Mohammed Miah & Rebeka Nazmin

mohammed miah and rebeka nazmin

Crimes: Murder, Child Abuse.

This story, I admit, made me cry. All of the stories here make me mad, but only a handful have caused me to weep. This one is one of those.

Baby Rifat wasn’t a perfect baby. He was born with a deformed hand and ear. But so what? That didn’t mean he wasn’t deserving of love and a good life. I can find no photo of the little boy, bless his heart. I’m guessing that’s because his parents were ashamed of him.

Baby Rifat’s fatty fat fat father, Mohammed Miah, of Poplar, east London, was most displeased that his boy wasn’t perfect. The man was 26 stone (364 pounds) himself, so of course he had high standards of perfection.

Mohammed Miah somehow decided that the solution for a deformity is extreme punishment, and he was more than willing to dish it out. On a newborn infant. With his wife, Rebeka Nazmin, allowing it.

Baby Rifat wasn’t equipped to deal with torture. He didn’t have heat-resistant skin to fend off extensive burning. He didn’t have titanium bones to withstand being squeezed, pulled and beaten. He didn’t have a padded skull to protect his brain.

I find it amazing that Baby Rifat lived to 13 weeks of age, bless his soul.

On July 4, 2016, Rebeka Nazmin called the emergency services to deal with her badly damaged baby. When the paramedics arrived, the baby was lying unmoving on the floor of the bedroom. He was very near death.

Before I go any further, I find myself wanting to scream out that nobody — especially not the mother — wanted to pick up that baby from the floor to give him a small amount of comfort. What the hell kind of creature leaves her dying baby on the cold, hard floor?

Big fat fatty fat Mohammed Miah refused to get out of bed even when the paramedics arrived.

The paramedics rushed the tiny infant to Great Ormond Street Hospital where doctors soon discovered the extensive torture Rifat had endured in his very short life. First of all, he had 38 rib fractures. People are born with 24 ribs. So somebody had squeezed that newborn so hard and so often that there was likely not a single intact rib. How did little Rifat even breathe? It would have been excruciatingly painful.

The doctors also found “extensive burns” to the baby’s leg. It had been held against a radiator. Sick!

I’m not sure, but I think that the burns were on the leg with the 8 fractures. I guess I prefer to think there was some small part of Rifat’s body that didn’t cause him agony.

There’s more, of course. Baby Rifat had bruises on his ears, shoulder and back. The baby had been whipped with the cord of a mobile phone charger. How can somebody be so sadistic? They’d have to be totally lacking a soul.

And there’s more. Baby Rifat’s spine was broken. He’d literally been pulled apart.

And finally, finally, the injuries that killed the tiny, unloved infant were bleeds on his brain. Somebody had slammed him against something hard, or literally shook the life out of him.

All this was enough to make me cry. That tiny tot likely knew not one day without pain and hate. He suffered far more in his 13 weeks of life than most of us do in a span of decades.

So who tortured and killed baby Rifat? According to Mohammed Miah and Rebeka Nazmin, it was an autistic child in the house. Now this child did have a history of hitting other children but, since receiving specialist help, had become “charming” and “delightful” in the months before Rifat died.

It was the autistic child who alerted Rebeka Nazmin that something was very wrong with the baby. She responded by telling the child to shake Rifat or sprinkle water on him. It was only when the baby didn’t wake up that the mother called for an ambulance.

It sounds like she was setting up the autistic child to take the blame for killing Rifat. Telling the child to shake the baby is something no decent mother would ever do.

Too bad for the hellbeastly parents that the autistic child was verbal and able to describe events to the investigators.

Mohammed Miah and Rebeka Nazmin were arrested and charged with causing or allowing baby Rifat to suffer serious physical harm between March 31 and July 6, 2016. They were also charged with murder.

The two monstrous parents went to court in March 2017. They both pled not guilty to all charges.

Mohammed Miah claimed he was incapable of murdering his baby boy because he was to fricking huge to get out of bed.

“I could walk a few yards but I was in extreme pain,” he said. “I had to use my hands to push myself up. Every time I made any sort of movement I got these sharp, shooting pains down my legs.”

Oh the poor widdle baby beater.

“I had bruises on my thighs because when I tried to walk I would push my palms down in my thighs to take the weight off. Getting off my bed was very difficult.”

Mohammed Miah even went so far as to tell the court he had to pee in a plastic bottle because it was so damn hard to get to the toilet.

The defense attorney described Mohammed Miah as an “exceptional parent”. WTF? The guy was supposedly stuck in bed peeing in a bottle. How the hell was he an exceptional parent?

Too bad for Mohammed Miah that his wife testified that he had a problem with the baby’s deformities, and may have abused Rifat because he wasn’t perfect. She had also said, “He killed my baby.”

I don’t think Rebeka Nazmin much liked her husband. She’d been brought to the UK from Pakistan because of their arranged marriage. She claimed to have been abused by the fat evil disgusting husband.

Mohammed Miah, 37, was found guilty of murder and causing suffering, and on March 29, 2017 he was sentenced to serve at least 18 years in prison.

Rebeka Nazmin, 32, was cleared of murder but found guilty of allowing the death of her baby and causing him to suffer.

Mr. Justice Spencer said to the woman, “But for your failure to protect Rifat from his father he might well still be alive.” He then sentenced her to 6 years in prison.

I personally would have preferred that these two would never be released. A man who can twist and pull and batter and whip and burn a newborn baby is diabolically evil and totally lacking in humanity. That is the kind of freak who doesn’t deserve freedom. He deserves to be whipped to perform in a circus cage.

And I don’t think much better of Rebeka Nazmin. I can understand not loving the child of a man you detest, but I cannot understand standing by while the baby is brutalized and tortured. She chose not to call the ambulance before Rifat was almost dead. She chose not to take him to get his burns and broken bones tended to by doctors. She chose not to call police when her loathsome husband was beating that helpless infant. And she chose not to do anything to save her baby’s life. She is as much a hellbitch as her husband is a hellbeast.

RIP, baby Rifat. I hope and pray that the other children who were in that house are now in safe, nurturing, loving environments. article – sentencing
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14 Responses to Mohammed Miah & Rebeka Nazmin

  1. Tom Daly says:

    What a sick pair of animals? Torturing a kid of 13 F*****G WEEKS to death?!?! That is beyond sickening. There’s a special place in hell for people like that but I doubt Satan would even want them.

    • Mama Nettie says:

      I hate that fat piece of fatass scum and that sperm funnel.
      I hope they rot.
      The sentences were so light, the judge may as well let them go.

    • Jeni C says:

      If this father is so disabled and can’t work, and is unable to get his lazy ass up to take a shit or piss, how is he able to have sex? He aparrently isn’t disabled enough to do that! F*cking pig…both of them!

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Jeni c you were thinking exactly what I was thinking, how come the fat bastard could shag his wife to make a baby, but couldn’t piss in the toilet only in a bottle? The fat horrible cunt he is. And she’s no better that worthless excuse of an incubator, cos lets face it, no mother would stand by and allow their newborn infant be brutallized, yet she did. I feel some justice knowing that michellin man and ding dong won’t be having a easy ride in the clink.

  2. Twisted.Kitten says:

    Here’s a link to a pic of the beautiful baby; unfortunately that selfish twat Rebeka is in it as well.

    • Jeni C says:

      I dont know about anyone else, but what deformities does this beautiful child have? He looks perfect to me! And even if he was severely deformed, how would that be the baby’s fault? Why should he be punished and abused for something he had no control over? The parents are the reason for deformities. The parents can pass on genetic mutations, which is nowhere near the child’s fault! So, this cockstain and his wife, they should blame themselves for anything that was wrong with their child! They should be the ones abused and beaten!

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        That baby is beautiful, I’m surprised lard arse could produce something as beautiful, his eyes are wonky and he’s a fat tub of shite, seems to me, michellen man shoulda been the one beaten for being born fucked.

  3. Moodymagic says:

    The father is such a fat ugly bastard and HE had a problem with his beautiful son. I hope the fat bastard gets attacked and killed in prison. And Baby Mama you are no mother. You should be altered with a rusty knife to never be able to have another child. Your a monster. Both of you burn inhell. Thank you Twisted.Kitten for the link to the picture of beautiful baby boy who lived such a short life and suffered so greatly. I hope he is at peace.

  4. Deb says:

    This sounds harsh, but I’m glad that beautiful baby is dead. Not that he deserved to die, but it was obvious that no one cared for him and if he were still alive, all he would know is more pain and torture until he finally passed. Poor sweet angel did not have a chance. At least now he will finally have peace and that fat pig and his whore can’t harm him any more.

  5. C. Ullman says:

    I wish this was one of those “fake news” sites. :( It’s hard to believe things like this can happen. How does no one hear the child’s cries?

  6. KXG says:

    well, sorry to burst the lard-asses bubble, but i’m about the same size from being partially disabled with a screwed up knee, hip and lower back and i can get myself up and down, am mobile and can walk and do things just fine. hell, i do things for myself, AND my completely disabled mum at that size and weight. so that much weight is NOT so totally and completely debilitating unless you’re like 4 foot 5. yeah, i get aches and pains, but i’m not some hambeast who wants everyone to feel sorry for me and be bedbound and have someone wipe my ass like some fucking fatasses do.

    and UK “justice” strikes again. they want to make wolf whistling a sex crime but you can torture and beat an infant to death and walk away with less than 25 to life. their legal system is so fucked it makes a 2 dollar whore look like a virgin spinster. not surprised they’re both monsters from the middle-east or africa by their look and names either… they’re probably muslim… subhuman savages.

    • Tom Daly says:

      OK. Well, I’m sure there are plenty of white people who’ve done that who are FAR worse. But I obviously have to agree with you. How can I live in a country that wants to outlaw wolf whistling but it’s all hunky dory to torture little babies?! Worse still, if the kid’s born with a disability, the parents think it’s OK with killing the child? If there was justice in the world, I’d make certain people like that would be denied the right to have children.

  7. Natalie Meadow says:

    I just remember when each of my three children were born I felt such an amazing rush of love for them. I wanted to protect them so much. I would have died protecting them and I would still die protecting them to this day. I can’t understand how anyone could hurt a child.

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