Mount Vernon Jane Doe

Mt Vernon Jane Doe

On February 14, 1988, a young woman’s naked body was found. She’d only been dead for about 6 hours, and her face was very recognizable, but still she was never identified. That’s just so sad.

The woman had been murdered. Her killer bound her hands and ankles, asphyxiated her, and inflicted blunt force trauma.

The body had been left in the street at 10 Carleton Avenue, Mount Vernon, Westchester County in the state of New York. Mount Vernon is only about 10 miles north of Manhattan.

The area where the victim was found is an industrial area, not residential. She was laid on the ground with her arms out to the side and her ankles crossed.

This Jane Doe was white, and between 18 and 30 years old. She was 5’3″ tall, and she only weighed 105 pounds. Her eyes were hazel. Her face had freckles. Her hair was long, straight, and blondish, maybe light brown. She had absolutely no cavities or fillings. She also had no tattoos or scars.

The victim had fake press-on nails that she’d painted reddish pink — a detail I doubt anyone would remember after all these years. Her face had some moles and freckles, and on the right side of her neck, just above her shoulder, she had a big, noticeable birthmark.

The victim, I think, had a surprisingly thick neck. Not freakishly thick, just thicker than I would have expected on such a slight figure.

The victim had pierced ears, but no jewelry was found on the body. Nothing was found on the body.

Now this Jane Doe, I must admit, confuses me a bit. Her eyebrows were in need of plucking. Indeed, she even had stray hairs on the bridge of her nose. Her armpits were unshaven. Those details make me think she wasn’t interested in getting herself a boyfriend. I remember the 80’s well enough to know armpits and legs were expected to be hair-free — especially when a girl was dating.

The confusing part is for me that the victim had recently shaved or waxed her pubic hair. I learned that Brazilian waxing arrived in New York in 1986, so this was a very recent trend. Now why would Jane Doe not shave her armpits and not pluck her eyebrows but remove all her pubic hair?

It is possible she shaved her pubic area for hygienic purposes rather than erotic ones. She might have had a case of pubic lice at one time, or wanted to avoid one.

It is also possible that her killer shaved the victim himself. There is no reason to think the poor woman wasn’t held for a period of time before she was killed. She’d been bound so she’d obviously been incarcerated by her murderer.

There have been many versions of the Mount Vernon Jane Doe’s face. That didn’t stop me, of course, from doing my own version. I chose to make her younger looking — closer to 18.

Mt Vernon Jane Doe

Most of the other versions emphasize her eyebrows, making them very dark. I think, since she was blondish, that her brows would have been lighter. The post mortem picture of the victim shows her with dark, wet hair so she’d obviously been recently washed. The water may have darkened her brows too.

It would be totally awesome if, after all these years, this Jane Doe were identified. That might also lead to the identity of her murderer who hopefully led a life full of suffering and pain and then died excruciatingly.

If anybody has any idea of who this Jane Doe is, please contact the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s Office at (914) 231-1600, or the Mount Vernon Police Department at (914) 665-2510. Refer to case number MEW 88-410. The listed contact person is Detective Christopher DiMase.

This Jane Doe is also listed in other databases. Here are her other case numbers:
NCIC Case Number: U288016763
NamUs Case Number: UP #10229

21 Responses to Mount Vernon Jane Doe

  1. moodymagic says:

    This poor woman. It is very sad that no one has identified this victim. Great job Cleo and may she finally get identified.

  2. Dawn says:

    I wonder how long he kept her? If it was for several weeks that could explain the hair on her legs and armpits. And maybe he was a fetishist, and that’s why he shaved her pubic hair. It sounds like she was posed after she was murdered, with outstretched arms and crossed ankles. Sounds to me like a serious, freakish, serial killer.

    • awesomeblossom says:

      If you’re right, Dawn, then probably the victim was just a teenager, not 30, and young enough looking she could pass for a prepubescent girl. Kidnapping young girls for his sick twisted desires would have been a lot more difficult than grabbing a teenager.

    • 2cute says:

      Dawn, I wonder if there were other bodies found like that too. Seems to me that her killer was practised enough to get away with it.

  3. bekah says:

    There are way too many possibilities with this one. Unfortunately. With the press on nails, I remember using them as a little girl, and then again when my daughter and I played dress up. I can’t imagine an 18 year old wearing them, unless babysitting, or maybe she is slightly older and had a kid? It didn’t mention anything, so I’m assuming the shape of her pelvis indicated she didn’t? Or, are the nails different from the kinds I’m thinking of? (Sorry, I was born around this time, and trends change fast, as you know).

    Also, the first thought I had was that somebody else shaved her. But, what if she was younger and for religious/cultural/whatever reasons her parents forbid her to shave (It happens) but maybe she could get away with the pubic shaving, since it is pretty hidden. Its a stretch, but just throwing out other possibilities, maybe to jog someones memory of a church member or something.

  4. pj says:

    Good job cleo. she sure looks alive.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    poor girl, i hope they find the bastard that did this to her.

  6. George Ossipo says:

    I’ve been obsessed with this case since it was assigned to me in 2003. I discovered DNA that had been preserved under her fingernails in 2004, 16 years after the fact, that had been secured at the Medical Examiners Office. As a result, a suspect was developed in 2010, 3 months after I retired but nothing was done to close this case. Further, through my investigation, I believe that Jane Doe is Cathleen Martin who went missing in Cape May NJ in mid 1987. Cathleen’s family and husband, John Martin, also believes Jane Doe to be Cathleen and yet and nothing further after I retired has been done. For those interested, please read the article that Adriana posted above (thank you so much Adriana)and anyone with any info please free to contact me via [email protected] or through my website

    • Emmali says:

      Unfortunately I highly doubt it’s Cathleen just because the unidentified body was 5’3, while Cathleen was 5’8. It’s not unheard of for the height to be off my 5 inches, but it’s extremely rare.

      • Emmali the assessment of 5’8 was made by her sister from only a picture, in which Cathleen was wearing heals, while her sister wore flip flops. After this fact was pointed out, her sister admitted that deep down she didn’t want to believe it was Cathleen, hoping that Cathleen is still alive. Since then, she’s come to terms with this and had church services for her sister.

    • Leslie says:

      My dad was the original detective assigned to this matter in 1988. This was the only case, as far as I understand, that remained unsolved by him when he retired shortly after she was found in 1988. He unfortunately passed away last year. I wonder what his reaction would be to know that so many people are trying to figure this out and what Input he would give. It bothered him so, so much that he wasn’t able to identify her and did talk about it a few times with us.

  7. 2cute says:

    George Ossipo is there no way Cathleen’s family can petition the court to have the Jane Doe’s DNA tested against their own? Or at least to release a sample for private testing? It’s horrible to think she has pretty much been identified but then ignored by officials. The family deserves their daughter back.

    • George Ossipo says:

      2Cute thank you for the inquiry. Cathleen’s family has and is willing to provide additional DNA samples to be tested as Exemplars with Jane Doe. However; considering certain government red tape bureaucracies, The Weschester County Forensics Lab will not forward Genome pro-filer / co-filer data on Jane Doe to be tested by an independent lab nor will they do it themselves. They basically looked to avoid court testimony, considering the level of contamination in the way it was collected. Remember the DNA was collected in 1988 when technology didn’t exists. And therefore, they don’t want to be put in the hot seat as no labs do. The only hope is for an independent lab to compare the samples and offer an opinion. 8 out of 13 DNA allels match to blood relatives which suggests a strong family relationship. Now we need for an expert to explain the reason as to why the other allels didn’t spike, which the answer is simply due to a mixture / contamination. Thanks for your input and interest.

      • Cynthia Campanale says:

        Mr. Ossippo , I need your help . I believe in divine intervention and I believe It is you. I read an article where you stated what I believe to be the truth : Mount Vernon PD doesn’t want to solve crime. My son is a victim of violent crime in Mount Vernon on 12/13/15. I feel an urgency to tell you so I will , while I can . On 12/13/15 My 18 yr old son doesn’t listen to stay away from bad people; or listen to the notion one can be deceived
        by bad people and become a victim. I had heard of The Vega’s of 35 South Terrace, 2nd flr , Mt. Vernon, N.Y. By all appearance frighteningly normal. It holds no prevalence to the depravity of the moral psyche that lives there. No one is that household is spared of low morals and no compass, their ease and skill lying goes to show how often it is done. In or about mid January 2014 , CPS and The Humane Society for Animals and Mt Vernon P D were called to 35 South Terrace cause Anna Vega, 43 yrs also known as Starr, George/Jorge Vega, 44 yrs, Melissa Vega , 24 yrs. who had in 2014 had given birth 1/15/14 to her 3 youngest child Mackenzie Medina. She resided with her parents. A set of 3 wk old newborn fraternal twins: brother / sister set , their mother for baby buying. Yes you read correct. The Vega’s admit it to me cause they were afraid of Elaine the alleged caller/ confidante of Anna Vega. The Vega’s are the only tenants living over a decade at 35 South Terrace. Also are living in same apt. : Johanna Hodges, ( a foster care female who
        claims to never have known her mother. Could be a habitual liar, approx . 23, black, with her elder child Tiffany Trudy Hodges , in February 2014 is admitted to
        Valhalla Burn Unit with burns to face, chest area when The Vega’s told Johanna to money for her diapers and wipes. The Mt Vernon Pd find all of these people at 35 South Terrace. Naturally they all lie their butts off to CPS workers of buying the babies. Anna Vega claimed she is a good soul who
        loves helping single mothers with young babies. They bought this crock and even the Vega’s were amazed , she said they could not believe they got away with it. I
        thought these people were crazy. They use deception and desperate need for mother figures so she can obtain custody . The New Rochelle Judge in late Dec. 2013 or early January 2014 , Anna Vega was trying to get custody of Ethan Medina( Melissa’s 10 months old son in 2014); she was pregnant with MacKenzie who is born 1/15/14 approx. and Luis Medina was present but the Judge could not understand why only one child if unfit and if Melissa could only handle two was the newborn at risk?? Then why need custody the Judge asked Anna Vega if her daughter lived in the same household? Melissa was angry in 2014 cause her mother was presenting Melissa as a sister and Anna Vega as his Mother and Jorge as the father . ( Melissa would take care only of her girls and her parents had Ethan with them in their bedroom on the first floor. The attic is the other bedroom . ) Now Melissa claims her son and is a very angry young woman. Johanna Hodges still resided there and leaves her daughter back in 2014 for weeks sight unseen. I thought Trudy was better with the stability then bouncing at least she was not all burned up and with two pairs of pants in the cold winter. But then comes this story Jeorge and Anna Vega while residing at 35 South Terrace were foster care parents of two kids: one named Mason. After the kids reunited with family the girl states Jeorge Vega molested her. It was enough to remove The Vega’s as foster parents , I don’t know if or what charges may have been filed or plead deals: Not a clue. They were a narcissistic bunch but in a very bad way. I felt endangered with the knowledge they confided in me and sought to delicately break my friendship with them. But cause a reaction not a positive one; Melissa Vega I thought became fixated with having a online Facebook friendship with my then 16 yr old son Adam( who Melissa offers to help me cause Adam had runaway and trick him to meet with her so I could grab him ) this is how I am stupid enough to tell her who my son’s profile was. She tells me he accepts the friend request . I get excited and then she does something shady she is talking to him in convo with a different girl ‘s photo and I said why would you do that? That is not the purpose of a grown woman conversations with my son as a deception to me. Well it was May 2014 Melissa Vega began screaming and acting out violently ,” You think your son is better then me?? I told her she was a grown woman and would be arrested . Go find a man , stay away from my son. ” I had a bad vibe. Somehow 12/13/15 Adam Hudyih my child is asked by co worker to meet him . These two males meet Adam at 5:00pm Sunday at Mount Vernon West Train Station. ( I am requested the camera’s subpoenaed . I need the request for judicial intervention, order to show cause and pay . I want to tell you Mt Vernon PD was duped by the landlord on 12/13/15 their landlord Horace Williams lies to The Officer claiming The Vega’s moved out months earlier( A bold face lie they still live there!!) Horsce Williams refuses to give the digital evidence obtained by the surveillance cameras on 35 South Terrace. Again Officer duped: The Camera’s belong to The Vega’s. Jeorge and Anna Vega immediately flee after my son is stabbed by two men: Luigii Godinez also known as Luis Flores. I can send excerpts: the Vega’s took 5 cameras with them. The Vega was desperate for $300 that morning Adam was robbed and stabbed 9x. The blood droplets led Mt Vernon PD Officer to 35 South Terrace( Yet The Mt Vernon
        Officer refused to arrest the Vega’s for their involvement) on 12:31/15 Mt Vernon officer charges with Governmental Obstruction, Child endangerment, stolen property but they are not involved) the Vega’s threaten me on 12/31/15: Complaint 42820 Mt Vernon
        PD did nothing( Melissa Vega had Trudy Hodges and makes threats), 1/3/16 : Melissa Vega with Hailley Medina making threats again with kids. 5/3/16 : Johanna Hodges and Anna Vega near my home. Anna Vega lied to Yonkers PD claiming she lives in Yonkers. She lives at 35 South Terrace. I called Darrion Dunnon 347-304-5862 who is the relative of the Jamaican Lady Elaine who turned in The Vega Family with very detailed information and nothing happened. How can this be??? Today they got away with being in my area, Anna Vega went a pocketknife and Johanna Hodges was trying to fist fight me. Then the Yonkers PD is going to say I can arrest for 10#percent pepper spray that is given back to me at the Court. I have begun a lawsuit against the landlord of 35 South Terrace, Horace Williams : Adam is the 4th victim at the address or affiliated with that address on South Terrace. The Judge was upset that the Mount Vernon Police did not obtain the camera and instead the victim’s mother is. The film was altered and Mt Vernon PD did not distribute any photos to neighboring police depts: Yonkers, Bronx or County PD. How are they to look for the other suspect if no one knows a crime was committed??? Once the cameras are in: WE ARE HOMEFREE.
        Please help me, I am disability but will pay monthly : I need help you know how it works.
        Cynthia C.

  8. Debbie Tudor says:

    If she came from an European country – lots of them (ie Germany) do not shave underarms and legs.

  9. Mindy Kindall says:

    I think this UID looks like Candace Shpeley. Has she been checked?

  10. Kelly Schueman says:

    At this time the only women who shaved their arm pits were American. Has anyone shared her photo in Europe , the UK, Australia??

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