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Call me cynical but tearful apologies by perpetrators before sentencing is handed down leave me unmoved and doubtful of their sincerity. This holds true with the case of Nigel Conner Stimson, a 19-year-old rapist from the Siksika Nation. Nigel Conner Stimson cried all right during his November 22, 2011 court appearance. The blubbering rapist apologized to his victim very prettily.

“I’m really, really sorry for what I did to you,” he told her after pleading guilty to sexual assault. “I have problems with alcohol and I shouldn’t have been drinking that night. It was one of my probation conditions. I don’t even remember you or what happened. I’m really sorry. I know I hurt you, I know I hurt your family. It hurt me, too.”

Yeah, he just had to include himself as a victim in his apology.

So let’s see, Nigel Conner Stimson was on probation for a previous crime, and he was prohibited from drinking alcohol. And what does he do? Drinks alcohol of course. Drinks so much he claims he blacked out and can remember nothing.

What doesn’t Nigel Conner Stimson remember? The night of July 31, 2011 he was roaming downtown Calgary with a couple of other guys. He claimed they had all had way too much to drink.

The victim had left a concert and was going to hop on the light rail transit at the Stampede CTrain platform. Instead she encountered Nigel Conner Stimson and friends. They escorted her away from the CTrain station and walked her along 17th Avenue SE to Centre Street. Nigel Conner Stimson’s drunken associates departed leaving him alone with the victim close to a green space surrounded by a hedge.

The victim tried to escape his clutches but he struck her in the back of her head. He raped the poor woman behind the bushes. And then he raped her again.

Luckily for the victim, passersby heard her screams and investigated. Nigel Conner Stimson ran off with the witnesses in pursuit. He managed to elude them, damn it. The passersby called 911 and the victim received immediate medical attention.

Also luckily for the victim and the rest of us, her rapist was videotaped at the CTrain station. The victim identified him from a photo lineup and Nigel Conner Stimson soon surrendered himself to police.

I am glad that this rapist pled guilty to his crime. That was about the smartest thing Nigel Conner Stimson has done.

Provincial court Judge George Gaschler said in sentencing Nigel Stimson that, despite a tragic background, “underneath you have some good character. I hope you can live in the future according to your good character.”

Excuse me, good character? The man has a criminal past. He had been prohibited from drinking alcohol but instead of getting sober he persisted in drinking. And since when does getting drunk turn a man into a rapist?

Nigel Conner Stimson’s companions were drunk too. They were in the presence of the victim. She could not have fought off all three men. Still, those men were not turned into rapists. They chose to leave the victim alone, unmolested.

Nigel Conner Stimson’s good character certainly didn’t show when he whacked the defenseless woman on the back of her head, or when he raped her, or when he raped her yet again.

The victim certainly didn’t notice her rapist’s good character during the horrific sexual assaults.

“This has affected my trust. I feel dirty and unworthy. I’m always thinking of what people might think of me … I see the hurt and pain in my family … I never knew people were capable of these things. I sometimes feel he should just have finished the job.”

Yeah, Nigel Conner Stimson’s “good character” sure did his victim a lot of good. The woman showed far more good character when she accepted his apology.

“I forgive you. Get some help,” she said in response to his blubbery whine.

Judge George Gaschler sentenced Nigel Conner Stimson to four years in prison. This POS rapist also has to provide a DNA sample, not own or possess weapons for 10 years and be registered as a sex offender for 20 years after his release.

I hope that Nigel Conner Stimson spends all four years in prison, and I truly hope that when he gets out he will do as his victim asked and get help. He’s all of 19 and off to such a notable start in life.

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12 Responses to Nigel Conner Stimson

  1. Kimber says:

    Four whole years, huh? Welcome to Canada!!

  2. Mindy says:

    I’m sorry, but having an extensive history with (and knowledge of) both alcoholism and medicine in general, I find it highly unlikely that this man could have consumed enough alcohol to black out and complete two full rapes without serious erectile dysfunction. What a pathetic excuse. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions – if a few flimsy inhibitions are all that are holding you back from committing a brutal attack and rape on an innocent victim, there is a LOT more going on than alcoholism.

    • Cleo says:

      Thanks, Mindy for your input. It confirms in my mind that his actions are less the result of drunkeness and more the result of his brutal animalistic nature.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        The truth is cleo, we will be probably reading about mr stimpson in the future, i don’t believe his actions are driven by alcohol, they are driven by the need to over power a victim and exert control and instill fear.

        • jesus lives says:

          Nigel was a good guy he came to me and my dad for help and he led away from the cross but he was a great guy

  3. Tiffany says:

    I just don’t understand Canada’s justice system. 4 years for ruining this poor lady’s life forever. I can only hope that he meets a new wifey in prison.

    Cleo, check your e-mail.

  4. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    I am THAT girl he raped and almost killed that night …and instead of getting better and getting the help he needed…he took the easy way out and I was just informed that he ran away from jail…and is now dead…I am sure he found the closet tree and hung himself….and now..i am dead inside too….

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Jennifer, i’m sorry you went thru such a horrendous ordeal, you shouldn’t feel dead inside, your amazing and a survivor. I don’t know if you’ve had councilling after what happened but it may help, i know what its like as i was raped a long time ago. Remember your a survivor.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It seems Canada has more an InJustice System over Rape

    Rape is a Terrible Thing and it should be Punished by the
    Death Penalty

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    That Monster is a Creep

  7. Jim says:

    I know him and he has an extreme case of fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He has been living on the streets since he was like 14. I would see him huffing paint. He was raised in a life of abuse and extreme alcoholism.
    He should of had a care worker since he was young but the government. But the government won’t fund people with FAS. He had a really bad case of FAS

  8. Jim says:

    I know him and he has an extreme case of fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He has been living on the streets since he was like 14. I would see him huffing paint. He was raised in a life of abuse and extreme alcoholism.
    He should of had a care worker since he was young. But the government won’t fund people with FAS. He had a really bad case of FAS

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