Neil Strachan, James Rennie, Colin Slaven, Ross Webber, Craig Boath, Neil Campbell, John Murphy & John Milligan

Hellbeasts Neil Strachan and James Rennie
Crimes: Child Porn, Pedophilia

Have you ever forgotten to do something you know you should do and it just niggled at the back of your brain? I wonder if Neil Strachan of Scotland had that feeling after he took his computer in for repair.

Last month I thought I forgot to unplug my curling iron and had to drive home right away to make sure everything was safe and sound. It turns out I had unplugged it and my life continued without disaster.

What Neil Strachan forgot in November 2007 was to clean his hard drive on his computer before he handed it over to the repair technicians. That piece of forgetfulness led to complete and total disaster for him and 7 of his buddies. See, the hard drive just happened to be full of child porn. And his buddies were members of a Scottish pedophile network.

The computer technicians called in the police immediately once they discovered the contents of Neil POS Strachan’s hard drive. The contents included more than 7,000 images of children being sexually abused. There were also emails that clearly showed that children were at risk.

Detectives created Operation Algebra to catch the pedo gang and bring them to justice. They used computer experts from the UK and the USA to help. They also called in a former MI5 expert in radio technology to help track down these monsters. Even the FBI lent a hand.

Operation Algebra was headed up by Detective Inspector Stuart Hood. For 18 months, he and his colleagues followed every lead to sniff out the members of this disgusting pedophile ring.

Police headed straight to the broken computer owner’s home in Duff Street, Edinburgh on November 9, 2007. Neil Strachan, a 41-year-old service engineer, shared this abode with his boyfriend, Colin Slaven, a 24-year-old IT worker. They’d been a couple on and off since Colin Slaven was 16.

The police, wasting no time, arrested Neil the perv Strachan that very day. He was known to police being as how he’d been convicted of a child sex offence back in 1985 when he was 17. He was also convicted in 1997 and sent to prison for 3 years for abusing a little boy over a 2-year span starting when the child was only 5. Strachan was a boys’ club leader at the time.

Pardon me for a moment while I say WTF! How was a convicted child molester made a boys’ club leader?!? Were there no safeguards in place, no background checks performed in 1997? And was there really only one victim then?

The police, while checking out the pervert Neil Strachan’s home, seized a laptop that belonged to Colin Slaven. Guess what was on it. Three guesses, first 2 don’t count.

Pedophile Colin SlavenSix days later Colin Slaven was arrested for possession of indecent photos of children, AKA child porn.

The detectives continued detecting, and a secret agent used specialist electronic equipment to identify a mysterious pedo who was in communication with Neil Strachan. The email address used was kplover99 (kiddie porn lover).

Neil Strachan, using the alias “Mark” had sent this pervy individual images of his rape of an 18-month-old toddler he’d babysat on New Year’s Eve.

Very disturbingly, Neil Strachan had learned he was HIV positive in June, 2007. So not only was this child molested, but he was likely exposed to HIV!

The tracking equipment located the pedo’s broadband Wi-Fi signals in the Meadowbank area of Edinburgh. The signal led the police to one James Rennie.

It turns out that James Rennie, 38, was not only a trained teacher but was the chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland. He counseled young people on their sexuality. He was also the manager of the Stonewall Youth Project, supporting gay, lesbian and bisexual kids who faced bullying and abuse from classmates. What a shock it must have been to the LGBT community to learn that their James Rennie molested children, and collected and distributed child porn.

James Rennie was suspended by LGBT Youth Scotland immediately after his arrest. In a statement, LGBT Said, “We are appalled by the abuse and exploitation of children by James Rennie and wholeheartedly welcome his conviction…. We had no suspicion whatsoever of the crimes James Rennie was committing. He was obviously skilled at hiding his actions and adept at deceiving people.”

Sadly the people James the POS pedo Rennie deceived the most were his close friends and the parents of the victim, Child F. He was so trusted by those good and trusting people that he was allowed to babysit their son since he was only 3 months old. Rennie babysat, bathed, changed and dressed the boy all under the pretext of being a very good friend.

What those trusting parents did not, could not conceive was that their dear friend James Rennie was raping their beloved baby. And the abuse continued for 4 years. That poor child!

Pedophile Ross WebberAnd not only was James Rennie raping their baby — he invited and enabled Neil Strachan to join in!

Luckily for investigators, James Rennie had documented the horrible abuse by taking photos.

Operation Algebra was just getting started. Ross Webber, a “respectable” bank employee from North Berwick in East Lothian was arrested on January 5, 2008. The 27-year-old had received child porn from James Rennie. The police seized 2 computers and a pile of CDs from his home, and uncovered 188 images of child porn.

Pedophile Craig BoathThe investigation continued. Next Craig Boath, a 24-year-old insurance adjuster from Dundee was arrested. He had 31,385 images of child porn in his possession. This included 1,261 stills and 15 videos graded at the most depraved end of the scale. I don’t even want to know what hellish acts were done to children and babies at that end of the scale.

Craig the pedo Boath was arrested on March 27, 2008 after officers discovered emails between him and James POS Rennie exchanging child porn.

How the hell do these monsters find each other? And there were still more monsters to be found.

Pedophile Neil CampbellNeil Campbell, a cake firm manager was traced by police to his Bearsden home on March 29, 2008 after sharing child porn with James Rennie. This 46-year-old married CHURCH ELDER had 928 indecent images in his possession. Friggin’ hell, a church elder!

You think his wife knew? You think his parish knew? Hell no, because Campbell, like the others, appeared “respectable” to everyone. I really, truly hope he didn’t have children. I can’t imagine what sort of hell his wife has gone through to first learn that her life partner desired young children, and second that he’d had an entirely secret and criminal life.

Pedophile John MurphyAnd still there were more pervs and baby rapers involved in this pedophile ring. Police arrested John Murphy of Glasgow. Although he was a trained teacher, the 44-year-old man worked as a receptionist in a gay sauna. He too had exchanged emails and child porn with James Rennie.

Police officers searched John Murphy’s home on April 16, 2008. They found a mere 177 images of child porn. Still, that’s 177 too many.

Inexorably Operation Algebra carried on. Police next arrested one John Milligan on May 23, 2008.

Pedophile John MilliganJohn Milligan was a “respectable” 40-year-old civil servant from Glasgow. He had amassed 78,289 indecent images, including 748 stills and 141 videos at the worst end of the scale. He’d been traced by police through emails with James Rennie.

Wow, that James Rennie was a real networker.

Police, by the end of their investigation, had seized more than 125,000 photographs and videos of child rape and abuse. Looking at just one would make me sick, but those wonderful, dedicated officers had to scrutinize each and every one of them, not only to catalog them but to scan them for clues.

And that was just the beginning of the horror that these dedicated officers had to endure.

Police also had to read the horrifying “chatlogs” that recorded brutal details of child rape and abuse in Internet conversations between the pedophiles.

These investigators could not look away from the sickening images, videos and conversations because they were evidence of horrific crimes. These men and women should be honoured and commended for their efforts.

DI Stuart HoodDetective Inspector Stuart Hood said that officers found the level of deception involved very disturbing. None of the arrested perverts had previous convictions for sex offences, and all of them led outwardly respectable, middle-class lives.

Each and every one of them was involved in the “skilled deceit” of family members and friends, in a way that was profoundly disturbing, DI Hood said.

The investigation indentified far more than hellbeasts Strachan, Rennie, Slaven, Webber, Boath, Campbell, Murphy and Milligan. Approximately 200 pedophiles from across the globe were uncovered and information on around 70 other people was sent to police forces throughout the UK as a result of Operation Algebra.

All 8 pedophiles were charged with offences related to indecent images of children. And all 8 were convicted.

The parents of Child F released a statement after James Rennie’s conviction. Rennie was “the closest of family friends” for more than 15 years and even offered support and friendship during difficult times, they said.

“To subsequently learn that he abused our son, and invited others to do the same, has been devastating,” the family said. “As a family we have had to learn to live and cope with the effects these horrific events have had.”

The mother of the 18-month-old toddler that was raped by Neil Strachan described her anguish. “I will never be able to forgive him for the sick acts that he committed against my son,” she said. “I feel that no matter what punishment given to Mr. Strachan, it will never be able to compensate for the hurt, devastation and great deal of stress brought to me and my family. Mr. Strachan used and abused our trust in order to satisfy his and others’ sick needs.”

The jury at the High Court in Edinburgh were even offered counseling to help them overcome their nightmarish experience of listening to and viewing the evidence and testimony. Judge Lord Bannatyne also excused them from jury service for life.

The jury took two days to convict the monsters of 43 out of the 44 charges.

Strachan, Rennie, Webber, Boath and Milligan were found guilty of conspiring to rape and indecently assault children. The same charge against Campbell was found not proven.

Neil POS Strachan was guilty of indecently assaulting the 18-month-old and using lewd behaviour towards the child’s 6-year-old brother. He was also guilty of downloading and distributing child pornography.

Both Neil POS Strachan and James the perv Rennie were guilty of abusing 3-month-old Child F. James Rennie also indecently assaulted him in a separate incident. Both “men” were guilty as well of downloading and distributing child porn.

The court heard Rennie was high on the sex drug amyl nitrate – known as poppers – during at least one of the abuse sessions.

Webber, Campbell, Milligan, Murphy and Boath were guilty of downloading and distributing vast quantities of revolting child porn. Slaven had child porn with a view to distributing it.

On October 29, 2009, Neil Strachan and James Rennie were jailed for life. Strachan was ordered to spend a minimum of 16 years behind bars, and Rennie must spend at least 13 years in prison.

In reference to Neil Strachan’s abuse of the 18-month-old, which was captured in a photograph known as the “Hogmanay image”, Judge Lord Bannatyne said to the convicted perv, “By its very nature, what is shown in that photograph is utterly appalling and would shock to the core any right-minded person who has had to see it.

“Over and above that, this offence involves the most gross level of breach of trust. You were invited into a house, treated as a friend of the family, and then entrusted with their child…. You then breached that trust in the way shown in the ‘Hogmanay image’ in order to satisfy your base sexual interests. This, in my judgment, can be properly described as a dreadful crime.”

Judge Lord Bannatyne told James Rennie he had betrayed the parents of his victim to a “truly appalling” extent. He said, “You wholly betrayed that friendship and breached their trust in the grossest manner.”

Colin Slaven was found guilty of 3 charges: possessing, taking and possessing with intent to distribute indecent photos of children. He was sentenced to 3 years (a year had been added for contempt of court when he showed up to court drunk).

Craig Boath was convicted of 6 charges: possessing, taking and distributing indecent photos of children, and conspiring to meet Strachan, Rennie, Webber and Milligan to sexually abuse a child. He was sentenced to 9 years, 9 months.

John Milligan, whom the judge found to be “at the heart of this most serious conspiracy and a very major player” was convicted of 8 charges: conspiring to meet Strachan, Rennie, Webber and Boath to sexually abuse a child, and possessing, taking and distributing indecent photos of children. He was sentenced to 17 years.

John Murphy was convicted of 5 charges: possessing, taking and distributing indecent photos of children. He was sentenced to 2 years.

Ross Webber was convicted of 5 charges: conspiring to meet Milligan, Strachan, Rennie and Boath to sexually abuse a child, and possessing, taking and distributing indecent photos of children. He was sentenced to 8 years, 9 months.

Neil Campbell was guilty of 5 charges: possessing, taking, distributing, and possessing with intent to distribute indecent photos of children. He was sentenced to 3 years, 4 months.

Judge Lord Bannatyne also imposed extended sentences on these monstrous, convicted pedophiles to provide extra protection for the public. Offenders on extended sentences remain on licence (parole) for a number of years after their release and should they fail to comply with the conditions of the licence, they can be re-arrested.

Judge Lord Bannatyne is the kind of judge I like — he isn’t afraid to administer tough sentences.

I wish nothing but the best for the intrepid investigators and the unfortunate victims involved in this case. My prayers are with you all.

And I truly hope that ALL of the pedophiles nabbed as a result of Operation Algebra have to spend a very long time in prison repenting and/or rotting. Gawd I hate pedophiles! IMHO they can all go to hell!

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  1. Moodymagic says:

    how karmic that the computer was taken for repairs. Thank the lord this ring was stopped. The judge is awesome. Kudos to him and all the officers and jurors that had to sit through the many hours of that vile shit.

  2. Shannon says:

    I don’t think any of the sentences were long enough.

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    I cannot find even the tiniest speck of compassion for these monsters that prey on children and babies to fulfil their sick perversions.They should all go to hell.

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    Sick bastards deserve to be in jail for the rest of their lives.

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    These sicko’s who do this type of thing should have there dicks cut off!

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    Seriously, if your kink involves children, do the world a favor and put a gun in your mouth. I wouldn’t hesitate. Why wreck innocent’s lives to satisfy your depraved sexual desires.

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