Muhammad Manzour Parvez and Waqas Parvez

Muhammad and Waqas Parvez
Crime: Murder

Aqsa Parvez was born in Pakistan. In fact, her entire family was born in Pakistan. Her father Muhammad Manzour Parvez brought the family to Canada in 2001, when Aqsa was 11 years old.

The family lived at 5363 Longhorn Tr. in Mississauga, Ontario. The two married daughters lived with their husbands, but the rest of the family, including daughters-in-law and grandchildren, lived in the Muhammad Manzour Parvez house.

Aqsa was the baby of the family, and being the youngest she found it easy to acclimatize to the Canadian way of life. Unfortunately for her, Muhammad Manzour Parvez insisted — demanded — that the family live the traditional life. That meant the women wore traditional clothes, including the hijab, and none could work outside of the home. The women depended totally on the menfolk for money.

All of the marriages in the family were arranged. In fact Aqsa’s siblings, except her sisters Shasma and Irim, were married to cousins from Pakistan.

Shasma, Irim and Aqsa attended Applewood High School. Shasma dropped out in 2006, and became engaged to a fellow from Pakistan. Irim actually graduated high school in 2007. Neither Shasma or Irim were allowed to work at jobs.

Aqsa ParvezAqsa liked going to school. She liked her friends, and she didn’t like being at home. When Aqsa was 15, in grade 10, she told her friends and the school officials that there were problems at home — verbal and physical altercations between her siblings and herself. The biggest source of conflict was that Aqsa wanted to be like her Canadian friends — free to come and go and wear modern clothing. She didn’t want to wear the traditional hijab/head scarf.

Aqsa was very fearful of telling her father she didn’t want to dress traditionally any more. She told the Vice Principal about her fears. The Vice Principal set up a meeting with Aqsa, her father and a counselor, hoping to get things sorted. They got sorted all right.

Aqsa told her father she didn’t want to wear the hijab. And Muhammad Manzour Parvez told her no. The end. Aqsa then related the problems she was having with her siblings. And her father said he would deal with it. He said, “he was in control of his house, he made all the decisions and his children do as he says.”

Yup, Muhammad Manzour Parvez was really good at compromising, but only if he got everything his way.

I can imagine family life became very uncomfortable for Aqsa after that meeting. Muhammad Manzour Parvez now knew his youngest daughter was thinking rebellious thoughts. No hijab indeed!

Aqsa completed grade 10, but not very successfully. Her school attendance had become spotty. She was certain her sister Irim was spying on her at school and reporting to her father.

What her sister probably reported was Aqsa would change her clothes when she got to school. She would ditch the hijab and put on tight jeans.

Aqsa began showing up at school with bruises on her arms — a sure sign all was not well at home.

In September 2007 Aqsa started grade 11, but she didn’t show up. The Vice Principal arranged a meeting on September 17 with Muhammad Manzour Parvez and Aqsa. The tyrannical father revealed that he was planning to take Aqsa out of Applewood High School and enroll in her an Islamic school.

Aqsa told the Vice Principal she didn’t want to leave school, and she didn’t want to wear the hijab any more. That was not what her father told her to say.

The Vice Principal laid down the law, actually the Education Act, to Muhammad Manzour Parvez, so the old man agreed to keep his daughter in school, but wearing the hijab.

After the meeting Aqsa told a school counselor she was afraid to go home. She was afraid her father would kill her because she hadn’t said what he wanted her to say at the meeting. She said she wanted to stay in school and she didn’t believe her father intended for her to go to an Islamic school. He was going to marry her off instead.

Aqsa wanted the freedom her friends enjoyed. At home there was no freedom. She couldn’t talk on the phone with her friends. She couldn’t visit her friends. She had no privacy. She had no door on her bedroom. In fact her bedroom wall was unfinished so anyone could look in.

Credit to the counselor, Aqsa’s fears of returning home were taken seriously. The counselor arranged for the frightened girl to stay at a shelter. And learning that Muhammad Manzour Parvez and Irim were waiting outside the school for Aqsa, the counselor took her out the back door and got a taxi to take her to the shelter.

Aqsa stayed at the shelter for 3 nights. Then she got a letter from her sister Irim begging her to come home, saying that everything would be ok and she didn’t have to wear the hijab.

Aqsa returned home. Her mother took her clothes shopping. The teenaged girl happily went to Applewood wearing modern clothing. But things weren’t happy at home.

Aqsa, possibly feeling euphoric from her victory about clothes and school, actually asked her parents if she could have a part time job. That did not go over well. And so any freedom she had before was taken away. No socializing at all for her. For a teenaged girl that’s akin to hell.

Aqsa began skipping classes so she could hang out with her friends. The school sent notices to her parents, and set up a family counseling session for November 19, 2007.

Muhammad Manzour Parvez was out of patience, if he ever had any to begin with. He angrily told the counselor that Canadian women “are able to open their mouths because they have rights, but if the same woman was in Pakistan, she don’t dare open her mouth.” Yeah, those darn pesky rights that Canadian women have and apparently shouldn’t.

It was obvious Muhammad Manzour Parvez was never going to change his mind, and never going to allow his daughter to become Canadianized.

By the end of November 2007 Aqsa was wanting to leave home again, but she was very afraid. Her father, she told her friends, had sworn on the Koran that if she ran away from home again he would kill her.

Aqsa believed him, but decided to risk it. On November 29, 2007 Aqsa packed a bag. Her mother saw it and confiscated it. Busted!

No way was Aqsa going to go home after school after that. She arranged to stay at a friend’s house. And there she stayed, and her parents had no clue where she was.

On December 2, 2007, Aqsa went to another friend’s house to do homework. Unfortunately, that friend’s parents knew Aqsa’s parents, and they blew the whistle on her.

Muhammad Manzour Parvez and his wife showed up multiple times at Aqsa’s friend’s house to insist their daughter come home. She refused. Even when her father offered her her own apartment in the basement and an allowance of $100 a month Aqsa refused.

On Friday, December 7, 2007, Aqsa’s brother Waqas picked her up and drove her to school. He had handed her $10 and tried to convince her to come home. The girl held firm. Her father had, after all, sworn on the Koran he’d kill her.

On Sunday, December 9 there was a birthday party at her friend’s home. Irim was invited. And very unfortunately Irim learned that Aqsa had gone to the movies for the very first time in her life. Uh oh! Movies were definitely forbidden in the Parvez household.

On Monday, December 10, 2007, Aqsa walked to the bus stop with her friend Amal Tahir. Just before the bus arrived Waqas drove up in the family van. Aqsa handed her books to Amal and said she’d be right back. She walked over to the van to talk to Waqas. When the bus arrived at 7:20 a.m. Amal got on and Aqsa didn’t. In fact the van was gone, Aqsa with it.

At 7:56 a.m. Muhammad Manzour Parvez phoned 911. He said he’d killed his daughter with his own hands.

At 8:03 a.m. the police arrived. Aqsa was lying on her bed with a bloody nose, close to death. One officer began CPR until paramedics arrived and took the poor girl to hospital where, after a few hours, she was pronounced dead. She’d be throttled, strangled to death.

Cowardly Waqas Parvez

Cowardly Waqas Parvez

Muhammad Manzour Parvez was arrested right away. Waqas was later arrested in his tow truck.

The police questioned the Parvez family. Muhammad Manzour Parvez’s wife Anwar Jan told them she’d asked him why he’d killed her. His answer, according to Anwar Jan was “My community will say you have not been able to control your daughter. This is my insult. She is making me naked.”

Everyone questioned gave the same answers: they’d heard nothing and seen nothing and didn’t know anything until the old man woke them and told them he’d killed Aqsa. They also all agreed that Aqsa was in the wrong by disrespecting her family and her religion. And every single one of them insisted Waqas had nothing to do with the murder.

Waqas Parvez told the police he hadn’t seen his sister for a week, and he’d been sleeping in his tow truck when he got a call from his brother to say Aqsa was dead.

Cowardly Waqas Parvez

Cowardly Waqas Parvez

Obviously Waqas didn’t know about Aqsa’s friend Amal Tahir at the bus stop. Caught in the lie Waqas was charged with obstructing police.

Things got more complicated for Waqas when police investigators found out that he’d been trying to get a gun to kill his sister. Apparently he told a coworker that the plan was he’d kill Aqsa and the old man would take the blame. The coworker had suggested he talk to his sister instead and work things out.

Obviously Waqas didn’t pay heed to his buddy’s advice.

The coworker agreed to talk with Waqas while being recorded by police. He actually talked to the evil bastard 3 times in June, 2008. Waqas admitted he’d murdered his sister but it was her fault because she’d refused to accept her father’s offers.

Waqas was a big old hypocrite, btw. He wore an earring and drank alcohol and wanted to send his wife back to Pakistan and marry a Canadian woman. Imagine what his father would have done to him had he learned of all that!

The clincher for the case was the fact that Waqas Parvez’s DNA was underneath Aqsa’s fingernails.

Aqsa Parvez gravesiteAqsa Parvez, dead at 16, was buried in an unmarked grave at the Meadowvale Cemetery in Brampton, Ontario. Her family refused the donation of a gravestone and a memorial.

At their trial Muhammad Manzour Parvez, 60, and Waqas Parvez, 29, pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder. They received automatic life sentences. On August 22, 2012 the judge ruled they wouldn’t be eligible for parole for 18 years.

Superior Court Justice Bruce Durno said that he found it “profoundly disturbing that a 16-year-old could be murdered by a father and brother for the purpose of saving family pride, for saving them from what they perceived as family embarrassment.”

Waqas Parvez uncovered

Cowardly killer Waqas Parvez uncovered

Some have called this horrible, senseless murder an “honour killing”. I myself can see nothing honourable about it. Two grown men killed a young girl because she dared to have a mind of her own, and because they were afraid of what their community would say. Sounds awfully cowardly to me.

I really wish that all men with such brutal, misogynistic and completely caveman thinking about the role and rights of women would leave Canada. We’d be better off without them. I propose the South Pole as their new homeland. And their national flag could consist of butt cheeks spread apart with a puckered asshole in the middle.

I wish all the worst to Muhammad Manzour Parvez and Waqas Parvez. I also wish for the rest of the family the freedom to think and act like Canadians.

RIP Aqsa Parvez.

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14 Responses to Muhammad Manzour Parvez and Waqas Parvez

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Like father like son, or as I like to say the turd doesn’t fall far from the asshole. Waqas should have confessed his own sins to his dad if he were a “righteous” man instead of murdering his little sister for her minor sins. SHE didn’t drink alcohol or get a Canadian love interest while married. Stupid little turd wasn’t even man enough to take the blame. He had to hide behind his father’s skirts. And the father is less honorable than a bag of shit.

    • Queen Bengalpussy says:

      Bulldoggy, thats usually the case with those families, the men are allowed to do what they like, the son having an ear pierced, drinking booze and wanting a canadian woman wouldn’t have been a problem or brought shame, its only the women that end up being murdered brutally because of “honour”. I also think the mother should’ve been arrested, because she would’ve known what was gonna happen to her daughter. 18Yrs is nothing for taking that young girls life, should’ve been given a whopper of a sentence, die in prison of old age, they should never be freed. Why should they get a chance of freedom, poor asqa didn’t get a second chance. And not letting her have a head stone is absolutely atrocious. RIP Asqa.

  2. pj says:

    Shame on the whole freaking family for not even putting a headstone on that dear girl’s grave! She was loved and valued on this earth, by her friends if not her family, and she deserves to be remembered for the precious person she was.

  3. Miguel says:

    I hope when these killers get out they’re sent back to Pakistan. They don’t belong in Canadian society.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      If canada is anything like britain miguel, then don’t build your hopes up, cos they’ll be getting released to benefits, a house, and anything else they can get. Sigh!!!

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    Perhaps this family will re-think its attitude toward honor killings. What is the honor in murdering a young girl? There is no honor in this kind of killing, only cowardice. If there was honor then the son would have held his head high and shown his face instead of hiding like a criminal.

  5. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I would have added the sister to the list, for assisting the men in tracking her.

  6. moodymagic says:

    These 2 make me sick. Yes these 2 definitely have no family honor. Burn in hell both of you.

  7. 2cute says:

    I think Waqas let his dad take the blame not only because it was all his dad’s idea but because with his dad behind bars then Waqas could dump the wife and take up with his girlfriend and drinking and all without anybody to stop him. He is cowardly and selfish and scheming and completely hypocritical and totally immoral. Both of these killers are pathetic excuses for men.

  8. Lyndal says:

    Why the hell do people like him go to live in places like Canada then expect everything to carry on like in the old country. Men like him have no place in western society. They are nothing but shitbags who think the women/girls in their life are their possessions to control at their will. ALL human beings have the right to live their lives the way they see fit form themselves. That girl wanted nothing more than to have her freedom and be a productive member of her community. Her “father” denied her that. I hope he rots in prison.

    • MsM says:

      I was just thinking the same thing, Lyndal. I don’t understand it. Why DO these types of people leave their country where “everything is perfect” (if only in their mind) and then throw a fit when things don’t work the way they think they should in a new country? Maybe that’s ‘unworldly’ of me or something, I don’t know. I just find it hard to grasp that somebody would move to another country and then think it’s okay to demand their family live by the laws of the old country they left behind. People supposedly come to North America – both the US and Canada – for a better life. People like this totally flummox me.

  9. Jewels says:

    Deport! If you come here and don’t like the culture… get the f*k OUT! We won’t miss you

  10. KXG says:

    cowardly, religious zealot pieces of subhuman garbage. if they liked the ways of their damn religion and country so much why did they leave? if you immigrate, you assimilate, period. you’re not allowed to cherry-pick the freedoms and customs you like and keep your backward philosophies against gender, creed, ect. if you don’t want to assimilate, go back to where it’s acceptable to live like you want. civilized countries don’t need you.

  11. Ali says:

    How many years have the waqas been punished

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