Mohammed Karolia & Nafisa Karolia

Hellbeasts Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia

Crime: Child Abuse

Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia, formerly of Meadow Close, Blackburn, Lancashire, had twin baby girls. I guess they only wanted one. On June 15, 2009 they got their wish when the first-born twin baby, aged only 7 months, died after weeks of horrific abuse.

Mohammed, then 29, and Nafisa Karolia, then 22, called paramedics who took their infant, known as Twin M, to Royal Blackburn Hospital. The tiny baby had had serious breathing difficulties and was already dead in her crib by the time paramedics showed up.

Twin M, the poor little mite, was found to have suffered a whole pile of injuries. Her ribs were fractured, her arms and legs were fractured, her skull was fractured and her brain and central nervous system were damaged.

The bones were broken between 24 hours and 6 weeks before that helpless little infant died.

Twin M also had a mouth ulcer, scratches to the ears, and bleeding in the eyes. Weirdly, the tiny baby’s nose was damaged as if it had been pinched shut with a clip or a clasp.

Who the hell would do that to a baby?!? Especially a baby with breathing problems?!?

Officially, Twin M died of bronchopneumonia. The poor little baby, RIP. She never had a chance.

To put it bluntly, Twin M lived a life of hellish pain and torture at the hands of her sadistic, monstrous parents, Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia. And then she died, battered, beaten and unloved to death.

Her sister, Twin A, incredibly was treated well by the parents. In fact, the healthy Twin A was trotted out in place of Twin M when seen by health professionals. This was an effort by the hellbeastly parents to hide the mounting litany of injuries.

And how do we know that Twin A was produced instead of Twin M in the months preceding Twin M’s death? The growth charts are proof that at some stage the babies were swapped. Twin A was shorter and smaller than Twin M, and babies don’t shrink.

When police interviewed the hellbitch mother Nafisa Karolia, she told them that her baby only had a runny nose. Riiiight. Both arms and both legs were broken, multiple ribs were broken, and all that this worthless monster mother noticed was a runny nose? The baby had bleeding in her eyes, for chrissake, and she didn’t notice?

The hellbeast father Mohammed Karolia, then a taxi driver, also told investigators that their dead baby had only had a runny nose. He also told them his wife was the principal caregiver of the children.

Neither parent explained why they told officials that it was Twin A instead of Twin M that had died. What an odd/guilty-looking thing to do.

The monstrous parents Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia denied abusing their baby girl to investigators and to the jury. Neither of them gave evidence, but what could they say — nobody else looked after the children ever. There was nobody else they could blame for the prolonged and multiple incidents of abuse.

In fact, even their own neighbours didn’t know there were twin babies. They only ever saw Twin A.

Prosecutor Joe Boyd said that theoretically the injuries to Twin M could have been accidental, but the timescale (6 weeks!) and the lack of explanation pointed to the guilt of one or both parents.

Joe Boyd said the Crown did not seek to prove the abuse caused the baby’s death but added that neither Mohammed nor Nafisa Karolia provided a plausible explanation for the injuries.

Ummmm, excuse me but WHY did the Crown not seek to prove the baby died from the abuse? I know Twin M died of bronchopneumonia, but surely the broken ribs played a role? Surely the pinched nose played a role? Surely the brain damage and nervous system damage played a role?

WHY did the Crown not charge these abusive bastards with murder or attempted murder as well as child cruelty? Just asking.

Suzanne Goddard QC, representing the bitch Nafisa, told the court that her client had been abused by her own mother and brother, and that she’d been put into foster care at 14.

Ummmm, so what? Was her point that because she was abused, Nafisa would in turn never abuse her own child? Or was it an excuse for the abuse that her client denied ever committing?

Graham Wood QC, representing the beast Mohammed said, “He firmly believes that what happened with the loss of the baby was God’s punishment for his lack of commitment to Islam.”

Ummmm, so it was God who snapped his baby’s bones? It was God who pinched his baby’s tiny nose shut? Wow, that is one shitty deity.

I’m thinking it wasn’t God to blame. I’m thinking it was really Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia to blame.

Both defense attorneys characterized the baby swap idea as “fanciful” and “far-fetched”.

Riiight, and shrinking babies are commonplace occurrences. Shrinking head measurements, shrinking height measurements, shrinking weight measurements happen all the time! Those aren’t “fanciful” or “far-fetched” at all. *snort*

In July, 2011, after a 5-week trial the evil pair were convicted of cruelty at Preston Crown Court. The jury had deliberated for less than 6 hours. Too bad they weren’t given the opportunity to deliberate on a murder charge too.

Detective Inspector Pete Broome, of Lancashire Police, had said, “I can only describe this as a bestial crime – that is what they are, beastly.”

Now THAT is something I agree with 100%.

Mr Justice Irwin adjourned the case for pre-sentence and psychiatric reports on the pair of hellbeasts.

Mr Justice Irwin said, “As you know, this was a bad case of child cruelty. However, I want to know as much as possible about it before deciding the length of sentence.”

OK, that’s good. And the judge also warned Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia that they could face considerable jail terms when they are sentenced in October, 2011. OK that’s very good.

So at October’s sentencing, the judge said, “Only you two know if both of you or one of you have directed and inflicted the injuries. Whichever of those is true, you certainly knew it was happening, you knew it was wrong, gave encouragement and concealed it and you have continued to deny it.”

OK, Mr Justice Irwin, throw the book at them! Give them the considerable jail terms you threatened!

And then Mr Justice Irwin handed this despicable pair a sentence of 5 years in prison. Five years. For breaking their infant daughter’s arms, legs, ribs, and skull. For causing considerable and irreparable brain and nervous system damage. For not seeking medical treatment for any of the injuries. For hiding the abuse by swapping the twins.

Five f*cking years! I thought that was pathetic but then I learned that Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia will be released on parole halfway through their jail terms, and then they’ll have to serve 5 more years on parole!

Now my math skills are pretty good so I’m fairly certain that means these baby battering bastards will serve only 2 1/2 years for killling their baby! Now THAT is truly pathetic!

Mr Justice Irwin, do you really, truly consider 2 1/2 years a “considerable” jail term? I don’t! And if I were British, I’d be outraged that baby beaters could be treated so leniently.

I can only hope that the killer couple’s surviving offspring are never returned to them. Any monsters who can snap the bones of a tiny child are not safe to have around any other children.

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Inspector Pete Broome said, “I don’t think any period of imprisonment would adequately sum up the gravity of this case.

“In a now very lengthy career I don’t think I’ve dealt with one more serious. This had got to be up there with the very worst.”

Please, please let there be petitions out there to revisit the sentencing of Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia. I can’t find any. And the clock is ticking — these baby beaters are already more than halfway through their piddly ass sentences.

Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia, may you rot in hell. May you suffer as you made or allowed your tiny infant girl to suffer.

And darling Twin M, RIP.

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22 Responses to Mohammed Karolia & Nafisa Karolia

  1. 2cute says:

    I hate these baby beaters. They should be beaten every day so their ribs and arms and legs and heads are broken. I don’t care if only one of them did the abuse because the other one sat back and let it happen. Cruel, heartless bastards!

  2. 2cute says:

    Bengalpuss, do these monsters live near you? Is there any chance they’ll get their children back when they’re let out? Is there a petition to keep them in?

    • bengalpuss says:

      They live about 30 miles away from me 2cute, and no the other child will not be returned to them. However theres a possibility that the child could be placed with a relative, and british justice is diabolical, because whatever sentence they are given, they get to serve half in jail, and the other half in the community, but if you fuck about, they get recalled to finish the full sentence. Also there is also a good chance that they could get tagging, which is a watch like device they wear on their ankles and if they leave the house it alerts the authorities. So if they do get tagging then instead of doing 30months, they would get another ten months taken off, leaving a pathetic 20 months in jail, for killing a baby, fucking pathetic. I hope these horrible bastards get beaten daily in jail, and i’d like front row seats.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    These two should never be allowed to breed again. Tagging is ok but only if they are then released into the wilds of Siberia to live off the land, naked and defenceless, and fight off polar bears with their bare frozen hands. Even then they’d have a better chance of survival than they gave their baby girl, the evil c*nts.

  4. moodymagic says:

    Thanks for more insite BengalPuss I whole heartedly agree with you. Why weren’t these baby killers charged with murder. Why are they still living, life isn’t fare. Evil Pricks

  5. pj says:

    This pair is worth less than a pussy pimple on a pig’s ass. They should be left to rot in prison and die for killing and torturing their baby instead of being let out after a few measly months.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Um, PJ, you meant pussy as in puss-filled right? And not pussy like kitty cat. I like the visual of these bastards being like a puss-filled pimple on a pig’s ass. Or an oozing ulcer on a rhino’s scrotum.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Ha ha bulldoggy, i was slightly confused with a “pussy pimple on a pigs arse” Im glad that you’ve clarified that for me or i would have been having fucking nightmares for a week with just visualizing that picture. But now i know that it is a puss filled pimple. Thanks to you bulldoggy, i will have a good sleep of floating clouds and butterflies, and naked monsters running around in siberia being mauled by polar bears. But im sure polar bears don.t live in siberia, never mind it’ll have to be siberian tigers instead lol.

  6. steve-O says:

    They are from Britain — they have all those foxhounds with nothing to do right, so instead of fox hunts they should have baby killer hunts and pedo hunts and rapist hunts instead. I think even PETA would be OK with it.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Steve-O, fox hunting was band in 2002 as a blood sport it was deemed cruel, so your idea of a pedo hunt, or child killers hunt, might go down well with the locals, except instead of the dogs that catch the foxes, we could use a double barrel shotgun to catch the pedo’s. Yes steve.-O, i love your idea.

    • KXG says:

      just smear the good ole believer in their religion of “peace” with bacon grease (preferably still quite hot) and let them loose for the dogs. would be fun on several levels.

  8. MsM says:

    I just don’t understand these baby beaters – seriously, if they didn’t want the child I’m sure there was a childless couple locally who would have been more than happy to adopt her. They’re truly monsters. And from everything I’ve been reading here on Hellbeasts I’m beginning to believe that the UK is wretched when it comes to prosecuting these types of crimes. This is one time they could take a tip from the American justice system. It’s true our system has its own problems but when it comes to prosecuting child abusers and pedophiles they try to come down hard sentence wise. That’s exactly what these two losers need.

  9. hairy says:

    These two need neutering with a rusty blade, then eviscerating. Sick twisted bastards!

  10. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, a guy called mark lackenby, from sheffield england, has just been sentenced to 10yrs for killing his five week old daughter ruby. The reason why he killed her, are you ready for this one

    He was watching football on tv, and basically his team was losing, so he shook the poor little mite to death. But when the postmortem was performed, the pathologist found that little ruby had broken ribs, from about a week previous. The mother only left the baby downstairs while she went for a bath, when she came downstairs afterwards, she found little ruby in a bad way. What a scumbag bastard he is. I personally think he should have been given life, but oh i forgot, this is england, and the laws and sentencing in this country are diabolical. RIP Little ruby.

  11. spookie says:

    why do these people hide behind islam when they fuck up. it states catergorically in the koran that to take alife is a crime against islam. islam did not make these bastards do this. they did. i hope the bitch has acid chucked in her ugly face and i hope he dies of cancer.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Lol spookie, i thought i was vicious with ways for the evil bastards to die, but thats a good one “acid chucked in her face” can.t stop laughing

  12. Tom Daly says:

    I agree! Oh to be a fly on the wall to watch those filthy thugs seven kinds of crap beaten out of them. Karma’s a bitch.

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