’m thinking Nitin Verma had been spoiled as a child and as a young man. What Nitin wanted, Nitin got. And what Nitin Verma wanted most of all was his girlfriend. He was not about to listen to his nagging parents and wife who were all badgering him to do the right thing.

The solution Nitin Verma came up with was, of course, murder. Not divorce, murder. If he could slaughter his family and convince the police he was innocent then he’d be free to carry on with his girlfriend, maybe even marry her.

I’m sure the selfish asshole was smug enough to think he was smarter than any dumb investigator. He did not hesitate to carry out his diabolical plan.

The mass murder happened at the family home in Raj Nagar, near Dwarka in southwest Delhi.

The police figured that right around midnight on April 19, 2008, Nitin Verma made his way upstairs to where his wife and parents were sleeping. He had a dagger with him.

According to the police, Nitin Verma likely began the slaughter with his wife Pooja. The pregnant woman was stabbed 42 times. Forty-two times. Holy shit.

I don’t know how long it takes to stab someone 42 times. I truly hope Pooja, 24, knew nothing of the attack and died with the first blow.

Pushpa Verma was likely the next victim. Maybe she was trying to come to the aid of her daughter-in-law. Maybe she was trying to reason with the barbaric butcher, to no avail. Pushpa Verma, 51, was stabbed 14 times.

And last was Vinod Verma, 57. His bloodied body was found on the ground floor. The police conjectured that he’d fallen down the stairs after he’d been stabbed 18 times.

Having done the evil deed, Nitin Verma had to get himself an alibi. He was not only covered in blood but he also had injuries. He’d cut himself. I guess it’s hard to grip a dagger handle when it’s slick with blood and gore.

He hoofed it to the railway line near Dwarka so he could discard the bloody dagger and a bloody towel. He ultimately wound up at the nearby Buddha Garden.

At 12:25 a.m. the scheming and heartless Nitin Verma phoned his Uncle Vijay to tell him he’d been hurt in an accident on his way home from work and that nobody was answering the phone at his house.

Vijay Verma, being a very sensible man, did what he thought was best. First he sent his sons Amit and Sumit to help the “injured” Nitin. Since he lived in Palam Village Vijay Verma phoned a friend in Raj Nagar to check on the family.

The friend did check out the family. The front door of the house was open and there was the battered body of Vinod Verma lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood. The friend didn’t look any further.

Vijay Verma, hearing the horrible news about his brother Vinod, rushed to the house. He discovered the bodies of Pushpa and Pooja.

I cannot imagine what that poor man went through, seeing his own murdered brother lying on the floor, having to step past him to find the rest of the family, and then discovering the horribly slashed bodies of his sister-in-law and her pregnant daughter-in-law.

The police arrived by 1:00 a.m. And then Amit and Sumit arrived with Nitin.

scene outside Verma houseOh my, what a display Nitin Verma put on for the crowds. He howled in grief, he banged his head against the wall, and then he fainted. Oh my.

Because he had injuries to his hand and leg he was taken to hospital for treatment.

Poor Pooja’s family suspected Nitin Verma right from the start. Pooja’s brother Rahul had spoken to Nitin Verma at 10 p.m. (2 hours before the slaughter) and Nitin told him that he was at home.

If he was at home already, how could he have an accident in Buddha Garden on his way home from work 2 hours later? Hmmmm.

Police were also suspicious in Nitin Verma. His injuries on his hands were not the kind you get from an accident. They looked more like injuries caused by a knife.

Nitin Verma could also not readily explain the bloodstains on his clothes, so he changed his story.

Instead of being in an accident, he had been home with his family. All of a sudden 3 masked men attacked them inside the house. He managed to escape and hid in nearby Buddha Garden!

What a sorry ass, stupid story! Pathetic! Now he couldn’t explain why he phoned his uncle with the accident story instead of phoning police to say his family was being attacked.

Nitin Verma also couldn’t explain why there were no valuables missing from the house, and no sign of a break-in.

After a few hours of interrogation, the selfish, cowardly asshole admitted to slaughtering his family.

Police recovered the bloody dagger and towel. Guess whose fingerprints were on the dagger! The stupid f*cktard didn’t even bother to wipe the weapon clean!

In September 2012 the confessed mass killer was sentenced to death. Judge Virender Bhat said that Nitin Verma was “a menace to society” and that life imprisonment was “inadequate punishment”. I totally agree with Judge Bhat.

“There was no justification for the convict to commit the grotesque killings,” said Judge Bhat at the sentencing. “The convict appears to be without any remorse.”

“The convict wiped out his whole family consisting of his parents and wife in order to ensure that he continued his liaison with a girl in the neighbourhood and to marry her,” the judge stated.

“When he did not spare his own parents and wife, what respect would he show for the lives of others? The convict is like a live bomb, which has the potential of causing a huge catastrophe if not destroyed at the earliest.”

The court was clear — Nitin Verma deserved to die for committing such an atrocious, heinous crime.

So you’d think that was the end of that. Nitin Verma was going to hang. But then things changed. The Delhi High Court, in September 2013, commuted his death sentence. Nitin Verma must now serve a life sentence.

Why on earth would the court do that? Well, the Delhi High Court stated that the criteria for awarding the death penalty hadn’t been met, and it mentioned the “possibility of his rehabilitation and reformation”.

“No doubt triple murder has been committed by the convict in a gruesome and diabolic manner, but it cannot be lost sight of the fact that this was not a murder to satisfy any greed. The accused has no bad antecedents, neither is he a hardcore criminal, an anti-social element or even an anti-national element,” the Delhi High Court ruled.

Seriously? Because mass murder was his first crime he deserves a break? And why is murdering for greed worse than murdering for lust?

(And why is Nitin Verma referred to as a “youth” in the media? He’s almost 30 years old now! He’s certainly not a juvenile, although his raging hormones had a lot to do with his sadistic crimes.)

Truly I hope that Nitin Verma does not ever get released, even if he has been miraculously rehabilitated and reformed. Three adults and an unborn baby were mercilessly slaughtered by the very person who was entrusted with their care. None of them had done anything to deserve their truly horrific deaths.

Long may Nitin Verma, the murderous hellbeast, rot and fester in prison. May he experience horrible suffering daily.

RIP, Pooja, Pushpa and Vinod Verma. And sincerest condolences to their bereaved families.

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6 Responses to Nitin Verma

  1. moodymagic says:

    What the hell? What is the High Court thinking? “Possibility of rehabilitation” 4 homicides that doesn’t strike me as someone who can be helped. I hope that prison life is horrible and painful everyday for you Nitin. Burn in hell.

  2. pj says:

    Bastard deserved the death penalty. He wont be rehabilitated because he is a narcissistic sociopath. Good thing he is too stupid to devise a good alibi.

  3. Queen Bengalpussy says:

    What criteria do you have to meet then to be executed in india? If 3 people and an unborn baby being butchered isn’t the criteria, then it must be committing genocide that does*sarcasm* The judge sentenced him to death because he committed a heinous act and should therefore be sentenced to death. WTF were those appeal judges taking? Hallucinagenic drugs? Insane to withdraw the death penalty. Hope the murdering cunt gets his arse whooped in jail. Lowlife cunt he is.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    He deserved that dearh penalty. He earned it. The high court should save its thoughts of rehabilitation for criminals who haven’t killed anybody.

  5. Queen Bengalpussy says:

    Lucky really that nitin verma, was a stupid cunt and failed miserably at hiding his beastly act. Can never understand some peoples thinking. I’d rather have my freedom that be locked up with nothing, did he really think that people would’ve said nothing when he hooked up with his lover, after his wife was brutally murdered? Obviously was thinking with his Penis and not the gray lump of matter between his ears, dumb arse idiot. Just a shame he won’t be frying for butchering his family, Fucking appeals court.

  6. MsM says:

    It’s India – they’re not known for their honest court system. Quoted from my lovely colleague who was born in New Delhi: Extramarital liaisons are not uncommon in India – most of the time families ignore it, as long as there is no divorce there’s no disgrace.
    He probably stabbed his poor wife so many times because she refused to turn her back on the situation like a ‘good Indian wife’ is expected to.

    I agree with her assessment given the wife got the brunt of the brutality – that was a VERY personal stabbing. Anything over twenty is considered ‘personal’, to go over forty was pretty much vengeance. My colleague also said the parents probably didn’t tell him to break off the affair but tried to quell the argument between he and his wife which he would have taken as taking sides. So, since he was pissed with the wife and he thought they took her side, they had to go too.

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