Nicholas Kernechel

Nicholas Kernechel

Crimes: Child Abuse, Assault

Autism is such a challenge, both to those who have it and those who care for them. With some, it can be hard to carry on a conversation. It can be terribly hard to for them to understand and follow social rules. Heartbreakingly, it can be almost impossible for them to make a friend.

Some individuals with autism repeat behaviors, like rocking, or have rituals or routines they absolutely must follow or their world falls apart. It can make caring for them frustrating and puzzling. And I have no doubt that trying to figure out people and the world is frustrating and puzzling for those individuals with autism.

It is essential for children with autism to have the care and support of people who understand their condition, who have the patience of Job and who have a great deal of love in their hearts.

Nicholas Kernechel, 28, of East Greenville, Pennsylvania, USA, is exactly, precisely the type of person who should never, ever be in the position of caring for a person with special needs. Unfortunately, he wound up with a girlfriend whose little boy has autism.

There were warning signs that Nicholas Kernechel wasn’t good with kids, and it disgusts me that they were apparently shrugged off. In April 2015, the 4-year-old boy had bite marks and other injuries. Bite marks? You can’t blame a fall down the stairs or bumping into a door for bite marks. I don’t know what story was told to the boy’s mother, but she didn’t kick Nicholas Kernechel out of her life and her home. Damn!

On July 18, 2015, the baby biter/thief (he was out on probation for theft) was asked to babysit the little boy. I’ve read different accounts — the mother was gone for 2 hours or for 2 days. What is consistent is that she checked on her son the morning after she returned and found him in his room “asleep on the floor, lying on top of dried blood”. There was blood spatter on the wall. Obviously the boy was not all right.

The poor little guy had bruises all over his face, severe facial injuries, and he was missing 3 teeth. I shouldn’t say they were missing — they just weren’t in the boy’s mouth any more. The mother found them and put them in a plastic bag. She then took the teeth to the Upper Perk Police Department and accused Nicholas Kernechel of beating her boy.

Detectives talked to the victim who fortunately could communicate with them. He said that he’d been hit in the face by his mother’s boyfriend before his teeth were yanked out. He was left bleeding and crying in his bedroom after the vicious assault.

Not surprisingly, when Nicholas Kernechel was first interviewed by detectives, he said he had no idea how the boy got hurt. When he was next questioned on July 27, he said that he’d picked the boy up off his bed to take him to the bathroom and the boy slipped through his arms and his face hit the nightstand. Riiiight.

The Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said, “From what we surmise, the little boy wasn’t doing exactly what this defendant expected or wanted him to do, and it was a reaction purely in anger.”

Holy crap what a reaction! Not one hit, not two, and not even three. This evil hellbeast kept hitting and then sadistically pulled 3 whole teeth, roots and all, out of the little boy’s head!

Nicholas Kernechel was charged with simple assault, false reporting, recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child. His defense was it was an accident. Right, like the bite marks were an accident.

The judge set bail at $100,000 during his arraignment. Yay! When he went to trial in September 28, 2016, he was found guilty and was sentenced to 2-to-10 years in state prison. I for one am hoping he does the whole 10 years instead of just 2. Even so, because he’s only 28 he’ll be a young fellow still when he gets out.

I hope against all hope that the women of Pennsylvania will avoid this nasty, vicious bastard, especially if they have children or pets. If a hellbeast can torture a 4-year-old autistic boy, I hate to imagine what he could do to a puppy, a kitten or a baby. He obviously cannot contain his rage, and his first instinct is to inflict pain. He’s a dangerous guy to be around.

I wish the little boy all the very best. This entire incident is impossible to fathom, and I truly hope he doesn’t wind up living in fear, bless his heart. article – charges
Washington Post article – trial news article – sentencing

11 Responses to Nicholas Kernechel

  1. John says:

    The level of viciousness and noncaring attitude towards those with less abilities to cope in the world exhibited by these hell beasts seriously is stupendous. Who knew so many people around us have the inability to cope with humans in a normal way? At what time did they lose the ability to be normal and connected on a scale as exhibited by the rest of society?

  2. Moodymagic says:

    The poor little guy. iI to hope this hellbeast spends all ten years in prison. It is very sad that the vulnerable in society are not protected better.

  3. MoodyMagic says:

    The Hellbeast needs to serve the 10 years. It’s very sad when the most vulnerable are not protected in society.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    2 to ten years is absolutely disgusting. Pulling that little boys teeth out? that little boy must of been in agony, Was his mother blind or just very stupid? and I hope that this bastard gets his teeth yanked out by his new friends, namely bubba!!!

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Indeed Symbolic of an Evil Degenerate Liberal Society

    Sentence should be More than 10 Years a Life Sentence at Least

    UK Liberal Land of Child Abusers Probably would of been a Suspended Sentence

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Making Me Disgusted

    Namely the Amount of Child Abusers Not even going to Jail in the UK

    Judges that Fail even to Give Child Abusers a Jail Sentence are
    a Disgrace and Fail the Victims of Child Abuse

    Naturally of Course Child Abuse Warrants the Death Penalty

    Exit ” European Human Rights ” Forward to Real Justice

  7. bulldoggy says:

    Is it just me that thinks the mother should take some of the blame? The minute her boy began sporting bite marks she should’ve head stomped the bastard boyfriend instead of letting him stay with her and her son.

    • Buzzkill says:

      I agree with what you said. It takes two people by society’s standards to see children thru right (i have seen it done with one but you know what i mean), well then when BITE MARKS go unreported don’t that mean mom is hiding it, or am i just being a unintelligent biggot? ???

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    This Sadistic Cruelty committed against a Child could of been Stopped

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Dread to Think how many more cases will emerge

  10. one angry idiot says:

    When will these stupid whores learn to stop leaving their vulnerable children with obviously sketchy men?

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