Muhammad Arsal Khan and Kaneez Fatima

Muhammad Arsal Khan and Kaneez FatimaCrimes: Murder, Child Abuse
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I love to walk my dogs. I enjoy the fresh air, the scenery, seeing my pups’ tails wag excitedly as their chunky little bodies waddle down the path. The exercise is good for me and for them. But there is a dark side to walking your dog, and that is the greatly increased odds of you stumbling upon something quite horrifyingly horrible. Face it, dog walkers find a lot of bodies.

And so it was in a Toronto park on December 7, 1999. Mary Smith was out walking her dog in Colonel Samuel Smith Park when she saw two suspicious people trying to hide something along the rocky shoreline. She, being much, much braver than I, investigated and found three garbage bags hidden amidst the rocks. I can’t even imagine the horror of her discovery of the contents of those bags – the limbs of a little child. Just the limbs. And the legs of this wee little person were all bruised up, an undeniable sign that physical abuse had taken place as well as murder.

It was only after the arrest of Muhammad Arsal Khan, 40, and his wife Kaneez Fatima, 49, that investigators found the child’s tiny head in another waterfront park. The torso was never discovered.

The child was five-year-old Farah Khan, and the two accused were her father and stepmother. Her father, it seems, had gotten it into his head that Farah was not his daughter. He accused his first wife of adultery, and firmly believed that Farah’s real father was someone else. No evidence, but good old Muhammad knew what he knew and Farah was not his daughter.

Back in Pakistan Muhammad Arsal Khan didn’t want his first wife, and most assuredly didn’t want little Farah, whom he called “that useless child,” “bastard offspring” and “child of a dog.” Unhappily for all, Pakistani elders, following Islamic law, awarded him custody of the child, and that is how Farah Khan wound up living with and dying at the hands of her father and stepmother.

Farah Khan and her killers had only been in Canada for a little while. They arrived in August, 1999 and she was dead in December.

Farah Khan had been enrolled in senior kindergarten and was apparently making great progress considering everything was new to her. School must have been important to her, because she really, really wanted a set of school photographs. Ten dollars they would cost, which apparently is totally unreasonable because when she asked Muhammad Arsal Khan to buy the photos, he erupted in a fit of rage, chased her around the apartment and clubbed her with a rolling pin. That is the sort of life she had with this scumbag of a father. And stepmother Kaneez Fatima did nothing to help her.

Now Muhammad, when first questioned by police, insisted he didn’t murder Farah at all. Not surprising. What was surprising was his claim that Farah Khan killed herself. Apparently, Muhammad Arsal Khan and his wife came home and found the little five-year-old had cut her own neck with a knife and she was wiggling around with this slit throat and then boom! she dropped dead. Don’t you just hate when that happens.

“I am ruined, I have no one,” Muhammad Arsal Khan whined during his taped interview with police.

“Nobody would have believed my word — that the girl had committed the crime herself.”

“Sir, when I came home, she was flopping around, she urinated … and she was finished. This is what happened. Now the brain didn’t work (and) I became frightened, I will become a murderer! I became a murderer!

“This is my story, I can’t even tell this to anyone. Allah save me! Allah save me! I’m going to die inside. I will die but I did not commit any crime.

“Please, for God’s sake, have pity on me. Do this for me that my life becomes free after seven, eight months. I won’t tell anyone … please help me in that,”

“I don’t understand what trouble Allah has put me in. By God, I am not a criminal. Get me pardoned somehow. I don’t understand what I’m getting punished for.”

Poor baby. Makes me tear up – not! Even his own lawyer called his story

“the stupidest, most transparent lie in the history of Anglo-Canadian law.”

Poor Muhammad was so frightened he might be blamed for Farah Khan’s death that he decided to cut her body up, put the pieces away and bury the head “religiously.” That’s what he told the police. And then he magnanimously offered to take them to her remains secretly, just so long as the media didn’t find out that he was involved.

Turns out the police didn’t buy his “poor me” crap, and neither did the prosecutor.

Farah Khan didn’t die accidentally. She died of a slit throat, and it was not self-inflicted, obviously. Muhammad did it, and he even told six witnesses that he did it. It seems it was an honor killing – he had to murder his daughter to restore his honor.

Crown attorney David Fisher told the court that Muhammad Arsal Khan plotted his daughter’s murder before the family immigrated to Canada in the spring of 1999. He said Khan brought surgical instruments with him when he moved here from Pakistan, which he later used to dismember Farah Khan.

In 2004 Muhammad Arsal Khan was convicted of the first degree murder of Farah Khan and was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 25 years.

And poor Kaneez Fatima. She tried to convince the police and the court that she tried to save Farah Khan, but couldn’t stop Muhammad on that fateful day.

The fact that she told the kindergarten teacher a tall tale about her dying mother to cover up the murder didn’t help her cause. Neither did the fact that she helped chop up, wrap up and hide the body parts. The court concluded that Kaneez Fatima was not a mere spectator, and had in fact been present for previous assaults on poor Farah Khan as well as the final one.

“She did nothing to stop the onslaught,” said the judge.

Kaneez Fatima was found guilt of the second degree murder of Farah Khan and sentenced to a life term. She cannot apply for parole until January 19, 2015.

Kaneez Fatima and Muhammad Arsal Khan have since divorced. I just wonder if they’ll be reunited in hell.

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15 Responses to Muhammad Arsal Khan and Kaneez Fatima

  1. dogwalker says:

    Ugh, remind me never to open suspicious bags when I walk my poochies! I never want to find a body or parts of a body ever! Human or animal I don’t care! Yuk! And this poor baby’s torso is still out there somewhere, all bones by now. Poor little girl. These dipshits should never ever get out of jail!

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    That poor little girl. Her life must have been a living nightmare. The bastard father said it was an honour killing, what fucking honour can murdering a five year old child bring. It really pisse’s me off when you read story’s about families that have murdered their child because of honour, it makes me question what sort of god are you worshipping. What did that little girl do wrong, absolutely nothing. The poor little darling, she only wanted some school photo’s of herself, probably to send to her real mother in pakistan. If that bastard didn.t believe she was his daughter, then why didn.t he leave her with her mother. Did he think while ever she was alive he would be disgraced in his stupid world. And the stepmother tried to save her own arse but she’d lied to the teacher, i think she should have got 25 years too. I don.t understand how any woman can stand and watch a child be murdered or hurt in any way it goes against what we are, to love and nurture and protect, she did fuckall. Both rot in hell.

  3. Celeste says:

    So she was killed because she, supposedly, brought shame to her family for being born out of wedlock? Ugh! Sad!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Yes stupid isn’t it. Thats the thing that i don’t get, if he believed that she wasn’t his child, then why take her away from her mother? He probably thought, stupidly that by killing this little girl, allah will look at him favourably now he has restored his “honour” stupid evil bastards.

  4. AthensMommy says:

    Cleo, do you know if there was any DNA testing done to determine if the murdering Bastard was her bio dad?

    • cleo says:

      I cannot confirm that DNA testing was performed, but the biological mother did testify that Muhammad Arsal Khan was the father.

      • fahid says:

        can u please tell,Arsal khan how much time left to come out off jail

        • AngryAlbertan says:

          Muhummad Arsal Khan cannot apply for parole until at least 2025. Doesn’t mean this shitbag will get it. In fact, as long as he continues to proclaim his innocence, he will never see the outside of a prison.

  5. Mary says:

    They should both rot in hell and never see the light of day

  6. bengalpuss says:

    “muhammad arsehole khan” jeezalou, did he honestly think that his story of farrah killing herself would be believed? he should be given an extra ten years for insulting the investigators intelligence.

  7. Riz says:

    Honor killing hasn’t got anything to do with religion and appeasing God. It’s about his culture and his respect and standing in that culture and community.

    Actually before Islam came to the Middle East it was a tradition for the Arabs to kill daughters. Islam forbids Murder. It doesn’t require blood sacrifice.

    Get done knowledge before typing like a hero. Idiots!!

  8. maryam says:

    shutupp u islamic idiot!! muslims are always killing nd. takin finz personal, u called him an idiot coz. he said d truth .islam is. useless jawe!! I was a muslim dat converted, I knw erytin u swine .

  9. Tom Daly says:

    I’m a Christian and I think what kind of a god would allow children to suffer such atrocities? I mean, Christianity is all about forgiveness and that but this is something I could NEVER forgive. The little girl must have suffered appalling treatment during her short time on this earth. I hope that her father and that disgusting cow he calls a wife are locked up somewhere where they never see the light of day again. I bet their new neighbors are gonna welcome them accordingly.

  10. Ss says:

    I can never forget this little girl…rest in peace. Thinking of u always

  11. Jurgen says:

    No he was her biological dad she was no bastard because they do a DNA testing when they aply for immigration visa to Canada, everyone must do the DNA test before you come to Canada “You Cannot bring someone else’s child with you to Canada think about it. I think he was the true bastard and his hooker wife that killed an innocent little girl.I hope he doesn’t come out of prison the bastard dies there or get killed by an inmate.

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