Naim Rasool Muhammad

Naim Rasool Muhammad
Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder

To listen to Naim Rasool Muhammad’s sister, he was pretty much raised to be a killer. Aqueelah Green testified at his murder trial that their mother, aunts and uncles did drugs, drank and fought unceasingly.

One aunt went to prison for slashing a relative’s face with a box cutter. Their own mother, Naimah, was a prostitute and addict, and she would often beat her kids, accusing them of stealing her crack pipe.

The children had different fathers, and the man (father/stepfather) who stuck around was also a drug addict. Nobody knew who Naim Rasool Muhammad’s real father was.

And to top it off, one of her brothers sexually molested some of the siblings, possibly Naim. That brother was shot in the chest at age 18, and died at age 36.

“There was a lot of fighting going on in the home,” another sister, Sekinah Muhammad, testified. “Every day, I seen violence.”

For the most part, Aqueelah, Sekinah, Naim and their siblings were raised by friends and family members. Good call, but not enough — lots of damage had already been done.

Naim Rasool Muhammad grew up to be a violent man with a violent temper. In 2009 he attacked his sister Sekinah with a hammer, bashing her twice on her head, because she had a gay friend. She pressed charges but didn’t want the vicious bastard to go to prison. He got 5 years probation for the assault.

I’m thinking the reason Sekinah Muhammad didn’t want her brother to be shipped off to prison was because of his little family. In 2006 he and Kametra Sampson had a son, Naim. In 2008 they had another son, Elijah. A third son, Jeremiah, was born in 2010.

The little family did not stay together for long. I am not surprised. Naim Rasool Muhammad frequently beat Kametra Sampson, which does not make for a happy home. He even kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant.

In December 2010 Kametra Sampson broke up with Naim Rasool Muhammad.

In early 2011 Child Protective Services officials began monitoring the family. Kametra Sampson and her 3 wee ones were living in a shelter at the time.

Child Protective Services only allowed the monster Muhammad to have supervised visits with his sons, and that was a good call.

In February 2011 Naim Rasool Muhammad punched Kametra Sampson in the face and tried to run off with his eldest son. The f*cktard was charged with assault causing bodily injury.

Kametra Sampson and the boys moved out of the shelter into a place of their own at the end of July 2011. They still weren’t safe from the hellbeast.

Breaking up with a violent man is a dangerous time in a woman’s life. So too is beginning a relationship with another man.

Naim and ElijahIn August 2011, Naim Rasool Muhammad showed up unexpectedly and uninvited at a family barbecue. The special occasion was to celebrate his oldest boy starting kindergarten the very next week.

Big freaking surprise, Naim Rasool Muhammad had an argument with Kametra Sampson about her new boyfriend. He didn’t want his boys being raised by another man because they were HIS boys. And Kametra was HIS woman so hands off!

He left the barbecue but returned later, saying he wanted to spend quality time with his boys. Riiight. Only the boys weren’t there any more. Kametra and her boyfriend had taken them away already. Wise move — they probably anticipated Naim Rasool Muhammad’s return, maybe with a weapon.

Not surprisingly, Naim Rasool Muhammad was really, really pissed off that they had left. His mother Naimah was there though, and he told her, “I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to take care of it.”

That was a threat, and he meant it.

Little Naim was really stoked about starting kindergarten. He had a new Transformers backpack and new clothes and he was such a big boy now. He was too excited to sleep the night before.

On the big day, the first day of kindergarten, Kametra Sampson was going to walk Naim to school. Little 3-year-old Elijah wanted to go to school too because he adored his big brother and insisted on going everywhere he went.

Kametra Sampson decided to take Elijah along so he could see the elementary school. It was Julia C. Frazier Elementary in Dallas, Texas.

The baby, Jeremiah, wasn’t even 1 year old yet, so he stayed with Kametra Sampson’s brother.

This big day for the boys, this first day of kindergarten, wound up being their last day thanks to their f*cktard caveman father. It was August 22, 2011.

As Kametra Sampson and the boys walked along the road, they heard a car approaching fast. Naim Rasool Muhammad pulled up, jumped out of the Toyota Matrix, and picked up a brick.

“Get in or I’ll do it,” he said. The hellbeast threatened Kametra Sampson with the brick. “I’ll beat your ass right here.”

Kametra Sampson got in the front seat and Naim Rasool Muhammad threw the boys in the back.

Thinking that the maniac would stop at the school to let the boys out, Kametra Sampson thought she could summon help there. But he didn’t stop.

As he drove erratically, Naim Rasool Muhammad tried convincing Kametra Sampson to get back together with him. When yelling didn’t work, he tried sweet talking. When that didn’t work either, he hit her.

When Naim Rasool Muhammad stopped at an intersection, Kametra Sampson spotted a Dallas County constable in a nearby vehicle so she jumped out. She ran toward the constable and told her, “My babies’ daddy says he’s going to kill us all!”

Naim Rasool Muhammad hit the gas, jumped a curb and ran the red light. The constable, because her vehicle didn’t have lights and sirens, would not give chase. She opted instead to call Dallas police.

I cannot imagine how Kametra Sampson felt, seeing her boys being driven off at high speed, out of sight, completely at the mercy of a monster. And that constable refusing to follow them, to save them, must have driven her to the edge of reason.

Muhammad and the boys were long gone by the time police mobilized. Up to 200 Dallas police officers got involved in the search for the missing boys, but they had no clue where they’d gone.

Naim Rasool Muhammad wound up driving to a remote area where there was a creek. Five-year-old Naim knew what was happening. He sensed his father’s rage.

“I wanna live, Daddy,” the poor little guy told his father. “I wanna live.”

Three-year-old Elijah cried for his mommy.

“Your mama don’t want us no more,” the heartless beast told the boys. “She ran off and left us.”

When he finished a cigarette, Naim Rasool Muhammad carried Elijah to the creek. He held Naim’s hand as they walked. He put the boys in the creek and told them to play like they were swimming.

Funeral of Naim and ElijahAnd then he held their heads under the water and drowned them. He drowned those lovely little boys who had so much life ahead of them. He drowned them to punish their mother for leaving him.

And we all know that if she had been there, and if the baby had been there, he would have murdered them too.

Naim Rasool Muhammad drove to the house where Kametra Sampson lived. He tried to climb through a window so he could grab the baby. Kametra Sampson’s brother caught him in the act and shoved him back out of the window.

As a parting shot before he drove off the monster said, “Your nephews is dead.”

Hours after he’d stolen the boys, Naim Rasool Muhammad wound up at his mother’s house. The police hadn’t caught him yet.

His mother called 911 to report that her grandsons had been drowned by their daddy and their bodies were in her car.

It was his mother who directed police to the creek where the boys had been murdered. That’s where the police found the killer.

FuneralWhen questioned by investigators, Naim Rasool Muhammad confessed all. He told them he killed his children because Kametra Sampson broke up with him and because she tried to keep him from seeing the boys.

Naim Rasool Muhammad specifically wanted a homicide detective to tell Kametra Sampson that “she was the reason he did it.” As if she didn’t feel horrible enough already. He wanted her to take all the blame.

But the blame wasn’t hers. The Dallas County jury put the blame squarely on Naim Rsasool Muhammad’s shoulders. On May 15, 2013, after deliberating for less than 10 minutes, the jury found him guilty of murdering his 2 boys.

That was no big surprise. Naim Rasool Muhammad’s lawyers did not dispute their client’s guilt. The defense had not called any witnesses of their own. The trial was really all about sparing their client’s life.

Naim MuhammadDallas County prosecutor Tammy Kemp wanted him to get the death penalty.

Muhammad’s attorneys maintained that his motive for killing the boys was he was afraid his sons would live a life similar to his own childhood.

Riiight. It had absolutely nothing to do with jealousy and spite and anger and rage. It was to spare his boys from a rotten childhood, from turning out like their daddy.

The jury deliberated for just over 3 hours and decided to sentence Naim Rasool Muhammad to death. And that’s exactly what he deserves.

I hope little Jeremiah lives a safe, satisfying and successful life after all this trauma. I hope his mother can find happiness and joy again without her 2 boys.

And I hope Naim Rasool Muhammad festers and stews in his prison cell until he gets the needle, knowing he destroyed 2 of the best things he’s ever accomplished in his life.

RIP little Naim and Elijah.

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19 Responses to Naim Rasool Muhammad

  1. pj says:

    I am glad the baby killer is going to die. Too bad it’ll take decades for him to get the needle. I hope those decades are tortuous for him. I hope he dreams nightmares every night and lives a nightmare every day. RIP little boys.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Pj, its texas, so hopefully this turd will be in the same place where he put those little boys, in a coffin. He said he didn’t want the children to have a life like his thats why he did what he did, but we all know that he killed those boys to punish their mom for leaving him, if she wouldn’t have left him, then they would’ve had a childhood like his. I love texas, and if this bastards has any guilt, then he should forgo his appeals and elect to be a volunteer to his death quickly, because lets face it, he’s a useless murdering cunt that should be dead like how he made those two little boys dead. I hope he rot’s in hell.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Bengalpuss, this useless POS doesn’t deserve even a coffin. He should be turned into mulch and mixed with horse manure so he’ll finally have a purpose — to make a garden grow. Or he could be turned into ashes and mixed into cement so he can patch the prison walls.

    • Tammy says:

      Actually, it won’t take decades. MAYBE 10 years IF he’s lucky. Texas don’t play! I LOVE Texas!

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Why oh why did this cunt kill two little boys just to spite their mother, if that isn’t the ultimate in vindictiveness then i don’t know what is. He never gave a flying fuck about those two little boys, and if even came back to get the baby. That dumb arse police woman is Fucking stupid, if she would have jumped in her car and followed him, then she could have kept in touch on her radio to the location where she was following him, fuck that not having no sirens and lights, she should be sacked the dumb arse twat, what an idiot, those boys might have survived if she followed them, but no, absolutely mind boggling.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    It’s disgusting what passes for manhood these days. Beating women, beating children, killing the vulnerable, bullying, all while feeling really sorry for their big-ass pathetic selves. This asshole had an awful childhood but he chose to be violent, he chose to hurt those who loved him and he chose to kill. I don’t feel sorry one iota for his disgusting self. It’s too bad he didn’t just kill himself instead of killing his babies.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Hey bulldoggy, this piece of shit is that bad and rotten, that even if he was mixed with horse manure, the plants would drop dead, nothing good can come from this lowlife fucker. Also bulldoggy your right about what these arseole,s think is being a real man, beating a woman or child, just generally being pricks. But there are some really good guys out there, and your one of them bulldoggy. Shame that i don’t live in america, cos on the night of this cunts execution, i’d be outside selling hamburgers with a banner shouting “another one bites the dust” can’t come quick enough to wipe this turd off the planet.

  4. MsM says:

    And I’ll bet anything that this entire family was here in the states illegally. And yes, if so, that would make what was done even more heinous and very much preventable.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Msm, you make me laugh, you know why? Because your right and not scared to say it. It shaken’s me too, here over in england, people cannot say anything without being called a racist, i kid you not. Asylum seekers get the property’s first pick otherwise? Yes you got it were racist, and since we’ve been in the E U, we’ve also got a bunch of extra criminals, the goverment are Fucking tips country up, thats why recently the local elections, have shown a big rise in people voting ukip, because people are fed up. It should be look after your own first, but not in britain. Im sick of paying taxes for foreigners who have put fuckall into this country but are happy to take from it, and if they don’t get what they want, then were racist. Bloody cheek. And no doubt if your right msm, it will make these murders that much more despicable.

      • awesomeblossom says:

        Bengal what is ukip? Haven’t got a clue. This bastard deserves the death penalty right now. Why does everyone have to wait for justice? I really hope his baby doesn’t know anything about him and grows up happy.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Ukip is “united kingdom independence party” which seem to have better policy’s than the 2 stupid main parties, labour, and conservative. Basically it doesn’t matter anymore about people who come from this country, who have paid taxes all their working lives, because now, someone from the E U. Can come here and basically get welfare, without having worked or paid into the country. Were being laughed at by these economic migrants. A few months ago this iraqi guy said to me “your country very good, they give you money” then laughed, it Fucking pisses me off. And if something doesn’t go their way, they shout “racist” look up the name “lee rigby” This poor guy, was slaughtered in the middle of london last week for being in the british armed forces, by 2 muslims who’s families were asylum seekers, and when they slaughtered lee, the guy with blood dripping from his hands, still holding his machete said “this is all the british goverments fault” I thought you cheeky bastards, if it wasn’t for our goverment, you’d still be in a country where you certainly won’t get benefits, poor sanitation, disease thats rife, no free health care, mass unemployment, civil wars, and you have the Fucking nerve to murder a british man, and condemn our goverment, mind you, if the goverment had any balls, these migrants wouldn’t be here in the first place. If someone is genuinely claiming asylum because their lives were in danger, then no problem, but british people have just had their welfare benefits cut, then the goverment let more migrants in to claim benefits, doesn’t seem right does it. Rant over.

      • MsM says:

        Oh we have our share of politically correct individuals who try to be the proper police, especially within social work, but I refuse to bend to that crap. My late husband was 100% Native American – in his view everybody but Natives were illegal aliens but he also understood that it’s too late to send everybody back, that’s not going to happen. The point is that if one is going to be in this country, they should be here legally. I have a friend who moved here from your county back in the early 90s. He went through all the steps it took to get his extended visa, to get his green card, to become a permanent resident and then naturalized. People who come here illegally just want to be under the grid – very rarely is it true “they want a better life for their families”. The harsh reality is that if the perp in this case WAS an illegal and the gf knew it, all it would have taken was a call to INS to have him picked up and detained indefinitely. BUT – if he WAS an illegal and she knew it, I’ll bet anything that she was too scared to call because people believe that they’ll get in trouble for assisting an illegal. It’s a vicious little circle – sadly this is not the first case where I’ve seen something like this happen, whether the perp was an illegal or not.

        Police departments need to pay better attention to restraining orders – it’s a proven fact that they’re useless. This woman and her children should have had round the clock protection until the perp could be removed from the equation entirely – which,ultimately, should be that he be forced to move from the state entirely, but that law has yet to be written.

        And, even more sadly, this is Texas, they don’t take domestic violence very seriously at all – just look up the Sheila Bellush case. I don’t see a lot of proper justice coming in this case.

  5. Lynda says:

    OMG this is so sad. I makes me cry to think of how scared those two beautiful little boys were. One was just starting school that day for gods sake. My heart aches for them and their mother.
    Women need to not breed with men like that arsehole. DON’T HAVE BABIES WITH ABUSIVE MEN! Lets me honest. THe abuser doesn’t have the brains to help himself but you do! GET OUT when you see the first sign of weirdom comming from that man. Because it will only get worse.

  6. moodymagic says:

    This is another really sad story. This Bastard can never suffer long enough or hard enough for what he has done.

  7. 2cute says:

    Those two boys were beautiful. If he didn’t want to see them with a new daddy and their mom with a new man, he should have killed himself first. Those boys deserved a long and happy life. He doesn’t. May he rot in hell forever.

  8. scrappy says:

    There are some horrific stories abounding. Most of the time I am shocked and dumbfounded.

    This one is the worst sort of weeping tear-jerker. I can’t begin to fathom the fear of a little boy who says, “I want to live Daddy.”

    The first day of school is so special. I always took the day off work (and I am a teacher so I would rather see my kids start kindergarten than meet my new students on the first day) because I was so proud and thrilled for them to start this exciting time in a child’s life.

    I don’t care who was illegal. Those sweet little children were 100% American citizens. They never got their shot at, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” because their selfish prick father needed to spread his hurt rather than looking for a way to heal it.

    Any pity I felt for his shitty childhood dissolved the minute he took those babies lives. Definitely he should patch the prison walls…nothing would be more appropriate.

  9. Tom Daly says:

    That is just sickening what thsi sicko did. Killing two innocent children who, by the way, HE conceived with his wife to punish her. I wouldn’t waste decades waiting to put him to death, I’d just cut to the chase and do it NOW. And after her dies, I’d use to patch up the walls of the prison.

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