Narinder Wasan

Narinder Wasan
Crimes: Sexual assault, Assault, Drug offences, Uttering threats

Surrey, British Columbia, is a nice city. It’s up close to the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It’s got plenty of parks and outdoor activities. And almost half a million people live there. Interestingly, 27% of the people living there are 19 and younger.

I can see why people like to visit Surrey and even move there. But not everyone who plans to move to Surrey is welcome — especially if they are violent sex offenders with a high risk to reoffend. I am speaking of Narinder Wasan who, you guessed it, is a violent sex offender who is deemed a VERY high risk to reoffend.

Narinder Wasan, 49, has been a bad, bad man — a hellbeast. His criminal history includes sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, assault, sexual interference, uttering threats, drug offences, and so on and so forth.

Narinder Wasan has mostly victimized women and girls. And now the female population of Surrey has to deal with him. Just what they needed, a convicted rapist in their midst!

Officials are worried about this guy and have issued a public warning now that he’s out of prison.

Narinder Wasan is East Indian, bald, 5’7″ tall, and 180 pounds. I can’t tell if he’s shaved his head bald or if he’s lost all his hair naturally. If he can grow back his hair then he might look really different from his photo. Here’s hoping he stays bald.

Narinder Wasan has to be a good boy and abide by 20 conditions of his release. Those conditions include:

  • have no contact, direct or indirect, with any female under the age of 18 years
  • must not attend a public place where females under the age of 18 years are present or can reasonably be expected to be present
  • not possess any knives except to eat with or prepare food with
  • not possess, own or carry any weapon
  • not consume or possess alcohol or any controlled substances unless prescribed by a doctor
  • not enter any liquor store or anywhere they sell alcohol
  • not be in contact with any sex trade workers, not negotiate for sexual services and not obtain or engage in sexual services for money or other consideration.

If anyone spots this asshole breaking any of these conditions, please call 911.

And women and girls of Surrey, if you spot this asshole in your vicinity, avoid him at all costs! He’s not smiling because he’s a friendly guy.

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6 Responses to Narinder Wasan

  1. 2cute says:

    Why are these monsters allowed to live in places where they are surrounded by potential victims? Why can’t these bastards be sent to live in the wilderness? Canada has lots of wilderness right? They could move where the polar bears live and if they feel like sexually assaulting anyone they can try it on with a lady bear. Ha!

  2. moodymagic says:

    Stay alert Surrey. Big stupid grin on this jerks face. Why was he released into a community like this. He should have gotten a one way ticket to the South pole.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    I will never understand why they let these shite bags out of prison if they know they are a high risk to re offend, its crazy. I suppose its better than in shite old england, at least canada warns their people, in england they wouldn’t want to infringe on the pieces of shites human rights. made a rhyme there.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    I really hope there will be no more victims. Stay safe, women of Surrey.

  5. Dawn says:

    Is he originally from Canada? If not, why wasn’t he kicked out upon his release from prison?

  6. Charlayne says:

    Yes this man is desgusting he dated my friend whom he met on Lava life dating site and she had no idea what a creepy pig he is this guy Acually asked her to marry him. Thank god she mentioned to me that he was back in jail for a breach and I decided to google his name , oh boy we we surprised at his past. Let’s just say they won’t be dating when he gets out and returns to Surrey B.C. by the Funky Monkey on 104st in Walley in October 2016. So people be ware in the Walley Area

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