Michelle Riley, Benny Wilson, Michael Elliott, etc.

Hellbeast Michelle Riley

Hellbeast Michelle Riley

Crimes: Murder, Torture

Dorothy Dixon of Alton, Illinois didn’t stand a chance. The mentally disabled, pregnant woman was up against an axis of vile, loathsome evil-doers who made her final weeks of life and her death a pure horror.

The ringleader of the gaggle of hellbeasts was Michelle Riley who worked as a coordinator for a centre that provided assistance to developmentally disabled people. Dorothy Dixon, 29, certainly needed assistance. She had a wee baby boy and was pregnant again, and her mental disability made survival extremely difficult.

Michelle Riley met up with Dorothy Dixon through her job at West Central Illinois Center for Independent Living and she got all friendly with the unfortunate but sweet-natured woman.

Victim Dorothy Dixon

Victim Dorothy Dixon

Everyone at the centre thought that Michelle Riley was being all kind-hearted and bending over backwards for Dorothy Dixon and her tiny baby. Everyone admired her for her magnanimous offer to find a place where their little families could live together and split the rent.

Dorothy Dixon definitely needed help to survive in the world and Michelle Riley’s offer seemed the perfect solution. Only it wasn’t. Michelle Riley was no angel — she was more like the devil incarnate.

Personally I don’t understand why Michelle Riley was given such trust by the people at the West Central Illinois Center for Independent Living. She was convicted twice as a drug offender and had been hooked on meth and cocaine just a year before they hired her. Everyone thought she’d turned her life around and had become a splendid example of a model citizen.

So it came to pass that Dorothy Dixon and her infant moved into a rented house with Michelle Riley and her 2 children in summer of 2007. Other people eventually moved into the house as well — Michelle Riley’s coterie of hellbeasts.

Dorothy Dixon was horribly betrayed. Michelle the evil bitch from hell Riley hadn’t set up this living arrangement to benefit the handicapped mother. She’d set it up to get her grubby paws on Dorothy Dixon’s monthly disability cheques. She’d set it up to turn Dorothy Dixon, that very unfortunate woman, into her own personal slave.

You read that right –Michelle road turd Riley wanted her own slave, someone to fill the bathtub, to lay out her clothes in the morning, to rub her feet at night. She also wanted someone on whom she could exercise her sadistic nature with impunity. Yup, Michelle the evil bitch Riley tortured Dorothy Dixon for recreational purposes.

Sadly, tragically, horrifically, Michelle Riley wasn’t the only person in the house to horrifically abuse Dorothy.

LeShelle McBride

LeShelle McBride

Besides Michelle Riley, there were her 15-year-old daughter LeShelle McBride and her 12-year-old son. There were also 43-year-old Judy Woods who is reportedly somewhat mentally slow, 16-year-old Benny Wilson, and 18-year-old Michael Elliott.

And what did this band of beasts do to Dorothy, that kind, gentle, friendly woman? They moved Dorothy into a basement bedroom with a bucket for a toilet and a thin rug and mattress. They had installed a waist-high door that was nailed shut so that she had no privacy and no freedom.

The monsters burned Dorothy’s clothes so she was forced to be humiliatingly naked.

The gang of f*cking sadists beat Dorothy with a plunger handle and an aluminum bat. They knocked her teeth out. They branded her on her arm. They burned her with a hot glue gun. They scalded her with boiling water so that her skin peeled away. They shot her repeatedly with a pellet gun and, when they ran out of pellets, they dug them out of her with a knife so they could continue shooting her.

As for feeding Dorothy and her baby boy, apparently the hellbeasts weren’t so interested. Poor Dorothy had to raid the refrigerator for food when opportunities arose.

Judy WoodsOn January 30, 2008 the shit hit the fan. Judy Woods freaked out on Dorothy and beat her on the head repeatedly with the plunger handle and a battery-operated dish scrubber. The next day, on January 31, 2008, Judy Woods found Dorothy dead in the basement.

When investigators arrived at this house of horror, they found the victim’s cold and wet body covered up with towels. Poor Dorothy had only a sweater to wear. Investigators could see right away she’d been horribly abused. Her face and head alone showed she’d been burned and beaten.

There was blood in the basement shower and on the concrete floor, the washer and the dryer.

Investigators could also see that Dorothy’s baby boy had been neglected and abused. At just one year of age the little guy weighed only 15 pounds. He was immediately taken into state custody. Poor little boy, bless his heart.

Benny WilsonThe autopsy confirmed that Dorothy Dixon had been subjected to prolonged torture. X-rays revealed approximately 30 BBs imbedded in her flesh. One-third of her body had deep tissue burns, including her face, chest, arms and feet. Many of her injuries were infected and in various stages of healing. Dorothy was also severely dehydrated.

No single one of the injuries was the fatal injury. The coroner’s jury concluded that the unfortunate Dorothy Dixon had died of the accumulation of injuries over time. Her unborn child had died because its mother died.

Michelle the hellbitch Riley did her best at first to place all the blame on Judy Woods. And the slow-witted Judy Woods confessed to police that she had killed Dorothy. But with the autopsy in hand, investigators knew the truth — Michelle Riley, Judy Woods, LeShelle McBride and her younger brother, Benny Wilson and Michael Elliott were all to blame for the torture and murder of that poor handicapped woman and her unborn child.

The police arrested and charged all of them with murder — 3 adults and 2 teenagers and 1 pre-teen.

The day after the arrests the landlord Steve Atkins had the unpleasant job of cleaning up the house. The poor guy saw first-hand the signs of the torture chamber: the bucket of feces in the basement bedroom, BB’s scattered everywhere, blood smeared on the walls and floor and shower, and the half-door nailed shut.

“I would have never, ever suspected something like this,” Mr. Atkins said. “It’s definitely shocking.”

The neighbours Chad Hudson and Terri Brandt suspected something. They could often hear screams coming from the house. They saw Dorothy being forced to run naked around the house. Not in the house — AROUND the house, outside.

“Being in their house was like being in a prison day room,” Chad Hudson said. “They just sat around the kitchen table and fought.”

Terri Brandt actually saw and later testified that she saw Michelle Riley pour boiling water onto Dorothy and burn her with a hot glue gun.

Excuse me but WTF? What kind of people could see a pregnant handicapped woman being abused like that and NOT DO ANYTHING?!?! I do not understand!

To me, testifying at a murder trial is no big thing compared to phoning authorities and saving a life or two or three!

“This is heartbreaking,” said Police Lieutenant David Hayes about the torture Dorothy endured. “It was almost as though they were making fun of the abuse they were administering. This woman was almost like living in a prison.” Ummm, almost? I think she was definitely living in a prison.

“I’ve never seen an almost conspiratorial effort by a group of people to continuously torture someone until she finally died, then not really show any remorse,” Lieutenant Hayes said.

The killers didn’t show any remorse. Cruel, sadistic bastard, all of them!

Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott, 18 at the time of his arrest, was smart and lucky — he got a plea deal for agreeing to testify against Michelle Riley and Judy Wilson. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison after pleading guilty to 2nd-degree murder. That is one very lenient sentence in my book. VERY lenient.

Benny Lee Wilson, 16 when arrested, pleaded guilty to 1st-degree murder. In April 2011 he was sentenced to 30 years without parole. That’s more like it! This f*cking sadistic beast repeatedly shot Dorothy with the BB gun and had kicked her in the face and head. His lawyer argued that Benny had been “basically abandoned” as a child but to that I say, f*ck that shit. He tortured and murdered an innocent, helpless, pregnant woman, no excuses!

BTW, guess who became Benny’s legal guardian. Terri Brandt, the neighbour who saw but did not report the abuse! Gawd this is a bizarre world we live in.

Michelle Riley’s daughter LeShelle McBride, 15 when arrested, pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder. She was handed a 6-year sentence in July 2010. With credit for time served, she was released after a few months. The prosecutors had indicated that LeShelle’s role in the abuse was minimal and her good grades and lack of any other criminal activity were the reasons they agreed to leniency. But still, MURDER.

Michelle Riley’s 12-year-old son was found guilty of 2nd-degree murder in juvenile court. He was sentenced to 60 days in detention and 5 years of probation. Sixty days… 60 days… and he’s now around 17 years old. I truly hope and pray that this kid got major counseling these past few years. With a torture chamber for a home, complete with its own prisoner, and a sadistic hellbitch for a mom, I wonder how good a citizen this kid is turning out to be.

Judy Woods pled guilty to aggravated battery. She was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Even though she inflicted the final beating, she is mentally challenged and apparently unable to completely comprehend what had been going on in the house. Still, I am glad she did some prison time. Three-year-olds can comprehend that hitting someone is bad, and Judy Woods isn’t too mentally impaired to comprehend it too.

And that leaves us with queen hellbeast, Michelle Riley. The evil bitch pled guilty to 1st-degree murder and in February 2010 was sentenced to 45 years with no possibility of parole.

“I’m sorry that I can’t take it back,” Michelle Riley told the court. Yeah, right. It’s a shame she hadn’t just overdosed and died back in 2006 before she ever met Dorothy Dixon. Her kids would have been better off with a dead meth addict mother than a living, breathing, sadistic monster mother.

RIP, Dorothy Dixon and baby. I hope and pray her surviving child is thriving now and on his way to a good, happy life.

And Michelle Riley and Benny Wilson, rot in prison and then in hell.

And for the rest who are now all out enjoying the freedom and life they collectively denied Dorothy Dixon, I hope they have learned to feel remorse and are now striving to be law-abiding citizens and decent people. It’s a struggle for them, I’m sure.

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23 Responses to Michelle Riley, Benny Wilson, Michael Elliott, etc.

  1. 2cute says:

    Should the people of Illinois be worried that LeShelle McBride and her brother and Judy Wood are free to walk the streets? Hopefully since they’re not under the influence of Michelle Riley they’ll be good people but still, they helped murder and torture a pregnant woman! I am hoping Dorothy’s little boy is having a great life now, poor kid. Anybody know if his dad showed up?

    • bubbles says:

      Leshele is doing great. She doesn’t do anything to break the law and is living a good clean life. Her and the others was under the spell of Michelle. SHe was only 15. Her younger brother is an honor roll student doing great also. And no we don’t need to be worried or afraid of these two. They have been to hell and back. They are trying to rebuild their lives. If anything they need our prayers.

      • Boscorelli says:

        They won’t get a single prayer from me. No one can be mindwashed at that age to think it’s right to burn a defenseless woman with a glue gun, scald her with boiling water, shoot her with a bb gun, or torture her in any other way.

        Fuck that. Fuck their sob story, and fuck anyone that feels the need to defend them in my opinion.

        When I was 15 I knew better, and if my parents came home with a disabled woman that I witnessed them torturing I’d fucking know better too.

        I wish the ABSOLUTE worst for every single piece of shit involved in this crime. I hope they carry it with them for the rest of their lives. I hope they can’t sleep at night. I hope they hear her screams, and her childs screams until they day they eventually die. Fuck them.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    I freaking hate when people blame their childhoods for their horrific crimes. There is absolutely no excuse possible for inflicting such terrible suffering on an innocent person, nevermind her being disabled and pregnant. Dorothy Dixon deserved a break in life, not torture and death. It’s just too bad that her tormentors won’t ever face anywhere near the kind of pain they dished out for fun and jollies. I hope people are watching those who are on the loose for any signs of their sadism showing. I wouldn’t trust them with a pet rock much less a living creature!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      “pet rock” bulldoggy you crease me up. I too bulldoggy, am sick of people using how they were brought up as an excuse for their depravity. I had a shit childhood but i don’t go about torturing or killing people. Its like paedaphiles using the fact they were abused when they were young, bullshit is what i say. That poor woman didn’t stand a chance. What the hell are they thinking of giving the neighbour guardianship of the child to someone who watched this poor woman being tortured and didn’t pick up a phone, i don’t understand how anyone could watch a poor woman running naked around the house, knowing she is mentally disabled and do nothing. Even a phone call to the people that employed that piece of shit that abused her. Also didn’t her employees have brains, they knew she was a criminal so why let this poor woman move in with her. If anything they should have detered her. There were a lot of warning signs, someone should have payed attention. Sad very sad. I wonder where this poor woman’s family was?

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Another thing that pisses me off, is fucking plea deals. Even when they have someone bang to rights, they give them a fucking plea deal, example btk dennis rader, when they eventually caught that piece of shit they had dna evidence against him, but gave him a deal to plead guilty and avoid the death penalty. He couldn’t use the retarded card cos he was intelligent, so why make a deal with the devil. Riley should have got life without parole. In fact the lot of them should have. And the neighbours and others that saw this going on and did fuckall, should have been given at least a couple of years for doing nothing, shame on you.

    • Nicole says:

      It sucks that they have to do plea deals, but sometimes it is necessary in order to get more information. Especially out of serial killers like Dennis Raider. DA’s usually prefer to find out where additional bodies might be or how/why victims died to giving a killer the maximum sentence possible. That also allows the families of the victims to have the closure they deserve. It really does suck, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

    • fangedfiend says:

      So why did Michael Elliott get a plea deal? Who’s to say HE didn’t shoot at the woman or knock her teeth out or scald her with boiling water? EVERYONE in the house was culpable, they all were witnesses to abuse and either did nothing to stop it or joined in the festivities. Why did they need one of them to testify against the others? They should all have been charged with first degree murder. Too bad the neighbors weren’t charged too because they did nothing to help the victim.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Damn right fangedfiend, all those cunt’s should have been charged with murder. And if i was a judge and it was legal, i’d sentence the bunch of horrible bastards to death, by firing squad and let them know how it feels to be shot at repeatedly, before you succumb to death. Set of evil twat’s the lot of them.

  4. pj says:

    I read about this when it happened. Horrible horrible people who should never be let out.

  5. moodymagic says:

    This is the closet I have come to tears reading this. I am so angry and disgusted by all the abusers and the neigbour who couldn’t get off her ass to report the abuse. I wish nothing but pain and misery for all who abused and killed Dorthy and her unborn child. I wish everything wonderful in life for Dorthy’s remaining child. Rot in hell Riley

  6. steve-O says:

    None of these vicious evil bastards deserve to walk free ever. I would show them as much mercy as they showed Dorothy. None.

  7. Netherwarper says:

    I dont think Ive ever cried that hard reading these but this one was beyond a tearjerker. That poor woman, that poor poor baby! All the stress it was having in the womb, I guarentee you the baby would have been born premature,stillborn,handicapped,theres just no way all that torture couldn’t have effected fetal growth. Did they say where the other child went??I hope the poor dear is in a wonderful home somewhere!!

  8. Boscorelli says:

    This is easily the worst case I’ve ever heard. I was in tears by the end of it. I’d face a life sentence gladly to kill every one of the pieces of shit involved in this woman’s murder. Absolutely disgusting. The lowest of the low. I hope, and pray that they die under the same conditions.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    Boscorelli, it had that effect on me too. And Dorothy dixon, was such a pretty woman as well. These scumbag’s that did this to dorothy make me puke. They are only sorry for themselves not for what they did. They cry tears for themselves not for dorothy. I hope they get their arse’s whooped while they are in jail, horrible bastards the lot of them.

  10. Boscorelli says:

    Since I initially read this story I found very, very little information on Dorothy. I was unable to find any R.I.P. pages, no obituaries, and no facebook groups.

    I’m a pretty heavily tattooed guy already, and because this story simply hasn’t left my head at all, and has had me so upset since I first read it. I’ve decided to get a little memorial tattoo amongst some others that I have on my side for friends, and family. Hopefully wherever Dorothy is she knows that her story has effected a lot of people, and that we won’t forget her any time soon.

    • 2cute says:

      Boscorelli, that’s a lovely thought to have a Dorothy tribute like that. She shouldn’t be forgotten and her killers — all of them — should disappear into a deep, dark hole forever.

  11. Tammy says:

    You should scope out Terri Brandt ( Glisson )’s Facebook page. Boy she sure talks a lot about being a “real woman” and dissing someone else about motherhood. Had SHE been a “real woman” or even a good mother, she’d have called the authorities and gotten help for the mother and future mother AND woman, Dorothy Dixon. I think I hate this broad.

  12. Shawnee dawson says:

    Her son got a shot in the head tonight, pretty sure it was him.

  13. goat says:

    This is one that I read years ago and never forgot…. Takes a special kind of evil to do what those animals did.

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