Nicola Fox

Nicola Fox, sex assault on 13-year-old  Credit: BPM MEDIA

Crimes: Pedophile, Rape.

Sexual predators, especially pedophiles, can look like anyone — a teacher, a daycare worker, a parent, a coach. If life were fair, they should come with a giant birthmark on their foreheads in the shape of “P” for pervert. But life isn’t fair, and mostly we must wait for sexual predators to be caught after they’ve committed their disgusting crimes.

Nicola Fox, 34, of Boulevard, west Hull, UK, is a pedophile. I shan’t comment upon her appearance, but I will say it is doubtful that she’s what young boys envision for their first sexual encounter. Unfortunately for one young lad, she forced herself on him to be his first.

Nicola Fox invited a 13-year-old boy into her home for a “chat”. The polite young man acquiesced, but as soon as he entered he was in trouble. The hellbitch closed her curtains and then pulled him onto her bed. The boy immediately stood up and tried to leave, but she slammed the door, pushed a table against it, and wrestled him onto the bed again. She used her weight to pin him to the bed.

The boy, who was taught to never hit a woman, tried to extricate himself without force but failed. Despite the boy protesting and crying, Nicola Fox, now stripped from the waist down, held the boy’s hands over his head and forced him to have sex. As the boy, in tears, repeatedly told her to stop and to get off, his rapist got annoyed and aggressive. This sexual assault wasn’t in any way a seduction, it was rape.

The horrible episode lasted about ten minutes, which I’m sure felt like hours to the victim. He was allowed to leave so he went home and showered. He believed Nicola Fox when she told him that nobody would believe him, that she’d tell everyone that he wanted sex with her.

The pedophile even sent the boy a message on social media warning him that if he told anyone, she’d say he consented.

As a consequence of the attack, the boy has lost confidence and sadly become socially isolated. He’s afraid of future relationships. The poor kid. But kudos to him, he did find the courage to tell about the rape. Good for him! That kind of courage will hopefully help him overcome any and all effects of the degrading assault. I wish that boy all the best.

Nicola Fox was hauled in for a police interview. She declined to answer their questions initially. Eventually she admitted her assault on the child — her first admitted crime.

In court, his attorney, Dale Brook, said, “It is difficult to understand or believe that her first conviction can be for such a serious offence …. Perhaps the only obvious explanation for it is … that she was suffering from profound mental health problems at the time.”

Nicola Fox claimed that she’d started hearing voices in her head. Too bad for her, she neglected to say that the voices had urged her to rape the boy.

On September 8, 2017, Recorder Richard Woolfall sentenced Nicola Fox to 4 years in prison. She must register as a sex offender, plus she has an indefinite sexual harm prevention order against her.

Nicola Fox was reportedly unrepentant as she sat in the dock. I’m hoping she’ll be feeling remorse before her time is up.

nicola foxI personally would have liked to see a much longer sentence (like life in prison), but all I can do is name and shame this female pedophile so that she won’t be allowed into other situations with young boys.

I certainly hope that Nicola Fox will learn a lesson from her incarceration — a lesson to leave her grubby, grabby paws off of children. Unhappily, most pedo pervs learn only to hide their activities better. I don’t believe there is a cure, medical or psychological, for pedophiles, but hopefully this child raper will curb her sick sexual appetites from now on. In case she doesn’t, then hopefully the people of Hull will chase her fat ass away from their kids.

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18 Responses to Nicola Fox

  1. Tom Daly says:

    Omg! I hope this poor boy gets all the help he needs to get over this horrifying incident. As for this hag, I hope she dies old and alone and hated!

  2. Timmsy says:

    CLeo, thank you for the time and effort you expend to expose the grubby truths of these human/demon hybrids.
    Your work is A class and the benefits of your expose’is far reaching and much appreciated. Rock on!!

  3. Moodymagic says:

    You are one sick pedo Fox. I truly hope this poor young man gets all the help he needs to get beyond this sick monster to lead the beautiful life he deserves.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    You are right Cleo when you say that this bitch isn’t the kind of female boys dream of as their first sexual experience. Mine was a cute girl my age. I sure as hell didn’t dream of a fat old broad with facial hair like this pedo. I sure hope the boy recovers and learns that not all women are evil like Nicola Fox.

  5. Pinkorange says:

    No one deserves for thier “first time” to be like that

  6. Susan Ducasse says:

    Whilst it cannot be denied that this is a very unfortunate specimen of womanhood, I feel it should be noted that, even had she been a veritable venus of a female, rape of a child is never ok. I hope the poor lad can overcome this horrible event.

  7. Jeni C says:

    Cleo, we, your faithful readers are so grateful for the work you put into this website. I can’t imagine the horrific things you find when you are researching these acts of evil. To know that human beings are capable of such evil, is really unsettling. Don’t worry, your readers totally understand that you need a break from these kinds of atrocities. Especially the stories that involve children. You are doing a great job, and we all know you much deserved break! Keep up the amazing work!

  8. AngryLittleMexican says:

    I have a 12 year old son…..4 yrs? She not only raped this boy, she prevented him from leaving, coerced him into her home, and threatened him that day and via social media later! WHERE are the kidnapping charges?! Where are the coercion charges?! WHERE ARE THE charges for making a threat to a witness/victim of a violent crime???? SURELY they could have drummed up some more years in prison for this wildebeast rapist by adding those little things like that? If it was a MALE they would have thrown the book, but what? Her voices and vagina means she gets 4 years which will probably be cut to 2 yrs? BULLSHIT. If that was my fucking kid I’d be waiting for her ass in 4 yrs.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    She beast is definitely a pathetic specimen of the evil kind, smh seriously, raping a 13year old.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss you’re back! I’ve been hoping to see your snark once again. I was starting to think you got trapped in that dungeon you were building under your house. Glad to see I was wrong.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Awww bulldoggy you can’t get rid of the puss that quickly, and yes this she ugly beast has got “bingo wings” for arms lol, the depraved Rucker she is. Seen as your a man bulldoggy can you or anybody else answer this question for me, what is categorised as rape with a woman on a man? I’m just curious because if it is intercourse how does the male sustain an erection under such extreme conditions? Or does just touching the male constitute rape?I’ve always wondered about this because years ago I remember reading about a Mormon who came to Britain to escape a relationship that he was in due to it being not right, anyway she followed him to the UK and after failing to win her lover back like normal people, she had him kidnapped and tied to a bed for 3 days raping him, and when he finally escaped, he filed a police report, but the police were dumbfounded having never dealing with such an allegation, so if anybody can answer my question, I would appreciate it.

  10. bulldoggy says:

    So tempting to say something about how ucking fugly this bitch is, but I’m better than that. Instead, I’ll comment upon her shrivelled heart and dead soul. Evil, foul bitch she is, and hopefully she’ll learn to keep her disgusting urges to herself.

  11. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Cleo, I must disagree with you on one thing. If life were indeed fair, there would be no need for the giant “P” shaped birthmark, for these vile, repugnant creatures would not exist in the first place. Love your blog. Is it just me or have you not written since May? I hope all is well.

    • cleo says:

      Thanks for asking. I haven’t written for quite a while because I’ve had more than my share of ill health, most lately pneumonia and broken ribs. I’m not giving up on the site, and I appreciate your checking in. — Cleo

      • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

        I’m sorry to hear that! I had major shoulder surgery in July, so one of my pastimes has been reading your blog. Broken ribs paired with pneumonia?! Agonizing! I’ll be looking forward to reading new stuff. Stay well!!

  12. jae mason says:

    4 years..???

    if this had been an adult male and 13 year old girl the sentence would have been way more

    she should have got life as anybody else would have done

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