Mikhail Popkov

Mikhail Popkov
Crimes: Serial murder, kidnapping, rape, necrophilia

Mikhail Popkov, 49, has been described by his own relatives as a “perfect husband and father”. Maybe that’s why his wife Elena covered his ass and offered false alibis when police came a-knocking. Maybe she didn’t want to lose the “perfect husband and father”, or maybe she didn’t want to lose his income. Tragically, Elena’s decision to lie for her husband cost many, many women their lives.

Mikhail Popkov was not, of course, a “perfect husband and father” unless you broaden the definition to include kidnapping, rape, torture, serial murder and necrophilia. Oh yeah, mustn’t forget syphilis.

Mikhail Popkov, a former policeman from the Irkutsk region of Russia, is suspected of having kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered at least 29 women. He has confessed to killing only 24 women.

The horrific killing spree began in 1992 and possibly ended in 2000. What ultimately stopped Mikhail Popkov was the syphilis — he became impotent and subsequently lost interest in raping and killing.

It was one of his unfortunate victims who gave him that disease. Good!

Mikhail Popkov wasn’t arrested until June 2012. His ability to elude justice was due to his being a police officer, and of course due to the false alibis offered by Elena, who also worked in the police force.

Only one victim, Svetlana M., survived the beast’s brutality, and she not only described the assault, she identified the assailant.

Svetlana M., then 15, told investigators how a police officer in a police car offered her a lift on January 26, 1998, but he didn’t take her home. He took her into the woods where he forced her to strip naked. The officer then smashed Svetlana M.’s head against a tree trunk. The poor girl lost consciousness. The monster left her for dead. Mercifully she was found barely alive in the snow the next day and awoke in hospital.

Despite Svetlana M. identifying Mikhail Popkov, the investigators chose to believe Elena’s lies. Damn that bitch! The monster could have been caught in 1998!

Of the 29 women Mikhail Popkov is suspected of murdering, 25 were under 30 years old, and 4 were between 35 to 40.

According to what Mikhail Popkov has told investigators, he would typically choose victims who were slightly drunk. He would pick them up after they’d been to the bar or to a party. He gained their trust by being in uniform.

Investigators believe he was “seeking revenge on his mother who was an alcoholic and allegedly abused him in his childhood”. Personally, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about his childhood and this theory he was getting even with his mother. The teenager Svetlana M. couldn’t have resembled his mother.

Nope, I believe Mikhail Popkov kidnapped, brutalized and butchered all those women because it got his rocks off. Period.

“I just felt I wanted to kill a woman I was giving a lift to in my car,” the hellbeast has told investigators. Yup, he just felt like it.

So for years the police fumbled and bumbled their way to find the monster who was not only murdering the women but was cutting and chopping and hacking up their bodies. One poor girl was beheaded, and another woman had her heart cut out. Most of the women had been mutilated, and Mikhail Popkov had apparently enjoyed having sex with their bloodied bodies.

Mikhail Popkov also enjoyed using different tools to murder the women. He’d used a slipknot, a knife, an awl, a screwdriver and an axe.

Mikhail Popkov picked up all of his victims from Angarsk, Irkutsk Oblast.

Police originally labeled this monster as the “Wednesday Murderer” because a lot of his victims’ bodies were discovered on Wednesdays. They later began to call him “the Werewolf ” because he was obviously a beast inside.

The police also had totally ignored the testimony of the surviving victim, Svetlana M. They didn’t go looking for a police officer as a suspect, not for years. Instead they erroneously looked at metalworkers, drivers, railways employees, cemetery workers and heating station engineers.

Finally, in 2012, investigators decided to compel 3500 police officers, serving and retired, to take DNA tests. Bingo. A 100% match to the DNA found on the victims’ bodies. Mikhail Popkov was caught and arrested.

And so the hellbeast Mikhail Popkov has confessed to 24 murders. I doubt anyone will ever know the true number. And I know nobody can ever calculate the pain and suffering and trauma that have been inflicted upon the victims’ families.

Yulia and Tanya

Yulia and Tanya

RIP Tatiana (Tanya) Martynova, 20, Yulia Kuprikova, 19, Maria Molotkova, 20, Marina Lyzhina, 35, Lilia Pashkovskaya, 37, and all of the other victims who have yet to be named.

I truly hope Mikhail Popkov is made to pay for his truly evil crimes with his life. And I also hope that there will be serious consequences for his wife Elena. Her lies to protect her man left the young women of Angarsk, Irkutsk Oblast unprotected.

I shall keep readers posted about Mikhail Popkov’s sentence (reminders are always welcome).

May the beast fester and rot and die.

The monster has been sentenced to life in prison.

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7 Responses to Mikhail Popkov

  1. Scrappy says:

    Sick and sad. Wish his wife had cared about another human being besides her own selfish hide. I hope she lives with shame and ostracization for the remainder of her life!

  2. 2cute says:

    This bastard picked up trusting women who might’ve been tipsy. He couldn’t have done it so often without being a police officer in a police car. I wonder if he on duty at the time. He had sex with mangled bodies and he never got blood on his uniform or in the police car? Hard to believe. I can’t believe he stripped naked to kill and have sex in the middle of winter in the forest so he had to be covered in blood.

    His fellow cops must have been totally blind and stupid, especially after a victim identified him.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    How did he clean up after mutilating the bodies and having sex with the bodies? Nobody saw him? Did he do his own laundry so his wife never caught on? Either she was totally clueless/brainless or she knew a helluva lot more than she wants us to think.

  4. steve-O says:

    Hope the wife wound up with syphilis too. She deserves punishment for enabling her monstrous husband to continue to slaughter women. Syphilis would be a kind of karmic justice.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Lol steve-o, just what i was hoping, the bitch of a bastard wife deserves to have syphlis in its advanced state. The wife is responsible for all those women murdered after she lied and provided him with a false alibi. Does russia still use the death penalty? Gun shot to the back of the head, this cunt and his wife deserve it.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Steve-O you said exactly what I was thinking. Burn in hell Popkov

  6. Nichole says:

    Life in prison? He’ll, they executed Chikatilo… the same should go for this fuckwit.

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