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Crime: Animal Cruelty

Nicole Friedman Hulbig of Tennessee, USA, has a whole lot of legal woes coming up involving embezzlement. What I’m concerned about are her past encounters with justice, which IMO don’t constitute justice at all.

Nicole Hulbig was the founder of Raja Renata Ranch Service Dogs (RRR) rescue of Clarksville, and claimed to rescue dogs and train them as service pets. Very noble, very worthy, if only it were true.

In June 2014, two crates with 4 decomposing puppies were found in the rented Clarksville home she shared with her husband, Eric Hulbig. Dead puppies in her home! That means that either the puppies died and neither she nor Eric Hulbig minded living with the corpses, or else the hellbitch and her hellbeastly husband had moved out, leaving 4 puppies locked up untended in the crates with no food or water.

I’m guessing the 4 puppies died of the same thing — starvation and dehydration or physical abuse. Whichever way, those poor creatures suffered horrible, excruciating deaths. It’s enough to make my blood boil.

Nicole Friedman Hulbig and Eric Hulbig were charged with 4 counts of animal cruelty. But that’s not the end of it.

Nicole Hulbig had made the claim that she was training rescue dogs for soldiers with PTSD and children with disabilities. This training was supposedly taking place at her mother’s property in Sumner County. This led the authorities in Clarksville to contact the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office and request they check out the property. Dead dogs in Clarksville might mean dead dogs in Sumner County.

Tragically, the police did find dead dogs. Bags of them. In fact there were 37 bags of dog remains. I’ll let that soak in. There were AT LEAST 37 dead dogs found in bags on Nicole Hulbig’s mother’s property.

The remains were too decomposed to determine how they died, so the hellbitch couldn’t be charged with their deaths.

Police also discovered 39 live dogs sharing a feces-filled barn on the property. The poor creatures were living in deplorable conditions, and some were in horrible shape. Twelve of them were downright emaciated. The cages they were kept in were too small for them to even stand up or turn around. Thank goodness those dogs were rescued from the certain death they were facing.

Nicole Hulbig claimed to have no knowledge of dead dogs, that she’d been on bed rest with her pregnancy and her mother was supposed to take care of them. That’s right — she blamed her mother.

Nicole Hulbig was charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty in Sumner County Criminal Court. In July 2015 she pled guilty to all 12 charges, and she was sentenced to …. drumroll please … 15 days in jail!

Fifteen days. That is a piss poor sentence, IMO. She was also handed 12 years of probation, but so what? How is 15 days in jail a deterrent? IT ISN’T! It isn’t justice either.

The court did ban her from having any animals for the rest of her life. She also had to pay $2000 to the Humane Society and the Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance. That’s small consolation considering the sheer cruelty and heartless, evil manner in which she treated those poor dogs.

So did the hellbitch and her husband get justice in Clarksville for the 4 dead puppies? In September 2015, Nicole Hulbig pled guilty to 4 counts of animal cruelty and was sentenced to … drumroll please … 2 days in jail! Oh, and 3 years probation.

I should clarify. Nicole Hulbig was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in jail but that was suspended to probation except for 2 days.

Eric Hulbig

Eric Hulbig

Eric Hulbig pled guilty to 4 counts of animal cruelty, but the court didn’t record his guilty plea. He was placed in post-trial diversion which means if he stays out of trouble for 3 whole years his charges will be expunged.

WTF is going on in Tennessee? Obviously the courts there rank animals on par with trash. There is no consideration apparently for the total suffering that those dogs endured before they died. There is no consideration that they felt pain and fear and desperation for maybe weeks on end.

Two days in jail. That’s half a day for each puppy the hellbitch killed. That’s beyond pathetic, and it’s not justice, IMO.

So you all might be wondering why a dog hating hellbitch like Nicole Hulbig had at least 80 dogs in her possession. Why would a dog killing beast like Nicole Hulbig create the RRR Service Dogs rescue? The answer is: MONEY!

See, people donated lots of money to her “dog rescue” because they thought it was a good cause. Between January 2013 and April 2014, RRR Service Dogs received more than $92,000!

But hardly any (probably none) of the donated money wound up caring for or training the dogs — hence the starving and dead animals. Nicole Hulbig is currently facing charges of stealing more than $10,000 from the RRR Service Dogs rescue. She apparently used the money to buy stuff for herself.

The tragic thing is that people not only donated money to her organization, they also sent her their dogs for training. Many of these people want to know what happened to their dogs. Nicole Hulbig has refused to tell them if their dogs died, or if they’d been placed in new homes.

I know there are good-hearted people in Tennessee. The fact that so many donated so much to a dog rescue is proof of that. It’s too bad that the courts in Tennessee aren’t sympathetic to animals.

Nicole Hulbig deserves to face the wrath of dog and animal lovers across America. She calculatedly created a “dog rescue” solely to get donations, and cold-bloodedly let the dogs suffer and die. She is a heartless, soulless hellbeast.

Eric Hulbig, at the very least, KNEW his wife was neglecting/mistreating 4 puppies. He did nothing to save them. He deserves more than what the court handed him.

I gather the couple have children, so I truly hope that the community and the authorities are watching them closely. Anyone who is heartless enough to allow animals to suffer and die should not be trusted with children.

I wish Nicole Friedman Hulbig a taste of real justice in her upcoming trial for theft. I shall keep fingers crossed that she’s sent to prison for years.

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14 Responses to Nicole Friedman Hulbig

  1. Alex says:

    The dogs were subjected to something worse than prison. At least in prison, you’re fed and watered. It’s a shame, when in this world, victims suffer more than the perpetrators do after sentencing.

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Villains seem to have More ” Rights ” than Victims in the West

    That has to be at least 2 Cases recently in USA and UK where Sadistic Cruelty to Animals the Scumbags Responsible the ” Justice ” has been a Parody of the Word

    I see why I can see it is the Degenerate West

    The Death Penalty for Animal Cruelty like this and other Cases is True
    Justice anyone Else Condones what Happens

    In many US States there is the Death Penalty for Murder , In the UK
    under ” European Human Rights ” Murderers Get Away with Murder

  3. Moodymagic says:

    These poor puppies lack of justice makes me sick.

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Agree

    The Sentence is an Outrage like the Cruelty Inflicted upon these

  5. bulldoggy says:

    If I left my dog with this bitch for training and she couldn’t prove he was alive and well, she’d likely wind up in plastic bags herself at the dump. She was responsible for all those dogs dying and got the lightest sentences. I hope the people of Tennessee rise up and make it known that they want justice for their animals. And then I hope these two Hulbigs are run out of the state.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Too right bulldoggy, people of tennese should whoop these two cunts to kingdom come. And i’ll tell you why they’re grinning in the mugshots, its because they pocketed $92.000 for torturing all those animals, these two pleb’s need to be locked in a cage and left to suffer until they’re dead, cos lets face it the laws have let those poor dogs down. I truly hope that justice is served by beating the shit out of the grinning cunts.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed .

    Getting $92,000 for ILL Treating Animals is like Crime Pays which it
    does for too many Politicians

    In the UK they probably would of had some Liberal speak up for their
    ” European Human Rights “

  7. dogPAC says:

    They are guilty of tax fraud–the same kinda thing that finally did in Al Capone! Plus whatever local and state laws were violated, vis-a-vis taxable income.

    If they had 501C3 status ( which I doubt) they definitely defrauded the US Gov’t. IRS can definitely bite back and hang on like a bulldog–

    There must be an dog-lover or 2 at the IRS? Tennessee revenooers?

    If we can’t get some justice on the prima facie crime–let’s go for where we can see some extra sentencing–and more exposure.

    Also, see some consumer fraud and failure to act in good faith violation of implied contract–all kindsa stuff…

    Anybody here from The Volunteer State?

    Maybe put a bug in the ear of officials who treat their dogs decently–and could use some good PR!

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed dogPAC

  9. Billybob says:

    She is scum but i bet shes got some good pooter…mmm i wouldnt mind hitting that

  10. Miley Ray says:

    No it’s who she slept with to get off like this

  11. O.D.I. says:

    I hope she gets torn apart by a pack of dogs. (but nobody should see it otherwise the dogs will be put down)It’s ironic, when humans abuse and kill dogs/animals they get 2 – 15 days in jail, if an animal bites/attack humans they get put down (even when it’s the human’s fault)

    • Bengalpuss says:

      ODI, its true what you say, if it was a dog biting a human the dog would be put down, but these cunts get a slap on the wrist, sickening it is.

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Any Decent Person Knows Animal Cruelty and Abuse is Un Acceptable

    I Find it Sickening that Apparently in the Peoples Republic of China
    some Arsehole was Running a Dog Brothel ie Bestiality

    This is Totally Evil

    Probably in the Degenerated West some Liberal Do Gooder would Try to Condone this Evil …..It Cannot

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