Nana Yaw

Hellbeast Nana YawCrimes: Murder, Attempted Murder

The most dangerous time in a woman’s life is when she breaks up with her abusive husband or boyfriend. And not surprisingly, the biggest danger to her life is said husband or boyfriend. Lliada (Lois) Zois found this out on Christmas day, 2007. That is the day that her hellbeast common-law husband Nana Yaw decided she could not live without him.

Lois knew Nana Yaw was not happy. After living with him for over a year, she knew he was jealous, possessive and abusive. She’d been planning to split up with him and leave their Kipling Avenue, Toronto apartment. She had begun packing boxes and looking for furniture.

Lois Zois’ friends knew that her tumultuous relationship with Nana Yaw had already been over for months. She had only continued to live with him, she told her friends, because she was afraid to leave. In fact, she worked over 100 hours a week at two jobs likely to avoid being home with him.

Lois had originally moved in with him in order to escape from living with her mother Sandra and her mother’s criminal boyfriend, Eric Kusi. Good old Eric Kusi had been convicted of assault and pointing a gun at a woman among dozens of other crimes. Lois understandably did not feel safe in her mother’s home. She was right to move out, but so very wrong to move in with Nana Yaw.

So come December 24, 2007, Lois just knew that hellbeast Nana Yaw was ready to explode with temper. To feel safer Lois had invited her two younger brothers, 16-year-old Thomas and 14-year-old Jamie over for Christmas. She mistakenly believed that Nana Yaw wouldn’t start anything in front of the boys.

First thing on Christmas day the boys heard the bathroom mirror being smashed. Nana Yaw was arguing with Lois and was manhandling her, trying to get her cellphone away from her. The phone was ultimately smashed on the floor.

Nana Yaw was only getting started. He grabbed a corkscrew and began threatening Lois with it.

“No, Nana, stop,” the boys heard her scream. “Please help, he is trying to kill us!”

Nana Yaw grabbed a kitchen knife and began stabbing Lois as she ran and then crawled on her knees toward the door. He stabbed and stabbed and stabbed her until she died. She was only 22.

Fourteen-year-old Jamie knew he had to act fast. He tried to make it to the door to escape but Nana Yaw stopped him by plunging the knife into the boy 6 times. A wound to Jamie’s neck caused air to escape and blood to seep into his lungs. The boy was horribly injured but still alive at that point.

Next Nana Yaw went after 16-year-old Thomas. He stabbed the young man in the chest and forearm as the boy pleaded for his life. The killer Yaw stopped his killing at that point and decided instead to get good and drunk.

Over the next few hours the wounded Thomas had the privilege of watching Yaw drinking and drinking as his beloved brother struggled to breathe. Every breath Jamie made caused a wheezing sound from his neck wound, and that kinda sorta bugged the bugger Yaw.

“Shut the fuck up,” commanded the drunken Yaw as he raised his foot and stomped on Jamie’s head. The boy died almost instantly after that.

Thomas’ hell was not yet over. His sister was dead, his brother was dead, he himself was wounded and still Nana Yaw was not satisfied. In front of this poor boy, the hellbeast had sex with the dead girl’s bloodied, battered body. “This is how much I love your sister!” he told Thomas.

Pardon me while I retch.

Nana Yaw then spent the rest of the day planning what to do. His big idea was to hide the bodies and leave Canada. He packed his bags and took them to his cousin’s house.

Before leaving on Boxing Day, Nana Yaw put Thomas into a bedroom closet, tied to a chair with his mouth gagged. I am supposing that he expected Thomas to die there from his wounds.

In actuality, Thomas managed to eventually free himself from his bindings. He checked on his brother and sister and found them to be dead. Terrified and traumatized, poor Thomas returned to the closet and hid himself for hours before he could muster the courage to go to the 23 Division police station at 7:00 pm.

Detective Sergeant Gary Grinton said, “I’ve never seen anything like this. In over 30 years I’ve never seen people victimized this badly and continuously.”

He described the apartment as one of the more “grisly” crime scene he had ever investigated. “The scene is quite a bloody scene. When young people have passed away it’s particularly more mind-numbing,” he said.

Twelve hours after police arrived at the murder scene, Nana Yaw was in custody. He had actually gotten as far as Windsor, Ontario and changed his mind about his getaway. He was found very close to his apartment building.

Nana Yaw (27) was charged with two counts of 1st degree murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of forcible confinement. He pled guilty to two counts of 2nd degree murder and one count of aggravated assault.

“I still cannot believe that I did these terrible acts,” hellbeast Yaw said in a statement read out in court. “I am so sorry. I want to die.”

So die already.

In his victim impact statement young Thomas wrote, “This has impacted my life so much I am not the same person…I am not happy any more.”

I wish Thomas the very best and hope that he is healing from this horror.

Detectives said they were impressed by the boy’s courage.

On April, 2010, the murderous hellbeast Nana Yaw was sentenced to life without parole eligibility for 20 years by Justice Ian Nordheimer. The judge called the crime “almost unimaginable.” True that.

Long may Nana Yaw rot, and after that long may he burn in hell.

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5 Responses to Nana Yaw

  1. Trace says:

    He has no soul. To murder a kid’s sister in front of him and then rape the body? No soul.

  2. 2cute says:

    Holy freaking hell! What she-devil spawned him? He’s not human. He can’t be. I refuse to accept that he is a member of the human race. He is evil incarnate.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    What an evil bastard. That poor boy having to watch his sister and brother being murdered on christmas day. Then had to sit with this piece of shit while he got drunk. The boy who survived was very lucky because nana yaw tied him to a heavy sofa and then set fire to it and left, the boy luckily woke up and freed himself by using the flames to burn through the rope that he had been bound with. Nana yaws plan was to burn the house down leaving no trace of a murder. But he screwed up. The boy freed himself and raised the alarm. Good for you young man. I hope the bastard burns in hell for an eternity.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Just re read this article again and it still gives me goose bumps. What i don’v understand is why he’ll ever be eligible for parole. This bastard should stay in jail for his natural life, he murdered two people for christ sake and nearly murdered a third. That poor young man will never be the same again, his sister and brother are no longer here, so why should this cunt ever have the chance of living a norma life outside prison, he should stay there till he dies.

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