Nikolas Stefanatos

Nikolas Stefanatos

Crime: Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence

Nikolas Stefanatos, of Brossard, Quebec, is not merely a lousy boyfriend. He’s a dangerous boyfriend. Tanya St-Arnauld found that out the hardest way possible.

In August 2012, Tanya St-Arnauld and Nikolas Stefanatos had some arguments. Every couple on this planet argues, so it should have been no big deal. Couples argue and make up, or they argue and break up. Life goes on either way.

On August 26, 2012, Nikolas Stefanatos didn’t want to make up, and he didn’t want to break up. The sulky, immature f*cktard wanted revenge! And no half-ass revenge like dousing her with orange juice which he’d done a week before. Or abandoning her for 6 hours in a parking lot. Or pelting her with ketchup and mustard.

Nope, this time Nikolas Stefanatos wanted to make Tanya St-Arnauld suffer!

Around 5 a.m. on August 26, 2012, at his girlfriend’s apartment, Nikolas Stefanatos introduced something that guaranteed he would win the argument and Tanya St-Arnauld would lose big time. He brought a household product that contained acid. ACID!

Only a supremely heartless hellbeast would bring acid to win an argument. And only the nastiest shitstain of a human being would choose to use it.

Nikolas Stefanatos, 27, in his infantile bout of anger, liberally sprayed acid on his beautiful girlfriend. He sprayed her on her face, her scalp, her neck, her arms and her back. He sprayed acid over 20% of her body. One fifth of her body burned.

I cannot begin to imagine the sheer agony that poor woman felt as her skin and tissues began to dissolve and burn. As the acid dripped into her eyes, causing her “pain like no other”, she stripped off her clothes and ran screaming into the hallway of her apartment building. Her neighbour let her in and Tanya St-Arnauld rinsed off as best she could in the bathtub.

The cowardly asshole man-child Nikolas Stefanatos didn’t stick around to gloat — he immediately fled the building.

Tanya St-ArnauldTanya St-Arnauld, 29, was rushed by paramedics to hospital where it was discovered she’d suffered second- and third-degree burns. Her chest and arms were the most damaged areas.

The unfortunate woman was in such a severe condition she had to be placed in an drug-induced coma immediately. That meant the investigators weren’t able to interview her for some time. But that didn’t stop them from figuring out who was responsible for the horrific attack.

Police tracked Nikolas Stefanatos down and arrested him only a few hours after he’d assaulted Tanya St-Arnauld. He was charged with 3 counts of assault, including aggravated assault.

When the victim woke up from her coma, the only thing she had to celebrate was the fact Nikolas Stefanatos was in jail and couldn’t hurt her any more. Tanya St-Arnauld had months of skin grafts and reconstructive surgery ahead of her, and eventually a stint in a rehab hospital.

I don’t know how many surgeries the poor woman had to undergo, and how many more she has yet to face. She has, of this writing, still got stitches from her latest operation, and hopes to be able to raise her arms to wash her hair.

Tanya St-ArnauldTanya St-Arnauld attended Longueuil courthouse on February 18, 2013, to testify at her assailant’s preliminary hearing. She appeared in court without any makeup or her wig so that there would be no question that she had suffered greatly at the evil bastard’s hands.

Tanya St-Arnauld dreaded the prospect of Nikolas Stefanatos being released, and was relieved when he was kept behind bars.

Nikolas Stefanatos pled guilty to aggravated assault in November 2014. According to his lawyer, “My client has a lot of empathy for the victim.” Riiiight.

The abusive bastard told the court he was sorry for what he did. He apologized to his victim, and said that he would hug her if he were allowed to. Like she would let him anywhere near her!

When the acid-tossing asshole went to court for sentencing on December 16, 2014, he faced up to 14 years in prison. IMO he would have deserved it. But that’s not what he got.

The actual sentence that was handed down was a paltry 57 months MINUS time served. Both the Crown and the defense had agreed to that! The Crown had even characterized the sentence as “significant”.

Nikolas Stefanatos has been incarcerated since his arrest so he gets credited time and a half. That adds up to 41 months. That means the abusive hellbeast has only 16 months in prison to go, unless he secures early release. He will be out of prison on or before April 2016.

When Nikolas Stefanatos is released he faces 3 years of probation. Ooooh, harsh! That’s Canadian justice for you.

And what was Tanya St-Arnauld’s response to the pathetic sentence? “In 16 months, he’ll look normal, he’ll be able to change his name and in 16 months I’ll still be scarred,” she said. The brave woman also said she looks forward to getting on with the rest of her life. I, for one, wish her all the best.

Nikolas StefanatosI don’t wish Nikolas Stefanatos the best. I wish him to suffer daily as his victim suffers. And I hope all the women he meets in future will run away screaming. Heaven help any woman who agrees to be in a relationship with him. I know he looks normal, maybe even attractive. Despite his appearance, there can be no doubt that Nikolas Stefanatos is a dangerous man and an abusive boyfriend.

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17 Responses to Nikolas Stefanatos

  1. Linda says:

    I saw this brave lady on a documentary on acid attack victims. I think it’s called Stolen Faces. It’s on youtube for those who want to watch.

    • Con Ken says:

      Well good he’s out as it’s may 2016, now her family can find him and bury him in some quiet remote place no one will ever find him

  2. MoodyMagic says:

    I think this MO FO deserves to suffer greatly but we all know that won’t happen with Canadian Justice. You are one sick prick burn in hell.

  3. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I’m pretty sure Harper banned judges from using the time-an-a-half discount. This judge needs a lesson in empathy… the poor woman will be suffering long after he’s scot-free. Sickening.

    I hope people can look past her scars.

  4. Katie says:

    I hope they can live with themselves after he gets out & kills someone. It’s the next (unfortunately) logical step in his criminal career & they’ve given him no reason to think he won’t get away with it.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    He should be in prison for exactly as long as his victim has scars. It’s only fair. I hope he suffers greatly.

  6. Lillith says:

    I know this brand of injustice, and it’s not just something that occurs in Canada. Myself & my autistic son have gone through a similar ordeal with the so-called Justice system here in America. In July 2007 I was strangled by my ex during an altercation. We had been together for almost 2 yrs. & married for almost 1 yr. We had a son together. If it hadn’t been for a friend who had taken me to meet up with him at his job I’m sure I would have been killed. What did he get? A misdemeanor slap on the wrist of a 1 yr. probation sentence and a 1 yr. protective order on behalf of myself & my son! To make things worse, when we went for the divorce hearing the divorce judge dropped the protective order (which stipulated only supervised visitation with my then 1 1/2 yr. old son for my son’s protection) and granted joint custody & unsupervised visitation. Well, the battle went on for another 5 YEARS with him fighting to wrangle custody from me & me trying to warn the courts that this man is truly evil & isn’t capable of even owning a dog without assaulting, neglecting & abusing it! During this time I had even taken my son & tried to vanish to protect him, but it was all to no avail. He would find me, drag me to court & if I didn’t comply I was the one who would go to jail, meaning that my EX (by default) would gain custody until I got out. In 2012, during a required summer visitation the hellbeast and his new babymama (who went on to have another 4 kids together during this time) got Child Services called in on them. Why? Because the fucktards who had spent a month assaulting and abusing my son left enough bruises to concern the doctor they took him to. I was called to retrieve my son from his custody, which I did, and it has been a long hard road, but 3 years later my son has mostly recovered despite his autism. The worst part of the story: My EX, Russell Allen Gorsuch of Angelina County Texas, received 6 months in state prison, another year and 1/2 on probation, and a 5 yr. protective order is in place (The Angelina County website has a judicial records search for anyone who would like to fact check me). His baby mama received no charges, but apparently somebody had the good sense to remove all the children from their custody. Now, despite all of the mental & emotional agony I’ve suffered since he assaulted me & all of the suffering my son has been through I don’t wish evil upon him. I only wish that he leave us alone. I can really feel for this victim- it’s not just the crime that haunts you, but the sickest feeling of all is knowing that they’re out there- your own personal boogeyman- and that they can always appear because they’re not behind bars or somewhere where you know they can’t get to you. Bruises and scars can heal, the real damage lies beneath the surface and rarely- if ever- truly goes away.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Wow lilith, you’ve been thru an ordeal love. How is your son now? Its truly sickening because if they listened to you in the first place then your son wouldn’t of had to go thru all that trauma, I’m so sorry that you had to go thru all that when it wouldn’t of happened if he was sentenced properly in the first place.

    • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

      Oh girl, I’m so sorry!!! I got lucky. When I went on the run from my son’s father (with child services and domestics help and blessing), I got full custody and a permanent restraining order. Thank god they believed me, because he murdered someone last month. It would’ve been me had I still been there. It’s not like he didn’t try, especially during my pregnancy. He also tortured my infant son. Courts, in particular the ones under British rule, need to really start cracking down on these assholes. Stop giving someone years for a bit of weed and impose that sentence on those who deserve it most! I really hope you and your beloved son are doing well now 🤗❤

  7. Rhonda says:

    Why this creep wasn’t tried for attempted murder I don’t know. However I do know if I were her I’d arm myself. She needs a gun because this loser will get out and if that’s how mad and what he was prepared to do to her before, who even knows what horrible thing he’ll think to try to do to her next for testifying against him in court. Likely he blames her for getting him put in jail/prison, that in addition to the old rage and anger he felt towards her along with his proven unwillingness to control his temper tells me this guys likely to strike again.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    What a cunt this pig is, its a shame that he wasn’t given a decent sentence instead of a slap on his wrist the horrible vindictive, spiteful bastard.

    • Lillith says:

      Bengalpuss, I have always thought it strange that offenses that could be considered felonious if the offender is a friend, acquaintance, or stranger to the victim are somehow misdemeanors if the victim is the spouse or significant other. IMO, domestic violence and abuse isn’t taken nearly as seriously as it should be.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Lillith, what fucks me off is the fact that the prosecution and defence agreed to the sentence, what about the victim? She doesn’t get a say if she’s willing to accept the sentence thats been agreed upon, in my mind this big nosed piece of crap has basically gotten away with a pathetic sentence for a heinous spiteful premeditated crime, he should be serving many many years in my opinion.

  9. Lillith says:

    Amen to that. The system is twisted in all the wrong ways. It really is fucked up, they don’t consider the real damage done to the victim. We have a system in America that is more based on how much in fines a person can be made to pay the state than how much punishment they should receive to fit their crime. That is why in most cases a person is sentenced to either abnormally light sentence (and does no justice for the victim) or an abnormally long sentence (which in some cases, most of which aren’t featured here, is also an injustice). For example, a local dentist was arrested and went to trial for breaking into the home of one of his patients and attempting to kidnap her at gunpoint. Apparently the Dr. and the patient (who was addicted to pain killers and on probation for stealing to feed her habit) had been exchanging sexual favours for pain pills. The dentist was 52 when he went to trial and was sentenced to 50 yrs. What he did was absolutely wrong from start to finish, and IF they would have allowed me on that jury (which I almost was) I would have returned a guilty verdict as well, but 50 years? Given his age 25-30 would have been more than sufficient, especially since the victim wasn’t actually harmed and she went to him in the first place to make the arrangement so she could get drugs. Besides, the man had no previous record that I am aware of, and is ruined financially, socially, and can never work as a dentist again. If he were to ever be released he wouldn’t be a threat to society at large (the only reason he was a threat to that woman is because she apparently was trying to blackmail him, which pretty much backfired on both of them), and would end up flipping burgers or waiting tables to meet the requirements of parole. Now why give someone whose crime could almost be considered a crime of passion such a sentence that (given the criminals age) is basically a death sentence? Because prisons are good business. They have cheap labourers that no one cares about and the state contracts work through them for repairs and maintenance on their property. Public schools are among the state owned facilities that receive this contract labor. You can look it up if you’d like, but I’m not kidding. Arkansas Prison Industries is what they call it. On the other hand, lighter sentences paired with steep fines can be easily collected for almost any infraction of the law, and since domestic violence in most cases is considered a misdemeanor they can rack up probation payments, court costs, fines,etc., and in most cases the victim receives no restitution, no peace of mind (since to most such offenders a restraining order is just another way to say I love you…), and no justice. The bottom line is the bottom line. It’s not about right or wrong, or what’s just or unjust, or even innocent or guilty. It’s about a corrupt system ran by corrupt people and backed by a greedy and corrupt government. To paraphrase the words of George Carlin: The reason they won’t allow the 10 Commandments in court houses is that when you post Thou shall not lie and Thou shall not steal around lawyers, judges, and politicians it creates a hostile work environment.

  10. Sandra Sandiford says:

    Tanya you’re amazing, courageous, and brilliant woman, God continue to bless you. He knew he was losing you and being the bum that he is couldn’t handle it. You have amazing strength, write a book helping women to learn to make better choices in men, and help the world learn from your experiences getting into this bad relationship, and the amazing way you recovered from it. The best to you..
    Tanya’s beauty is not only beauty skin deep.

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Very Shocking.

    Should be at the Least a Life Sentence what Happened

  12. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    This is why I try to beat into my daughter’s head that while highschool sucks and the kids are heartless and cruel, it’s a totally different world once you graduate. She’s light years ahead of most kids in the brains department. She’ll be the winner in the end, not the brainless bullies.

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