Miles Edward Hughes

miles hughes

Crimes: Attempted Murder and Rape.

I just posted a story about a frightening, hellbeastly teenager, and here’s another one. Miles Edward Hughes of Dynham Road, Kilburn, north London, UK, is a hate-filled individual who is obsessed with Nazis, serial killers and monsters. He loves the power that violence gives him — the power of life and death — and at the age of 17 he chose to inflict death.

On June 9, 2016, Miles Hughes met up with his 15-year-old female friend. They’d known each other for a while, and the girl trusted him. She sometimes dealt with life by cutting herself, so the hellbeast had an excuse to bring along a Stanley knife. His real interest lay in raping and murdering his young, trusting friend.

Miles Hughes led the girl to a quiet, secluded part of Highgate cemetery. The two chatted and listened to music for a while. Innocent enough, but then the nasty pile of shit began talking disturbingly about serial killers. He began poking his knife towards the girl’s neck and asked her, “How would you react if I said I was going to kill you?”

The girl said she had to go, but he wouldn’t let her. He used his knife to carve his name into her left bicep. She struggled but he pushed her onto the ground and climbed on top of her. Still holding the knife in his hand, he covered her mouth with the other so that she choked and had trouble breathing.

Holding the girl by the neck, Miles Hughes raped her. But that wasn’t enough for the monster. He told the girl, “There are voices in my head saying I need to kill you.” Then he tried to do just that.

Miles POS Hughes repeatedly stabbed the girl in her neck and chest while she valiantly tried to fight back. Mercifully, a workman gardening nearby heard the girl’s screams and responded by yelling, “Get off!” at the murderous little bastard.

Miles Hughes ran off smiling, thrilled to believe he’d killed his victim. He hadn’t. The girl suffered 30 wounds but amazingly none were fatal. An ambulance was called and the girl got the emergency medical help she needed.

I guess the nasty turdpile of a murderous rapist wanted recognition for his efforts. Why else would he carve his name on her body? He dialed 999 and told the operator that he’d murdered a girl in the graveyard. No surprise, the police soon arrived at his home. They took the little fuckwit seriously, and what they found in his bedroom made them even more concerned.

The police discovered hand-drawn pictures — a clown’s face with a swastika and “666”, and a sketch of a person with the words, “Anger creates Monsters, Hatred gives them reason.”

Miles Hughes explained to the officers that the drawings were related to the voices in his head, and that he’d fully intended to kill his victim.

In January 2017, the murderous rapist went to trial at the Old Bailey, charged with attempted murder and rape. He tried to plead guilty to wounding with intent instead.

Miles Hughes told the court that he and the girl had consensual sex, but afterward her phone rang. The girl told him it was her mother who called and she had to leave. That made him lose his temper.

“I then got really angry and in retaliation I picked up my knife and I began to attack her,” Miles Hughes said. “I intended to cause her really serious harm and nothing else … I was not intending to kill her.” Riiight. Thirty stab wounds in her neck and chest and he wasn’t intending to kill her.

The victim was very brave not only in reporting the crime but also testifying against her sadistic attacker. Kudos to her!

On January 13, 2017, Miles Hughes, 18, was found guilty of attempted murder and rape. Yay! And on February 24, 2017, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, with an additional 4 years on extended licence (probation).

The judge, I think, didn’t much like the snotty little hellbeast.

Judge John Bevan QC said, “You are in my judgment a self-absorbed, jealous and controlling young man.” Oooh, harsh!

Actually, if I’d been allowed to say anything to Miles Hughes, I would’ve used much harsher language. Which of us wouldn’t? I’d have come up with new combinations of insults for the occasion, and spoken them with relish.

Anyway, back to the story. Miles Edward Hughes is 18, and has 13 years to serve. I sure as hell hope he will be behind bars for the entire time, and suffering each and every day.

I hope and pray that the victim is getting all the therapy, love and support she needs to get over her ordeal, and the reasons she was cutting herself as well. I’ve lived years, literally, with pain, and it so diminishes the enjoyment of life. I hate to think that this girl — that any young person — has to inflict pain upon themselves in order to cope with life. I wish her all the best, and salute her courage in defeating this hellbeast.

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19 Responses to Miles Edward Hughes

  1. Moodymagic says:

    This is one sick Bastard who should be locked away for ever. 13 years will not help him. I to hope that the poor victim is recovering and doing well.

  2. Bengalpuss.2 says:

    Don’t mean to burst your bubble but this turd won’t do 13years he’ll only serve half of that the little Fuckwit he is. British justice, a Fucking joke its absolutely a non deterrent.

    • Jeni C says:

      You are absolutely correct, he probably won’t even do half of that! Justice in the UK is a joke…and I thought US justice was sometimes lax!

      • Bengalpuss.2 says:

        Jeni c this little cunt will go to a young offenders institution and he’ll get to play xbox and basically have it great. Now I would send the little bastard to a Colombian jail and see how the little turd fares there? Someone would’ve sodomised this cunt already and would be someone’s bitch, wonder how tough he would be then? Me personally would sit on his face ask him to guess my weight while he was smothered to death, cos lets face it, the little cunt is useless

  3. Bengalpuss.2 says:

    This little bastard scares me he really does, he’s like the crossbow cannibal wanting notoriety the little bastard he is.

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Disgusting Evil Vile

    Child Abuse and Rape Warrants the Death Penalty

  5. Tom Daly says:

    That evil fuckwit is the living breathing incarnation of Satan. I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his miserable days.

  6. Not saying. says:

    13 years?! thats IT?! I am always stunned by the difference in U.K. “Justice” and what we have over here in the States…

    not 13, Try 20-40, with a mandatory psych eval before any parole.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Child Abuse and Rape Warrants the Death Penalty

    That means being Away from the Abyss of ” European Human Rights ”

    That Means an Independent UK and That Means the Passing of the European
    Union ( Notification of Withdrawal ) Bill and the Repeal of ” European
    Human Rights ”

    Better that there are either New Patriotic Peers or the House of Lords
    is Abolished than Sneering Elitists Not only block Independent UK but
    True Justice in the Process

    Child Abuse and Rape Warrants the Death Penalty

  8. 2cute says:

    This monster needs to be shut away forever. He’s not going to change. He’s just going to be more thorough about killing his next victim.

  9. anon says:

    i am not in any way siding with him, he is a scum bag and I’m glad he’s in jail, but i knew him, and the victim, and this story is very opinionated. They were previously dating, for starters. They were on and off and during the time of the attack they were on the intimate side of friendship. Of course, rape is rape, and he DID rape her.He didn’t want “recognition” for his actions, he wanted to be remembered by her But he was not a Nazi absorbed teenager, though he did like satan too much. Also, contradictory to what many may think of him, he never took any drugs, didn’t smoke, and rarely drank. He was just a sicko with a knife. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, Im so glad i never have to see his face again!

    • haha no says:

      wow what ‘anon’ is saying is such a lie, I’m friends with the victim and i can confirm that they were not, never had been, and never would’ve been dating

  10. haha no says:

    dont moderate what anon has said, its full of lies and twisted versions of the truth

  11. saint says:

    my name is Jamal and i knew him for 12 years he was not oppressed with Nazi’s maybe clown’s but more for the fact that one of the main characters from his favorite game was one but he was not “insane” in fact he hated rape just like anyone else. this came out of nowhere i knew his relationship with the girl was not good for him and he was oppressed with her for what ever reason but the thing i wanted to say was this is not a “hell-beast” this a sad little boy who had a boring life and needed attention and thought this would get the biggest reaction and did. i do feel sad for the girl but she had every opportunity to leave him and infarct was told to by everyone. the same for miles his family, friends and teachers asked me to tell him to leave her because they thought i would be able to taking in account that i had a brotherly relationship with him and i tried i really really tried but like i said i do think he was oppressed with her and did not hear reason.i can ashore you after hes let out these websites are the ones hes going to go to first just to feed his ego.

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