Nicola Tedder

Hellbeast Nicola Tedder
Crime: Child Abuse

Nicola Tedder, 32, of Haslemere, Surrey, is a cruel, sadistic bitch. And she’s going to pay for it. She has just been sentenced to 7 years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm with intent and child cruelty.

Nicola hellbitch Tedder’s victim is a little boy. His identity has not been revealed. He is now 8 years old. For some reason known only to the monster abuser, she began a campaign of torture against this little guy and could easily have killed him.

The suffering that the boy went through is incalculable really. The sadistic bitch Nicola Tedder got quite creative and was always brutal in her punishments and assaults on him.

Among the cruelties that were inflicted on the boy were incidents of her hitting him on the head with kitchen utensils and rubbing his face in his own faeces. How could anyone do that to a child?

And there was more. Nicola the hellbitch Tedder held the boy’s little feet against a hot radiator until they burned. Can you imagine? Burning the boy’s feet on purpose? What pain he must have felt!

And there was more. She also pushed and held him under water in the tub. She choked him with her hands around his throat. He could have died!

The hellbeast Nicola Tedder even poked her fingers into the little boy’s eyes, injuring his eyeballs. He could have been blinded!

WTF is wrong with that woman? She is sick and twisted to say the least!

Staff at the boy’s school had become concerned about the cuts and bruises the child was showing. He was “walking like an old man” noted one school employee. Maybe it was because of his burnt feet.

I can’t imagine what life was like for the boy, never knowing when he went home if the bitch was going to torture him that day, or even kill him. It must have been a life of terror for him, a life that would leave terrible psychological scars on anyone that had to go through it.

Hellbeast Nicola TedderAnd then it got worse. Nicola Tedder, the dumpy disgusting dipshit jumped on the little boy’s stomach. Look at the size of her! She jumped on the child’s stomach! Maybe she was trying to kill him then because she certainly did serious damage to the child.

The boy was rushed to the Royal Surrey County Hospital with excruciating tummy pain. The hellbitch had torn his colon when she jumped on him.

The boy was sent to St. George’s Hospital, Tooting, for specialist treatment. His life was saved in more ways than one. The perforated bowel was repaired, yes, and the sadistic bitch was arrested. Thank gawd!

Nicola Tedder maintained to authorities and to the court that the boy was clumsy. He had injured himself, she insisted. Riiight.

Judge Michael Addison of Guildford Crown Court didn’t buy it. “You deliberately jumped on his stomach. This caused very serious injuries.”

Yay Judge Addison!

The judge pondered the hellbitch’s motivation and said, “You may have a short temper or a cruel disposition.”

How about she’s a sadistic psychopath who gets her kicks out of torturing her boy? How about she’s a heartless hellbeast who blames and punishes the boy for everything wrong in her pathetic loser life? That’s my guess.

The defense attorney, Andrew Turton, reminded the court that his client had never been in trouble with the law before. Meaning she hadn’t been caught before.

“These incidents took place against a background of stress,” Mr. Turton said.

Yeah, like the boy didn’t have stress too! In fact I’d bet $10,000 that that boy had more stress living with Nicola Tedder than she had living with him! She at least didn’t have the stress of wondering if and how she was going to be tortured every day.

After a 5-week trial Nicola the sadistic bitch Tedder was convicted of 4 offences of assault causing actual bodily harm and 1 of child cruelty.

On September 13, 2012 the monstrous creature was sentenced to 7 years in prison. She’ll be all of 39 when she gets out, assuming she serves the entire term. That’s still young enough to inflict a lot of cruelty on more victims.

I hope that the little boy gets a lot of love and care and treatment to help him overcome the months and years of torture he’d been put through. Bless his little heart.

And I hope that in the next few years Nicola Tedder will manage to grow a heart and a soul and become a decent human being. It’s a tall order, I know, for a hellbitch like her, but for the sake of all potential victims out there I hope it happens.

And if she can’t become a normal, compassionate, caring creature then Nicola Tedder can just rot in hell.

Daily Mail article
UK Paedos Exposed article

60 Responses to Nicola Tedder

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    She won.t serve the full sentence, she’ll serve half. When she jumped on her own sons stomach she was wearing flip flops, and the child in evidence said that it was both feet that she jumped on him with. That fat cunt could of killed him by jumping on him. In fact i don.t know how the kid survived a fat bastard jumping on him. Child abuse is wicked no matter who does it, but this child was her own flesh and blood. In glad the little guy has been placed with his fathers family, who love him and cherish him. He’s apparently said he never wants to see his mum again. I don.t blame him.

  2. Shannon says:

    7 years. 7 years????? WTF? When are the courts going to start taking this stuff seriously?

  3. 2cute says:

    This makes me want to cry. That poor child. With parents like that I cannot imagine the trauma he was put through.

  4. moodymagic says:

    Cleo you it the mark with another good article. She deserves to burn in hell but even hell is to could. Suffering needs to be long and painful. Bengalpuss thanks for the insite about the poor child’s dipshit father. Both need to suffer.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Now I have an urge to jump up and down on that bitch repeatedly. She must have been trying to kill her boy but probably wondered at the last minute how she could explain his injuries if he died. That poor kid I hope he understands that it is not his fault. The bitch is a fucking loon.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      What gets me bulldoggy, is how can a mother do that to the child she gave birth to. That poor little guy will be thinking “What did i do wrong for my mom to beat me like that” I don.t give a fuck what that child did or didn.t do, nothing justifies a mother to beat her child, or any child like that. I’ll admit i once smacked my daughter on the top of her leg, she was being cheeky and speaking to me like an idiot. Anyway when i smacked her and she burst into tears, my heart broke, and from that day on i swore i’d never raise another finger to any of my kids and i haven’t. So when i read this last week i was sickened. Its been in all the newspapers, and the disgust that people think about her is high. I think it was the fact that she blamed the boy for being clumsy. Her barrister actually said “I can.t say anything in Mitigation, because she’s saying that she didn.t do it” She’ll be going to holloway women’s prison, and she’ll have to be kept on a vulnerable prisoner wing. She can.t be protected 24hrs a day.

    • faith Richardson says:

      hi. firstly I would like 2 say just a few words 2 the mother fucker that wrote this. thnx for making me cry my fucking eyes out and secondly that’s my fucking mother your talking about. I swear 2 god you call her anything like that again I will come all the way 2 your fucking office and personally deck you so fucking hard your granchildren will feel it. is that ok with you coz if it’s not then we r going 2 have problems. and thirdly get your fucking facts right. my mum didn’t poke his eyes with her fingers he did it 2 himself coz he hated life so much. also she never in her entire life rubbed shit or piss on his face. so there you go and I think I would know alot more than you or anyone else coz I fucking lived there. I saw pretty much every thing and more. so just go fuck your self. and finally my mum is a decent human being thank you very much she just has alot of problems like other NORMAL people. so yeah if I where you I would keep your fucking gob shut about my mother.

      • awesomeblossom says:

        I can’t resist even though I should. OK Faith Richardson, so your mother has problems like normal people only normal people don’t react to their problems by burning little boys’ feet, by hitting little boys on the head, by JUMPING on little boys’ tummies and tearing their bowels! Only freaking ABNORMAL indecent subhumans do that! I’m not even mentioning the crap in the face or the eyeball poking which you dispute.

        So now find me at my office and personally deck me which will be fun because you don’t even freaking know what country I’m in! Grow up already and stop defending the indefensible!

      • Truth says:

        Faith you know as well as everyone else who was involved with your family that your mum did all of this.

      • Nj says:

        So why did she lie about why she was inside? If she was so innocent?

  6. Trace says:

    The bitch is damned fugly and evil, inside and out. Hopefully a good stint in prison will make her more fugly so she won’t be bred again to create more victims. Anyone who can stomp and burn a little child is capable of most any evil. Heartless she is, and she should be deprived of having any more children.

  7. Blackie78 says:

    If only you all knew the truth. It makes me so sad and angry how an entire families life can be ripped apart because of incapability and total injustice. You all mindlessly jump on the the bandwagon without being in control of any of the facts, just what has been alleged in the news. FYI just because it is in the paper (or indeed in court) does not mean it is true!! Oh and it would be great if people could write properly “bent cooper” idiot.
    The truth will out one day and then you can all eat your words

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    The truth will out, she’s a child abusing fat bastard, read the court transcript’s anybody can. Do you think she’s gonna stick her hand’s up and go ok it was me, is she fuck. Do you know why because cunts like her get a good beating in jail they can.t stand child abusers. This cunt is a beast plain and simple. I know what im talking about love i happen to live in the same country as this cunt, and it sicken’s me to know i breath the same air as this piece of crap. Who happen’s to blame an 8yr old by of rupturing his own colon. And just because Lucy miss spelt copper, doesn’t make her an idiot, an idiot is someone like you that sticks up for pieces of shit like nicola tedder. How evil to do what she did to that little boy. Even in court a doctor said that “I’ve only seen injuries like this from a karate kick. Funny really that boy was abused but none of her kids’s were. You get your facts straight. Even her own barrister said i have no mitigation as she’s denying she hurt the child. Invisible assailant again

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    I know bulldoggy, slack twat, if Blackie78, wants to defend beasts like this then get your facts straight before you comment. I wonder if Blackie78, thinks its ok to beat an 8yr old child, otherwise why would you defend a malicious narcissistic fuck like nicola tedder. We are all entitled to our opinion, but i think blackie78’s is full of shit. This fucker burnt that boys feet on a piping hot radiator, strangled him, tried to drown him, rubbed his face into his own shit, which he probably did out of fear and then jumped onto his stomach. Have you seen the size of the fat bastard, im suprised the kids still alive with having that fat bitch jumping onto him with both feet wearing flip flops, good job she wasn.t wearing heels cos we’d be reading about a murder. Mind you she couldn’t wear heels, with her weight she’d fucking snap em lol. Anyway i’ve decided blackie78 is a troll come on here to wind us up.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Agreed bengalpuss and I got good and wound up too. There are 2 choices — the fat fugly broad did it or the boy did it, and there is no way a child would burn his own feet and rip his own colon. Stupid idiot that troll. Thanks for answering first sparing me an aneurism from blowing my top.

  10. Blackie78 says:

    Ha! I am certainly not a troll and i also live in the same country! I know these people personally and stand by what i said yesterday. Keyboard warriors make me sick. If you care so much why not put your passion to good use and make a constructive difference in life? I KNOW the facts, you just think you do

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    I like it she was mistaken for a man lol. Blackie78, its the keyboard crusade, when you say do something to make a difference we are, we’re making sure everyone knows what a cunt and child abuser nicola fat cunt tedder is, and then people will keep their children away from this beast. People like you that stick up for fuckups like this make me sick. You believe the child burnt his own feet and ruptured his colon, what planet are you on. Sort your head out blackie78, get a life, oh your a troll thats your life lol.

    • JOHNSTON says:

      It could be that Blackie78 knows for a fact that Nicola Tedder didn’t injure the baby. We can all agree that the child didn’t do it to itself, so either Blackie78 did it as they know the defendant personally, or they know who did and is protecting them? But I dont think they’re protecting anyone and it was Blackie78 thats a vile child abusing nonce

      • bengalpuss says:

        Johnston, you’ve gotta be british using the word nonce lol, blackie78’s an arseole and i got into this shit with him/Her/It, a few weeks ago. Sticking up for that fat cunt tedder, who was found guilty at Guildford crown court by a jury of her peers. Now you may have touched upon something there johnston, maybe blackie78 did it, seen as fat bitch tedder didn.t do it, and waste of space father didn.t do it, and we can obviously rule out the boy didn.t rupture his own colon, burn his feet, strangle and drown himself. So that my friend leaves good ole blackie78. Wonder if blackie is a child abusing nonce. but then we’ve got the boy saying fatty tedder jumped on him with a pair of flip flops. i’ve said this before that he’s lucky she didn.t have heels on, or that boy would’ve been a gonna for sure. anyway she or blackie78 or his dad can.t hurt him anymore, the evil bunch of noncing bastards.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    Damn straight char. Bulldoggy this idiot is from the support the abuser crusade. No matter what we say she’ll still stick up for the cunt, while hiding behind her non de plume, i don.t, i live in leeds united kingdom my name is susan pannu, and i think that nicola tedder is a child abusing fat cunt, god at times like this i wish we had the death penalty.

  13. pilgrim says:

    You all have no idea what you are talking about, another Swedish woman gets 5yrs for manslaughter and out after 2 1/2 yrs. Your justice system sucks. Bunch of morons

    • 2cute says:

      I have no idea what YOU are talking about Pilgrim. What does a Swedish woman’s sentence have to do with anything? How does that relate to Nicola Tedder’s case? Have you taken your meds today Pilgrim?

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        2cute, obviously the lunatic asylum is missing one of their in patients, better ring em just in case we get another crazy, make no sense comment, doh! As homer simpson would say lol.

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    Oh fuck 2cute, this is ridiculous. They obviously don.t know pilgrim is missing. I feel really sorry for pilgrim obviously lost and in a confused state of mind, poor love. Being serious now 2cute, either pilgrim is an arseole, a troll, a spammer or someone that sticks up for sadistic cunts like this. Wonder if pilgrim thinks its acceptable to beat a child by jumping on him, burning his feet, rubbing his face in shit, drowning and strangle him, and hit him on the head with kitchen implements. And jumping on the boys stomach, resulted in his colon being.Ruptured. Pilgrim your a slack twat. Don.t you think the victim deserves your pity, rather some jumped up fucking child beater.

  15. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, pilgrim did a bungey jump, but they forgot to tie the bungey rope to the crane, hence, severe head injuries. That explains the confused state, of pilgrim getting the victim and the fat bastard, bullying, child beater and abuser mixed up. Otherwise pilgrim must think that, thats normal behavior. Hope pilgrim doesn’t have any children, i would start getting very concerned. But i’ll stick to my original theory, that Pilgrim is an escaped lunatic from the asylum. Must be to think nicola tedder is being demonised. What will pilgrim say next, that ted bundy was innocent and he was railroaded by the police and courts lol.

  16. bulldoggy says:

    Pilgrim should meet up with Deborah Point supporters so they can all share their delusions at a Come as Your Favourite Fruitcake party.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Pilgrim, blackie78 and debra point supporters, should all be put in a rocket and sent into space because lets face it, people like them should be removed from this earth, with the fucking scumbag’s they support. It’d be a different story if it was one of their own family members became a victim of one of those cunts, that these delusional people support.

  17. pilgrim says:

    Here in Texas Tedder would have been in for life for attempted murder, all you shitholes in the UK do not know Justice. You all obviously are a bunch of unemployed retards, 7 yrs for assault give me a fucking break.

    • 2cute says:

      Pilgrim, you had me baffled. You had sounded like you supported Nicola Tedder but I am glad you think she got off too easy. I think that too. But I still don’t know what that Swedish killer has to do with British justice. I agree that she got off way, way too easy. But before we congratulate Americans on their justice system, let’s spare a thought for Caylee Anthony. Not much justice there.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Char, calm down before you blow A fuse. Of course its a lie, but for some reason don.t know why, there will always be people that defend these pieces of shit. Either blatantly or in a subtle way drop little lies, hoping we believe their drivel. Well i don.t and probably most of this blog don.t either.

  18. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute, im traumatised, pilgrim thinks im a shithole, because im british. I won’t be able to sleep or carry on with my life knowing that pilgrim doesn’t like me. Yes right pilgrim come down of your cloud and make some fucking sense. Where the fuck did a swedish killer emerge from? Me and 2cute and probably a few others will be scratching their heads in bemusement. We’re talking about child abuse, where ever your getting your drugs from, i’d stop he’s obviously cutting it with some mind altering drug, cos your still commenting from 3 months ago, thats how slow your brain is. Did you see what i did there pilgrim i picked up your insults and turned them back onto yourself, without even swearing. Don.t insult english people because it has a few idiots. If were going there, look at fucking texas they still think they’re in the wild west, all thats missing is the Poncho.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Aww bengal baby (pat, pat, pat) you’re not a shithole. That meanie who insulted you doesn’t know you like we do. (pat, pat, pat) Charlie likes you, I like you, and Tyke loves you, so you just ignore that meanie. Your friends here don’t hold your Britishness against you. (hug) There, all better now?

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Thankyou mr bulldoggy, i feel better now for all those hugs. That pilgrim is a meanie bad person, she/He made me cwy wot’s lol.

  19. pilgrim says:

    Stupid assholes if it was not for us helping you out in 2 world wars you would all be talking fucking German. The Swedish woman charged in manslaughter was sentenced by the same fucking judge.

  20. bengalpuss29 says:

    Pilgrim, your starting to make a cunt of yourself and i’ll explain why. This blog isn.t british, fuckup no 1. Fuckup no2 you may have helped the british in 2 wars, but wasn.t it the american’s that did biological experiments on their own troops. This blog and the majority of the commenting public are actually america so in effect your calling yourself a stupid arseole. just to correct some thing cleo is canadian, sorry cleo, for saying you was a yank. anyway who gives a fuck if you think we are all stupid arseole’s. we are not the ones making dumb arse comments. go crawl back under your rock pilgrim. oh and one more thing, you’ve helped the british in two wars, thats all your country seem to do is go to war is that there selling point. your country happens to be one of the most corrupt countrie’s in the world. anyway a lot of my friends on this blog are american, and i feel bad for saying that, so im gonna class you as the shit on my shoe that i’ve just scraped off, bye bye.

    • cleo says:

      Pilgrim has issues, I think. A troll, maybe, just blathering on to make trouble. Best not to engage. I shall try to catch the more bizarre insulting pronouncements.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        I know cleo, but actually i quite like replying to his/her comments and making a cunt out of Him/Her. You are right they seem to get off on your reaction, but this happen’s to be the thickest troll i’ve come across. I just can’t help myself lol.

  21. confused says:

    Ok firstly, I can’t argue definitively that he knew or didn’t know. Because I work on facts, evidence, and truths. There are so many people on this site including you that say things as fact when they aren’t and that isn’t fair, legal or right.

    I can all tell that you really care about these cases Puss, and its to be commended- not enough people care to go to these lengths. But we have to only comment on things we KNOW, on evidence we have uncovered, not hearsay, or opinions, or what people above have said otherwise it’s easy to come across as a swearing, gossiping ignorant keyboard moron (see Pilgrim and others). So I have my opinion but I won’t say things as fact until i research things properly, that is dangerous and can detract from what this site is trying to do imo.

    My opinion, for the record, is that it is entirely possible that she kept it a secret. Hellbeasts thrive on the secret mentality- keep this to yourself and I will buy you x,y,z or tell someone and I will do x,y,z. This whole site is filled with insane evil people that abuse their power over children and defenseless animals and its very common!
    The fact that he was the only one abused, leads us to presume that everyone else, him, the other children, her family, the neighbours saw her as we all see our mums, spouses and relatives and just loved her. These people are evil and above our level of comprehension and we just can’t wrap our heads around what they do! No one goes about trying to marry someone evil either and have this done and I am sure Peter is having to live with this knowledge till the day he dies just like other parents of victims that trusted that uncle, or that baby sitter or believed that an injury came from a sibling or a clumsy child. And don’t assume it won’t happen to you Puss- these evil manipulators are everywhere and it could easily happen to your family unfortunately.

    BUt that is all my OPINION. THIS IS NOT FACT and I am only going on what I know for sure and that is what others should do too. Baring in mind that the court heard so much evidence for months on end, and as far as I can see, they didn’t sentence him, we should be careful on what is said. Don’t listen to what was said on another site (you posted on another site last week puss and posted the ‘information’ from here wrong over there- ultimate chinese whipsers!) or what was said in a previous comment and just concentrate on what we know is truth and what Nicola Tedder did.

  22. Harry says:

    I know yr not a liar bengalpuss. I know FACT that he went to prison for six months and he was a pcso, isn’t funny how none of it is mentioned in any story about this guy. Just look on the Guildford crown court law pages. Everyone will find that they are both on there! What a cover-up!! He also got charged with child neglect I think. Poor kids!!! He got sacked btw! :-) Police obviously don’t want it getting out!!!

  23. kathryn says:

    Bengalpuss , please ignore the rude, ignorant comments in this thread. Evil is all over the world not just in our home country. We all stand together on this site in our disgust of “Hell Beasts”. Cleo does a fantastic job bringing these demonic creatures to the attention of the World.

    The majority of comments in this thread are by obvious trolls or possibly even the same one changing identity.

    We know who regularly posts and who cares about the innocent victims.


    Much love to you all even the trolls x

  24. bengalpuss says:

    Kathryn i know i shouldn’t rise to it, but sometimes i really get annoyed with idiots defending pieces of crap like this. Sometimes i need to let a little bit of steam off. That rant that i just did was like a boiling kettle lol, felt better afterwards as well.

  25. Blackie78 says:

    Lmfao………. Fuck wits!!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Lmfao……….Fuck wits. Coming from the fuckwit, that supports a child abusing fuckwit. You call us on this site names blackie78, but you do keep coming back to it., what a “Fuckwit” Thing to do. And finally i’ve figured out what the number “78” Is all about, its your I.Q isn.t it. Duh!

  26. bengalpuss says:

    Oh dear, blackie78 you’ve missed your monthly injection at your local mental health facility. But don.t worry we all understand, and urge you not to stop taking your anti psychotic medication, otherwise you’ll end up confused and go on websites where you think were all “Fuckwits” Me personally, if i came across a site where other peoples comments i thought were drivel and stupid, i would avoid that site. But for some reason blackie78 you seem to like to come and read all the “Fuckwits” Comments. I think instead of visiting us fuckwits, you’d get more of a welcome visiting child abuser Extrordinare Nicola “Fat Fuck” tedder, seen as your the only member of her fanclub LMFAO, as you like to say. Now hurry along to get your monthly jab, and visit that wicked evil woman that can only beat children. Theres an old saying blackie78 “If you lay down with dogs long enough, eventually you’ll catch the fleas” Meaning that you stick up for this piece of garbage, then you must be as bad as her.

  27. bengalpuss says:

    Its on here cleo that comment waiting for moderation.

  28. bengalpuss says:

    Its a comment on nicola tedder thats been waiting to get moderated for 2 weeks

  29. bengalpuss says:

    Having problems with my email lately, sorry, my brother he’s the computer whiz in the family so he’s calling sunday to sort it out for me. Failing that i’ll have to get a new account.

  30. faith Richardson says:

    you do realise that this woman is my fucking mother. I swear to god I am going to kill the next person who takes the piss about her. she has problems we all do just stop calling her things……. alright. and why don’t you try getting your facts right coz only half of the things your acusing my mum of are true. and any way my mum is a human being and she will not rot in hell. and luckily 4 you she has been given an extra 3 years she has now got 10. so big fucking woop

  31. Blackie78 says:

    Well said Faith. Much love to you all sweetheart x x

  32. BENGALPUSS says:

    We all have problems, but we don’t take them out on young children. glad to hear her sentence was increased, but either way she isn’t a threat to me, just children in general, and look who has crawled out of the woodwork, blackie 78 with his sympathetic views on people who abuse children, nicola dumb arse tedder should of been given life in my opinion, but we all can’t get our own way now can we. oh and actually it goes to show how heinous your mothers[and i use that term loosely] crime was for her to have the sentence increased, hearing that news has made my day, and i empathise with you for having a poor excuse as a mother.

  33. BENGALPUSS says:

    I definitely couldn’t resist awesome, the kid poked his own eyes lol, which office do you think your coming too to kick my arse? i can see that your mothers parenting skills have rubbed off nicely on you, i’m sorry for that, but still your mother is a child beating cunt that wouldn’t last 2mins with me hun, physically or verbally. bengalpuss office signing off for now.

  34. LawyerChick says:

    Wow, there were a lot of trolls in this comment thread! Interesting to read.

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