Mohammed Riaz Inayat

Mohammed Riaz Inayat
Crimes: Arson, Murder

I really wish the press would stop using the term “honour killing”. There is no honour in it, just killing. To me “honour killings” are nothing more than some nasty, petulant, old bastard thinking he’s not getting his way and he’s damn well gonna punish the wife or daughter who dares to say no.

Mohammed Riaz Inayat, 56, of Tyseley, Birmingham, UK is one such nasty old bastard. One of his daughters was planning to fly to Dubai to marry a man he didn’t approve of. OMG, how dare she!

Mohammed Inayat, an unemployed loser originally from Pakistan, was feeling disrespected by his womenfolk. Why they should respect him, I don’t know. He certainly didn’t respect them!

Mohammed Inayat didn’t earn respect by supporting his wife and 6 children. He didn’t earn respect by being a productive member of society. He just felt he was owed respect because he had a penis.

I get so tired of nasty bastards like this who feel that because they have been “blessed” with male genitalia they deserve to lord it over all those who have female genitalia.

Mohammed Riaz Inayat didn’t approve of anyone marrying for love. Oh no, arranged marriages were the only acceptable choice in his neanderthalic brain.

Kalsoom Bibi

Kalsoom Bibi

The daughter, Kalsoom Bibi, had already been through one arranged marriage. It ended in divorce. She started a new, secret relationship in 2011 with a CID officer in Dubai.

In December 2012 the secret was out. Her family discovered Kalsoom Bibi’s relationship and were not happy. Mohammed Inayat fumed and fumed, becoming increasingly furious.

How furious was Mohammed Inayat? Well, he told his wayward daughter that he would kill her and poison himself if she married that man!

“He said I would bring disgrace to the family,” said Kalsoom Bibi. “He was not happy with it. I understand why he wasn’t happy, it was because he had never met the man.”

Kalsoom Bibi actually thought, though, that her father had finally agreed to the marriage.

“It took him a long time to accept it,” she said, “but he did in the end because he could see it was what I wanted.”

Problem was, Mohammed Inayat didn’t accept it. He meant his death threat seriously, but not his suicide threat.

Kalsoom Bibi was set to fly to Dubai on April 17, 2013 to marry the man of her dreams. I am sure she was filled with joy and anticipation. Her father was not.

At 5 a.m. on April 17, 2013, the cowardly beast Mohammed Inayat crept about the home while everyone else was sleeping. What the vicious beast was doing was pouring petrol all over the home. He didn’t stop until he had soaked 7 locations, upstairs and downstairs, with gallons of the accelerant.

I think Mohammed Inayat meant to kill, and he didn’t care much who died. His wife, his 3 daughters and a family friend were sleeping in the house. The hellbeast lit the fire and left the house, knowing and intending, in my opinion, that the people upstairs would be trapped by the flames.

The monstrous hellbeast did succeed in killing, although the number of victims wasn’t as great as it could have been. All of the daughters and the guest managed to jump from the upstairs windows to escape the fire. Not surprisingly they suffered broken bones as a result, but they were alive.

Kalsoom Bibi broke her arm and 3 vertebrae when she jumped. The happiest day of her life had turned into the worst day of her life.

Her 16-year-old sister Saimah unfortunately suffered severe burns to 50% of her body. She required long-term hospitalization.

Inayat houseNeighbours on Cateswell Road who spotted the flames called the emergency services and tried rescuing the remaining victim — Mohammed Inayat’s wife, Naika.

They didn’t succeed in getting to her, but they’d given it a damn good try. I applaud those brave people.

The fire service arrived and found the poor woman’s body in an upstairs bedroom. She’d died of smoke inhalation. She was only 52 years old.

RIP, Naika Inayat.

Mohammed Inayat, the cowardly killer, told police initially that the fire was started by “a gang led by a white middle-aged woman.” Riiiight.

He also said that 2 robbers tied him up, put a gun to his head and demanded money. Riiiight.

Not surprisingly, the investigators were not convinced of that bizarre story. They arrested Mohammed Inayat and charged him with arson, murder and attempted murder.

At his trial in Birmingham Crown Court, Mohammed Inayat admitted to manslaughter, but denied the charges of murder, attempted murder and arson with intent to endanger life.

The killer Mohammed Inayat insisted he had been depressed, and had been trying to kill himself that fateful night. He said he tried 3 kitchen knives first — with no luck. What were they — butter knives?

Mohammed Inayat next tried to tie an electrical cord around his neck. That didn’t kill him. I guess he didn’t tie the other end to something up high.

Mohammed Inayat, supposedly desperate to kill himself, next poured petrol over himself. Funny how the house caught on fire and he didn’t.

Mohammed Inayat insisted in court that he was oh so happy his daughter was getting married.

“If my daughter is happy, then I am happy,” the callous murderer said.

Incredibly Kalsoom testified on her father’s behalf. “He would never hurt his family, I know that,” she said. “My dad says stuff out of anger, he doesn’t mean it.”

Her sister Safia testified otherwise. In her statement she described lying injured on the ground after jumping out of the window and seeing her father hold his head in his hands. She heard him say, “I did it.”

Mohammed Inayat was convicted of murder and arson with intent. He was acquitted on 4 counts of attempted murder, 1 count of manslaughter and 1 count of reckless arson.

I don’t really understand the jury’s thinking when they acquitted him of attempted murder. It seems obvious to me he intended for everyone upstairs to die.

Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor Zafar Siddique summed up the case nicely: “Inayat committed a dreadful crime, a crime which he committed because he was unable to accept the fact that his daughter wanted to get married to someone that she loved, cared for and wanted to spend the rest of her life with. This he felt brought dishonour to him and his family, but today’s conviction has shown that the shame is his to bear.”

Yes, indeed. All of the shame belongs to Mohammed Inayat. There was no honour in his horrific crime. And his poor wife paid the highest price for his petty petulance at being thwarted.

Mohammed Riaz Inayat was sentenced to serve at least 22 years in prison. His earliest release date is October 30, 2035. He’ll be an old man of 78 then. I’m, naturally, hoping he never lives to see freedom again.

After the sentencing, the Inayat family issued a statement that said, “We are very pleased with today’s sentence and whilst this will not bring back our beloved Naika we hope it sends out a message that abuse of this instance, of any kind, will not be tolerated by good men and women.”

The statement went on to say, “Naika’s loss has left a hole in our lives which can never be filled. She will always be loved and remembered by all who knew her.”

My sincerest condolences to those to knew and loved Naika Inayat. And my best wishes to the badly injured Saimah.

Detective Chief Inspector Sarb Johal of the West Midlands Police echoed my own thoughts: “[Mohammed Inayat] has rightly been handed a life sentence for what was a callous, devastating attack on his own family.”

Mustn’t forget the houseguest, though. Mohammed Inayat was willing to sacrifice a visitor’s life as well as his own family’s lives, all for the sake of his outraged feelings and selfish demands to be obeyed.

Long may Mohammed Riaz Inayat rot in prison. I hope the survivors of his crime have recovered and go on to live happy, fulfilling lives.

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7 Responses to Mohammed Riaz Inayat

  1. moodymagic says:

    Inayat you are one sick bastard and deserves the prison time you’re getting and I hope you suffer each and everyday. These were your loved ones.

  2. ANGRY DAD says:

    Instead of “Honor Killing”, it should be “Cowardly Killing”. Many of these so called “Honor Killing” are done in the most cowardice ways. Most of them gang up on the victims during their most vulnerable state and usually carried through a wicked plan of tortures, rapes, and murders. I suggest that when these cowardly killings happened, the victim and victim’s family should be able to actually perform a true “Honor Killing” my killing these fucking cowards in the most brutal ways. May he rot in jail and go to hell before he can ever be release.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    He’s like a spoilt 4-year-old brat. “They won’t do what I want so they’ll be sorry!” A 4-year-old would have a tantrum, maybe hold his breath till he turned blue. This bastard has the same mentality (maybe more childish than that) but was far more vicious and deadly. He should’ve been whupped as a child to teach him that he’s not the king and center of the world. Hope he combusts in his cell and feels what he put his wife and daughter through.

  4. 2cute says:

    It amazes me how many of the assholes on this site claim to have been trying to kill themselves but managed to kill someone else instead. He tried THREE knives and didn’t manage to cut himself? He tied a cord around his neck but didn’t manage to strangle himself? He poured gas on himself but the house caught fire? Wow, he is really lousy at killing himself. If he’d just stayed inside the house he might have succeeded. I wonder if investigators found him with slit wrists or marks on his neck or even with clothing soaked in gas. Doubt it. He’s a cowardly liar as well as a cowardly killer. Hope he rots in hell.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Honour killing my arse. It happens a lot in india end other asian countrys, they like to throw acid in the poor womens face. Hope this shit head dies in the shovel & never sees freedom again.

  6. SophieUK says:

    This is local to me. I remember hearing about it at first and feeling sorry for the guy, guess I was wrong about that! Ba$tard.

  7. Jannl says:

    Men like this make be feel embarassed as a guy. They give all of us a very bad reputation. I dont have a daughter but i have a sister and i would NEVER EVER harm her because she makes her own choices. Worst of all are mothers who participate in this.. There is not bond that is stronger than that between mother and child. But these women choose their families honour over a life. Quit unnatural.

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