Nandini Jha

Nandini Jha

Crimes: Child Abuse, Manslaughter

I’m ba-a-a-ack, sorta. And what I know is being sick sucks. Sadly it was a lesson I’d long since learned, and it didn’t bear repeating. But I won’t moan on and on about it, since I’m finally on the mend.

You know who isn’t on the mend, who will never be on the mend? Niyati Jha, that’s who. Niyati Jha, a cute little girl from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, died on September 21, 2011, just short of her 4th birthday. She’d been beaten to death by her mother, Nandini Jha.

The Jha family moved to Canada from New Delhi in 2010. They were looking for a better future for their children. It wasn’t easy — Sarojanand Jha had to work long hours to support his family, and Nandini Jha was left at home to look after the kids. Nandini Jha hated Canada. She hated being away from friends and family. She hated being isolated with the kids.

I don’t know why Nandini Jha decided to vent her rage on her youngest daughter, but that’s what she did over a period of months. She horribly abused little Niyati time after time after time while her husband was working and her older daughter was at school.

Niyati JhaNaturally Nandini Jha denies she did any such thing. According to her, Niyati was the most clumsy and naughty little girl on the planet. Niyati was always falling, said Nandini Jha. She was always jumping and just wouldn’t sit still. And because she was so naughty and clumsy, naturally bad things happened to her. A bookcase fell on her when she tried to climb it. A car door slammed against her. She fell off or maybe jumped backwards off the car. She fell in the bathroom. She fell off a slide. There were all sorts of reasons that Niyati Jha suffered bruises and broken bones, all of them the little girl’s fault. That’s according to Nandini Jha.

The thing is, when you look into each “accident”, it looks like a made-up story. The story of the bookcase that fell on Niyati and bruised her face is disproven by the undisturbed cobwebs between the bookcase and the wall. Nandini Jha said her husband set it upright, but he said he’d never seen it toppled over in the first place.

The story of the car door slamming against Niyati because of the wind doesn’t make sense when you realize the little girl had injuries on both sides of her body.

The story of Niyati jumping or falling backwards off the roof of the car onto the driveway doesn’t seem credible considering the little girl allegedly stood up and walked away. And that was the day before she died!

Let’s go back to September 20, 2011, the day of the alleged fall from the car. According to Nandini Jha, she’d fed Niyati a cookie and put her down for a nap. Four hours later the little toddler was unconscious and fighting for life.

I don’t know why the hell Sarojandand Jha wasn’t beside himself that his little girl was unconscious, but he and his wife took her to a walk-in clinic near their home. Dr. Sooraja Papneja was the doctor on duty, and was no doubt shocked by what he saw. Little Niyati’s pupils were dilated and her little fists were clenched. She had fresh abrasions on her forehead, and bruises on her upper arm. She had crusty blood inside her mouth. Most notably her head was swollen on the left side so much it looked deformed. It was obvious she needed to be in hospital ASAP. He called 911.

Dr. Papneja asked the parents why they didn’t call 911 themselves. The Jhas responded that they didn’t know she needed to go to hospital. Seriously? She unconscious with a swollen head! What parent wouldn’t consider that an emergency?

By the time the paramedics arrived, little Niyati was having seizures. She was immediately transported to hospital with Nandini Jha riding in the front of the ambulance. Sarojandand Jha went to pick up their older daughter from school.

In the emergency room at Trillium Health Centre Niyati’s condition was deemed critical. She was suffering from severe head trauma and brain injuries. To the surprise of the nurses Nandini Jha refused to be in the same room as her little girl.

Niyati Jha was transferred that evening to the Hospital for Sick Children. Peel Constable Leslee Whidden of the Special Victims’ Unit accompanied the horribly abused little girl.

Constable Whidden said, “Her head was so swollen it was like the shape of a football. It didn’t look like a human head.”

The constable notified the homicide unit that the little girl was near death, which she was.

Niyati really stood no chance of surviving. Her brain had swelled and brain matter was leaking out of her ear. The next day, September 21, 2011, she was taken off life support. RIP baby girl.

Nandini and Niyati JhaThe forensic pathologist found a lot of damage had been done to Niyati in the months before her murder. Her body was riddled with dozens of injuries. The poor little girl had at least one previous skull fracture, and a broken 11th rib. She had a fracture to vertebrae between her shoulder blades. She had scars on her arms, thighs, neck, back, chest and behind her ear. She had old and new optic nerve bleeding.

The cause of death, according to Dr. Charis Kepron, was “blunt impact head injuries in a child with healing skull fractures and multiple other injuries of varying ages.”

I am guessing Sarojandand Jha questioned his wife about those injuries to his second daughter. Probably he was told fairy stories about Niyati hurting herself with her misbehaviour. The other daughter was well treated, which would lend credence to the idea that Niyati was clumsy, careless and naughty.

“Nandini is excellent mother and never hurt the children or made me feel she would hurt them,” Sarojanand Jha insisted.

The Peel police were not inclined to believe that Niyati Jha hurt herself so horrifically by her normal childish antics. They didn’t believe she ate a cookie, had a nap and just didn’t wake up. They believed that the beautiful little girl had been murdered, and that her mother was the killer.

Investigators found Niyati’s blood on clothing and 5 different walls in the Jha house. They heard from upstairs neighbours that Niyati blamed her injuries on her mother. They found cobwebs behind the bookshelf that had supposedly fallen on Niyati.

Nandini Jha was arrested and charged with murder in 2012. She was pregnant. She’d already had another child since Niyati died.

Nandini Jha went to trial in February 2015, and pled not guilty to 2nd-degree murder.

The jury listened to witness after witness detailing the horrible injuries little Niyati had suffered. They listened to the defense argument that Niyati had fallen accidentally several times. They listened to Nandini Jha as she tearfully denied having punished her daughter by hitting her.

On April 10, 2015, after two days of deliberation, the jury found Nandini Jha guilty of manslaughter. They didn’t believe the abusive mother had meant to cause her little girl’s death.

Nandini Jha, 38, was allowed to remain free on bail until her sentencing in July 2015.

Superior Court Justice Deena Baltman presided over the sentencing. She said that the victim’s sole protector was her mother but “instead of defending her, she beat her repeatedly, ultimately to death.”

“This crime was a betrayal of the most sacred bond of trust and care that should exist between a parent and a child,” Justice Baltman said. “The very person to whom a child would look for refuge turned out to be her greatest enemy.”

Justice Baltman found it hard to understand why Nandini Jha beat her child. She wasn’t abusive to her other children, and she herself wasn’t a victim of abuse. She had no addiction problems or low intelligence.

Justice Baltman rejected the defendant’s stories of accidents, calling them “fiction she concocted to explain the bruises caused by her beating Niyati. She found that Nandini Jha did not express any remorse for the little girl’s death, and concluded that Niyati must have felt “terribly lonely and abandoned”.

Justice Baltman actually got so emotionally upset that she wept and had to call a brief recess. I think what upset her most was the fact that all of the letters filed in court were about poor Nandini Jha, and none of them were about the little girl whose life was taken.

Even when Nandini Jha was allowed to make a statement she made it about her and not her daughter. “I pray to God and to you, to free me from this physical and mental torture,” she said to the court. SHE was tortured? How about that helpless little 3-year-old girl who was beaten repeatedly? IMO that is the real torture.

“After the accidental death of my daughter Niyati, only I know what I have gone through,” Nandini Jha whined. And only she knows what her daughter went through as she was beaten until her bones broke.

Justice Baltman sentenced Nandini Jha to 10 years in prison. With credit for time already served, Jha then had nine years and two months left in her sentence. When she is released she could be deported to India as she is not a Canadian citizen. Of that I am glad, because Canada doesn’t need more child abusers and baby killers.

RIP, Niyati Jha. She was a precious child who deserved a life free of pain and anger, and a future full of promise.

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15 Responses to Nandini Jha

  1. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Very Sad Very Shocking Very Sickening

  2. PawleysGirls says:

    I am sickened by this horrible woman. 3 and 4 year olds do not naturally suffer numerous broken bones nor numerous scars. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment and especially, innocent children who are completely dependent on their mothers and fathers for their tender, loving care to survive. This woman is evil and deserves to be removed from the rest of us – forever. I am so sad for poor Niyati. She deserved more than this. Why didn’t her neighbors, strangers at the bus stop, her pre school teachers, the other members where they worshipped, or anybody else who came into contact with Niyati, call the authorities and ask them to look into this small child with bruises, scars, broken bones, and more? WHY??

  3. CIRNO says:

    shes in heaven now, RIP, she didnt deserve abused life. and for the mother, shes desvers to suffer and die alone. right cleo?

  4. CIRNO says:

    RIP SHE S in heaven.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Wow she only got ten years? That little girl will never reach the age of ten. What did she do to be treated like that? People don’t even treat their animals like that let alone a little girl. She was very quick to have another child and get pregnant again, me thinks this was done to avoid a jail sentence. Now whats happened to the other children? Does anybody know?. Cleo glad your back, i was just going to ask your friend how you were and when i logged on i seen a new article from you so didn’t need to. Glad your getting better love, had me worried for a time there. Welcome back :-)

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, it must’ve been a really nasty cold to hospitalise you love, at one point i was getting slightly concerned and every day i logged on and didn’t see a new article raised my worry detectors slightly higher, then your friend left the message about hospital and i thought “oh shit it must be serious” so the longer we didn’t hear anything the more i worried, but YOUR BACK NOW thank god.

  7. killpedos says:

    TEN years for slowly killing your child. Where the fuck is ISIS when you need them.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    In iraq and syria playing “how to be the wors scumbag’s on the planet” at the moment they are in the lead just ahead of “the democratic peoples republic of north korea” instead of beheadging people kim jong il just takes them out with a surface to air missile, even his aunts husband was obliterated with one. And the world stands by and does fuck all. Well done mr bush and mr blair. Funny how they invaded iraq on bogus evidence of wmd, but now there is people being brutally murdered and all they do is poxy air strikes that miss half their targets and kill more innocent people, thats how i know these goverments of ours are corrupt. You’ve gotta give it to islamic state, at least they let us know what horrible cunts they are, the americans and british are sly dirty under handed pigs. Sorry for the rant, i just read about another innocent man having his head lobbed off by these disgusting twats.

    • BeenThere says:

      Twats..perfect moniker. We should ask the press to use it when reporting….
      Rocketman is a chubby nutjob and anyone with a IQ better than his -45 is a threat.

  9. bulldoggy says:

    “The accidental death of my daughter” what bullshit. The little girl had brains seeping out of her ears! This monster of a mother didn’t get near enough of a prison sentence.

  10. Bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, where have you been love? I’ve missed our banter, how is tully? Morse and hogan said meow, yes this woman wants us to think that this little girl was clumsy, i had to shake my head when she only thought about herself at sentencing, never said anything about her daughter, selfish nasty woman.

  11. Bulldoggy says:

    Bengalpuss I was on holiday camping with Tully. She’s more interested in hunting squirrels than hell beasts though she’s no good at either.

  12. MoodyMagic says:

    Deport the hell bitch. She’s no kind of mother.

  13. suryaprakash says:

    This women was bad in charector from beginning . and it is shown currently.

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